How to Play Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

How to Play Talisman: Kingdom Hearts

– We’re collecting Keyblades
and fighting the Heartless. That’s right, it’s “Talisman:
Kingdom Hearts” edition from The Op. (upbeat music) This IP-packed adventure game pits two to six players as characters from the Disney, Pixar,
and Square Enix universes. Over the course of the game, they’ll journey through the
world of “Kingdom Hearts”, acquiring objects, recruiting followers, and attempting to seal
the Door to Darkness. (door creaking loudly) (door slams loudly) Setup begins with the
game board placed center. The playing area is
dividing into three regions: outer, middle, and inner. Separately shuffle and
place a face-down draw deck for the blue Adventure Cards
and the purple Spell Cards. Sort the red Keyblade Cards and the green Purchase Cards by type. Then arrange them face
up beside the board. Create a supply of Adventure Tokens, Munny, and Fate Tokens nearby. Each player now takes a Character Card, either randomly or by choice, and the associated plastic
figure along with a stack board. Each Character Card contains
a character name and portrait, special abilities with setup instructions, starting statistics for
strength, magic, and health which should be set on the stat dials, starting Fate Tokens
which the player may take, and space below for followers and objects. Follow the setup instructions
on each Character Board to determine if any player
begins the game with spells, drawing them from the deck, or objects, pulling them
from the Purchase Piles. Each player also begins
the game with one Munny. The player who most recently
played “Kingdom Hearts” goes first, with play
proceeding clockwise. Gameplay occurs in turns,
each divided into two steps: movement and encounters. First up in the movement step. The player moves their character figure along the board in any direction. In the outer and middle regions, this is resolved with a die roll, indicating the number of
spaces the character may move. Players may not double back in a direction unless they’re passing between regions. Characters may only move between regions as a result of an
encounter or card effect. Movement in the inner region is limited to one space at a time, no roll required. Next, in the encounter step, when a player completes their movement on a space already
occupied by another player, they may propose a trade of resources. Tradable items include
Munny, Fate Counters, objects, and followers. Players are not required
to offer or accept trades. After a character
completes their movement, they must then have an
encounter on that space. Depending on the icons listed, draw a number of Adventure
Cards as indicated, subtracting one card for each card already on or linked to the space. Adventure Cards for the outer region can be placed adjacent to their space. For the middle and inner regions, use the Adventure Card
Tokens to indicate that link. Adventure cards include name, card type, enemy stats, encounter
text, and encounter number. Next, resolve the cards in
order of encounter number. Depending on the card type, this encounter may be
a fight with an enemy, a dynamic event, or even a gift. Combat needs some explaining though. First, determine the type of combat based on the stats of the enemy, either a strength fight or a magic fight. Then resolve the combat
in the following steps. Evade. The character may first declare if they are using a spell
or ability to evade combat, thus escaping the fight. If not, proceed to the next step. Spells, objects, and abilities. The character may use any of these to augment their strength or magic stat. They may also use one weapon
object per attack roll. Asking for aid. If another character is on the same space, the active character may
ask them for assistance in defeating the enemy. If the other player agrees,
they will add up to three of their points in the respective stat to the active character’s
total for the fight. Attack roll. The active player now rolls one die and adds the result to their stat. Enemy attack roll. Another player now rolls the
die for the enemy’s attack roll and adds it to the enemy’s stat. Compare attack scores. Whichever side has the
higher value wins the combat. Ties result in a draw with no outcome. If the characters win,
they collect a trophy in the form of the enemy card. If they were aided by another player, that player gains one Munny. Trophies can be exchanged at
the end of a player’s turn to either gain strength or gain magic, one point for every five points
of attributes on the card. If the enemy wins, the
characters lose the combat, and each loses one health. If a character ever loses
all of their health, they are defeated. They remove that character card and playing piece from the game. Thankfully, they may start
anew with a different character drawn from the unselected options at the beginning of the game, keeping the objects, Munny, and followers but losing the spells,
trophies, and Fate Tokens. One note: when comparing attack score, the active player may pay one Fate Token to re-roll their attack roll. However, they must accept the new roll. The game continues with players
moving around the regions, gaining strength in magic and searching for objects and followers. Special rules exist for objects, followers, spells, Heartless characters, acquiring Keyblades, and
specific locations on the board. Check the rule book for details. Once a character moves
into the inner region and uses a Keyblade to
access the Door to Darkness, they may roll a die to seal the door. (door slamming loudly) They gain the die result
toward the victory points, and the game ends. Players then tally their victory points based on their positioning on the board, each spell, follower, and object, every two Munny, and stat
points gained during the game. The player with the most
victory points wins, and that’s “Talisman: Kingdom Hearts.” I’m Becca Scott, and I get to reference Disney characters all episode, and there’s no legal repercussions. (Goofy laughing loudly) You can watch me and my friends referencing those characters
on “Game the Game” right here on Geek and Sundry. Be sure and check it out. (upbeat music) (happy music)

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  1. Love this game
    I was wondering are yall gonna do a clank legacy play through i really loved the betrayal legacy play through yall did

  2. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that Mulan is a playable character. It should have been Riku. She has to stay in The Land of Dragons to protect the World Order.

