How To SELL Your GAMING PC in 2019

How To SELL Your GAMING PC in 2019

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  1. Been struggling getting a few builds I did sold. One so far, where last year near identical builds sold within days. Difference I'm seeing is the timing. Last year I sold those during school's summer and winter breaks. Hopefully the upcoming summer break will get these builds off my hands. Would make for some great content 🙂

  2. I use coffee filters and put alcohol on it. Coffee filters are dust resistant and more durable than alcohol wipes.

  3. Daniel Norsworthy

    Thanks, Yes Man. I built a Ryzen 5 system and was wanting to sell it for a Ryzen laptop due to limited space in new bedroom. All these tips you share can really make someone "catch on" to your listing and also avoid any potential returns due to malfunctions.

  4. Emulation Everything

    Whats my i7 8700k 1060 6GB 16GB 4x4GB 2666MHZ Balistix RAM and 250GB SSD for boot with 1.5TB Mechanical storage… all in a Phantom NZXT case with RGB lights oh and a Maelstrom 240 AIO worth in canadian bucks… its an extra PC I have

  5. hello! i bought an old pc very cheap ( fx 8320, asrock 970 pro 3, 16gb corsair vengance 1600) because it had problems crashing and , blue screens. i cant seem to find the cause of the problems. in stock settings it crashes just after a couple of minutes. but if i try to overclock it a little(play with the frequency and voltage) it seems to become more stabble. but still once in a couple of hours it will crash. any ideas what might it be?

  6. Gaming – Pc – I7 – gtx – nvidia – ssd – rgb – wifi – fortnite – apex. Top key words. Don’t thank me but don’t forget my 3% commission ^^

  7. RAM modules were probably installed that way because that's how on most boards you do. I had to check the manual of a few different gigabyte boards and they really put the sockets out of order, 1324, on the board.

  8. When all else fails, 1/ trade/barter your system for something else. Another system, GPU, computer service …
    2/ Donate it, and depending on where you're located, take a good tax deduction/write-off.

  9. What is your go-to thermal paste?
    I just spent a fair bit (even though it was the cheapest "good") on 1.5g of Prolimatech PK-2, as I'm upgrading a laptop from Celeron T1600 to Core 2, and given the small contact area of the open core and the limitations of the cooling solution, decided I wanted a really good transfer (well this side of going LM).
    My previous 5g of decent stuff had gone rather solid, and while I got a bit out after dumping the stodge, it ran out for my last one, so I had to fit my decent LGA1155 heatsink using the packet of Silmore that it came with — mmm, salad cream

  10. hi would any one help me with my issue i bought a rx570 from facebook and when trying to a game it crashes and does a checker board pattern. ive put it in another pc and it still has the same issue idk if its fixable should i try flashing the bios?

  11. SomethingDarkseid

    Also something unmentioned in this video of which you generally do cover anyways is cleaning up dusty/dirty fan, grills and filters as they do tend to need some extra time focused on them.

    Filters, a trick I use when it's warmer and if they're in a bad way. Instead of sending dust everywhere if you are in an enclosed space or have no proper ventilation is to run the filter/grill under a shower head, get all that gunk off and then let it sit out and dry. If you're impatient or it's not warm enough to air dry then use a towel and the vac to give it a quick dry.

    It might be great to make a serious of episodes of the step by steps in cleaning/tackling dirty computers. You got a lot of videos showing this anyways, but if someone is looking for how to clean a particular piece and with what, they can just head off straight to your serious on cleaning PC parts and cases and pick that video/episode and be sorted? You could also try and use other things, stuff that may work just as well as the stuff you usually use, as some people may not have access to particular things. Dos and Donts of cleaning up, what to use to clean up a monitor, an acrylic or glass case, Etc.

    Not a go at your work, I actually wanted to launch a YouTube channel in the UK based on what I came across with your channel, as we got nothing like this here, it's all either high end stuff, or they touch a bit on the 2nd hand market but then play some ancient games that haven't been popular in 10-15 years or simply fabricate the numbers that they got their hardware for. Not managed to get it off the ground, single father and all but you're an inspiration that is really needed in this community. Sharing the knowledge and learning together.

  12. Quick question for Tech Yea City Family,
    I just ordered a Xeon 3690 for my x58 platform to replace my I7930. I currently have 12 gigs of ram will I see any benefit going to 24?

