Have the Spikes finally SOLVED this niche format? (SEASON FINALE) | Commander Gameplay S5E10

Have the Spikes finally SOLVED this niche format? (SEASON FINALE) | Commander Gameplay S5E10

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you can support us directly. And now, kick back and enjoy the show. [music] Eliot: What’s up, Spikes? We’re here in the…
basically finished now Spike Feeders studio here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada. Earth.
We’re bringing you something special today. These are the four decks crafted by the four
of us on teams for a project, a thing, competition that we are calling “The Deck”. Jim: A showdown. Eliot: A showdown. So a quick rundown on it.
Anybody who was a $5+ patron had the chance to sign up and get randomly assigned to one
of our teams. I don’t know that we necessarily picked who was going to be here even, we just
kinda said “I would like to do it”. Maybe Bill will be in it next time, maybe Maddy
will be in it one time? So don’t lose hope if you didn’t get on whose team you wanted?
Or something. Jim: Everybody did though, right? Eliot: Anyway, randomly assigned teams. We
crafted, with our teams, each of us crafted banlists for our opponents. So each of us
have 6 cards that we couldn’t play, chosen by our opponents. Then we had a 2 week deckbuilding
period of collaboration within our teams, secret from the other members, and here we
are today with the goods, I suppose. Jim: The deck? Eliot: Yeah. Jim: Only one of which… Eliot: ONLY ONE MAY – wait. Wrong show. Jim: No! Can’t say that! [all laugh] Eliot: So I’m Eliot, #teameliot. I’m here
with Thrasios Tymna, big surprise, I’m sure, to all of you. We’ll put up my banlist here
really quick. So as you can see Flash is on that, but we are still playing Protean Hulk.
Shout out to Sickrobot, you guys in the cEDH community will know who he is. If you don’t,
he’s a very prolific Hulk deckbuilder, and when Hulk didn’t get banned from my team,
we tunnel visioned real hard. Jim: Slash podcaster. Eliot: So here we are. I’m going to not Flash
Hulk, but I am going to Hulk, and I’m going to hopefully combo kill these nerds. Jan: That’s why a really tight shirt today. Eliot: I am. Jim: Let’s cut that. [all laugh] Jim: Jan, what are you playing? Jan: I am playing Inalla, Archmage Ritualist,
so we – as you can see my banlist up here, we are kinda going for keeping the ground
clear of mana dorks and then we’re playing some nice reanimator packages, leaning really
heavily on Spellseeker. So Spellseeker with Inalla’s eminence trigger helps us get a lot
of cards out of our deck and assemble our combo, so that’s what we’re kinda going for. Jim: Nice. I am Jim of Team Jim fame. You
might recognize the hashtag, probably more than Eliot’s. You’ll see my banlist here.
I’m playing Hapatra. We did this because we figured people would be really heavy on creature-based
combo strategies, so we wanted a strategy that was going to hate on creatures, so I
think that was a conclusion that we all arrived at, but we’ll talk about that after. So I
I figured Hapatra, nice low-to-the-ground, put -1/-1 counters on things and eventually
combo off with those -1/-1 counters and the snakes that Hapatra makes. Jerry: Alright, I’m going last in turn order
today, it’s #teamJerry. What’s up? Jan: You guys got hashtags? Eliot: You did too, don’t act surprised old
man. Jan: I’m the youngest one here. Jerry: I’m playing a deck I lovingly refer
to – well our team lovingly refers to as “Operation Napalm”. The banlist is right here. So the
commanders are Vial Smasher the Fierce and Thrasios,Triton Hero – some might say the
two best partners. Tymna is awful. Jim: Some might say that but they would be
wrong. Eliot: The hottest take! [all laugh] Jerry: So we’re basically – like everyone
has already said, combating creature strategies here. That’s what we figured going in. Playing
a lot of Pyroclasm effects to keep the board clear until we can fight through with our
wincon. Eliot: So, with that, here we go! I’m going
to draw for my turn. I’m going to play an Underground River and I’m going to go to 39
here to cast this Preordain. I’m going to scry 2. I’m going to put this one back on
top and this one on the bottom and draw this one and then pass my turn. Jerry: What card did you put on the bottom? Eliot: That’s derived information. Jim: That’s not derived information. It’s
a hidden zone. Jan: I’m going to play this Marsh Flats and
then I’m going to crack it going to 39. I’m going to get this Badlands untapped and then
we’re going to cast an Imperial Seal. Eliot: Oh! That’s a good card. Jan: So I’m going to get this card, put it
right there in this hidden zone, Jerry. Lose 2 life. Jerry: I know it’s hidden but you’re legally
allowed to tell me what card it is. Jan: I can tell you anything I want about
it. Jim: Yeah he can lie about what card it is
actually. Jan: It’s Force of Will. Jerry: K thanks. Eliot: I thought he was going to say Force
of Will. [all laugh] Eliot: If that’s Force of Will… Jim: I’m going to play this Wooded Foothills
and I’m immediately going to crack it, going to 39, getting this Bayou. Jerry: Bye, you. Jim: And I’m going to cast this Arbor Elf. Jerry: Arbor Elf! Eliot: That untaps forests. Is Bayou a forest? Jim: AND a swamp. Jerry: Wow. Jim: And it is affected by things that affect
both forests and swamps. Jerry: I’m going to draw a card. Eliot: Please do. Jerry: Oh that’s a good Magic card. So I’m
going to have a Magic the Gathering turn of Magic the Gathering proportions. Eliot: What? This is terrifying. Jerry: I’m going to play Command Tower as
land for turn. Jan: Go to game 2? Jerry: I’m going to play Mox Diamond, discarding
Badlands. Eliot: It’s bad anyway. Jerry: I’m going to play a Mana Crypt. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Where’s the Mystic
Remora, team? Jerry: I’m going to tap a Mana Crypt for an
Arcane Signet. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Jan: (whispering) Oh my goood. Jerry: And then I’m going to tap… Jim: Just rolls out his entire hand. Eliot: Yeah actually. Jerry: Do I want to roll out my entire hand?
