How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon

How to Make a $10k Pair of Shoes from Scratch: The Shoe Surgeon

[Music] grab the nails grab your last seal or it’s your size all right we got a lot more work to do that’s everyone else finish [Music] [Applause] [Music] morning yeah this is the main studio where we do everything from design development meetings clients and make all the shoes Dominic is one of the most well known creators in today’s custom sneaker world with a handful of tools machinery and unique materials he breaks down a chute to its core putting new life into his custom creations he’s turned his shoe making hobby into a full-time career crafting shoes for a range of clientele he’s opened up a school to teach new students how to construct their own custom pairs hey talk about these ones actually you have on me this is a collaboration with ebay so they wanted to do something for the event and I had this idea that I’ve wanted to do and I was able to to make it come to life and it really created a lot of noise to field boot made out of the actual IKEA bag with suede did a lot of stuff with them you know shoe making really begins with the last they say last comes first so what this is is based off of a few things your foot the shape that they want the shoe and the outsole okay the way I really like to create is I like to just put material up there that I never really had a plan for I just liked it yeah and then you know something comes to mind I’m able to like piece things together grab it and then you know start start making something so that you you know you could you cut your pieces up then you skive them so when you say sky from what what is that skiving is when you make an edge flush so you’ll see the edge is more flush because it’ll be a top edge and you want to you’ll put the next layer on top of galaxy then you start gluing pieces together and selling them right once you finish piecing it together the liner is gonna get selling off okay and then we’re gonna sew the back to the tobu and I’ll attach it is you know it’s it’s just it’s a puzzle yeah after it gets put together like this and then it gets pulled over the the last the form and then it gets started starting to take shape after the soul goes on okay we got to take the the form out when the shoe sir just started out with is 18 19 years old I live in Charlotte my brother was visiting and a friend of mine and we drove to New York City first time ever in New York City I ran into Pharrell Williams he was just that the person that inspired me the most from fashion and music and I was just so inspired and during that trip it’s like man I really need to come up with a name like you know the alias or like what what the brand is whatever it is and we came up with shoe surgeons with a money sign in a Z I had the opportunity to make shoes for Justin Bieber he was on tour and you know they they asked for I think 20 pairs in a week and I was so young I was you know working by myself I thought it was possible so I ended up going crazy I ended up in a mental hospital it took a while just to feel a little bit better and then I was you know self-made medicating with you know drugs and alcohol and then and then I ended up in the mental hospital again but it was like figuring out how to overcome myself and move past this diagnosis of bipolar which doesn’t to me now doesn’t even exist just live a healthier life and and make better decisions and I think everything will be okay Dom’s work has been at times of struggle but the through line is it’s his passion he uses that same energy to inspire and teach new students his craft what is you know one of the things that you really stress to them you know in your class for the for the schools it’s really to focus on inspiring others but also giving them the proper tools to do something the right way you know to focus on the quality focus on the process are you an easy person to work for I’m the wrong person to ask it’s practice practice rested how they look them from how’s it coming [Music] we’re here in the class people are making airmax ones it’s a four day class and they get to make a shoe from start to finish a lot of these people are coming in they don’t even have any prior knowledge of sewing knowing how to use machines so it’s pretty incredible that these people come in here from overseas what what’s the appeal in doing something like this for you well I think it’s root to me mostly it’s really satisfying that I have something that you were a part of me thought as much like it needs to stand out like that but it’s more like that the thing is like is this your first class too soon shoot I bought the machine for three weeks again is it the sneakers gum all right guys you want to gather around I wanted to show everyone my first pair of shoes that I made from scratch you know I’m missing some some backing in the toe the pattern was completely off so I brought these up here for everyone and then I want to get some guys to you know who got finished already to pull them off the last what do you call what do you call these la la dream [Applause] [Music] [Applause] our dumb so you know I just saw two people who finish their shoe and take it off the mold and everybody kind of gives them some love and yeah that’s kind of the culmination of this whole thing huh yeah I mean that’s what it’s all about is coming together and you know giving an experience and really creating something that’s will last a lifetime from the experience to like having your own shoe and you know wherever you may end up taking it [Music]

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  1. mexamurai mexamurai

    step 1 (and only): get an asshole, with big self esteem issues, ready to pay 10k for a pair of shoes.

    you are welcome.

  2. Curious question: aren’t these pairs considered fake since it didn’t come out from a legit nike factory?

  3. Shoes are just something you wear and why does it have to be 999Just For yeezys I hate shoes and how expensive they are

  4. Why was this in my recommendation I work in construction I could not give one fuck about a sneaker, make a good durable boot not fucking knock offs

  5. Why would some one spend 10k on a pair of shoe. What does it have to cost 10k? Is it laced with platinum? Or dimonds?

  6. and china is making great replicas, just like these guys. so does it even matter who makes it anymore and call it fakes? all shoes are made by humans. just cause it comes from nike website its authentic? the shoe game is stupid

  7. If a Nike shoe is made in an unauthorized shop America it's a "custom" shoe but if it's made like this in China it's a counterfeit. Think about it…

  8. B. Couture Vibes Nyc

    I'm bipolar and a creative .I relate to this dude .I already make hats,belts,etc and customize clothes .I think I just found a new found appreciation in being a cobbler .Bring back craftsmanship,bring back individuality shit .Everybody paying 300+ for yeezys or offwhite ONLY TO LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE .I would love to have the skills to make me my own one of one 💯💯🙌🏽🔥just solidified an idea I had .dope craftsmanship ,bless

  9. You are an inspiration. We come from different worlds but I found your story inspirational. You didn't let the bi-polar diagnosis stop you or confine you into a box with a label. I could relate to that.

  10. So when Chinese people just reproduce shoes that's already out, they called counterfeits, but when a guy, takes the shoe that's already In reproduction and changes the whole design its legal… give me a break with this white privilege, it's getting old real fast.

  11. Vice, after 2 years of watching your channel you finally get a sub from me for this video. That's not to say all your other vids aren't cool. This one is just the best. (and the Westminster Dog Show on Acid).

  12. I like shoes but I’m not a sneaker head. The reason I like this video is I can take that passion in my own craft and use it as inspiration. Thanks

  13. He buy the legit nike and just ripoff the sole to use it as base for the custom then sell it back in the original nike shoe box for you.
    check his collab with john geiger well video-documented for the misplaced checks, nike didn't agree with the design so they did it themselves.

  14. It's called Shoemaker, you fucking idiots. It's not a fucking studio, it's a workshop. People are doing this job for ages.

  15. Thats dope!, imagine literally building a custom shoe from scratch & then adding a custom stamp or graphic design on top of it?!?
    Wouldn't mind taking a trip out to Cali' for some lessons or just working at an actual manufactuer for a while with the idea this just gave me. Gots me thinking about a career change tbh 😎👍.

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