How To STOP LOSING Viewers On Twitch When Switching Content & Games!

How To STOP LOSING Viewers On Twitch When Switching Content & Games!

Are you a streamer that struggles to keep
your viewer retention when you switch games or perhaps your variety streamer that struggling
to keep your community from game to game from stream to stream in this video right here I’m going
to give you the best secret to make sure you hold on to that viewer retention when you
switch games or better yet if you’re thinking about switching games cuz you’re tired of
the game you’re playing I’m going to show you how to keep your community and transferred
over to that new game or directory so you continue to grow lets get started right now hey all Wild coming at ya super strong
with another great video first time here to learn how to grow and improve your stream
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my videos go live for you now real quick sorry that things are a mess I’m currently upgrading
my stream and house for the next month or two so things may be a little bit different
and you may see some new different angles that are kind of fun while I arrange things
all around so forgive me know when it comes to growing in different directories or keeping
your audience from One game or directory and moving or migrating them to another can
be very very difficult in a lot of people don’t put a lot of thought into this process
they simply think well people liked me so they’ll follow me from A to B when that sometimes
doesn’t happen the way you think you have to remember that sometimes people tuned in
for a because they like watching whatever that a is not just you yeah get with it but
that doesn’t mean you’re going to be just as strong as b or they might like something
else or like watching someone else that’s at B I know I’m doing a lot of letters that
you simplify this down on how you can keep your retention going from game to game or
directory directory I want all of you to start thinking about games as not just directories
but also had a what type of category does your game fall within let’s take one of the
most popular games at the moment yes I know I’m obviously talking about fortnite for all
the tired of it but it’s a strong Centerpoint for what we’re going to make here let’s take
fortnite what you want to do is you want to see what type of category game that is
all right once a first-person shooter & Battle Royale so your audience is the type of content
you’re generating that’s around first person shooters and also Battle Royale so you have
to do what I like to call you know Six Degrees of Separation you have to find games that
are all centered around battle royale’s and first person shooters because you already
know that your community likes this type of category so you need to feed the more of that category
and there’s so many different options out there you can go from fortnite to Call of
Duty or Apex Legend csgo you can even go into things like OverWatch and those are simple
Degrees of Separation that you know your community will like transferring over to because I already
have a love for that particular type of category you see a lot of people struggle when they
switch games are becoming variety streamer because they do something like fortnite and
then they do a 180 completely and they going to like a puzzle action platformer game yeah
might be a cool game and you might be really good at it and entertaining but your audience at least
a good chunk of them haven’t tuned in for that type of content from you yet they fell
in love with you for one particular type of category a really cool tip on if you struggle to
find what’s the degree of separation for games that you want to transfer over into twitch
actually did something cool that nobody uses its called their filter and tag system simply below
any game in any directory it’ll let you know what that game is classified under under Twitches
program and you can simply click on it’ll have like shooter action puzzle and it will
sort what other games are ranking high that may interest you and your community this is
a great way to see what games you may want introduced in the future or if you’re tired
of the game right now you might want to transfer energy out of your stream the really cool
tip so now that you understand how you have to migrate from one game category to another
game category and how you can slowly ease into something what do you do if you want
to be a completely 180 streamer you want to go from you know a battle royale to something
like some Minecraft and then back to a tactical type of game or a puzzle game what happens
if you want to have these huge variations well my best recommendation that’s going to
help you is start off with what you know your community loves and then generally near the
end your stream you can transfer over and start introducing that type of content to
all your community and audience members there going to be an easier way rather than just
where people aren’t going to know you and how you are and you’re going to struggle right
off the bat so give it what I like to call a slow-burn introduce it near the end and
you don’t see how it goes traction and this will be better for you in pay better dividends
at the end now that I showed you how to switch from one game over to the next you have to realize that not everybody’s
going to follow you from one category to the next or One Directory to the next they simply
already have somebody said they fall in love with the game you might go into so you will
have a little bit of a reduction in numbers but thats fine it its for your mental stability or you’re simply
just getting burnt out cuz you need something new to do that’s okay I consider that a fun
little trade off and that’s all right to have never feel bad experimenting I never feel
bad mixing things up cuz you never know what kind of awesome growth or traction you might
get if you do try something new now if you simply fail at all of this for money transfer
from one game to the next and you’re not really holding up your retention I’m sorry to say
you have a bigger problem but it’s okay when I recommend and stop by my streams on Tuesdays
and Thursdays we’re doing really good twitch channel reviews and breakdowns I go into your VODs your Clips your titles
your games your panels your aesthetics your lighting your audio and your video and I give you basically
honest answers and Truth with no BS and a point you in the right direction to help you
get better growth than everybody has… is loving it there. Hey we almost got through the sentence there. Tune in cuz I
love helping everybody out and I will see you all in the next awesome Twitch for you
coming up real soon so everyone take care and of course PEACE

