How To Use SP Flash Tool

How To Use SP Flash Tool

In this tutorial, We’ll be discussing how to use SP Flash tool. Now, SP Flash tool is a very powerful tool which can help you unbrick your phone in a case where you have a serious level of bricking. To use SP Flash tool, you’ll need your VCOM drivers which is what PdaNet is for. You’ll need the files you wish to flash, which could either be the MTK backup for that phone or specific files . Take note that you don’t flash files for one phone (model) to another phone (model) if not you’ll end up making things worse. For example, you don’t flash (Tecno) P5 files to a D3 or an M3, it could make things worse, and then SP Flash tool itself. First things first, we need to install our VCOM drivers and that’s what PdaNet is for (do a manual VCOM driver install if this fails). So I launch PdaNet Note that without drivers, your phone and PC can’t communicate (if this fails, install VCOM manually). This tells me I have existing Android drivers so I click Yes to overwrite Here, my phone brand isn’t on the list so I tick Others, OK Now, I’m being prompted to connect the phone to the PC with USB Debugging enabled. To enable USB Debugging on an Android phone, you go to Settings – Developer Options and you tick USB Debugging. I’ve done that so I’ll connect the phone. Alright! Connected! Phone is detected. Installing USB Driver. Setting up Network driver. At the end of this, I should have my VCOM and MT drivers installed on PC FOR NEWER MTK PHONES, DO A MANUAL VCOM DRIVER INSTALL. PDANET METHOD WON’T WORK Now, we proceed to SP Flash tool. I’m going to run as Administrator. The reason why we run as Administrator is to avoid permission issues which shouldn’t be frequent. In SP Flash tool, the first thing you need to do is to load the scatter file. So I’m going to click Scatter-loading by the right here. In the Window that pops up, you locate the MTK backup (firmware) which you have. In this case, its in the Hovatek folder. Now, this is the scatter file, it looks something like this. So I highlight it then click Open Here I have all my files loaded and ticked. Since I have a bricked phone and all I need to do is flash just the system.img, I’ll untick the rest. Its important that you only flash what you need in SP Flash tool. I leave Android ticked. I double-click to be sure. I select my system.img and then click Open. So we’re good to go. I click Download. I get a prompt. Not all images are correctly loaded… What this is saying is that you did not load all the files, are you sure you want to flash just one file? I’m pretty confident I want just one file in this case, just my system.img. I’m going to click a Yes Notice that Stop is now red and the rest are grayed out which means you’re to connect your phone Now, when you connect your phone, you’re to ensure its switched off . I’m going to take out the battery from mine and slot it back in (just power off if yours is inbuilt) but still leave the phone off and then I’m going to connect it to the PC via USB cord. [Alarm Clock] I have a detection and SP Flash tool is flashing. You can see the progress bar at the bottom. It could take some time so you need to be patient. So Flashing is complete. You’ll usually know flashing is complete by this green circle saying Download OK At this point, you can remove your battery and slot back in (if removable) then boot your phone and your phone should be up and running again.

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  1. can you give me the link on your mtk6572 rom cause my phone is now brick. my phone is s5 clone mtk6572 maybe you can help me. thanks in advance

  2. thank u very much for your very Help full Instruction
    My phone is back to normal………. i accidentally deleted some unknown files from Android/data 
    my phone was turning on but screen was stuck in the process while booting.
    Now it is back to normal again.
    Thanks again, your tutorial video were very help full for me.
    Keep it on.

  3. Hi! can it also repair animations like battery charging animation while phone is powered off? because the animation in my phone was distorted and broken caused by flashing custom ROM. I hope to have your answer to this… Thanks!

  4. i have an elephone p5000 and its locked with privacy protection password and i can't remove it or i don't remember the password i need ur assistance or help please1

  5. Sir Pdanet can't detect my android phone beacause my phone is in privacy protection. i can't on my usb debugging. Help PLEASE!!


