GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.03.2020

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.03.2020

It’s Patch week! We’ve launched Update 5.2, Season of the Bear has started, Divination Challenge is live and we have a special bundle, which contributes to the prize pool of GWENT Masters! Let’s jump into This Week in GWENT! Update 5.2 is now available for download on PC and iOS! This update adds the Year of The Wererat page to the Reward Book, new Seasonal mode for the Season of the Bear and redesign of the ornament page. It also brings multiple usability improvements and balance changes to cards from all factions. Full patch notes can be found in the news section on Season of the Bear is here with a brand new seasonal mode! This month after the mulligan phase Banish both players deck. Whenever a card appears in any deck, Banish it. This season will last till April 2nd 10am CEST! Only one week left until Masters Season 1 Finals, YAY! To stir things up, we’re introducing the official GWENT World Masters Divination Challenge, where you can predict the winners and scores from the finals, earning special rewards along the way. The Divination Challenge will run until March 13th, 23:59 CET. After this date, you won’t be able to join the challenge or modify your predictions. If you want to see the matchups be sure to check out the Draw Show here on our YouTube Channel. For details regarding the challenge head over to Want to support GWENT esports? Then be sure to check out the Wererat Bundle! 30% of proceeds from the sale of this bundle will contribute to the prizel pool of GWENT World Masters Season 2 finals in December 2020! This bundle will be available year round! For details head on over to the in-game shop on your platform of choice. That’s it for this weeks TWiG see you again next week!

50 thoughts on “GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 06.03.2020”

  1. Whoa, the season of the bear's match should be added all time in the game. It remember me the Gwent of The Witcher 3 xD

  2. So far comments seem too biased in favor of CDPR – taking into account the mass frustration the patch caused

  3. WTF? Not even a single word about the old seasonal reward trees???? You promised we're going to be able to finish them this year!!! And just a weak ago, these 1 year old promises were the most recent news, so where are the old reward trees?!?!?!

  4. One day CDPR will realize that they need to cut their losses, shut down the failed Gwent, and fully invest in what they're actually good at: Making RPGs.

  5. Pathetic changes in this patch.

    Milling cards that you have no business milling (some people spent good money buying these, and not just for CDPR to mill them!).

    Changes to the Reward Book. Massive reductions in Meteorite Powder – extremely poor change here (especially changing all previous Reward trees). Still I suppose it's nicely setup for any new Android players that might be picked up – a lot of them will be none the wiser (sh*tting all over existing players isn't an issue for CDPR).

    Caretaker change was probably one of the worst. Scenarios are the real issue. Simple fixes like 'banish self on round end' as well as a 'doomed' tag (pointless purifying because it would still banish at round end), would have been the better solution as replaying certain other artefacts was plausible with Caretaker. Lazy development, and poor game design generally – half-cocked implementation of new features ill thought through…

    There really does seem to be some incompetents operating in CDPR.

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  7. I remember when I used to be excited for news for this game……………………when it was still in beta. sad.

  8. I cant buy stuff from gog i dont have a credit or debit card :c
    Can i have my stuff i had on console on android? My university laptop doesnt run gwent well :'(

  9. Why isn't the app like the Witcher 3 gwent? I love it so much but the app isn't fun for me without the three lanes and the cards I know.

  10. Just revert SK 4 months ago when it was at the bottom , with the new changes you made Skelige worse than it ever was.. Freya doomed , second wind nerf , artifact nerf , longship nerf. I will take a break until SK becomes viable again i guess it will be 1 year wait for 1 month play time.

  11. Hello, Team 😀

    Are you aware of the graphical problem with the premium cards?
    In menu or in game, premium cards won't animate. Only if you right-click on them will make the animation work. My settings are maxed and there is no problem with my graphic card.
    I've looked into the graphical settings but I don't know if the issue is on my side. Any suggestions?

  12. Funny this video talks nothing about the powder nerf. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    FYI, instead of nerfing the powder you guys could literally just release more ornaments/cosmetics or more leaders. But the fact that you did both sort of shows you're doing this for the money. I truly do love Gwent but this was one of the worst patches by far.

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