Have You Seen Someone Die? | Keep it 100 | Cut

Have You Seen Someone Die? | Keep it 100 | Cut

– [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – There was this party and some people drove by and shot up this area and one of my friends
got shot in the stomach and as everybody’s running by she’s yelling “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die” and she dies. So, yeah kind of. (somber music) – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – (clears throat) – Have I ever seen somebody die? – Like the active dying, like? – [Interviewer] Yeah. No. – Why are you asking this? – [Interviewer] It’s people talking about what it looks like for someone to die. But if you’re not comfortable
– No. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – I have not. – [Interviewer] You’ve
never seen someone die? – No
– No – No
– I have not seen someone die. – [Interviewer] Seen a dead body? – No – I’ve never even been to a funeral – I don’t know how I’d feel, I’d probably be in shock first and probably call an ambulance, right? – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – I’m tryna’, what is this, what’s the cops, what’s going on? (laughs) I’mma say no comment at this time – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – No
– Never – I haven’t seen anyone die. – Not in real life, no. – [Interviewer] Are you curious? – Oh yeah. – I was a protest kid, looking at a lot of videos of people dying. – There was a DVD that went around and it was just a compilation video of people dying. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – No. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen a dead body? – Only animals – I did have to put down my cat – It was horrible. – I don’t do well with death. – [Interviewer] Have you seen someone die? – I have not seen anyone die, I have seen a dead body in like an open casket – Dead bodies are scary – It’s almost like they’re not real – I never wanna see one again – My grandfather’s funeral, there was an open casket. – He didn’t look like himself – Very skinny
– His jaw was stuck open – It did not look peaceful – It was weird – My dad’s dad passed away when I was a freshman in college. My twin brother and I
were up at the casket and I was sobbing. – [Interviewer] Did it feel like closure? – To be honest I don’t even think I have closure now. – [Interviewer] Did it make you reflect on your own mortality? – Oh sure, but I think
about that daily (laughs) – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yeah, this cat who was like just walking down the street and he had a seizure, he froze up, he fell, he smacked his head
really hard on the ground and then he like stopped breathing, he was laying there, he was dead and then this guy came and gave him CPR and then he went (gasps) came back to life and then we went and got pancakes (laughing) I’m being dead ass, yo (laughs) Yeah. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – I saw a guy just get – Hit by a car – It was like a white truck flipped over – So I could just see their shoulders and their head slumped over the wheel – And there was like pieces
of brains on the freeway – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yes. I grew up where gang violence was actually really heavy – I’m from Detroit, I’ve seen a couple people on the sidewalk dead – Like shot to death. – I did watch someone get stabbed – The paramedics came and they just put a tarp over him with his feet just sticking out – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yes. It was my birthday, I was sitting in my car, smoking a little joint to myself, and the gentlemen, there’s two of them, they come out and they’re arguing and then one of them just
pulled out a gun and shot him – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – I actually have seen somebody die. One of my best friends and I were doing the church
service in the morning, it was actually as we were getting up to sing “Amazing Grace,”
someone in the audience died. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Well I’m a nurse, so yes. – When you’re in the medical profession, people don’t always die fast. Their breathing changes and I mean it can go on for
hours, some people days. – Used to work like many CNAs with older population, Geriatrics. The first woman I ever saw die, she had two sons, they were called when
she was on her death bed and nobody came and it was really just surreal for me because I never thought that there were actually people out there that didn’t have somebody that would want to be with them when they died. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yes, when I was 17. I was at a sporting event and there was an accident. Some debris flew into the crowd and the child sitting near me was decapitated and died. It was very very difficult
I’m sure for his family, but as someone who was in the area that was really difficult for me to work through what mortality means at such a young age. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yeah, we’re in like a hospice room, he doesn’t look like
my grandfather anymore. – [Interviewer] What’d he
look like when you saw him? – Really pale – It’s like a yellow tint takes over – There was like no warmth, that’s something that stays with me. – It was a very sad moment. Everyone there showing
their emotions and stuff. (sniffles) – My grandma, who has been with him exclusively since she was like fucking 13 said “I love you, Bob” and my aunt was like “Oh, he said ‘I love you’ back” and he fucking didn’t, he actually just had green shit come out of his mouth ’cause that’s death. It’s not romantic. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yeah. – It was my grandmother – Just died of a fever
– Heart attack – ALS
– Diabetes – Throat cancer
– Coma – They pulled the plug and we all sat there watched her take her last breath. – It’s sad when you see
life fading out of a person – [Interviewer] Did
you stay there a while? – Uh no, we left pretty quickly. – It was just such a slow death. When she passed, it
kinda felt like a relief. – It was really, kind
of, disturbing honestly. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – I had a friend that passed away but not something I
would want to talk about – [Interviewer] Why do you
think death is so hard? – I just think people don’t, like their brains can’t
handle it, you know? It’s like they um, I’m sorry. (crying) – [Interviewer] No, it’s okay. (crying) – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – No
– No – No
– I have not – I’ve been blessed
– I’m in no rush – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Ah, never. Have you? – [Interviewer] Yeah? My dad in the hospital. – Oh – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – My dad, he had cancer. Oh shit this is hard to talk about. – [Interviewer] I lost
my dad recently too. Yeah. I mean, you don’t have to. – Yeah yeah no, I’m good on this one – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yes, my little sister. I think she only survived like a week – I was there when my
little brother passed away – [Interviewer] Have you
ever seen someone die? – Yes, my mother committed suicide when I was a child, and I was the one that found her. – [Interviewer] What do you
think happens after we die? – Oh, so much! I also think it depends on the kinda person you are – I think where we go after we die is the exact same place we were before we were born – I guess I believe in reincarnation – I don’t believe in afterlife – Do you believe in a soul? – Absolutely. – Death is the one thing in my life that doesn’t scare me – [Interviewer] Why aren’t
you scared of death? – Death just is and things that just are it’s not good or bad, it’s just something that has to happen

