How to overcome video game addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause revealed!

How to overcome video game addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause revealed!

Hey, welcome to this video. My name is Tom, from the Alive And in this video we will make visible what
the real root cause of our VIDEO GAME ADDICTION really is. Only when we know the real cause, we can heal
the root and therefor automatically liberate ourselves from every other ADDICTION-symptom
too, like not being able to stop GAMING, wanted to play the next game, cravings, moodiness,
bad temper, loneliness, relational problems etc. You don’t have to feel ashamed for the fact
that you are addicted to something. Because without any exception, most people
are first addicted to something or someone, before the real root of the problem arises.The
only difference might be that some people are better in hiding their addictions behind
a mask than others. Until their mask cracks obviously. Only if we know what the real root of the
problem is, we will know how we can STOP OUR GAME ADDICTION completely and for once and
for all. AN ADDICTION comes down to FEAR, fear for
feeling what we would feel, without any distraction from gaming. To end the root of the problem together with
all it’s symptoms for once and for all, and therefor to shine the light onto our ‘dark’
addictions or fears, I came up with a drawing to show you. I don’t want to give you a superficial solution,
so I want to take you back to the origin. To the moment we were born. Let’s represent this heart as a symbol of
our free pure and fulfilled feeling at our birth. Then from that moment until now, we have all
encountered painful emotions and none of us have learned how to solve this pain. This pain sets around our pure and fulfilled
feelings. Of course no one of us really want to feel
this pain, that is why we all found a different way of dealing with this. You know how? By building a wall of control around it. And how do we build that wall? We all know this I guess. From that moment we stop living from our feeling
and start living from our mind or our thinking. Let me symbolize this brain for our thinking. From that moment we use our thinking nonstop
to search for distractions outside ourselves, that will have to prevent us from feeling
pain. And these distractions or our non stop thinking,
yes of course I should be doing this, or I should be doing that, or otherwise it wouldn’t
feel right, this, this and that. This annoying little voice inside our head,
I am sure we all know off, serves us as a band aid, on top of our wall of control. To prevent ourselves from feeling. The problem is that we do not just cover up
just our pain, but also our pure feelings. And within our distractions we are still looking
for a feeling. For example in creating success, we are actually
looking for a feeling of fulfillment. Or by starting a relationship, because we’d
rather not be alone, because then we are not distracted anymore and then we feel pain. So we are searching for a feeling to fulfill
ourselves with a relationship. And even in simple things a new Smartphone,
a new car, new house, we search for this long lasting feeling of being complete and fulfilled
by running away from our feelings. The contradiction shows itself very clearly,
yet we do not question ourselves about these choices and the routine that is has become
for so many of us. We rather invest all of our money in time
to build a life filled with these distractions that never work permanently. That create something like a reality replacement
for the feeling that we actually are missing. A replaced identity of ourselves. And we start to believe to have become this
illusion. The problem is that when we are running away
from our feelings and at the same time are looking for in these distractions for a feeling
of fulfillment that never comes, then we will have to continuously search for new distractions. New, new etc. Until we can’t keep up anymore. This pattern is extremely exhausting, we all
are aware of this, let me symbolize sweat drops for this. This is an imprisoning pattern. Let me symbolize a lock for this. Now what is fear? Fear is just the resistance that we would
fail in getting our next distraction or that one of our created distractions will disappear
or will be taken away from us. Because then our band aid will no longer work
and then obviously we will start to feel the pain again that we haven’t resolved yet. I hope by showing you this drawing that fear
has a very valuable function. That fear is not only pretty annoying, but
