How to Play Seven Card Stud

How to Play Seven Card Stud

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  1. and contrary to his statement regarding the "dead man's hand" it was never PROVEN which suits wild bill held…oly that it was A's and 8's!! there are dozens of contradicting combinations published, however the its not really known…just in case any gives a shit! haha 🙂

  2. It bothers me that they dont mention the 4th street rule:
    "A double bet can be made ONLY by the player in 1st position if they are showing an EXPOSED pair.".
    This is a game tatctic and an important rule for stud games…
    That player (pair holder) has the option to bet the lower or the higher limit. Some games allow the players afterwards the same betting option in this instance. But, it always goes for the player holding the pair.

    Per professional casino dealer & "The Gameday Poker Almanac: Offical Rules of Poker, pg. 173"

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