Nah. I’ll cast- Oh! Vial Smasher. Jim: You got it. Eliot: Yeah that’s really strong. Jerry: Pass turn. Jim: Just going to untap with 5, potentially
6 mana? Eliot: I’m going to draw. Jan: We had a good run I guess. Eliot: Did we? I’m going to shock myself for
this Overgrown Tomb. Jerry: I have Eliot at 37. Eliot: Joining Jan. I’m going to add a green
and cast an Elvish Mystic and then I’m going to pass my turn. Sorry it’s not as exciting
as Jerry’s. Jan: I’m going to untap. I’m going to draw
this card. Jerry: He drew the Force of Will. Jan: I did draw the Force of Will. Eliot: He drew the Force of Will that he put
on top with with his Imperial Seal and then told us that it was a Force of Will. Jan: I’m going to play this Island. Eliot: There’s no reason to lie. Jan: Zero reason to lie. I’m going to cast
a Dockside Extortionist. Jim: Egh. Eliot: Jerry, you’ve doomed us! Jim: Jerry, you fool! Jan: So I’ll get 3 treasures. I’m going to
immediately spend 2 of them. Jerry: Cast Dockside Extortionist? Jan: And then I’m going to pass my turn. Jim: Untap, draw a card. I’ll play this Snow-Covered
Forest, which I will then immediately tap to cast this Elvish Mystic. Jan: A lot of Snow Basics. Eliot: This season? Jan: This year? Jim: And then I’m going to tap this for a B, untap with my
Arbor Elf, tap it for a green, cast Hapatra. Eliot: Holy moly. Jim: Vizier of Poisons. Jan: Yup. Jim: And with that I’ll pass the turn. Jerry: I’m going to untap, so Mana Crypt trigger
on the stack. I’m going to flip this sweet Spike Feeders coin here. Spike Feeders side
up, or cactus side up, I take damage. No damage. Jim: Playing with Power side up. Eliot: Must be nice. Jerry: Okay I’m going to draw a card for my
turn. That is a Magic card. I’m going to play Underground Sea. As Ariel would say – or,
not Ariel – Sebastian would say: (singing) UNDER DA SEA I’m going to tap Mana Crypt for 2 colourless
and play Grim Monolith. Trigger Vial Smasher. Eliot: For two. Jerry: So I’m going to roll this die here.
Eliot’s 1-2, Jan 3-4, Jim the other one. Jim the other one! Cactus side up is Jim. Jim: I’ll take 2 and go to 37. Eliot: Wow just the 37 club over here. Jan: If you had screwed up that flip we’d
all be at 37. Jerry: I’m sorry? Jan: I thought we were friends. Jerry: We’re not. [all laugh] Jim: Jerry what are you doing with all that
mana? Jerry: I’m going to tap an Underground Sea
and a Grim Monolith, floating 2 colourless. I’m going to cast a Damn- NO! Demonic Tutor. Jim: A Damnation! Jan: Damnation! Jim: You say… Jerry: It’s a Demonic Tutor. Jim: Yeah. Yeah. Jerry: 2 colourless floating. Alright so I’m
going to get this card. Then with the 2 colourless floating I’m going to tap 2 black out of these
ones and I’m going to cast Damnation. Jan: Do you have any effects? Eliot:Do I have any effects? Jan: Probably. Eliot: I do not have any effects. Jan: I also do not have any effects. Jim: Nothing from me. Eliot: Elvish Mystic down. Jerry: Your creatures cannot be regenerated. Jan: Dockside Extortionist in my graveyard. Jerry: Tapping my Arcane Signet I’m going
to cast this Mystic Remora. Eliot: Oh. Jerry: I will then pass the turn. Eliot: Untap. Draw for my turn. I’m going
to play this Flooded Strand. I’m going to crack my Flooded Strand going to 36. Off of
my Flooded Strand I’m going to get a Tropical Island. Don’t! I’m going to. Jerry: I think that’s the only one I don’t
have a joke for. Jan: He almost stuck his finger in Jerry’s
eye. Eliot: I’m going to cast this Elves of Deep
Shadow. Jerry: Are you paying the- Jan: Oh look your Damnation! Eliot: Suck on that. I’m going to take 1,
go to 35, to cast a Carrion Feeder. Jerry: Are you? Oh god damn. Eliot: Yeah Jerry! Jim: Creature based decks! Eliot: Pass the turn. Jan: Pass the turn, I’m going to untap and
draw a card. Alright, well I’m going to play this Blood Crypt untapped, go to 35. I’m going
to tap this Blood Crypt for a black, we’re going to give Jerry a single card. 1 card.
I’m going to cast Unearth. Jerry: Hold on, before it resolves. Are you
paying the 4? Jim: What are you targeting? Jan: I’m going to target this Dockside Extortionist. Jim: Sounds good. Jerry: Are you paying the 4? Jan: No. Is it a counterspell? Jerry: No. Eliot: I have no effects. Dockside. Jan: Trigger Dockside Extortionist. Jim: How many? Jerry: [counting] 5. Eliot: Yeesh. Jim: Yeah. Jan: And then I’m going to pass the turn. Jim: Okay, untap. Draw a card. I’m going to
play a Snow-Covered Forest. I’m going to cast a Boreal Druid. Jan: Creature-based strategies! Eliot: Creatures [tongue clicking noises].