it is also a wake – up call. That this replacement reality doesn’t work. So as long as we still experience fear, tells
us that we are still having unsolved pain and are settling for a replacement reality
instead of independently feeling fulfilled and alive in freedom. There actually is a reality possible in which
we can choose to live the way we really are, feeling independently fulfilled. Without fear and unsolved pain. If we learn to solve all of our unsolved pain
and fear, our restlessness thinking to escape in distractions isn’t necessary anymore either
and only then we can start to create in freedom. Only then we can start a relation in freedom
or success or whatever we feel like creating. And only then we don’t have any fears that
it will disappear again. And only then we can truly enjoy to the fullest
and we don’t have any fears anymore, that things people or achievements may be taken
away from us. Because we feel complete and fulfilled independently
without experiencing fear and having pain anymore. Do you know the difference between creating
something as a distraction or as an addiction or as a compensation, because this is the
mask we all are wearing, the mask of pretending. The difference between this and doing something
out of free will, an easy way to check is to stop doing what you are doing, and you
are still feeling completely fulfilled then you are acting out of free will. On the other hand, when you stop doing what
you are trying to do or achieve and you will start feeling restless, because that is how
pain feels. Pain doesn’t feel like; ahhh I’m in pain,
pain feels like feeling restless, irritated, angry, bored. Then you know you are doing it to create a
compensation reality or as a distraction from unsolved feelings. And the good news is that there actually is
a way to solve the root of all pain, which will make all fear to feel pain vanish as
well. Which will let you create without limitations,
and importantly you don’t need to go through this pain again to get rid of it. We know now that all of our fears and other
symptoms are helping alarm signals and serve us with a very valuable message. Our fear and symptoms are here to tell us
that the direction that we are going, is a wrong and unhealthy direction. It warns us that if we continue to ignore
this wrong, unhealthy direction, of dis-ease, that our body might come up with bigger actual
diseases. Our fear and our symptoms are here to tell
us that liberation and cure is to be found in the opposite direction: in solving our
unsolved pain, so no more fears or symptoms can arise. Do you believe by numbing these alarm signals,
f.e. by taking medication, will help us to solve the real problem? Or does it give us another short shot of distraction,
like we’ve seen in the drawing? The more I was trying to create a successful
mask, or the more I was trying to run away from my insecurity or fears, the more my exhausting
and limiting fears kept arising in other forms and didn’t go away. I only started to feel truly liberated, relaxed,
filled with joy, filled with self esteem and enjoying everything around me, when I decided
to get to the root of my fear and pain and solved them. When we are no longer imprisoned in this exhausting
system by fears, pain and relating symptoms, we will feel independently filled with joy. When we feel only joy without fear, there
won’t be any obstructions left, to create whatever belongs to us naturally. When we create out of joy, without any obstructions,
success and abundance are just a logical consequence. Basically liberating ourselves from this limiting
imprisonment by fear and pain, is the key to go from limitations and scarcity, to true
natural abundance. Or does liberation come from working even
harder against our will in the wrong direction out of fear? Everyone can make this happen for themselves. Regardless our situation. We don’t need to cultivate it, we don’t
have to be rich or try really really hard, we don’t need to change our relationship,
or the place where we are living or the way we look. Of course we are free to do any of this, but
it is not required at all. Just understanding ‘how’ we can get past
the root of all of our pain, fear and symptoms, without having to feel them again of course,
is enough. This video is limited in time, but do you
want to know how to immediately get past the symptom of fear, whenever it occurs, or do
you want to know the truth about ‘fear’ and ‘pain’ that will set you free? Click on the link above or at the end of this
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next video.

