How To Play Truth Bombs | By Dan & Phil (and Big Potato)

How To Play Truth Bombs | By Dan & Phil (and Big Potato)

Hi I’m Dan and I’m Phil and this is how to
play our explosively honest party game Truth Bombs! To play this game you’re going
to need between four and eight players don’t worry if you have no friends you
can force family members or pets to play hand each player an answer sheet and
a pencil and everyone writes their names in the target box. Next lay out the
colored mats in the following order and place a question card on each mat. This
is the setup for an eight player game if you’ve got seven players use six mats if
you’ve got six players use five, you get the idea. Now you’re ready to drop some
truth bombs. Start by getting everyone to pass their answer sheet to the left. Look
at the target name on the sheet that has just been passed to you and choose a
question that you’d like to answer about that person. Good choice! Now write down
your answer in the same color section on the answer sheet. Ouch! After everyone has
written an answer to the question they chose, pass to the left again, Look at your
new target, pick a question that hasn’t already been answered on this sheet and
write down your answer. Keep playing and passing until you’ve answered the last
question left on your target sheet. Now, instead of passing the sheets on again,
back to the target, turn them face down in front of you and wait until
everyone’s ready. Time for the reckoning. Turn over the answer sheet in front of
you and read out the name at the top work your way down the sheet reading
aloud each question and its answer. Now the target, in this case me, chooses their
favorite answer then tries to guess who wrote it. The player who did write the
favorite answer then reveals themselves and earns a point. If the target guessed
correctly they score one point for themselves as well, if they got it wrong
they don’t. Well done Phil. Keep going until
everyone’s sheet has been read out. But wait! What happens if there’s a draw?
Tiebreaker. If there’s a tie have someone draw one
more question card, each finalist must now answer the question out loud about
themselves. The rest of the players vote on who dropped the best truth bomb on
themselves and that player wins. It it’s still a draw, fight to the death or just
Rock Paper Scissors. If you want to go again, grab some fresh answer sheets deal
out some new question cards and away you go
have fun dropping some Truth bombs!

100 thoughts on “How To Play Truth Bombs | By Dan & Phil (and Big Potato)”

  1. So like I'm too broke to buy it atm so I'm just gonna go brave the outside world just to see the box and like touch it (cuz they said it was a matte finish so yes please)

  2. PrinceOfJinhae박진영

    This game looks so fun!! I'll totally get it for me and my friends we would have so much truth to say 😂😂

  3. I feel like this game seems fun to everyone bc it's so peaceful. like imagine just quietly having you and your friends write down things they believe they know about that person and then guessing who wrote what about them I FEEL SO CALM JUST THINKING ABOUT IT

  4. Ive been playing wrong the entire time. Im such a failure. Well, at least now I know!! The game is still super fun, and im so happy and lucky to have it! ❤️😘

  5. Hi, I’m in Australia and I was just wondering about how you say you send free replacement cards for games but I just wanted to know if you send them to Australia or not?


    Lily 🙂

  6. Alexais sociallyawkward

    It would have been so much easier to show this to my family instead of explaining it……. I was afraid Dan would curse in the video 😂

  7. i have this game and after watching this video i get it a bit more now but not totally sure how to play still a bit confused

  8. My reaction to seeing Dan: HE LOOKS SWEATY GOD GIVE THIS MAN A FlAnnELll

    Dan ily please don't hate me you look fabulous

  9. So I got the game, I then realised I have no friends to play with and my family won’t play with me… heh

  10. I had originally heard of Truth Bombs from watching the Smosh video, where they played it, but I had no idea that Dan and Phil were the ones that had 'birthed' the game!!

    P.S. Smosh playing Obama Llama has also opened my eyes to the wonder that is Big Potato Games. Honestly, I should've known. Anything with potatoes in it are bound to be good.

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