Hearthstone Funny Plays 282

Hearthstone Funny Plays 282

sooner or later he’ll kill one of my Pack Leaders most important is hyena surviving this is the most important the main minion here is hyena see if I’m lucky will be “funny” if he’ll kill me no! not there! fine ah thanks, yeah… ok we won here, right? ouch Ouch OUCH! WHAAAAT? what was that?

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  2. Galakrond Rogue: Gets Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

    Mage: Call an ambulance, call an ambulance. pulls out Pyroblast and Fireball But not for me.

  3. Awesome clip! Really nice editing 🙂
    Always thought about becoming a patron, became one after this clip! 😀 keep it up!

  4. Я только не понял почему Смертокрыла в спину бьет рога на мувике. В игре на доске было сыграно два Потрошения. Удар в спину совсем другая карта, 0 который наносит 2 дмг цели с фулл хп

  5. 3:05 I don't understand the problem, he could trade the Doomsayer and his opponent didn't have lethal.
    When Kripp is insane lucky in a dead/survive round: 1:05. When his opponent is a little bit lucky in an irrelevant one: 4:16.
    4:49 that is absolutely NOTHING new.
    6:09 WOW, I did't know that interaction.
    6:25 that's why that new pirate is trash (although he was very stupid as well).

  6. I like Gros Ghiles and Trolden because they dont add cringy unnecessary machinima that just wastes time as content filler – sick of it

  7. Штирлиц Григорий

    Лучше вместо анимации двухкопеешной переводил иностранцев через гугл переводчик, и то полезнее было бы.

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