How to Play Euchre

How to Play Euchre

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  1. so i distribute cards with a kitty and ask if its the dealer then i get to pick a card and discard the kitty 2 -4-8 .then we make a sound knowing that its the trick yet the others will lose their hands if we kitty their dealer 3 tricks winning 2 points as in 5 with less tricks

  2. People who don`t understand this tutorial, you are retarded. She perfectly explained the rules of the game. Maybe you need a Euchre for Dummies? Oh wait, you're too retarded for that.

  3. This is what I heard… "dos difweoi fokdos weori wed Trump ksdoe woeifi dkxlsi Player fjeiwo Shuffle sdjiofijd King sdkjfod djfi eowasd Did you know the Jack was renamed?"

  4. No – the problem is pretty clear. It makes sense if you understand the card-playing vocabulary, but if you don't know some of the basic terms, you'd be lost. Otherwise, it's a great video. It just needs a brief explanation of the terms that will be introduced up front.

  5. I play a variation of this game called pfeffer and it is honestly my favorite card game ever. I encourage people to learn it bcuz its a really fun card game.

  6. I would have also added something about the cards used for scoring, a mis-deal and the option to stick the dealer (keep it clean, people).

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