  13. In this area these i3 PCs would sit on craigslist for 2 months with not one offer. I would be so happy if used PCs sold for even close to what they’re worth where I live

  14. Makes me cringe everytime he touches the back of the graphics card it doesn't have a back plate have you not heard of ESD? other than that good video.

  15. 10:21 oh. You're THAT guy. You're that guy my ex's always complained about. You're that guy who makes me seem like I don't give a shit about my phone because I don't reply for 3+ hours lmao

  16. gertjan van der meij

    " …. How To SELL Your GAMING PC in 2019 …. " Buy black spray paint , tape off PSU connectors , spray those KETCHUP & MUSTARD cables BLACK , remove tape ! DONE !

  17. Excellent recommendations. I would add that sellers should ensure that their photos are in FOCUS and high quality, as well as that their ads should be well written with proper grammar and spelling.

  18. 9:30 "Software & Problems" I just experience like this one of my person who i sold my Ryzen Build. First of all literally tried to explain everything as simple as possible. But he keeps pushing the vague reason "If the pc has problems you should know how to fix it." I told him that there are levels of i can fix and beyond my skills. But he keeps pushing the same Vague reason and worst part is he is trying to avoid the part of the blame to his kid because everytime i fix his computer the entire setting is missing or made to default. Worst part is ive seen some files and bad junks (aka some very questionable files) thats been corrupting my ryzen build ever since they start using it. Before it never has this issue so i tried to give his money back he didnt accept it so i found a way to give him an older high gaming rig just to save the ryzen build. I got tired of dealing with him so ive blocked him and ever since at least he hasnt come to my door saying this pc has been broken over 2 months already. Also he didnt paid me in one of my service trying to solve the problem in the computer so that was another red flag. Ive just started just doing this aka returning from it. Ive already sold 7 PC with help of bitwit/linus/Tech Yes/Kristofer and other awesome pc youtubers. I just wanted to say keep up the good work. 😁

  19. Fabius Maximus Cunctator

    Write a good description in your add and declare precisely what you want to sell. The writing should be without any spelling mistakes too.

  20. Rushnerd

    I'm in the sad boat of trying to sell my i7 2600K (4.3Ghz) rig right now with 16gb of ram, a bunch of extras, and an RTX2080. Hasn't been easy so far.
    I think the cpu is old enough to scare people off, but honestly it does as good of a job at high resolutions as most modern stuff. It's a closed case so RGB bling isn't going to do much.

  21. That HP was right side up, it must have come from North America. Then you gave it the tech yes loving and it converted to an Aussie PC.

  22. I try upgrade a prebuilt like this with nvidia 750, it does not work, but then I try it with AMD and it works, now i have two prebuilt with I5 and rx 550… not great but good entry lvl gaming pc.

  23. Michael Malenchek

    The motherboard is more than likely only designed for 25 Watt power draw from the PCI-e slot which would make many GPUs incompatible do look into this when buying OEM systems

  24. gret job man great video as always . learning something new from every video keep them comming awesome man awesome content and awesome ck cleaning keep it up

  25. Noneof Yourbusiness

    Oh, you are a boxer man, nice, i prefer briefs myself, and yes, i m ignoring the fact that you did a great job in those pcs, but hey, priorities, hahahahaha

  26. Hey Bry, can you give us tips on listing gaming PC for sale? EbAY’s SNAD policy is way favourable to buyers and susceptible to scams. What are your tips of selling gaming PCs to various online selling portals? Gaming PCs are expensive items.

  27. Should I sell for $699?

    32GB DDR4
    1TB HDD
    400GB SSD (x2 for 800GB)
    RX 580
    80+ BRONZE 550W PSU

  28. Hey mate – I'm trying to sell my PC in Australia. Wondering where you've had the most success selling here – Gumtree, Ebay?

  29. My Method:
    1. Clean the PC.
    2. Re-route and manage cables using zip-ties.
    3. Replace the CPU cooler & case fans (preferably with ones that have LED lights)
    You can find some on eBay for cheap.
    4. Take nice photos from every angle (with the PC turned on)
    5. Easy cash.

  30. How do you go about setting prices for stuff you sell? I have picked up some older systems over the years and have no clue where to set prices at.

  31. I dont know why but every time I try to sell my pc people just ask me for a single part making me harder to sell all and it pisses me off and I even make more money selling it apart than the entire pc also does it matters if I live on a poor place help me pls .

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