How To Mirror Android Screen to PC | No Chromecast | No Root | WiFi | USB

How To Mirror Android Screen to PC | No Chromecast | No Root | WiFi | USB

hey guys Amit hear for unbox indian and
in this video I’m going to show you how you can easily mirror your android
screen wirelessly without a Google chromecast or any other screen mirroring
device so without further ado let’s get started let’s begin with the first method this
is the most simple and easiest way to cast a screen to any device that support
of web browser it could be a PC Mac or a tablet and for this just head over to
play store and search for screen stream over HTTP and install it this is very
small app about less than 2 MB once its gets installed just open it and remember
this address it could be different for you so do double check it and then click
start streaming once you did that open the web browser of that device where you
need to cast this screen and type the web address that was shown on screen
stream app and that’s pretty much it you will be able to cast your android
screen wirelessly without any problem but somehow this method didn’t work out
for you or you don’t have a Wi-Fi then this second method is for you and for
this you need to download AirDroid application both on your PC as well as
on your Android device which you can find on AirDroid website and Google Play
Store respectively once you download it and install it on both devices then you
need to sign up with AirDroid app now once you did it go to the setting of
your Android phone and enable USB debugging under developer option now
connect your phone via USB from your PC and allow USB debugging on your phone by
clicking ok on the pop-up window now come back to AirDroid pc app and click
your device under my device section under your device section select air
mirroring tab and you will be able to connect to your device screen and the best part of this you can not
only view your phone screen from here but you can also control your phone
screen from this mirroring screen too and it’s not limited to USB but it also
work on Wi-Fi as well as on mobile data in the similar way so these are two
simple way by which you can mirror your android screen without a chromecast and
as usual direct link to all the app mention here can be found in the
description of this video so guys that so guy’s that’s up for me now if you like this video hit
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to our channel for more upcoming videos till now have a great day and catch you
in the next one

100 thoughts on “How To Mirror Android Screen to PC | No Chromecast | No Root | WiFi | USB”

  1. Thanks for information bro!, My TV have a Google so i try on phone to mirror at TV… also can, but somewhat hang ,but it's okay

  2. discovery art channel

    Thank you so much😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😣😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Bhai Mera pc me mobile select Karne ke bad mirror option kyun nehin a raha he???¿¿??? Offline dekha raha he jab ki Mera net on he (No. 2 wala)

  4. i was wandering in YouTube but no one's video helped me but when i tried your trick,i got surprised.
    Thanks you a lot☺️

  5. What about audio… When you connect and play any video… What about about the sound does it comes from your phone or from your laptop….

  6. Great work brother!! It worked absolutely fine for me! Thankyou for sharing this information!! I have tried many other ways to mirror my phone to pc, but have'nt ever got it working!! Great job!!👍👍👍

  7. WOOOPdoctorFROGhere

    doesnt work with live sport/ videos. Its a shame as its easy to use, but ultimately, fairly useless if you cant use it to watch video!

  8. Trương Tung Lâm

    Thank you about Very good Tutorial. How to stream with sound? I tried, my device Samsung Note 9 (last update firmware), web browser is Chrome with version last updated.

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