Creatures. Jim: I’m going to – cards in hand? Jerry: 1. Jim: Just the one card in hand from Dockside,
alright. Jerry: And I didn’t counterspell the Dockside
so it’s probably not a counterspell. Jim: Interesting. Eliot: Well it’s probably not a Mental Misstep
for the Unearth. That’s almost certainly derived information. Jim: I’m going to pass the turn. Jerry: Okay, I’m going to untap everything
except for my Grim Monolith because it does not untap. Eliot: He says as he untaps it. [all laugh] Jerry: Look, I’m not trying to cheat. Jim: Cheat count: 1. Jerry: And then I will trigger Mana Crypt
and I will do the same as before, I will flip this coin. Spike Feeders head up I take damage,
is that what I said before? Spike Feeders head up, take 3. Jan: 37. Eliot: Aw, now not everyone’s at 37. Jan: Me and Jim are, we’re the best. Jan: It’s 2 and 2. Jerry: Okay, I’m going to
elect to – I’m going to put a cumulative upkeep counter onto Mystic Remora and
then I’m going to pay the 1 for it with
this Underground Sea. Eliot: Sounds good. Jerry: I’m
then going to draw for turn. I’m
going to pass the turn. Eliot: At the end of Jeremia’s turn I’m going
to cast a Worldly Tutor. Jim: Uh Eliot why’d you have to do that? Eliot: Well you see… Jerry: I have a Mystic Remora trigger. Jim: I have a response – what do you got? Jan: Do you have a response to the Mystic
Remora trigger? Jerry: Well technically you get to respond
first no matter what. Jim: Worldly Tutor on the stack, Mystic Remora
goes on top. Jan: Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I’m not going to
do anything. Jerry: Okay, so I guess it goes to Jim. Jim: Yep. I’m going to cast Assassin’s Trophy
targeting your Mystic Remora. Triggers Mystic Remora. Jerry: I have a response to that trigger.
I’m going to flash in a Notion Thief. Eliot: [gasp] Jerry: Okay so in response to that Notion
Thief I have a good’un for you. I’ll flash in a Notion Thief! Jim: Judge? How does that work? Jan: We all scoop and go home. So how that
works is because there’s two Notion Thiefs that are both going to try to replace the
same- Jim: Uh sorry, ‘thieves’. Jan: Thieves. Notion THIEVES. They’re both
going to try to replace the same draw effect, the controller of the draw effect will choose
which one applies. Jim: Right, but in this case Jerry’s drawing
a card, so his Notion Thief doesn’t apply? Jan: Well his Notion Thief is going to resolve
before my Notion Thief. Jerry: Well no because my. Jim: It will try to replace it. Jan: No like right now while it’s still on
the stack. Jerry: Oh yeah. Jan: So when Jerry tries to draw my Notion
Thief will replace that draw then his Notion Thief will replace my Notion Thief’s draw. Jim: But if it was me or Eliot drawing, both
of them would try to replace the same draw at the same time and then whoever’s drawing
gets to pick which controller of the Notion Thief draws. That make sense? Jan: Yeah, cool. Jerry: So now mine’s resolved. Jim: Jerry’s resolved. Jerry: Jan’s resolved. Jim: This first Mystic Remora… Jerry: Off of the Assassin’s Trophy. Jim: So Jerry draws off that. Jerry: I’m going to draw, well yeah, I’m going
to draw off this one. Okay. Eliot: Assassin’s Trophy targeting Mystic
Remora. Jerry: Resolves. So now I have to go search
my library – well I don’t have to – but I can elect to search my library for a basic
land, put it into play untapped or tapped? Jim: Untapped. Jerry: Alright I’m going to go get this island.
So now we’re back to Worldly Tutor. Jan: No, resolving the second Mystic Remora. Jerry: Yeah exactly so the Mystic Remora,
gonna draw that one. Okay. So now Worldly Tutor on the stack. Jan: No – did you already draw from? Jerry: Yes. Yeah I drew for both of mine that
were on the stack. I’ll let it happen. Jim: So benevolent. Eliot: Alrighty, my Worldly Tutor is going
to put a Protean Hulk on top of my library. Jerry: Isn’t that a good card? Jim: Sorry a what hulk? Eliot: What? Nothing. I’m going to untap.
I’m going to draw this card that I put on top of my library that nobody needs to know
about. Nothing’s happening. Jerry: Oh okay. Eliot: I’m going to take a pain off of my
Elves of Deep Shadow and I’m going to cast Spellseeker. Jerry: Oh! Going to get Flash? Eliot: [mocking laugh] Does it resolve? Jan: Yeah. Jerry: I got nothin’. Eliot: Off my Spellseeker I’m going to put
this Vampiric Tutor into my hand. Jim: Ooh, tutor for tutor for tutor. Eliot: Tutor for tootie tootie toot. Jim: Spellseeker for Vampiric Tutor for Merchant
Scroll… Eliot: I’m going to move to combat? Jerry: 3/1 with flash. Jan: 3/1. Eliot: I’m going to pass the turn. He can’t
block anyway. Jan: That’s actually true, you like probably
should have just thrown him at Jerry. Eliot: Wow, at Jerry. Jan: I’m going to pass my turn. Jim: Okay, I’ll untap. I’m going to draw a
card. What do we got here? Eliot: A lot of nonsense. Jim: I know, right? Let’s go with Toxic Deluge.