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  1. Down here, in the Deep South open casket funerals are a thing. So is something called the "viewing" where b4 the funeral all the family stands next to the casket to receive the well wishers, fellow grieves & lookie loos. They all try to tell the family how good the deceased looks, how natural. I used to tell my mom, "No s/he doesn't look natural! S/He looks dead!" I also said how I don't want any of that happy horseshit. My mom was scandalized. LOL As an RN I've seen many ppl die. Many, many ppl die. I worked high risk areas.

  2. You are never the same after witnessing someone die. I have been depressed and numb for years but especially after witnessing my dad die, I can’t process things the same and a lot of things don’t affect me the way they should.

  3. I've watched the cartel, when a guy with a chainsaw cutting ones head off, will another watched, then he was next then they slowly cut his head off with a machete. Cartel crazy as always

  4. *-ṜṒῩΛⱢṪῩ -*

    When i was a kid, my dad went into a metropcs. All i remember was hearing a loud boom, and my dad and everyone running out of the store and speeding off. I didnt know what happened untill later in life.

  5. Yeah, if you lived in Europe in the 90s you have seen people die…criminal organizations ran rampant after the fall of the USSR.

  6. I have twice, one was with my mom, my family decided to pull the plug, I couldn’t stay for it all so…I kinda have?

    The other time, it was a todler when I was in the ER waiting room. It was so chaotic, I think they came from the ambulance bc they had a lot of ppl escorting them into the waiting room. They carried him in and was convulsing and then he just went limp, they called a code blue & began cpr on him. It didn’t work and the mother(I assume) just buried her face into her husband(I assume) chest and screamed crying. It was a very breaking experience, I think about them a lot and hope they’re okay. Hospitals are just a place of sadness 😔

  7. I’ve got an older dad so I’ve been to a number of open casket funerals before I was out of high school. (Old dad = old family members) I witnessed my bird having a heart attack and dying once. ☹️ And I was with my husband when his grandma got taken off her life support. That was really rough. Can’t say I’ll ever forget the sound.

