How to Hit the Low Spinning Golf Shot

How to Hit the Low Spinning Golf Shot

hah back at it in this video what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna show you how to hit the low shot with the high lofted
Club and it’s more important of a shot than you might think let’s go alright so
here we have the shot let’s say it’s a tighter pin I’m actually going downhill
a little bit and yes I’m gonna hit a lower shot rather than a higher shot
explain why in a second anyways thanks for watching this video
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appreciate it umm going right here ok let’s do it
ok why would you hit this shot low ok now just go back to I’ll show you a clip
of the video that I was playing off with Mike from golf holics we were at Pelican
Hill I believe it was and I had a shot just like this and you could hear Mike
saying he’s gonna go high that’s up on the hill I’m just right next to him
coming down this is where the pin is sloping pretty hard so he’s gonna throw
it and guess him pretty high up on the hill at a
on down and that could have been a good option but I went really low and it hit
bounce spun and I tapped in for par so tricky whole tricky shot but really I
made it easy because of the way I went about doing it and I’m going to show you
that shot here because it’s it’s super useful when you’re playing golf and it
takes believe it or not takes pressure off of you if you just put a tiny bit of
practice into this particular shot and for this I’m gonna make it hard on
myself okay I normally only carry a 60 today I’m using a 62 degree M grind so
I’m used to the grind same grind I have it’s 8 degrees about so it’s it’s very
similar to my 62 degrees more loft because I really want hey I don’t cheat
here I want to make it I’m not gonna use a 50 degree use 60 to go low
let’s show you how it’s done and you’ll see why you want it as opposed to the
high guy here’s what makes it not go low okay if
you just set up normal with the ball in the center you Stan that’s gonna go pretty hot not a bad
option but that’s what makes it go high so we’re not going to have our
conventional set up we’re gonna do things a little bit different in the
setup okay I want your feet close together ball is gonna be just slightly
back just a touch right here okay weight is like 80 70 80 percent this way okay
and believe it or not I am going to open the clubface
so that’s 62 talking like 66 I mean I’m going there okay not much here’s a ball
there here would be normal I’m going like there right there
got it okay boom and you can really week it not always but typically you want it
on a nice firm line so if it’s kind of tight lie this is the shot for you but
don’t like put your hands forward and square the face cuz you’re gonna chunk
it okay so you want those hands Center balls
down much back okay and then open the face a touch here okay and wait wait
forward there’s still couple more pieces we want to integrate to make a goal of
okay I’m gonna take it back steeper up here I’m taking it back
steep meaning I’m not bringing it in here okay this is the short the short
spinner short low spinner I’m taking a little steeper and I’m not gonna rotate
my hand submit too much I’m really gonna keep it square you can still hit it high
like that okay if you relief at the hole it’s gonna go
high so I want to be here little steep and then I’m gonna release down around
my left side of my body and keep my hands low okay that was kind of a medium height one
because they didn’t release to my left side enough open-faced weight forward I’m releasing
steep down that way and then depending on the firmness of
the greens it’s gonna release you know a little bit or uphill a little spin it’s
a great way to control what happens and eliminate kind of the big mistakes and
what’s super cool is this the farther you have the cooler the shot looks okay
you can really fire that thing glow and you’re gonna have even more spin and
mess around with this try taking about steeper and steeper and steeper
it’s the steeper you take it actually the lower it goes just make sure you’re
rotating through to that left side and then the last piece noticed I might
follow through I’m not doing this I’m coming here and I’m just holding it kind
of holding it off now my left side and holding it really like this I’m not
letting that Club rotate over don’t want to do that there’s a super-fun shot to play and
what it does is it allows you to use the bounce and not the leading edge and
really go after the ball especially I’d say if you’re on like this tight tighter
lie you can really go after that thing and not run the risk getting a big fat
chunk shocks even your bad shots they’re still gonna be pretty good but when you
get that lower little got it tick-tick-tick
your friends level it’s cool so what’s gonna happen alright everybody thanks
for tuning in I hope this video was helpful so you can hit that low shot
with a high lofted Club one more videos here from Titleist click over here if
you want to work on other parts of your game click over here thanks for watching
love you guys see you soon

66 thoughts on “How to Hit the Low Spinning Golf Shot”

  1. Ah the old "impress your friends" shot. I generally cut across it hitting it hard off the toe. Comes in like a bullet takes one hop and stops dead.

  2. I still hit all my pitches low after many years of playing golf. Have difficulty in hitting the ball higher. Thanks for the video.