I’m going to pay 3 life. Jerry: Well it’s an additional cost, so he’s
down to 34. Eliot: Jerry, any effects? Jerry: Nope. Eliot: I also have no effects. Jan: I also have no effects. Jim: Okay. Eliot: Shwoop. Jerry: That was kind of unfortunate. Jim: I really liked it. I’ll pass the turn. Eliot: I like that there’s not two Notion
Thiefs in play anymore. Jerry: I’m going to untap and then I’m going
to trigger my Mana Crypt and I’m going to do the thing where I flip the coin, and it’s
going to be Spike Feeders up: hurt me. That was awful, let’s try that again. Jim: Good one. Jerry: I am hurt though. Down to 34 because
I just can’t get away from Jim on the life totals. Eliot: Wow, the 3 of us are at 34. Thank goodness. Jan: I’m at 35. Jim: All is right with the world. [all laugh] Jerry: I’m going to draw a card. Jan: Isn’t this dead? Jim: Oh yeah! Jan: Wow! Jim: Guess it is. Eliot and Jim: Cheat count: 2 [all laugh] Jerry: What’s my life total? 34? Okay, cards
in everybody’s hand? Jim: 3 Eliot: 5. 4. Jan: 3. Eliot: 3. 2. 1! Jerry: I’m going to pay 2 life and Git Probe
targeting Jan. Jan: Oh no. That’s my hand! Eliot: Jerry at 32? Jim: Hey Jan, it’s that guy you are! Jerry: Good choice! Jim: What’s he got? Jerry: He’s got Barrin in his hand. Jim: Ooh, I’m glad I Toxic Deluged. Jerry: I’m going to draw a card off the Git
Probe before I forget. Eliot: Yeah please don’t forget. Jerry: I’m going to play the Waterlogged Grove
of my dreams. I’m then going to tap an Underground Sea for B and I’m going to cast a Dark Ritual. Eliot: Mmm yeah I have no effects. Jan: Yep. Jerry: I’m going to add 3 black to my Mana
Pool. Eliot: Yessir. Jerry: I’m then going to tap an island for
a blue and using 2 of the black going down to B I’m going to cast Timetwister. Eliot: Ooh, twisty some time. That shuffles
our libraries, right? Jim: Yeah, and graveyards. Eliot: So Vampiric Tutor isn’t very good? Jerry: It’s a good way to lose 2 life. Jim: It’s a good way to lose a mana. Eliot: I’m going to go to 33 Jim: Please let it resolve because Jan’s Dockside
Extortionist will get shuffled. Eliot: I know! I’m just – Jim: What are you going to? Eliot: 33, taking a pain. I’m going to try
to Flusterstorm with the storm count being 3. Jerry: So I have to pay 4. Eliot: So you have to pay 4. Jim: Oh I like this. Eliot: Yeah, right? I think so. He’s got the
4 to pay. And as we know Jerry doesn’t – Jim: This is a good play. Jerry: I’m going to pay the 4. Eliot: Yessir. I have no further effects. Jan: Ah, why you got – this could have been
so good and I screwed this up because I got greedy. I’m going to cast Shallow Grave and
the top creature card of my graveyard is Dockside Extortionist, not Notion Thief. Eliot: Oh! Yeah. Jan: Does it resolve, yeah. Eliot: There’s a Shallow Grave on the stack. Jerry: Pass priority. Jan: So that enters the battlefield I get
4? Jerry: It is still 4. Jan: Yep, 4 treasures. Eliot: Alright, twisty. Jerry: Alright now that we’ve resolved that,
I’m going to resolve – well attempt to resolve – a spell. I’m going to tap 2 mana and I’m
going to attempt to cast this Demonic Tutor. Eliot: I have no effects. Jan: I am going to sacrifice 3 treasures and
cast a Dualcaster Mage. ETB, trigger Inalla, I will pay the 1 to make a copy of said Dualcaster
Mage. Both Dualcaster Mages will target Dark Ritual – or not Dark Ritual, that one – Demonic
Tutor. Jim: If they ETB. Eliot: Yeah I have no effects. Jim: So Inalla trigger, no effects on the
Inalla trigger, create the token, trigger the token. I’m F6ing on all of this, double
search. Jan: I’m going to get these 2 cards here and
then in response to the Demonic Tutor I’m going to crack 2 of my treasures, going down
to 1, tap my Badlands let’s say a red, and I’m going to cast Ghostly Flicker targeting
my Dockside Extortionist and my Dualcaster Mage and while maintaining priority I’ll spend
my last treasure to cast Essence Flux targeting my Dualcaster Mage. Jim: Hoo boy, what’s that going to do? So
when the Ghostly Flicker resolves – oh no the Essence Flux resolves first, so you’re
going to get a Dualcaster Mage. Jan: Yeah, the Essence Flux is going to resolve
and it’s going to blink my Dualcaster Mage and it’s going to enter the Battlefield and
it’s going to create 2 triggers. It’s going to trigger itself and it’s going to trigger
Inalla. So with the Dualcaster Mage trigger I’m going to copy the Ghostly Flicker. Eliot: Oh, so you infinitely flicker. Jan: Yeah so I can infinitely flicker my Dualcaster
Mage and my Dockside Extortionist. Jim: Ohhh! Jan: Which is going to generate me infinite
amount of treesures. Jerry: And infinite tutors. Jan: And infinite tutors because I can use
treasures and the eminence ability to make a second Dualcaster trigger. Jim: This is sneaky! Jan: And it’s going to copy the Demonic Tutor. Jim: Okay. Eliot: Okay. Jim: Okay yeah, any responses to the Essence
Flux I guess, because that resolves first. Eliot: No. Jim: I’m going to pass priority on that. Jerry: I have a Demonic Tutor on the stack,
does that count? Jan: It is a spell that’s on the stack. Jerry: Okay I’ll pass priority. Eliot: If nothing else it’s why we’re losing
right now! Jim: Yeah Jer, way to cast a Demonic Tutor. Jerry: Goshdarn pirates. Jan: Well I’m going to go tutor up a whole
bunch of cards and get a whole bunch of treasures. Eliot: I guess so. Jan: Alright, so I tutored up a whole bunch
of cards, all of them are relevant, I need every single one for my strategy. I’m going
to get a whole bunch of treasures. We’re not going to count, we’re just going to put a
whole bunch of these things. Jim: Do you have a 60-piece combo? Is that
what’s going on right now? Jan: I do. It’s so good. Check out the decklist.
