Harry Well Is The NEW Reverse Flash In Disguise? -The Flash 4×18 Teaser

Harry Well Is The NEW Reverse Flash In Disguise? -The Flash 4×18 Teaser

good evening dr. wells it’s been 1078
days since we last spoke how can I be of service a lot has changed since then kinda stopping meal ah I forgot Barry
Allen was above killing isn’t that right get out of here I wonder what face I’ll be wearing next
time we meet can’t wait what is good YouTube Warstu here with a
video on the flash season before now if you are a fan of the flash Susan for CW
show that is airing tonight we are getting episode 18 order lose yourself
yes that is a famous Eminem song but there won’t be any Eminem cameos or
music in that I don’t think so I put a question on my community tab a couple of
days ago and I got 39% of people say saying Harrison wells reverse-flash
video so I did actually touch upon this in my review video but I want to do a
full video on is Harry Wells who is Harrison wells from earth-2 we can only
presume because we don’t really know if he is our Harrison wells from earth-2 or
if it’s actually the reverse-flash in disguise as Harry wells similar to a
storyline in the comic books when reverse-flash pretended to be Barry
Allen they’ve just replaced the kind of character with actually Harry wells so
before this the last time we seen a version of reverse flash was during the
crisis on the earth ex crossover yes I know that crossover wasn’t actually very
good but the four night epic crossover well it wasn’t a nasty epic it was a bit
of a letdown but the only interesting thing about the crossover was
reverse-flash said what face would I be wearing next time when you see me Barry
now we know it’s not going to be a bad thorn Madeleine Chester I think that’s
how you say his name because he’s currently working on a Netflix show so I
presume he’s not filmed anywhere I’ve not heard anything about him coming back
to film there were some fake rumors going around that he was filming an
episode for an to flash time but as we know that reverse flash was nowhere to
be seen so guys let me know the comics comment box down below is it reverse
flash or is it just a simple case of Harry wells is getting obsessed without
thinking of the thinker he wants to be the smartest person in the world he’s
done the council of ricks he’s got well essentially the council of Harrison
wells and they still couldn’t come up with a answer on how to beat DeVoe we do
know that they’re going to come back in a later episode I think episode 19 or 20
somewhere there so I think the simple case of
what’s really just going on is it’s just a TV show
having a cheeky wink and Easter egg at the fact that he’s trying to trick
Gideon into thinking he’s actually the reverse flash because Gideon said it’s
been a well a while wells well over 1,000 days which would actually take us
to episode 20 from season 1 which is was a much better season than the current
season but even if this Harry Wells is reverse-flash I don’t actually think
what he’s going to do is going to actually stop the thinker I think this
year for once yes for once guys Barry Allen is going to defeat DeVoe he’s
going to defeat the thinker the villain by himself but I think what they could
actually be doing is they could be building Harry up to kind of engage the
thinking cap with dark matter and they could potentially be set in a version of
Harrison wells up to be the season at 5 and villain now this instantly doesn’t
make him reverse-flash they could turn them into absolutely anyone now I know
people are gonna say wars – this is another ridiculous theory yes ok you go
you could say my favorite ridiculous but how many times have I been right when I
said the future flashes avatar I said it back in December before the reveal in
May and I was right so people can say that war stew is ridiculous
but I’m right more than I’m wrong so guys let me know if they’re not set in
Harry Welsh it to be reverse-flash who are they gonna turn Harry Wells into and
if Harry Wells was the season 5 villain would you actually be happy because
let’s be honest guys we don’t really have much choice I mean the choices
cobalt-blue do they bring Eddie Thawne back and make him a cobalt blue Barry
Allen his twin brother and no I don’t think I do other than the god speed
storyline we’ve got to be technic he kind of died in the most recent comic
what he didn’t die he disappeared when they all were racing each other I guess
you could say or are they gonna bring Daniel West so I think turning Harry
Wells into another villain would be very good as Tom Cavanagh is the best actor
on the show alongside Grant Gustin Annie is absolutely fire when he plays a
villain he plays a much better villain does a nice person it kind of did the
nice person in season three with hey char and hey char sacrificed himself to
save iris when they did the kind of facial recognition software when he like
pretended to be iris so guys I’m not really gone into too much detail because
there’s not really anything to discuss it see the case is he going to be
reverse-flash no I think it’s just the case that they are trying to trick you
into thinking he’s reverse flash when secretly we already know he’s not the
reverse flashed he’s just acting like the reverse flash or it’s simply a case
that the thinking cap is turning him evil and he’s gonna turn into some kind
of villain but the only question is did the Deveaux the thinker calculate this
before any of this absolutely started so anyway guys tonight we have episode 18
of the flash where Adam edwin gauss the 40 man will be introduced we’re gonna go
into the thinkest lair we’ve got an epic episode where the mechanic looks like
she’s going to be brainwashed again the samurai –tz– back if you’ve watched a
sneak peek it looks like caitlin snow gets snapped it’s gonna be an absolute
epic episode I’m not going to talk too much about this sneak peek clips but
anyway guys please like subscribe and comment if you’re new to the channel
that would be awesome let me know is reverse flash Harrison wells or is Harry
wells from earth-2 reverse flash what do you think is going to happen in
tonight’s episode I’m really looking forward to it because it looks like
we’re gonna have a good episode for once it looks like the poor and thinker or
shall we just call him of the boring inside of the thinker you guys trolled
me hard because I say it’s boring but guys I do thanking Boren I do think he’s
boring I’m not going to make Hatley he’s a good villain I’m not fake I’m
transparent with my audience anyway guys let me know in the comment box down
below all your thoughts about this video and your thoughts about tonight’s
episode I will be breaking down tonight’s episode tomorrow on the
channel and as well as doing a trailer breakdown and I will be doing a Avengers
infinity war who is going to die video in the next couple of days so if you
want input on that video just put your comment but just put your comments down
below guys I’ll put a card to my review for last week’s episode where I said
reverse-flash is absolutely Harry and I’ll put a card for my latest video
which is going over the backorder vs. spider-man 3
anyway guys I’ll catch you in another video guys are very soon catch ya later

12 thoughts on “Harry Well Is The NEW Reverse Flash In Disguise? -The Flash 4×18 Teaser”

  1. Hey #WarHedz Requested Video Guys. Here It Is Taken From The Community Tap. Let Me Know What You Think Guys – PEace Don't Forget To Share Guys Peace

  2. Yo what up warstu nice vid keep it up bro👌
    if the Harrison wells we saw at the end of last episode is reverse flash, do u think he would have a role on defeating Devoe

  3. I don't think he's the reverse flash yet I think he's becoming him on accident because he might be putting negative speed force energy into the mind enhancing device.

  4. hmmm I don't think it can be because of the episode when the bomb went off. if Barry new he couldn't Hr would of helped cause his life in danger. also the fact he showed jesse his mind and his wife. that wouldn't make sense. and yea everyone new savatar was the future version. prob the most obvious so far. haha

  5. I think that the mystery girl could be the flash from the future or alternate universe and the way she gave Caitlin or Harry a look could mean something as well?

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