How Does It Burn? (GAME)

How Does It Burn? (GAME)

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  1. I want everyone to go the Good mythical morning channel, go to videos then change it from oldest first look at baby Rhett without his beard link with the Micheal Jackson hair 😂😂🤣🤣

  2. CherryBlossom 109

    The weirdest description I've ever heard in my life: Will Elmo spark & combust OR keep laughing & talking when set on fire?

  3. CherryBlossom 109

    Okay, I think I'm scarred for life and will never sleep again. Tickle Me Elmo will be haunting my dreams as he slowly burns.

  4. A, ping pong balls are extremely flammable
    Quarter sticks. B, you’d be surprised how durable iPhones are. It’s true, if you hold it in your hand open handed you’re gonna burn your hand to a crisp, but clench it shut and you’re losing the hand.
    Ah, okay.
    A makes sense. Holy shit!😮
    That was frightening!
    That was exciting! I enjoyed that.

  5. I feel as though Rhett doesn't get the difference between what the Army calls "civil engineers" and what he went to college for 😂😂

  6. Men don’t know how to talk about their feeling so instead they talk about fireworks in their hands. 🤣🤣

  7. Maybe Jessie went into business with Link because of her underwhelming wedding night lol. (Sorry, Rhett. I'm sure your wedding night was wonderful 😂)

  8. It was ammo they weren’t allowed to take back home to the States. So they were ordered to destroy it. Government makes zero sense

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