How to make a “Bow” Only Build in Dark Souls Remastered

How to make a “Bow” Only Build in Dark Souls Remastered

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  1. Honestly, I've tried to watch it. But instead it motivated me to try an archer run in Dark Souls. So… sorry but thanks. Now, off to buy Dark Souls. Again (why did I sell it in the first place, I wonder).

  2. There is a much quicker and easier way to dupe items unlike what was shown at 10:17
    1. Get bottomless box
    2. Put whatever item you want to dupe at the top of your items list
    3. Put all of that item in the box
    4. Get an item you have more quantity of in a different adjacent menu at the top of the list (example duped item is sunlight medal vs 5 titanite shards)
    5. Go and enter the feed menu of frampt
    6. Hover over the greater quantity item as mentioned earlier
    7. In a frame perfect input click the adjacent menu and press A to confirm a feeding
    8. You should be hovered over your desired duped item with a feed promt
    9. You should be able to feed more than what you have, do so
    10. The game underflows your item and gives you 99 of it
    Note: this only works on pc and with stackable items

  3. My boy ymfah always dropping new stuff with astonoshing increasing quality and production value.

    You da real MVP

  4. From what I can guess with my limited game programming, the poopwalk activated as the animator is trying to smoothly transition from the T-pose to the standard movement animations, but instead gets stuck at the halfway point between the two animations, halving the movement due to one being a standing animation.

  5. OK now the video seems to not play at all?
    I'll try to fix it asap.

    Rip audio at 18:42 – 19:39. If you can still hear it, it won't last long.
    The song( has been copyright claimed and had to be removed.
    One more claim and I'll re-upload the entire video with Rubrum Cucullo.

  6. a wise person once told me that there is no such thing as "cheese" in dark souls because the game expects you to use every tool at your disposal

    thus, exploits are just another way of gitting gud 🙂

  7. nb4 darksouls 4 is a thing and bow is the strongest weapon type. (because let's be honest, we all probably have the feeling their gonna make another game despite saying DS3 was the last game lol)

  8. 2020's original content creation includes 50% actual video making process, then the other 50% is trying to make your song selections non-copyright claimable…


  9. piereallygoodiful

    So I don't fucking know what the hell I just watched, but at this point I shouldn't be surprised at the random shit you can do in Souls games

  10. I swear you're one of the only youtubers that consistently surprises me when it comes to how much you manage to break the game. No matter how many glitch compilations I watch you still find some ridiculous shit that turns an otherwise miserable experience into a ridiculous and hilariously miserable experience. Amazing video as always!

  11. Bows should be as viable as magic….BUT ANIME HAPPENED and bows are depicted as useless because Japanese people had shit bows

  12. Francisco Ibarra Vezga

    those graphics looks awesome, did you use any kind of mod, or is it just the game remaster himself?

  13. Unregistered HyperCam 2

    I guess it would only make sense that a bow run in a souls game requires you to NOT fight the bosses lmao

  14. Nice video! Here's some bow tips for you and any and all people dumb enough to want to try this out:

    – With a decent amount of Str and Dex, Gough's Greatbow loaded with Gough's Arrows massively outdamages all other bows in the game – this wouldn't usually matter since it fires so slowly but you can use this with the default weapon glitch to get the maximum bow melee damage. If you'd rather have a low stat investment option, go for Chaos Composite +5 loaded with Gough's Arrows – this would normally make the game refuse to fire the shot but when meleeing this doesn't matter, and actually boosts your damage considerably. You can get them as early as Artorias – run along Kalameet's valley and at the end there are a handful of arrows. If you're meleeing you won't use them up, so that'll be all you need!
    – When shooting at huge ranges like when attacking Manus outside his arena, use a Black Bow of Pharis or Long Bow with Feather Arrows. When shooting at close ranges, use a Chaos Composite Bow loaded with fire arrows. The fire arrows have way more damage but generally aren't used due to split damage calculations, but with a chaos infusion, they're perfect. Buy them from the female undead merchant – you'll have take a detour to get to her. Just don't use this on Quelaag obviously! When doing long fights apply poison via poison arrows wherever you can – it'll save a lot of time.
    – Don't kill Ornstein first! The Leo Ring is fairly powerful for bows, especially when meleeing with them, so you want to pick it up. Use RTSR or Hawk when at range.
    – Wooden arrows are dirt cheap and can kill most trash mobs fairly easily. Get a stack of 999 the moment you get to Andre and that'll likely last you the whole game.
    – If you're planning to do all bosses, you can trap Demon Firesafe behind the trunk in the right side of his room next to the fog gate and shoot him from behind it. He's too thicc to get past it, and too thick in the head to do anything but slowly walk towards you, getting stuck every time.
    – You can shoot out the branches on both sides of the Bed of Chaos fight from relative safety. It takes a few arrows but it's more than worth it to do because fuck fighting that properly.

    Have fun in your bowing adventures!

  15. Numuhukumakiaki aialunamor

    This is something I noticed in the low level sorcery video, and now here. You're not good at fighting the Sactuary Guardian, are you?

  16. Hey, so there's this new glitch in bloodborne to acces the forbidden woods early game, perhaps you could make another vídeo on that

  17. I think the best part is that on TKGPs poop walk tutorial, the top comment is Ymfah saying
    "This is the best glitch I have ever seen"

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