Then I’m going to resolve my two spells. I think this Dualcaster Mage has a +1/+1 counter
on it but I’m out of dice. Eliot: There’s also like a whole bunch of
these. Jim: Dualcaster Mages. Jan: Dualcaster Mages. And then so we’re back
to Jerry’s Demonic Tutor. Jerry: Hey, hey Jan can I tutor? Jim: I’m going to pass priority. Jan: I’m going to say no, but hang on I don’t
know how I’m saying no yet. Jim: It’s not happening, Jer. Let it go. Jerry: (doing his best Disney Princess impression)
Let it goooo, let it gooooo! Jim: No. Jan: I’m going to throw back to earlier in
the turn and I’m going to spend 1 of these treasures and I’m going to cast a Flusterstorm. Jim: Sorry, what’s the storm count at? Jan: More mana than Jerry has. Jerry: So the first… Jim: The storm count’s not actually that high
because most of those were copies. Jan: Yeah I know, so it’s like 5. Jerry: So, okay. I’ll pay for the first one. Jan: Excellent. Jerry: Okay the next one counters it. Jim: Demonic Tutor is successfully countered. Jan: Yay, we did it. Jim: Okay, so I guess in Jerry’s turn? Jerry: I do have another thing to do. Eliot: Okay. Jerry: Play a Lotus Petal and pass the turn. Eliot: He did it so fast! Jim: You gonna let that resolve? Jan: I guess. Jim: Come on Jan. Don’t be like that. Jan: Don’t be like that, I could Mana Drain. Jim: You should Mana Drain it, yeah! [all laugh] Jan: I’m going to Mana Drain it. [all laugh] Jan: I’m going to Mana Drain this Lotus Petal. Eliot: Oh my goodness. Jan: Show I’m not afraid. Jerry: Delayed trigger. comin’ up. Jim: Actually there is a delayed trigger coming
up because you were in your precombat main phase. Jerry: Move to combat and into my second main
phase. Jim: Yeah make 0 mana? Jan: No it’s my mana drain, it’s during my
first main phase I’m going to make 0 mana. Jerry: No we’re all bad. Jim: No it’s THE next main phase. Jan: No it’s YOUR next main phase. This is
the new one. It’s like an update. Eliot: Oh, I didn’t know what they did that. Jerry: Because it’s Jerry’s turn. Jerry: How did he get his deck in his hand? Jim: Are you passing your turn? Jerry: Yeah I’ll pass. Eliot: I’m going to untap. I’m going to draw.
I don’t feel like I can do a whole lot. Jerry: Try! Jim: Well the Dualcaster Mages go away at
the end of Jerry’s turn. Jan: These go away. Eliot: No they don’t right? Jan: Yeah. Eliot: The next end step, yeah they do. Jan: This Dockside doesn’t go away from when
I got it back with the spell Eliot: Oh yeah because you flickered it. Jan: A bunch of times with the Shallow Grave.
That’s the one. Eliot: Well I’m going to play a City of Brass. Jan: That’s pretty good. Eliot: I’m going to… Jerry: Play into it. Eliot: I’m going to try to cast a Spellseeker? Jan: (gasp) Spellseeker? That’s pretty good.
Can I copy that one? Hang on, I have to go through my ol’ mitt of cards. Jerry: Do you have a counterspell? Jim: Why can’t I hold all these cards? ~I’m
Jan~.That’s what you sound like. Jan: Play this Red Elemental Blast. Jim: I have a response to the Red Elemental
Blast. I’m going to cast Worldly Tutor. Jan: I have no effects. Eliot: No effects! Jim: So the Worldly Tutor’s going to resolve.
I’m going to grab Generous Patron, because that’s what this episode’s all about. Eliot: Shout out to our generous patrons.