  8. Bestgore yes . In person I’ve seen dead bodies twice, both in ecuador because of accidents. doesn’t really shock me anymore considering i want to study crime scene investigation edit: it’s weird because a lot of people can’t handle it but im fine. makes me feel crazy😳

  9. Oh my God 😳 actually wait. I've seen someone die 😭 I walked by this car that was pulled over parked on top of the sidewalk near my house. I saw a lady in there slumped over the wheel. I didn't think much of it considering the kind of neighborhood I live in where there's junkies everywhere so I continued walking to the grocery store. I come back and she's still there. I leave my house again and it's night when I come back and she's still there. So then my mom calls the police, they come, ask me questions, and they tell us to go back in our house. Of course my nosey ass keeps looking out my window and forensic detectives come and finally they took her body out. She was already in rigor mortis so it was quite chilling to see. Who know how she died but RIP to that woman 🙏

  10. Andrey Ouziel Racing

    I have seen many people die. One in front of me. Most people that I have seen die were from Reddit videos, car crashes, shootings, falls, work place accidents. I’m not good with strong gore, especially when the person is still alive. I don’t get queasy, I feel normal. But I don’t like it, I rather not see it. I saw one person die in front of me. We were climbing Mont Blanc, and I saw a few rocks fall on the face in front of me, I also saw a ragdollesque object falling as well. 10 min pass and a helicopter arrived, covers something with a blanket and at this point I realise someone has fallen. 300 metre drop 100%. It was strange, I had no negative emotion, I guess it was a bit surreal. I still can’t believe I saw someone die, in front of me. Apparently a couple and a single climber all fell on that day. I still feel like the shit I saw on Reddit and on the news is a lot worse than the climbing accident. Especially on subreddits like 50 50. That’s just terrible, not sickening but it just fills me with sadness and creates a void in me. I’m not scared of death, I’m nervous about dying young, or dying without accomplishing anything. This shit is fucked up if you really think about it.

  11. I think it is hard to talk about because death is final. Their eyes and body just isn't the same and it is scary. On the contrary, I think it is good to talk about uncomfortable things. I have never seen anyone die before my eyes but I have been to more funerals than weddings and I am only 30 years old.

  12. When someone said the person had a yellow tint after they died it brought back the sight of my grandfather at his funeral and damn I forgot what that was like

  13. What important content. When these topics feel difficult to discuss in person, being able to see and listen to real people talk about them truly helps. From someone who is mourning a recent loss, thank you.

  14. parents committing suicide is one of the scariest things ever, i cant imagine what that one girl felt as a child finding her mom.

  15. I’m sure it’s not the same as seeing a person die, but I was there with two of my pets when we had to put them down. For my dog, I was hugging him, and my hand was over his heart… then I felt it stop beating.

  16. I have, I was 13 when my parents were driving me up to summer camp and a guy crashed into a tree, we were up in the mountains so no one else was there. My mom is a nurse so she had to stop and try to help, my mom and day pulled him out of the car onto the ground, his face was smashed and covered and blood, his body started to loose colour as my mom and dad were performing CPR on him. I sat in the car and just kept dialling 911 even though we were up in the mountains and no calls could get through, I had to do something other then cry. He died and my parents still forced me to go to that stupid camp, I now hate camps.
    May he Rest In Peace, and May God have mercy on his family. 😔

  17. This hit me hard, my mom runs a daycare and a little 1 year old stopped breathing in his sleep. It was from SUDS. The cops on the phone had to tell us how to do CPR on him, and he didn’t make it.

  18. The one who asks the questions is Blaine and he said his father aka Craig, Madison’s father too PASSED AWAY RECENTLY?

  19. Don’t be afraid to die because HE, died for us in the cross and endure the same pain….for Jesus died and came back to prove that He will never let us endure something that we cannot handle…

    As I write, this THIS has been a hard topic for me to endure as well…but I remember that Jesus went thru something that we all have to go through.