30 thoughts on “How To STOP LOSING Viewers On Twitch When Switching Content & Games!”

  1. What do you struggle with being a variety streamer?
    Let me know in the comments below… I will see how I can help in a future video!

  2. Love the video could you show us how to have a good stream setup on stream labs or how to connect two screens and record/ stream one of the screens like a Xbox on a monitor to a pc on streamlabs

  3. I agree with WILD 100%. What I like to say is "Know your community" Know wht you want out of being a creator. But make sure you you know why you are becoming a creator in general.

  4. love your videos as always. big help keep up the amazing job. to me when it comes to views. its just numbers at the end of the day. i really dont worry about it to much. like say if i where to try shot for partner then thats when numbers come in place. so yeah im streaming for fun/part time and its what i love doing. really want to stream full time in the future.

  5. Thanj you for this it sounds silly but i always thought that when you get viewwrs for one perticular game you wont get any on another style game like planetside 2 to like call of duty but its on the same category so hopefully because people like me for playing fps games then they might be ok with it depending if they know it

  6. I definitely fall into that category of streamers who switch to games that I enjoy but not viewers may want to see. I'm going to start applying this concept to my stream. Thanks for the tips as always! Your content is always helpful!

  7. I know a few streamers who start on there main game then towards the end they’ll play something completely different. Really good points man 😎

  8. You really need to check your e-mail, sir. I mentioned you on two television shows. You should really check your e-mail. My name is Sean.

  9. I am in a situation where i wanna try new games, but one of my viewer has been hinting me that i should quit the old game and hand him all the game assets and item inside so he can “do” the donator proud. I find it irritating and he has been doing it for weeks, on twitch chat and even discord. I dont want to stop playing old game, and at the same time i want to start expending my game library. How do i stop this crazy mess.

  10. Thank you wild, your videos have helped my twitch channel grow a lot recently and I’ve used all your advice and it actually works. Thank you for all the motivation.

  11. Оксана Миронян

    Hi! I think I have some kind of unique problem. I stream things that aren't suitable for the usual twitch viewers. Study-with-me streams, language learning, sewing and learning guitar at some point. That just isn't something people search for on twitch is it? I know people who were able to make their niches mainstream through making it entertaining for everyone – Davie504(Bass), some vintage sewing youtubers etc. but I don't know how to make it work on twitch. I have 1 person who keeps coming there, but i stream in irl section and there are just too many people there, I think no one even notices the existence of my stream. That makes me pretty sad. I feel the potential of "hi i do different hobbies live, let's help you find your passion too" concept, but how do I make people see how cool it can be? Any ideas?

  12. Heyy brother i am new on twitch .. and i stream from my phone .. I don't have a pc . Coz i don't have anything for investment .. you know .. it's really hard . I wanna grow my channel .. and the only thing i have is my phone .. what can you suggest .. for ne. To get donations or such thing . I have currently 17 followers .. and 127 watches .. but . When i stream .they watch for a sec ..i talk about a lot of stuff .. but they leave . .. how can i get donations for supporting my channel . Ya know . It will be very much helpful for me . …. I am hoping and looking forward for your reply .. and help ..
    I hope you'll help ne .thank you in advance
    And thank for reading this comment ..if you did🤘😊

  13. Hey~ I think u make really awesome vids. It was so helpful when I first streamed and I also agree on this as a personal example. So tks so much! 😀

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