Okay. [all laugh] Eliot: This Red Elemental Blast resolves and
I’m going to pass my turn. Jan: Oh excellent. I’m going to untap my permanents. Eliot: Oh, must be nice. Jan: And I’m going to draw a card. 62-card
combo. What’s everybody’s life totals at? Jim: I’m at 34. Jerry: 32. Eliot: 33! Jan: What am I at? 35? Jim: This is bad. Jan: 35, I’m going to cast a Rolling Earthquake. Jim: X=35? Jan: X=34. Jim: Oh. Eliot: Ah, misclick! Jerry: Ah, game tied, draw! Jim: Yeah I’ve got no responses. Jerry: Yeah. I have no response. I was about
to say your things are dead. Jan: They’re dead. Jerry: Wait, do they have horsemanship? Jan: They don’t have horsemanship. Jerry: Alright. Jim: That was cool! I thought it was really
cool that you were able to win off of Jerry’s Demonic Tutor. That’s really what set off
that whole chain of events that led to our undoing. Jan: Jerry got greedy. Jerry: If I learned something here, I’m never
casting Demonic Tutor in a cEDH game again. Eliot: Why does Jerry always learn the wrong
lessons? [all laugh] Jim: If there’s one thing we learned here,
it’s that you should never play Thrasios and Vial Smasher. Eliot: Ah, that’s the real. Yeah. Jan: Jerry was the maker of his own undoing
because I drew the Dualcaster Mage off his Timetwister. [all laugh] Jim: Hit us up in the comments – what’s the
lesson that Jerry should learn from this game? How about the real Dockside Extortionist was
the friendships we made along the way. Eliot: I hate James. Jan: And let us know if you think we should
get a wheel of morality. Jim: Ooh. Oof. So that game was something.
I felt like I overextended in the early game, especially since we all just finished explaining
how our decks all hate on creature combos and I felt like I walked into that Damnation
HARD. And this deck does not rebuild explosively. It’s kind of a 2-turn rebuild, right? Because
it’s meant to be, like, a 2-turn setup at the beginning of the game. Turn 1 mana dork,
turn 2 like mana dork Hapatra. So when we like Timetwistered I was like oh that’s great,
but then I’m like 2 turns away from doing anything, especially with a 4 mana Hapatra. Eliot: Yeah my hand was pretty good after
that Timetwister but I didn’t have a lot of mana and by the time it got to me being able
to do things Jan had 62 counterspells in his hand. So I guess my hand was not as good as
I needed it to be. Jim: How many counterspells did you have in
your hand? Eliot: Goose egg. Big ol’ zero. Yeah, that
combo was wild. I was stumbling a little bit on mana there with the Elvish Mystic getting
wiped and then the rebuild turn like you were saying I had to play out the Elves of Deep
Shadow and then I did all the stuff with like the Spellseeker and the Vampiric Tutor would
have been finding the piece that would have won me the game, but Jerry timetwistered obviously,
so yeah I don’t know what everyone else had. Looked like it maybe wasn’t happening. Jan: I had a Pyroclasm and the reanimate spell
and Barrin. Jim: Pyroclasm. Just brutal. Because I definitely
could have rebuilt a little bit by going like – I had a Fyndhorn Elves and a Diabolic Intent,
I’m like ah maybe I can just like go like boom boom boom, but then I was going to get
wiped again. I was so far out of that game. Jerry: Yep, I had an unreal rollout into a
Demonic Tutor off the top. So full disclosure: that opening 7 was probably not keepable just
from the 7 due to the fact that it literally just wiped the board after playing out a bunch
of rocks and hoped for the best but then I drew the Demonic Tutor and went and got Mystic
Remora. Jim: Sorry, did you say that was not a keepable
opening 7? You had like 10 mana and a Thrasios! Jerry: So here’s the thing – I don’t cast
Thrasios. Jim: You should with 10 mana! Eliot: Yeah. Jerry: The card’s not good. Jim: Everybody write that in the comments. Eliot: The real Thrasios along the way was
the Vial Smashers that are friends. [all laugh] Jerry: I want to point out – I cast Vial Smasher
before Thrasios with all that mana because I was like I don’t cast Thrasios. Eliot: That’s just because you happened to
have 3 mana. Don’t act like you had some big plan! Jerry: Look, mana efficiency. Jan: Jerry helped me because no one else was
playing Artifacts. So at the beginning of the game I Imperial Sealed for the Dockside
Extortionist and I thought about getting Spellseeker and I was like maybe this is too greedy No
one’s going to play artifacts and then Jim plays a mana dork and passes his turn and
Jerry’s just like hmmm, artifact artifact artifact and I was like “I made the right
call”. Jim: Well this is a Golgari deck, right? So
we play Ouphe and Null Rod and I think we play Mana Crypt. Eliot: These decks were kind of a little different
than the decks you see in the wild right, because of the banned list. Jim: Oh Yeah I didn’t play Mana Crypt. Because
that was Banned for us. Jan: Uh Yeah, I didn’t have Mana Crypt, I
didn’t have Sol Ring. Jerry: I had Sol Ring AND Mana Crypt. Eliot: Yeah it was maybe a little greedy,
for my team to stay on this creature/mana dork based ramp deck, into Hulk Combo, knowing
that like, we were trying to push people out of the other fast mana, so like it was definitely
interesting, I think maybe this one was kind of more of like a learning experience, and
that the next one is going to be like, really fierce, we might tune the way that we do the
banned lists and stuff. Jim: We do you guys want to talk a little
bit about, like why you picked your strategies? Cause like we had a really good reason to
pick our Strategy. Eliot: For sure yeah. Jerry: Yeah. So we basically, so we had like,
three different topics of conversation, we, uh, maybe, I’m throwing out a number for three,
but we talked about maybe we want to get ride of the best wincons, like just in the format
