How to Make Basic Beatbox Sounds

How to Make Basic Beatbox Sounds

100 thoughts on “How to Make Basic Beatbox Sounds”

  1. Nop it doesn't work, but I wil repeat and repeat every day and i will see lets say for one month of repeating. And I will tell the result ✌️

  2. 데얀술라 키나

    How to spread saliva everywhere in 1 minute
    Pretty interesting…
    Me : practicing
    Mom: what happened, the house is all wet!

  3. Yeah this is the kind of thing I did when I was 6 or 7 years old. Seems a bit weird for grown adults to be doing this.

  4. Yanno this is the video actually was the first video that got me into beatboxing it did a rlly good job cus I'm quite good now

  5. Am I the only one that could do it instantly?

    Then again I play drums and have vague memories of trying to learn when I was 12 so maybe I remembered a little but??

  6. Howcast: You will need

    Me: Hmm What do I need?

    Howcast: Rhythym

    Me: CHECK

    Howcast: And a mouth


  7. "You need rhythm and a mouth"
    Oh man, too bad they don't sell those at the store… Does anyone know where I can get a mouth?

  8. I am only doing this becuz my crush beat box's really good
    Besides I am kind of a show off anyway
    Not the mean show off ones tho
    Like you know shy ones

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