How to play Blockbuster – A Movie Game for Anyone Who’s Ever Seen a Movie

How to play Blockbuster – A Movie Game for Anyone Who’s Ever Seen a Movie

Bring home the entertainment again with
The Blockbuster game here’s how to play to start, set up your Blockbuster parking lot then split into two teams for the first half two players go head-to-head
in the movie buzzer battle flip over a head-to-head card and shout out the
challenge whenever you think of a film shout it out and hit the buzzer if you’re stuck the rest of your team can silently act out clues but if you don’t think quick enough you could give the other team an advantage for the second half the winner of the buzzer battle takes six movie cards and privately
looks at them they choose three of these to keep for themselves and give the rest
to the player who lost for the second half they’ll need their team to guess
the movies by using three different techniques there’s one word only, quote
it and act it when you’re ready hold down the buzzer to start the
30-second countdown as soon as your team shouts the right movie flip that card
and add it to your collection if you get through all the movies and
still have time left you can move on to the other teams movie and try to steal
them once the timer’s up it’s the second team’s turn they also get 30
seconds to try and collect the movies left on the board at the end of the
round it’s time to pick two new players for the buzzer battle and go again the first team to collect a film from all eight genres are the winners and that’s how to play the blockbuster game a movie game for anyone who’s ever seen
a movie you

14 thoughts on “How to play Blockbuster – A Movie Game for Anyone Who’s Ever Seen a Movie”

  1. Ok as a film student and a collector of BPG I literally could not be more happy with this! Easily looking like a top spot contender next to Scrawl and Chameleon 🤩

  2. Hello! I'm not American, I never know the Blockbuster, but the board game looks like fun! Can I order the game somehow in Europe? Thanks the answere!

  3. I work in a store that sells board games that was for many years- a blockbuster! I was so thrilled to find this gem in our shipment and purchased it immediately

  4. This just made my day as someone who grew up during the Blockbuster era. Thank you Big Potato Games.I shall be getting it soon

  5. Can you guys eventually make expansion packs for this one? Or some kind of purchase system where you can make more cards as more movies come out?

  6. My sister got this for me as a Christmas gift today, tears of nostalgia and joy happened. Omg its so freaking cool! Cant wait to host a game night.

  7. I coach basketball at the 15-17 age group. Last year, i was driving some players home and we got a whole video game discussion going. At one point, i said "man, i remember going to Blockbuster to rent games" and my players said "What's blockbuster?"

    FYI, i'm 28 (as of this post). I felt old in that moment…

  8. Looking for some clarification on the rules for quote it, are you only allowed 1 quote from(about) the movie or several?

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