How to Play Secret Hitler in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl

How to Play Secret Hitler in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Secret Hitler,
a social deduction game of politics and hidden identities for 5-10 players. In Secret Hitler, players vote on who will
lead them to enact policies. Most players are liberals, but some players
are secretly fascists, and one of those fascists is secretly Hitler. The goal of the game is to win. The liberals win by working together to enact
five liberal policies, or by assassinating Hitler. The fascists win by sowing distrust to enact
six fascist policies, or by enacting three policies and electing Hilter as chancellor. The fascists are the minority of players,
but know each other’s identities. On each turn, one player is a presidential
candidate, and chooses one other player to be her chancellor. All players then vote on the proposed leaders,
secretly casting a “ja” or “nein” vote. Those two players are elected if 50% or more
of the table votes “ja”. The newly elected president draws three cards
from the policy deck, which are either fascist or liberal. She discards one face-down and hands the other
two to the chancellor. The chancellor discards one and enacts the
other. It’s now time for a new round. The presidency passes to the player’s left
and the new presidential candidate repeats this process. The last successfully elected president and
chancellor are term-limited, and cannot be chancellor this round. If the vote fails, the presidency passes to
the player’s left and the election tracker is moved up one notch. If three failed elections happen in a row,
the top card of the policy deck is instantly put into play. The deck is mostly fascist policies, so the
liberals usually don’t want this to happen. As fascist policies are passed, the government
grows stronger, and those in power gain special new abilities. Some abilities apply for the rest of the game. For instance, once at least three fascist
policies are passed, the fascists win if Hitler is successfully elected chancellor. Once five are passed, the president and chancellor
now have veto powers. Instead of choosing one of two policies, the
chancellor may veto them. If the president also agrees to veto, the
two policies are discarded and the presidency passes to the left. Most special powers are one-time abilities
given to the president after a fascist policy is played. These actions vary based on the number of
players, but include peeking at the top three cards of the policy deck, choosing the next
presidential candidate, looking at another player’s party membership card, and the
most drastic, executing another player. Once the president chooses someone to execute,
that player must answer one question: are you Hitler? If “yes”, then the liberals win. If “no”, then that player out of the game,
and must remain silent. You’re now ready to play Secret Hitler. Choose the policy track and prepare secret
envelopes according to the number of players. Each envelope should contain a secret role,
one matching “party membership” card,and a pair of “ja” and “nein” cards. Each player receives one envelope, looks inside,
and closes their eyes. Read aloud the setup script found in the first
couple pages of the rulebook, or have the official companion app narrate for you. Once all players are instructed to open their
eyes, pick a random player to be president and you’re ready to begin . If you liked Secret Hitler, you would definitely
enjoy One Night Ultimate Werewolf, another social deduction game of uninformed majority
vs. informed minority. If you’re looking for something a little
meatier, try Battlestar Galactica. If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing
to The Rules Girl channel, for more ultra-concise rules explanations.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Secret Hitler in 4 Minutes – The Rules Girl”

  1. "the goal of the game, is to win", oh wow i just watched this video and i've been losing on purpose and celebrating for the past 5 months

  2. Nitori ShogiPlayer

    Also the presidential action is executed if a new policy covers the action, not covers the square to the left of it. So in a 5-player game, the fascists win by having 4 fascist policies when electing Hitler.

  3. It´s the first video I see from your channel and I can say that this is the best How To Play that I´ve ever seen, great production and clarity. Congrats!

  4. >trying to feed the new fad of "she" being the default pronoun.

    This is really getting childish. Honestly no one cares. As we normal people see it, it's "he" as the default arbitrarily. Some areas near me use the female grammar as default. No one cares. It's annoying when kids try to make non-issue matters an issue. Got nothing better to do in your life?

  5. I have a question:
    In 5 players match up where both parties has been able to placed 4 policy cards in there own board where 2 other players are already assassinated. How can the 3 people remaining play to end the game? You mean if 2 facist left it will be sure win?

  6. There is no good political system: it's either a majority consisting of idiots electing even bigger idiots or tyrants who first fool them with promises and then dissolve democracy.

  7. very informative but holy shit the accent threw me off more than following the visuals along with it. had to rewind like 20 times

  8. Ezreal 'TrueWOPR' Clownguard

    Unless you draw ([3-x] where x is active fascists between president and chancellor) in a 50/50 deck at a 60/40 table, you're going to get a liberal point, first team to 5 points wins giving us 10 chances.

    There's a 3:10 chance of getting both liberals

    a 1:10 chance of getting both fascists

    and a 6:10 chance of getting one-each.

    Assuming the liberal always goes liberal and the fascist always goes fascist (why wouldn't they?)

    Then let's look at the stats.

    60% of the rounds have a 75% chance of liberal victory

    30% of the rounds have an 88% chance of Liberal victory

    10% of the rounds have a 12% chance of liberal victory.

    So if we played with no deduction at all, always saying "yes!" and going forward with the game, no social deduction required. Liberals will win a game round 72.6% of the time. And anyone who knows about gambling knows that consecutive rounds only exacerbate disparity.

  9. If u are a fascist do you know who the other fascist and hitler are and if so how without letting other players know?

  10. Gnomelotte Whatsername

    I don't understand.
    If you have to vote either for or against the facist or liberal policies,
    then how can it be a secret who the facist are ?
    Unless the facist betray their own policies.

  11. Isn't hitler not supposed to know who the other fascists are ? while the fascists knows each other as well as hitler ?

  12. Alanvalentinus Nala

    0:51, Incorrect. the election ballot is public not secret. From the rule book "Once everyone is ready to vote, reveal your Ballot cards simultaneously so that everyone's vote is public"

  13. Liberals are the modern fascists. Look at how they detest free speech. Crazy, crazy. Will this game be updated any time soon?

  14. if you want to learn more in depth strategy of secret hitler, check out this playlist

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