in general, like just hit everybody with the Flash, Protean Hulk, Demonic Consultation,
Jace, that type of stuff, but then we were like “No matter what, people are going to
find a way to win.” Eliot: Right Jerry: “and then. like, infinitely, like like,
now there’s Dockside/Barrin, there’s all the ways to make infinite mana, Ischron Dramatic
Scepter, um so we were like “How do we prevent people from getting there?” and then we were,
so then we moved into the fact of, how do we prevent it, if we’re trying to do the same,
a similar thing, so then we were like “why don’t we hit the fast mana and try to meta
game, here, by making our opponents switch into creature strategies and then just hurt
the creature strategies. Eliot: Right cause like, nobody really, we
played two wraths that game, or whatever right, but like you said your deck was stuffed. Jerry: Oh yeah, like after he cast Toxic Deluge
I was like ” Oh, I don’t have to cast my Toxic Deluge” type of deal. Jan: Well, like and I said I had a Pyroclasm
in my hand, and the Rolling Earthquake is not the win condition, it’s creature management
and it’s “Oh, if I’m a higher life total, well alright” Jim: Yeah Toxic Deluge was so, so free I was
going to say Three, because it was for three, but uh yeah, it was three because of Eliot’s
Carrion Feeder there, I didn’t want it to survive. Eliot: Yeah if my Carrion Feeder had liiiived. Jim: I only needed to do it for two because
Dockside had two toughness, but I went for the three to pop the Carrion Feeder. Um did
you basically go around the same lines? Eliot: Yeah so like I was saying, um a little
bit at the beginning, we kind of thought the same thing, like we’ll take other people off
fast mana, and then go into like, we were originally thinking like an Opus Thief, variant,
uh but then nobody banned Hulk from my team, and I”m going to throw him under the bus a
little bit here but SickRobot was just like “well, nobody banned hulk” and everybody else
was like “Well nobody banned Hulk!” Jerry: So we ,we , I’m going to tell you something
right now about our banning of you right there, because we literally had the conversation,
is just like “Do we ban flash or hulk?” and we both like, everyone in our chat was like
“I don’t care about non flash hulk.” Jim: Yeah Jan: Yeah Eliot: Yeah, um, I think the deck was sweet
still, like I would definitely play, hulk in a non flash world, personally, I just like
Protean Hulk, a lot right, but. Jerry: He’s a bacon and egg guy. Jim: So what were your, what did you decide
on for your Hulk lines? Like is it the same hulk combo? How do you get it into play. Eliot: Um yeah, so it’s just reanimating him,
like Necormancy or whatever, so it overlays with um, the cat, uh the. Jim: Felidar? Eliot: Nope, um. Jerry: Lesser Manticore? Eliot: Nope, the get the enchantment from
the graveyard, sac him and they loop, with a Blood Artist effect. Jim: Leonin Relic Warder? Eliot: That guy! That guy, that’s the guy! Jim: Savannah Lions? Eliot: Savannah Lions? Jan: Cauldron Familiar. Eliot: Jungle Cat. Jim: Arahbo Roar of the World! Eliot: So um, we have like Necromancy, and
other enchantment based reanimate, so that it loops with that, and then there’s also,
Devoted Druid, Vizier for infinite mana, because Thrasios is still in our command zone, there’s
Lesser Manticore which also combos with the Vizier, again with sac outlet with Blood Artist
effect, you can sac him infinitely. I think that’s about it, but yeah. Jim: Jan what did you have? Jan: Uh so we, again, had the same conversation,
take everybody off fast mana, push them into creature based mana and then play Pyroclasm,
Rolling Earthquake, things like that. We didn’t go quite as heavy on the creature hate as
everyone else seems to have, cause I don’t think that we’re playing Toxic Deluge, I may
be incorrect, so the main win is we, originally we were talking about going to a Stax deck,
if we’re going to push people our of fast mana, then we’re going to try to tax the mana
rocks they have and the creature mana, but then it was like “well how do we close out
the game? what an actual win condition we can sort of play, because we don’t want to
be here all night” Jim: Mhm Jan: You guys don’t want to be here for eight
hours sort of thing so, um, Spleenface, I believe brought Inalla up, originally we were
excited and we were talking about Elsha, and then we started talking about Inalla, because
Eminence is um, a relevant ability, just as a value engine. Jim: Mhm Jan: and he was saying “I have this deck where
you, um, you can win if you have a Spellseeker in your hand and access to 2 a blue and a
black” and it’s. Eliot: Right, like really compact. Jan: And it’s like, it’s very complex, like
very long list, he sent me a spread sheet of it and it’s about 67 steps to win the game,
but it starts with you Spellseeker for, um, You Spellseeker and then you copy it, so it’s
a really weird the way the triggers work, cause you Spellseeker and then you go get
Culling The Weak, and the you cast the Culling The Weak sacing the Spellseeker to use the
mana from Culling The Weak to pay for the copy of Spellseeker to get Reanimate, to reanimate
your Spellseeker and you gotta go through and eventually you get to a point where you’re
looping a Reanimate and a Culling The Weak effect with an Archaeomancer and you just
like keep casting them and then you just kill everybody with Archaeomancer tokens. Eliot: Oh yeah big hasty, er. Jim: Archaeomancer tokens?! Jan: Yeah Jim: That’s pretty funny. That’s a cool way
to win the game. Jan: Yeah so then we also added in the Dockside/Barrin
combo to give us, and then the. Eliot: Wow, Barrin’s a wizard! Jan: Yeah Barrin’s a Wizard, and the Dual
Caster Mage line is there to sort of give us more. Jerry: And that one worked out for you! Jan: It did work out for me. Jim: As it turns out at instant speed which