  3. I wonder: If Becca has played a KH game before. ^^ Or has any know how on the games and it's lore. I hope so, because otherwise it is gonna be so cringe. xD lol

  4. I wish they shaped the cards to the CoM dimensions (talking about the card's physical dimensions, not the image). Like, it would have been extra detail I would love.

  5. ok, so comparing to vanilla Talisman, they took out PvP fights in favour of trades and "asking for help"
    And they changed the win condition to a point system rather than the crown of command.
    Also alignments appear to be gone, which is a shame since light and dark characters exist in kingdom hearts.

  6. Does this game play like talisman or does it add something new. For example themed monoply still plays exactly like monoply. Whole pandamic: regin of cthuthlu play differently than pandamic with new rules (no outbreaks) and mechanics (sagoth, sanity, flipping old ones).

  7. I conclude…she makes very poor How to videos. She looks pretty. Her voice is nice. But these How to videos are really bad. All she does is blabber the rules really really fast with the complex rules omitted. Watch It Played is one of the best but it's a tad long at times. Dice Tower varies by a lot, with Tom one of the best. Dice Towers are reviews with a general idea of how to play, not necessarily a comprehensive How to but it's much better than this.

  8. I want to love this, but what the actual hell is up with the character line-up? We got Xion and -MULAN-, but not Roxas? I get that maybe they wanted to have an extra female character, but at least take someone that's sorta related to the story, like Larxene or something. Mulan is just too insanely random. Having Sora/Riku/Kairi in their KH1 outfits doesn't make much sense either, especially considering Kairi didn't even have a keyblade yet back then.

  9. Playable character: Sora, Kairi, Ventus, Donald, Mickey, Xion, Riku, Goofy, Aqua, Terra, Mulan

    damn boy roxas, forgotten again.

  10. It just urks me that Mulan is a character in this game! There was other people they could of used…. I’m pretty the person who probably added her probably never PLAYED any of the KH series.

  11. I can understand a lack of Roxas due to him looking similar to Ventus it'd be easy to confuse the figures, but Axel was right there to use instead of Mulan.

  12. ugh godddddddddddd now i need to make friends again just to exploit them for playing board games…uuuugh i should have just kept the old ones at a distance by pretending to lose my phone so i could play this and not need to make new friendsssss whyyyy uuugh

  13. …I love Talisman, owning all but one expac for 4th revised edition, but it feels like GW is trying to turn it into Monopoly.
    I mean, it basically IS Monopoly only better to begin with, but still…

    Also why Mulan? They put Xion and Ventus in, but what about Roxas, Terra and, most importantly, Aqua?

  14. We got Riku, Axel, Donald and Goofy as main characters… lets take Mulan as a playable character… gg to however made that boardgame….

  15. Players plays kingdom hearts 1: I don’t get it?

    Plays KH Chain of Memory: I don’t get it?

    Plays KH II: I don’t get it?

    Plays KH 358/2 Days: I don’t get it?!

    Plays: KH Coded: I Don’t get it?!

    Plays KH Birth by Sleep: I don’t get it?!

    Plays KH Dream Drop Distance: I don’t get?!

    Watches KH [X] Back Cover: *What is going ON?!

    Plays KH 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage: I don’t get it?!

    Plays KH Union Cross: I don’t get it?!

    Plays KH Talisman: I don’t GET IT?!

    Complicated game confirmed.

  16. Sora, Xion, Kairi, Ventus, Mikey Mouse and Mulan??????? What the f*** xD What combination is that??? It doesn't make sense

  17. I love Mulan, so not complaining, but why? Out of all the Disney characters or female Kingdom Hearts cast, why her? Wasn't she just in one game?

  18. Ah yes we have Sora, kairi, Ventus, Mickey, Xion and … Mulan? I’m sorry is this all characters or do we have half the characters being keyblade wielders and half Disney/final fantasy characters?

  19. So we not gonna explain what the charms are for!? Nothing in the rule book talks about them.

    This game has so many small issues, it feels heavily rushed and partially incomplete.

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