  20. Thank you for this. I always found it difficult dealing with someone else’s death but this really helped 🥺💕

  21. If this video represents anything, it's that death is spontaneous. Whether it comes today, tomorrow, this week, this year or in 50 years, it is never expected and it just proves to me that every single day is important. Go out y'all and do crazy shit cuz ya never know when your time is coming

  22. Death is the only thing in life that is guaranteed. I think that's the hardest thing that you have to teach yourself and live with.

  23. Wait. Is the voiceover Madison's brother? I hope not cause it would mean that Madison's dad Craig has passed away it would be horrible.

  24. How did I get from watching bts compilations to watching a cut video asking people if they’ve seen someone pass away .. 😕🥺

  25. Can always depend on CUT to get people to talk about the "dark stuff"… it's so uncomfortable… but so necessary

  26. One day I was walking around this pond that was in my town and I saw an older Asian man who hung himself of a tree it was really disturbing and sad he was purple by the time I saw him I had to bring the ambulance to him and I saw them untie him from the tree I never went back to that part of that lake again

  27. I watched my grandma die. She had lung cancer and was put into an induced coma then couldn’t wake up. It was very unexpected. I didn’t want to be in the room when they pulled the plug but was forced to by my aunt. I remember her gasping for air and feeling the hope she would wake up, then the color from her skin changed and went yellow. I wish I stood up for myself so I didn’t have to be traumatized.

  28. Saw someone commit suicide in the train station i used to work at. The train zoomed in and the guy looked unrecognizable. Did a few rounds of recommended therapy and transferred to the west coast base

  29. ♏GlorifyDeathBlackScorpioTerrorist♏🦂

    Death is energy & mystery, everything is energy, if it wasn't for energy, no life or death. Life and death is the same thing. Don't let your ego fear death.

  30. 5:23 ”why do you think death is so hard?” this question is so hard to answer like wow she couldn't even process it 🥺

  31. Many years ago when I was ten I was playing basketball outside with my sister and really good friend. I shot the ball and missed and it rolled away. He went after it, but fell before retrieving it. Nobody knows how, but he died right there, right then. May 1st has never been the same.

  32. When my oldest brother was a teenager, he found a dead baby on the beach by our house. Im more than certain he was traumatized by that.

  33. I didn't realize Blaine(?)s dad had passed away, i think he's been in a few videos. took it harder than I thought I would, rest in peace and sorry for your loss<3

  34. 3:20 to be honest, that sounds like a really peaceful way to go for a religious person, in church, surrounded by people singing a hymn

  35. I went to a funeral for the first time when I was 10 years old. My mom lost her first cousin and it was an open casket. I don’t know how I ended up going up there to see him one last time but when I did, he just looked like he was asleep, but he was so pale and when I kissed his forehead his skin was so cold. I’ll never forget that. rip theodore

  36. The most terrifying part to me is the concept of oblivion, that there is no afterlife , no place beyond where a new chapter unfolds, not even a reincarnation or a reboot. You're just gone. Your consciousness and perspective just end. There is nothing after death and you cease to be anything. You'll never think again, you'll never see again, you'll never imagine or dream .
    Just oblivion and nothing else.


  37. i watched my dad die in his hospital bed from a short and aggressive cancer, he passed only about five months after being diagnosed. the nurses called us to come in because he was having a hard time breathing. me and two of my sisters went to the hospital and he passed about ten minutes after we arrived, we always felt he was waiting to see us one last time before going. our mom had a few years before this, and my dad and sister saw her die (she was at home/hospice).

  38. My mother and I, found our neighbors son death. My neighbor was about 85 at the time and his son was visiting and was about 50 years old and a long life of partying hard. Old neighbor came by to ask us to helping to wake up his son because he was "sleeping" for too long. He was cold and Grey by the time we got there. I had to declare him dead to the emergency line so they needed to send the police also.

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