  3. Great tip for all of us trying to lower our handicap. I never thought of using such a high lofted club for that shot, I usually use my Gap Wedge for my low spinner's. I will try it with my Ping Zing LW the next time I am on the practice range.

  4. What was the distance for this video and suggested distances for using this shot? As always, great video and thanks!

  5. "It's not a sales pitch… but be sure to click the links below!" 🙄 I get it, but the more you go out of your way to monetize every opportunity you can (a lot), the less is seems about "us". A lot of other channels can help without shoving ways for you to build income down our throats. "Like, subscribe, ring the bell" is usually plenty for those truly invested in helping viewers get the most out of content… you get revenue just for people to watch, maybe focus on THAT more than getting the people that do show up to line your pockets with their affiliate money instead.

  6. In Mr. Hogan's '5 Lessons', he wrote about 'the most amazing shot in the modern pro's repitoir', the low flying wedge.🐈

  7. Excellent drill Matt. Something I will definitely practice. It seems like a safer shot compared to a flop shot too.

  8. Great video which is very similar to the 80 yd gap wedge with a 51 degree. Hands low around your body …… Mr Short Game at his best. Keep up the good work .

  9. Do everything in this video + clean your grooves after every shot + use a very good ball. Even if you never actually use this shot in a round, just practicing this technique for a few hours during the year will make you a better chipper around the greens

  10. Thanks for the video – you d' man…Please keep these specialty shots coming. Bunker shots buried lies, divots, flop shots over traps and any other knee knockers you can think of…

  11. with the steep take back and hold off, this is a lot like Phil Micklesons "hinge and hold" method? whereas the more standard chip shot has far less spin… great shot anyway, really wanna get out and practice this one!

  12. Ah, so thats why this shot isn't in my "arsenal", I'm pretty much trying to do the opposite of everything you showed us. Great video Matt.

  13. This video would have been a lot more impressive if you would have had more camera angles from near the pin showing
    how much the ball was checking

  14. I’ve watched a few of your videos now and finally subscribed. This was an awesome and East to understand video from method to use on the course. Your long irons video changed my game!!! Hitting my 5 iron on the money now! Love your videos keep them coming!!

  15. Great description and step by step way to show how to hit that shot. Most people get scared to open that face, also to pull left like a straight pull. Keep up the videos as this was one of the best videos to show how to hit that shot. They don’t realize the open club face, keeping it low and pulling left counteract that open face that usually goes right. 👍👍👍👍

  16. Of course you realize that the BULK of the people on here are HIGH HANDICAPPERS that don't have the skills to hit this kind of shot RIGHT ??? Just CHIPPING off a tight lie is challenge enough let alone trying to HALF SWING A SAND WEDGE WITH A BOUNCE like you were . Not EVERYBODY can spend hundreds of dollars on lessons and most people don't have THE TIME to practice enough to make a difference . Thanks for showing us the shot but for most of us it's A PIPE DREAM – I'll be sticking with my Square Strike which works GREAT !

  17. The most important element you forgot to mention is a soft covered ball. Hard covered golf balls just bounce off the face, rather than climb up it getting all the spin and coming off low. It's a great shot. A lot easier to get the ball from point A to point B on a straight line too. Great tip and great technique.

  18. Buddy, get of the powder…… Your going a 150 MPH………. Slow down, I like the info but your going way to fast……..

  19. I have to be honest not hating but it seems like his ball isn’t checking up that much maybe it’s just the camera angle but I’m seeing it release

  20. Michael Gripenskans

    Absolutely right! Our Swedish hero; Robert Karlsson, who made over 600 European starts – former Ryder Cup player and vice Captain in the latest, told the exact same tip for our Swedish juniors at soam point… GREAT STUFF !!!

  21. Mr. NoGame, Your shots weren't LOW and they obviously didn't have any SPIN on them to check up by the hole. The majority of them weren't even close enough for an up and down. You might be able to fool the high handicappers with your deceit but you're not fooling anybody that actually has game.

  22. Do you have time to review my golf yardage book template I am selling on eBay for $2.99? I’ve been seeking a few every week. It’s an xls file.

  23. This is a lot of wrong information. Spin is applied from loft and speed. It's well known. Steep approach increases height as well. The fact that the ball is releasing so far is evidence that you aren't playing the shot correctly.

  24. Good shout, love hitting this type of shot with a 7 8 or 9 from like 110-140 yards. Playing partners think you’re bouncing off the back but they sit tight or zip, might even think they loom slicker than a nice flop

  25. I do this shot ALL the time haha. My fave. It's all about feel. Just kinda swing like you want to hit it lower. Steep, back in stance, hold the finish 😀

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