is, which is kind of cool from like a creature based combo, to win at instant speed like
that, you know. Jan: Yeah, so we had a lot of fun with it,
everyone was really excited about it, yeah, how about you? What’d you do Jim? Jim: Well we actually almost went with Inalla, [All laughs] Jim: We kind of followed the same lines, I
was expecting people to ban more win conditions, but it seems like you all went for fast mana,
right? Eliot: Yeah Jan: Mhm Jim: Which is kind of what left Hulk open
for Eliot, but I was expecting win conditions to be banned, so we went with, um, uh when
we banned flash, and we figured, uh, we figured that when people banned the win conditions
that it would push people into creature based combo, cause we said “Ok well what do we think
is the best deck if everybody bans good win conditions?” then we said “creature based
combo.” so it’s like, um, it’s like Bill, the same deck that Bill likes playing every
time. Jan: Yeah Jim: It’s like Karmic Guide, it’s Kiki, it’s
like all those, it’s like maybe some kind of Pod thing. Eliot: Mhm. Jim: Um so, we initially we went with Inalla,
we were like “this is kind of cool, we can do the Dual Caster Mage, we can do Heat Shimmer,
whatever we want to do” and then we were like “You know what, if people are in creature
based combo, maybe we want to run Torpor Orb Effects” So we went down the list and we looked
at all of the different creature based combos that don’t require ETB’s so that we could
run, Torpor Orb, and uh, I guess that’s it, Torpor Orb in Golgari. Um so that we could
run Torpor Orb just in case, right, just in case people run Kiki Combos. Eliot; Yeah, that would have been helpful! Jan: That would have, Jim: It would have been super helpful if I
had drawn it Jan: I don’t think I have any actual combos
that get around that. Jim: Yeah, so that was why we ended up on
Hapatra because I like that fact that Hapatra gives us an access to an effect that manages
the board in the command zone, it obviously didn’t happen in this game cause I got wiped
super early, way earlier than I expected to, but it’s nice to be able to, like, maybe land
Hapatra on Turn one and then swing and pop a dork. Eliot: Right Jim: Like that’s a pretty big swing, and make
a snake. Eliot: yeah Jim: Right, it, uh shuts off Tymna draws because
nobody is going to attack into a deathtouch snake, and like all this stuff. So that’s
how we landed on Hapatra, and I uh, stand by it, I think this is a very strong deck,
it’s like, it’s not exactly the poison ball shell from the database, but it’s like decently
close. We made some meta calls. Jan: I’ve been wanting to play Hapatra, um
since like Yawgmoth got spoiled. Jim: It’s a cool deck, we win with a five
mana spider. Jan:It so sweet. Jim: Obelisk Spider. Eliot: Yeah I’ll put that one on screen because
nobodies going to know what that one does. Jim: That’s a cool one. Jerry: Hour of Devastation. Jim: Yeah Jan: Yeah Jerry: Limited All-Star. Jim: I might bring this one back. It’s a cool
deck. Jan: One Banning that I want to talk about
because originally when my team brought it up, uh on the surface when they just said,
and it’ll show up on the list, everybody has Carpet of Flowers banned but me. Jim: Yeah Jan: and I was like “Carpet of Flowers?” and
they were like “well, we’re playing Grixis, and if we’re playing Blue we don’t to be feeding
other people mana” and when you look at what we’ve come up with, you’re playing Green,
You’re playing Green, You’re playing Green and you’re both playing Blue, so Jim playing
Carpet of Flowers would have gotten him insane value. Eliot: Yeah Jim: Yup Jan: So on the surface it looked kind of like
a ehhh sort of ban, but I got on board and it actually would have, it paid off. I don’t
know if anyone was thinking about playing it, but it felt like a solid choice. Eliot: I mean I would played it, if I could
have. Jerry: Who banned Dockside from me? Eliot: Meee! Jan: Yeah Jerry: I was super upset cause I was like
“You know what, this is gonna be the excuse I need, lets play Barrin/Dockside!” Jim: We had Dockside on our list for you too,
but Eliot’s ban came first. Eliot: I was going to say, so we, snake drafted
the bans right, so you already had, uh the things that I had initially planned to ban
for you so I took away, Food Chain, cause you had Shaper on your team and Dockside,
Cause you had Shaper on your team. Jim: This was exactly our rational for banning
the same two cards. Eliot: Sorry Shaper. Jim: No not sorry. Jerry: I was, I wanted, I was like “Shaper’s
on my team, we’re going to come up with some sick Dockside lines!” Nope! Jim: Nope! Jan: I was like, yeah, I was, I wasn’t shocked
that I got to play Dockside Extortionist, I was “I get to play Dockside Extortionist!” Jim: Yeah, that card’s good, as it turns out. Jan: It just needs to be a WIzard. Eliot: God Jim: But, Yeah that’s our Season Finale! Eliot: Yeah I guess so right, Season 5 in
the books. Jim: This was fun, I think we should do this
again. Jan: 100% Jim: I think if we do this again, bigger banned
lists next time? Jan: Yeah Eliot: Yes, like I was saying, there might
be a couple changes we make to the way that it came together. Jim: Something like that. Eliot: Learning process. Jim: This was sick, it was so fun. Jan: Yeah Eliot: This was awesome. Jan: I had a lot of fun, I had a blast. Jim: So we will catch you next season! Don’t
know how long the break is going to be, but we’ll take a shortish break and we will be
back, uh, with Season Six. Jan:Season Six Jerry: Six?! Already? Jim: Can you believe it? Jan: Next up, the Movie. Jim: Yeah, six seasons and a movie. We’ll
catch you next time! [Voiceover] hey thanks for checking out the
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