how to edit gaming videos in 2020

how to edit gaming videos in 2020

At this point eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh xdxdxdddd It should be common knowledge that i am the best editor that this website has ever seen A L R I G H T? Last year we completely D O M I N A T E D (lmao) Youtube trending ok? (lol) I mean look at this (wow) #35 on trending hello? it’s in malaysia but still But still i dont care man and i dont wanna flex or anything Im just saying there have been alot of people who tried to copy my style (trash youtuber talking no need to subtitle this) Ryder:You’re just messing with your enemy B***H bruh moment Dont try to copy my style brother go back to minecraft ok? Leave the adult games for me lmao The most asked question on my channel is always Al’s mod garage:Radal how did u do this effect at 3:35 man? djonhnny21:how are you editing like this?? dennis andres :v :i like your edition 👍 (lmao) Nice english man (lol) So today we are going explore how to edit like this guy right here (senpai please notice me) But hey pay attentshn is going be a bit difficult not going be easy Just listen with your eyes and your mouth open, you know what I mean? There’s a reason why people called me the timeline in school, okay? silence again They also called me fat a b***h, but that’s unrelated. *Radal Laughs* Effect number one the teleportation effect. Oh Radal, what is the teleportation effect, please? Tell me it’s when we take a person from a scene (hello), make it go away And then we go to another scene and then we put him inside of that Very cool. Let’s jump right into oh no he’s gonna say something Your mother *Radal again* Alright so we open up Adobe Premiere or as I like to call it Windows error as you can see we have here Big Smoke. Smoke! Come on Smoke, say something to the viewer. All we had to do- Nice meme and we want him to teleport here the pizza place. How do we do this? Well, do you see this right here? Export frame. Click on it. (You got mail) call it something memorable Nice, press ok Cool now step two open up Microsoft Paint and just take the picture and put it into it Oh my god, Big Smoke! Now what we have to do here is Separate big smoke from the background. How do we do this? Well, we click on this button here pop Pen tool. What is happening here? Oh my god Is that an elephant? Help! We click on it. And now you go to Big Smokes big toe, click again drag OH Click here, drag, click, drag, click, drag, click, dra-, f**k. Drag. Usually it does not take this long, but if I look at Big Smoke many s**t will take 10 years to select him big smokie boi Ok, 20 minutes later We finally have selected the entire blue whale and now we just know it just right click make selection Click! I don’t know what this is! Press ok. *radal are you ok* I never read this now control key. oah Nothing happened press J, you idiot. *fart SFX* My what what’s that bi-big smoke is that you oh radal just became some anime boy lol He is separated from the background Incredible, I’m so bored man I’m so got damn bored bruh anyways Let’s double-click on this bad boy named it something remember rememberable remembering whale boom but right there He’s still in the background don’t we have to get rid of him? Please let me do my job. Okay, like chill chill for a second How do we get rid of big smoke in the background man? If only there was a button to replace the background Oh wait, there is Edit this one right here content-aware fill. We click on it ight i am a head out AH! is he like dancing or what What 🦀Big smoke is gone🦀 Incredible, I mean if you zoom into it, it’s a bit blurry here, you know, it doesn’t really look perfect But yeah, do you think my 12 year old audience will notice nope? *hue hue* I Could make anything Red. They would think aw man and looks perfect to me Anyways, let’s save it name it something remember boom Back to Adobe prettier now. We just have to import the picture that we just made Merge layers now. I don’t want to merge the layers. I want it to be individual boom error It didn’t work let’s write again And now let’s go into the video effects part brothers click on effects click on this bad boy type directional blur boom click drag Put it on the whale Brown What the hell is this oh my god, there it is were linked click drag to the right ight i am a head out lol holy crap that scared me lol Big smoke. Oh my god, right there. Big smoke is gone. I know many incredible many very easy Well rest in peace man, okay, so what we have to do here we click on this watch Go forward a couple frames One two three, four, five six we drag this to 1000 and now let’s try it. Does it work? yay it worked lol *victory.wav* Yes, boys with discipline is what I would say if it was finished it is not finished It’s not finished man because we have to teleport him to this place again. So you click on the export frame ah the good old typing trick an entire CROC Go to Photoshop drag this image into it click on pen tool now we do the same Goddamn thing but this time with this picture here Why don’t you make videos but do you mean why I don’t make videos it takes billion years just do one simple effect man I’m bored, don’t you understand? goddammit Same reason why your mother is a prostitute man. I mean somewhere the money has to come from *sad laugh.mp3* *crash lol* Now we have imported smoke. Okay, and now we just add the directional blur again but now instead of going from normal to blurred we go from blurred so Normal, yeah finale Let’s look at it *woop* *poow* *hype.mp3* Wow, I’m surprised it’s not like I’ve done this effect thousand times before. Oh my god really? It is such a good effect hell Yes, brother and it only took us 40 minutes, man What did the same man it’s easy it’s not gonna be easy and there you go ladies and gentlemen, we did it That’s how a radomir Radulovich is making his videos. Maybe you will also get number 35 in Malaysia I don’t know oh boy there’s gonna be more nuclear sirens.mp3 Hello, what is this noise on earth it’s happening again *the hell continues* silence is golden It sounds like new mission boisssssssss again with the weird dance lel bonuuuuuuuus Alright boys the bonus ending tip for this day is anime triangles. Yeah Let’s just say you’re playing a video game or whatever and you see something incredibly shocking in the game okay, what would you do normally what I see a lot of people doing that just zoom in and That’s it. Just a zoom. That’s kind of boring man. I’m not gonna lie. Like, what is this? Jacksepticeye? You have to really you have to make your you know, I gotta add something You know what? I mean and what we are going to add our anime Triangles like that one it’s a got damn chicken with a gun What that’s that’s not anime and that’s animal (lol) Okay wrong picture. I meant this one. No! This one anime triangles goddammit. Alright, let’s just say we want to zoom into something in this case I stumbled upon this candle here that cost $39. Let’s just say we are absolutely Disgusted by this price. (Why would he do That?) you wanna just you know zoom into it’s Dramatically, okay, we take our anime Triangle like this and then we animate it with the zoom. Okay. So the $39 is here I still cannot believe the price we go to the beginning of the clip We make our triangles small we go forward a couple frames again. Now we make our triangles bigger. See dance Understand. Yes, let’s see what it looks like. Oh oh sh*t Look at this man God David see that you have we have some kind of motion there bruh. It looks like I Don’t know triangle zoomed in right? *swesh montage* this is without uegh ugeh now he sounds like he’s vomitting Not good, very nice, man. Now we learned how to Zoom in but Radal I don’t know man. It doesn’t really look that great. It’s kind of boring What do you know about boring what did you watch in the past eight years asmr Jacksepticeye and you want to tell me something? Danke to god video iz over it was a fun editing the sub lol

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  2. you can auto cut big smoke with picsart app than import the photo to png than with lightroom you can delete big smoke by spot remover tool . it will be easier. you can find picsart in microsoft store too

  3. This video must be in Category: Education, damn man this video was rly good, you must make a 2nd part. I really LIkE YoUR EdItION!

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