How To Fix That Death Grip Once And For All

How To Fix That Death Grip Once And For All

11 thoughts on “How To Fix That Death Grip Once And For All”

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  2. That three finger grip gets uncomfortable after a while. You can get finger abrasions. It's really not hard to be relaxed on your normal grip if you have enough weight on your racket. You can apply lead tape to the racket head or use advanced rackets. Once you swing with the weightier racket, then you can go back to your normal racket in a relaxed way. Its a lot like pro baseball players using a heavy ring at the end of the bat as they take warm up swings.

  3. The reverse problem is bad too. I started out with a grip so loose you could pull the racquet out of my hand mid-swing. That was a huge power leak for me. Balance between the two is best.

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