    @ Team Hovatek I'll go and check your updated video…. my intended comments may be defunct/superceded ….
    yet, well done…glad to see my brothers helping out.

  7. my h5 is not seeing the custom recovery, that is the image file i don't know why please help me out… this is my Facebook a/c Ibrahim Enoch Idris

  8. Nirjhor Ahmed Shuvo

    I accidently format the syster where i should download………. now my phone is not starting……. what should i do?

  9. I've got to the last step and my pc recognizes my phone but download does not start.I' ve switched my phone to fastboot mode please reply Im desperate

  10. for those who want to flash rom but stuck at the logo just get an empty sd card and a card reader then download a simple rom that doesnt require sp flash tool then paste it inside sd card then insert sd card on ur phone, then enter recovery mode then flash it , done

  11. god day i have a xgody 200 phone and i have done everything to a tee i got the rom from need rom site that came with the scatter file. when i took out the battry for a short time put it back in it connected and an error pop up DA binary file contains an unsupported version in it's header please ask help . and the phone will not turn on what shall i do from here

  12. Thank you very much man!! I got through repairing a friend's BLU Studio 5.0C. Just what I needed, a tutorial on how to use the Flash tools, just that! Thanx again!!!

  13. Thanks for the video. Please help me out. When i switched off my tablet
    and connect with USB to start the download process, it showed me this
    "PMT changed for the ROM; it must be downloaded". Please how can i fix

  14. Once I connect my phone, nothing happened than just the "Charging screen" , while I enabled the USB Debugging mode …any help in this ?

  15. So what does this Sp Flashtool exactely do? Does it install Android roms on the phone?
    When it says ''download complete'', what does that mean? What has been downloaded and where are the downloaded files saved to? I would like to install a new version of Android on my phone.

  16. Krunal Degamadiya

    hey please answer my comment….i had flash only recovery img on mt6582 device it was giving me error like PMT must be download so i choose format + download option… i dont have any boot file any rom or anything …i had flash only recovery img … phone is not booting….it is in dead condition….so what should i do?

  17. flashtool doesn't recognize my phone so it's not starting the download after loading the scatter file. when i connect my phone to the pc it charges it, i can't remove the battery because it's embedded

  18. I formatted my alcatel 1touchpixi wit di format menu but when I when 2 download I waited for like 30mins but nothing happened… Itz not downloadin…now my phone is just a hardware…need assistance pls…

  19. I formated my phone with flash tool sp now the program does not recognize more and the phone does not turn, beg help

  20. Shahameedali Agni

    unable to complete scatter loading…….. please help as soon as possible.

    Device: Karbonn Titanium Machfive

    recieving the following error:

    "Image UBooT checksum failed!
    checksum reference value (0x4431) in the config ini file please refill correct checksum value and re-load scatter file again"

  21. please help me i got an error brom error s_ft_nfb_download_code_fail(0xFAE) BECause of this error i can't continue the download please help me

  22. Hii… I installed everything and selected file after then I connected my phone by removing battery. But the process is not starting even after clicking download button. It is not detecting my phone I guess…

  23. Fucking shit what hell are you talking dude, at the least be clear as to what you are saying, fuck you and your tutorial. Just making a video isn't good enough. It must also have have good sound or else good subtitles to explain what you are doing. I can give just one dislike on the button. But here on the comment I give you a million dislikes.

  24. dude while flashing………on screen geting error and hint is Please press CTRL+ALT+T to turn on debug log then download again.

  25. UNA PREGUNTA! ¿si descargue muchos tipos de sistemas operativos para mi huawei que se me daño y el flash tool no me lee los archivos porque son UPDATE.APP generalmente o otro tipo y el feo flasheador no lo lee diganme como puedo descargar un sistema que sea .txt o algo que lea el puto flash tool

  26. thank you so much for the help. but in my phone when i uncheck those option, i got an error. and then i check them all except PRELOADER and it just worked.

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