29 thoughts on “How to overcome video game addiction FOREVER: #1 Real cause revealed!”

  1. Thank you for this video!
    I always strugled with video game addiction. I tried somany times to get rid of it but i never had a long term succes. I asked my parents to take away my PC ,so i can face my real problems ( Health, family, studies ) .
    I hope your videos will reach all the people in need.
    God bless you!

  2. I'm 17. I have a gaming addiction. I love everything gaming. The entire community, the videos, the games themselves, everything. Watching this video it really makes a lot of sense. But you didn't exactly explain what to physically do to solve it. What should I do when I wake up tomorrow? Trash my PC? Do all the things I fear most? Things such as facing the real world, like hanging out with friends, or do a jogging routine? Because every night I tell myself "when you wake up, you're going for a jog" and when I do wake up, I just go "nah, I'm playing some video games". So even if you tell me yes to go do those things, I can never actually go and do them, because my computer is like a magnet always pulling me towards it, away from the things I'd rather do. So how do I commit to doing the things I want to do, but can't because of my addiction? I would love to get an answer to this, thanks. And thanks for the great video!

  3. Can you manage a video game addiction without completely abandoning games? What I mean is can you recognize & manage your addiction while still playing games or would that be counterproductive? I play an MMO w clanmates, I'm invested, its a long term game, a second life on its own. I use it as escape from reality & its genuinely enjoyable (though habitual and addictive). Sorry if question is unclear. I would hate to abandon relationships (I consider my clanmates friends), and I have a feeling of accomplishment within game that I cannot get in the real world: is there an in-between, a middle ground where one can still play?

  4. I'm 13 I used to be addicted to gaming I was so afraid that I would spend so much time on it I would wake up and be 20 with no memory of my life my dad is 38 or 39 and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible than this video came along and I can do that now thank you

  5. I've been watching alot of informative videos about addiction and read up alot about it, and I must say that your explanation is very very on point. I feel like you speak out of experience which makes me very curious to your background.

    Anyway thank you for this informal but very very informative and spiritual video!

    Loves from Holland

  6. Oh my god I’ve only watched the first 45 seconds and you’ve mentioned every single symptom I am currently experiencing. I know this video is gonna be good

  7. I once used to be gym goer in my youth, sadly I falled in the gaming and social media addiction. I miss my old me. I wish I have the balls to go to the gym again 😣

  8. GetPaid BlackMan

    I deleted all my major social media no more Facebook Snapchat never did Instagram. I think phone addiction is the true problem

  9. its kinda funny i play games alot but i have a great relationship with my family and wife dont have any point of lonlyness

  10. To many a question of balance… "…some games are innocent, and if pursued for pastime there is no harm. But there is danger that pastime may degenerate into waste of time. Waste of time is not acceptable…" ~ Abdul-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  11. I don’t have a addiction to video games. Though I play them every now and then. I’ve a addiction to distractions though.

  12. This is an incredible take on addiction and what causes these issues. I’ve been addicted to video games for 6 years and finally gave them up for good recently and your description of the process is spot on. I knew it was a distraction but I didn’t even realize why I was distracting myself until I saw this and it perfectly described me fear, anger, and everything.

  13. I have spend 150 euro,s this month for games. Then every time I played the game i felt no happiness when i got offline I only wanted to game to feel my happiness. I even didn't go to school because of gaming every night. Now this video made me think about what I have done and that it was a waste of time, money and happiness

  14. Holy shit! I have just been thinking of why the hell was I so afraid (yes i said it to my self that word-fear) of stopping to play video games. And now I know a lot clearer why is it! It is time to start working on it from this day forward!

  15. I do no social activites..i have no friends..people call me FAT, come to my house and punch me in the FACE… also addicted to games, but i think gaming is my talent..cuz every game i go play i always get to like 2.3M (whatever game currency) in just like 2 days,3 hours, 2 hours SOMETIMES EVEN ONE HOUR xd

  16. Why is this so underrated? This is great content, really thank you for the thoughts, maybe best thing I've seen on this topic on Internet!

  17. How to quit game addiction. Look at successful people and analyze how they did it. Find long-term aspirations for yourself, set goals, plan rewards. Every day do something and tell family and friends what you did; ask them (really, ask them) to praise you for all little things you did right. Go chat up with people in the shops, get to know names, or even ask them out, seriously. Tell yourself life is like a game and when you seek pleasure outside the games, pleasure from the game becomes NOTHING, really. Gamify your life. Love, – A guy who was really addicted to games as a teenager but who is now leading a normal life –

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