Guess When These Exercises Were Invented (GAME)

Guess When These Exercises Were Invented (GAME)

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  1. Hold up. I know for a fact that there was a PBS show on in the 80’s and 90’s called “sit and be fit”. That chair exercise was not a 2007 invention.

  2. I think this is my least favorite game because the 2nd player in theory can always win even if the 1st player gets it right every time. I think they should make it so if you at least guess the decade correctly that they get a point or two for that.

  3. So apparently links been to a strip club…

    And now I'm pretty sure I'm literally the only dude who hasnt and wont go to one.

  4. "What was it used for before that? Like, I Love Lucy at her factory job?"

    I'm not sure Link understands the difference between a treadmill and a conveyor belt. 🤣

  5. Completely irrelevant to the video, also no idea if it's been stated before in a video or comments, but Link looks a lot like Otis B. Driftwood from House Of 1000 Corpses

  6. This game should give 2 points if they land in the actual decade spot. And just 1 point to the closer person if no one lands in it

  7. Chair a size link should not of gotten point. He didn’t even land on a decade to make a point lead. Rhett should of gotten the point and take the lead.

  8. Are we just gonna keep pretending that they’re not using these games just to practice shuffleboard. They’re going to be the ballers of the old folks home I swear.

  9. You guys might not realize this but I’m pretty sad in general and you guys really do make me feel happy and lighten my mood it means a lot

  10. Hey man, I made the New Years resolution last year to go to the gym and have gone almost everyday for the past year. Y’all are just QUITTERS 🤭.

  11. Fishin for a Hooker

    Does it bother anyone else that after years of saying " thank you for liking,commenting, and subscribing" they just screw it up now and say "thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell" ??

  12. I wish they had the decades in order so that they're actually rewarded for intelligent guesses, instead of it essentially being random. It's like if they put the countries in random order for their dartboard game, instead of on a map.

  13. Anyone else find it kinda weird they havent mentioned anything about Kobe? The only thing I could find was Rhett retweeted on twitter one post about it but nothing else anywhere and not on YT. I think they were pretty huge fans, and even had Kobe on the show once. I'm not trying to start any drama or anything and maybe they are or arent planning on saying anything, I'm sure they have their reasons but I was kinda looking forward to a heartfelt response from them since I knew they were big fans.

  14. All I’m going to say, is that I have the lost causes of bleak creek book. It is INCREDIBLY WELL WRITTEN!! I’m absolutely in love with the book, it’s just so good! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who doesn’t have the book, but it is just so good. I love it. Rhett and link, you guys did an amazing job on it!!!!

  15. Any one on the team sees this…”Will it wallet?” You can have that one 😉 First thing that comes to mine is bacon weave wallet. Much love

  16. My sister's a professional kickboxing and fitness coach she says you shouldn't immediately stop while doing a cardio exercise you should start slowing down, slowly, then stop.
    Stoping the treadmill like that really hurts the heart

  17. FUN FACT: The treadmill- before used for exercise, was used for torture in prisons! Hope you enjoyed, and have a Good Mythical Morning!

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