How to Play Horrified: Universal Monsters

How to Play Horrified: Universal Monsters

– We’re stocking up on garlic and hunting down coffins. That’s right! It’s Horrified. The Universal Studios monster
game from Ravensburger. (music) This carnivorous co-op
pits one to five mortals against a variety of monsters, including the Wolfman,
the Mummy, and Dracula. The team of humans must complete tasks unique to each monster
in order to defeat them and win the game. However, if too many people die, or if the monsters are
allowed to roam too long, the village will be lost. Set up begins with the
gameboard placed center. Place the terror marker on the zero space of the terror level track on
the top left of the board. Create a supply of villagers, dice, and two separately shuffled decks. The monster deck and the perk deck. Next, choose the monsters
to play against in the game. Horrified provides six adversaries and considers any two
monsters to be a novice game, three monsters for standard, and four monsters for challenging. We’re setting up for a novice game, and we’ve selected Dracula and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Place the monsters’ mats
in a row near the board organized left to right by frenzy rating located at the top left
of each monster’s stats. Follow the setup instructions
on the monster mats to place the unique game
pieces for each adversary. Place the frenzy marker on the mat with the lowest frenzy value. Next, give each player a hero badge either randomly or selected, along with the corresponding hero mover, reference card, and a randomly dealt card from the perk deck. When you play perk card, follow its instructions and place it in a discard
pile next to the perk cards. Playing a perk card
does not take an action. Place the mover on the starting location listed on the hero badge. Finally, place all sixty
item tokens in the item bag. Give it a shake, and then draw twelve items placing them on the location listed. Game play occurs in turns starting with the player who
most recently ate garlic. Definitely me. Each turn contains two phases. Hero phase and monster phase. In the hero phase, the active player may take actions equal to the number on
top of their hero badge. In the monster phase, the player draws one
monster card from the deck, and resolves the monster’s actions. After both phases are complete, play passes clockwise to the next hero. Let’s take a look at
the hero phase actions. Move allows the hero to
move along a lit path to an adjacent space. Additionally, if any villagers
exist in the hero’s space, they may bring them along for free. Guide allows the hero to move
one villager from their space to one adjacent space or vice versa bringing one adjacent villager to them. Pick up allows the hero to
take any number of items in their space and add them
to their personal inventory. Share allows all hero’s in the same space to trade any number of items freely. Advance is only available
at certain locations depending on the monsters
chosen for the game. By discarding an item token
equal to the advance requirement listed on the monster mat, players can progress one step closer to defeating the monster. Item tokens have a strength value on top and a color denoting their type. Red for physical items, blue for intellectual, and yellow for spiritual. The specific type and strength
value may be important depending upon the monster. Defeat is another action
similar to Advance but is only available once the
monster’s tasks are complete, such as locating and
smashing Dracula’s coffins. Once achieved, the players
may resolve the defeat action against the monster. And finally, Special Action
allows a player to use their unique ability on their hero badge. During the hero phase, a
player will move around picking up items, herding
villagers away from danger, and attempting to complete
the advance objectives against the monsters. After their actions are complete, play moves to the monster phase. Draw a monster card, and resolve its effects
from top to bottom. First, draw a number of
items from the item bag equal to the number listed up top. Place them in their starting locations. Next, resolve the event of the card. Each event in the game involves
either one of the monsters or the villagers. Check the symbol in the
middle and apply the effect if it’s a villager or
monster in your game. If the monster is not in your game, simply skip the event step of the card. Finally, resolve the monster strike listed at the bottom of the card. From left to right, resolve the monsters based on their icons. If a frenzy symbol is listed, that’s the monster with the
frenzy marker on its mat. This can result in a
monster activating twice. Move the monster the
number of spaces listed toward the nearest hero or villager. If the monster moves into a
space with a hero or villager, they stop moving. If they started in a space with a person, they do not need to move. Next, the monster attacks
one target in the space. Heroes take a hit before villagers do. Roll dice listed. Add up the hit icons to
find the attack value. Any exclamation icons
trigger the monster’s power listed on their mat. Resolve that immediately. Heroes hit by a monster’s
attack may mitigate the damage by discarding one item for
each hit symbol rolled. They may also choose to save their items and take the hits. If the hero takes at least one hit, they are defeated. Increase the terror level by one and remove that hero from the board. Don’t worry! At the start of their next turn, we’ll spawn them in the hospital. If a villager is attacked
because no hero was present, they take a hit and die since they have no items. Remove them from the board, and raise the terror level by one. Turns continue until one of three end game conditions are met. If the terror level
reaches the skull icon, the heroes and villagers are
too horrified to continue. They abandon the village to the monsters, and the players lose. If a monster card needs to be drawn during the monster phase, but the deck is depleted, the villagers have fled and the players lose. But if the players can
fulfill the defeat actions on all their monsters, they have saved the village and win the game. And that’s Horrified! I’m Becca Scott. And hot tip, Costo now sells holy water by the pallet, including sparkling holy water. You can watch me and my
friends play this game and other amazing games on Game the Game right here on Geek And Sundry. We’ll see you there. (music)

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