Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC | Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary PC | Halo: The Master Chief Collection

[XBOX SOUND] Whoever controls Halo, controls the fate of the universe. Let’s move! It’s finished. No, I think we’re just getting started. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Where were you when Halo 1 Anniversary was released?
    I was sitting at home, eating dorito when the phone ring:
    Friend: Halo reach is kil
    Me: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!"

  2. Rangarirai Kudakwavo Chindanya Vhudzijena

    I played it for an hour before I had to go to work, and I just can't believe how fresh it fell with those anniversary graphics.

  3. It's amazing how many times a year we have now gotten to the point of waiting for the re-release of a re-release.

  4. "In STUNNING 4K!!!" but only for half-second clips so you can't see how dated this 10 year-old remaster of a 20 year-old game looks in motion.

  5. Everyone: YAY HALO CEA ON PC

    VETERANS: FIX THE AUDIO! THE PLASMA PISTOL(the most important weapon in the game) IS DESTROYING MY EAR!

    343: incredibly terrible audio sounds

  6. Dusty Shackleford

    Imagine how much more hype there would be if this was the first game released instead of Reach (yes I know Reach is a prequel to the halo games)

  7. Still Don’t know why they couldn’t get his Armor to look Exactly how its supposed to, just with upgraded textures , Anniversary Basically Just Reused Reach Art 😖 Lazy

  8. Man, we've led those dumb bugs away to keep their FILTHY claws off of Earth! But now we found something they're so hot for, they're practically SCRAMBLING over each other to have it. Well I don't care if it's God's own anti-son-of-a-b**-machine, or a giant hula-hoop, we won't let 'em have it! What we will let them have, is a belly full of lead, and a pool full of their blood for them to drown in! AM I RIGHT MARINES?!!

  9. to be honest i think everybody waiting just for halo 2,3 and 2 shouldn take actually much time causs for years ago i could play it on pc but just with windows vista

  10. Finally, I can play the campaign at 60 fps and not 25 fps.

    Now, does anyone know that mouse & keyboard and ganepad can be used at the same time? This is for people like me who use gyro aiming

  11. I'm so happy it's finally out! This and Halo 2 were my favorite games back in the day. I haven't plugged in my Xbox in a while now that I'm a playstation and pc gamer, but it sure brings back memories…

  12. If you think about it the way ce flickered and all that at the end kinda confirms that odst is breaking the canon order rule they setup for the pc releases

  13. "Note to PC gamers.. No matter how much money your pc costs.. or how many pixels and frames it can push.. it'll never be able to play Halo the Master Chief Collection." —An old comment from an unnamed Youtuber, which didn't age well.

  14. Halo one is the only halo which has the assault rifle have better accuracy, and when you run you can crouch unlike other halos where you have to stand still the crouch, not to mention crouching in air

  15. So when are you guys going to fix the transparent and bitmap issues for the classic graphics

    Here's a link to the video that explains it

    I know this video is a few months old but the issues are still there

  16. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say


    I would have bought this collection right away if this was the first game released.

  17. As much as I love this game, it shouldn't have come out now. Co op is impossible to play unless both players turn on vsync, mulyiplayer kicks ppl and gives them 1h bans, due to "Internet problems" even tho 99% of the players has god like Internet. Please adress these massive problems. I'd like to play multilayer now with double xp. But if I get banned again because the game decides to kick me, I'll gave to wait out the double xp. Please extend it to 1w after the next flight or something.

  18. Are you going to fix the problems that Gearbox introduced with the original PC port?
    For people that are not aware: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6nZPrMSu0w

  19. I love that they left the old jank in there, like that one room in the keyes rescue mission where keyes repeatedly gets one shotted by everything.

  20. The Plasma Pistol has a bug where if you shoot it, it sounds like it's charging when it isn't, that needs to be fixed

  21. Hees hoping i won't experience brutal audio glitches that leave the game unplayable like I experience every time I play reach . .

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