How to Play PS2 Games Using a USB Stick(Part I)

How to Play PS2 Games Using a USB Stick(Part I)

Hello all! Ahmed Anssaien here, from AnssaienTECH channel Today I’m going to show you how to play PS2 games using a USB stick So you won’t be needing any compact disks Because CDs should be expired by now. All the folders you see here will be compressed into one archive, and I’ll provide the link in the description First thing we’ll do is preparing the USB for the games, meaning we’ll format it using a handy tool. We double-click this folder It is better to copy this folder and put it in the root of the C: drive Then we’ll go to the command prompt Here it is Accessories… Here it is Here we’ll type in ‘cd ‘ The backslash. it can be done by press CTRL, ALT and 8 (AZERTY FRENCH KEYBOARD) Press ‘enter’ Now we’ll type in ‘cd PS2’ So we can access the format tool inside the folder ‘PS2’ The file is called ‘ul_format.exe’ ul_format… Now we need to type in a command in order to format the USB First we need to plug in the USB of course, then we check out its letter. which is F So we’ll type in F Then we’ll type ‘FORMAT’ I don’t think it matters whether you write ‘FORMAT’ or ‘format’ I’m just using to writing it in capital letters. Now we press ‘enter’ Now it says we need to confirm our choice… We press ‘Y’. The moment you press ‘Y’, the formatting starts We wait a little while… Of course, there are two ways to copy the games to the USB Either via a tool, which many people use Or by using another method… Which is copying the file that’s called ISO We name that ISO file using this name. I’ll show you how right away That will be our first method Hold on Here, I have the soccer game here, PES 2015 Here it is Here it is! It’s already named in that manner I mentioned earlier Do you see this code here? You can find this code inside the ISO file(game) Of course you’ve got to have UltraISO or PowerISO There are many similar tools, but I prefer using this one Here’s where you can find the code Here it is, SLES_556.66 You copy that code You paste it here Of course, it’s the same. The code must be followed by a dot, then the name of the game Of course, each game has its own code Now you’ll copy this file Then you’ll create a folder in the USB root named ‘DVD’ Because this game is the size of a DVD When the game is smaller than 702MB You make a folder named ‘CD’ for it. Then you put it inside the ‘CD’ folder… In our case, we’ll name it ‘DVD’ because we have a DVD game We’ll paste the game inside This is the easier way Those who don’t feel like using a tool, waiting for a long process to finish… Can find this method much better Of course, when the ISO file is larger than 4GB You have no other choice but to use the tool. Why? Because the USB has to be FAT32-formatted in order to work on a PS2 That ul_format tool we used earlier formats the USB FAT32 automatically. Since it is FAT32-formatted, a 4GB ISO or larger can’t be stored in the USB It prompts an error Like it can’t handle it Therefore, we have to use the tool if the game is larger than 4GB Like GTA San Andreas, Midnight Club… That kind of games forces us to use the tool Of course, I already have the tool inside the folder Here it is Wait *DING* Here it is, ‘USBUtil’ Using it isn’t that hard You double-click the exe file, Click ‘salir’ Here, you can find ‘Crear Juego Desde ISO’ There are two types: Create a game via CD/DVD; when you have a CD or DVD disk and you want to create a game from it If you have an ISO stored in your hard drive, then you can choose ‘Crear Juego Desde ISO’ You click this one Now it’s time to choose the location of your stored ISO file In my case, it’s stored in D:Downloads Let’s look for ‘PES…’ I scroll down to… wait ‘P…’ Click ‘PES 2015’, then I choose the ISO file Now, it’s better to remove the code from the name, because it’s useless. The code is only needed in the first method We remove the code part We choose the location where to store the game, of course we choose the USB The USB letter is ‘F’, let’s make sure… Yep, it’s ‘F’ ‘F’ it is! No need to change this ‘AUTO’ Because it automatically detects whether the game is DVD or CD All these patches aren’t needed because the latest PS2 program (OPL) already includes the patches The one we store in the PS2 memory card… It doesn’t really need these patches That program can take care of that. When you do all this, plus always make sure the name isn’t long Click ‘Crear’ After you click ‘Crear’, wait for the process to finish PES 2015 is a small game, so it won’t take long It’ll probably take 3, 4 or 5 minutes approximately When the copying is done, that’s it. Of course, when you want to install the program in the PS2 memory card, You need a blank DVD And another ISO I’ve provided inside the folder We need to burn this ISO to the blank DVD When it’s burned Choose your favorite software to burn the ISO… We can use UltraISO or Nero… We click ‘Burn to disk…’ Of course, the blank DVD must be inserted in the DVD Drive. Then we click ‘Burn’ No need to change the burning speed Leave it as it is Click ‘Burn’ and wait… Then insert it in your PS2 And I’ll start recording the other steps tomorrow This program also has to be copied to the USB Here’s how it’s done… When we boot our PS2 using this one … Thanks to it, we will be able to explore the files, so we launch this program And this program is the one we’ll use to install the other program in the PS2 memory card Once it is installed in the PS2 memory card, we won’t need the DVD (uLE) We need that temporarily. Just once. Therefore, in case your PS2 drive lens isn’t working, you can ask someone else to do it for you In case you’re in Tetouan, you can pay me a visit, and I’ll do it for you I use my PS2 memory card to prepare other memory cards Which means, I don’t need CDs at all. Even better Although my PS2 lens is working, I abhor using CDs. I’m allergic to them, hehe! Of course, copying takes some time Because ISO files are known to take some time And also USB ports are a bit old… But it’s alright. We can wait… Anyway, other steps… That require using the… TV I’m going to record them tomorrow It’s better that I cut the video and comeback when the copying is over That’s all you need to do via your computer Of course, we copy this folder We need this one to be stored in our USB Tomorrow, We’re gonna finish what we’ve started H-Biik, thank you so much for your suggestion! I hope you’ve understood everything In case there’s something not well-explained We can discuss it and make it simple. Be sure of that, bro! Thankies! Please click ‘Subscribe’ in order to be notified when we release new videos. THANK YOU!

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    hi bro when i introduce my DVD in PlayStation 2 it says: Please insert a Playstation 2 format disc…what should i do?

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