I Accidentally Made an Evil Robot my Friend

I Accidentally Made an Evil Robot my Friend

oh look at that he’s so cute I just I’m
currently making a game called Carlson which you can wish the since I’m awake
and in my previous video I turned it into a multiplayer game now here’s the
problem with multiplayer games it’s it’s literally in the name multiplayer
multiple players you know what that means
you need friends to playing guess what 😮 I ain’t got none of those
friends okay so for all of my boys out there with no friends like me I’m gonna
make a single player for Carlson now usually I don’t do any planning or
research or any of that smart stuff because for nerds which is also probably
why I ended up in my parents basement making youtube videos but this time I
actually sat down and did some planning before getting started and then after
five minutes I gave up anyway I started modeling a security camera so if you
didn’t watch my first videos on Carlson you basically start in this closed
facility prison kind of thing so I want to make a story out of that which is you
know totally not inspired by games like portal or anything what do you mean did
then I had a quick milk break and then had some delicious milk before making
another model which is just a vent because all epic gamers know that
escaping through vents is is epic I also made a grab icon to show when you can
grab objects and yeah I know it looks kind of bad I’m not an icon designer
okay it’s not even a job if it is then I don’t have that job because I’m terrible
at it anyway I also made some decals to put on the walls and then put together a
little test room and is it just me or is that table kind of so here you can see
the grab icon and you can grab objects get out of here yup see ya yep and
there’s the vent which you can easily drag out and come on you little 😮
come on you they and easily easily grab dragging I got some decals on the wall
smooth this haha yes I am robots then I found a
text-to-speech and I put some processing on it to make it sound more like a robot
and I also coded some subtitles and here is the result it works but me me me me
me me hello Carlson this is just a test
ha ha ha ha yes Carlson more like slow soon he he get it and just like that it
works perfectly there’s now a robot in the game with even worse jokes than me
which I’m not gonna lie that that’s pretty impressive because my jokes are
like yeah so with all of that out of the way I set up a list of all the mechanics
and movement techniques in Carlson because there are quite a few and when I
release the free version of Carson let’s just say some people were kind of
confused on how to play the game still I have no idea are you kidding me and I
jump on yeah no dumb Oh God what is this I don’t understand that’s
not high and to fix this problem we should start off a bit slower and then
gradually introduce new mechanics instead of just throwing the coils into
hell on the first stage because I understand not everyone can be yet a big
gamer like me come on I also want to introduce some new mechanics so I made a
gates that you can open in several different ways like pressing a button
shooting a thing on the wall or something like that or using a pressure
pad I also made a jump pad that allows you to jump because like my brother used
to say nice jump bro ok so let’s see here so far we got annoying robot voice
with terrible jokes milk blue carpet so with all of this in place let’s start
adding some enemies to kill the player because as usually what enemies do and
since we are in a future facility kind of place I want to make some robots
because you know everybody knows evil facilities have robots duh so first off
I made a low stationary turret guy look at that he’s so cute I just know this
guy’s just stuck in one place so he’s not really about dangerous
so let’s give the turret some legs so they can hunt you down because that’s
totally not creepy and so I present to you leg right now you might be wondering
what the 😮 you’re looking at here and and to be quite honest with ya I’m not
really sure myself but let’s just put this thing on a turret and see what
happens I kind of worked out better than expected and you can kind of see what I
have in mind here so I gave him two legs and made them a bit longer and what the
fuck did I just to make it go away stop no don’t come near me just so I made some actual milked-up calcium-infused strong bones, instead of those weak-ass jellybean legs and then I put him on a turret again and it now works much
better and it now works much better the only problem is that he doesn’t really
want to shoot me even though he is programmed to be an enemy and shoot me
this is just kind of following me and I’m bullying him so why are you stop
following me and suddenly foes turn to friends and I named my new robot friend
Billy I gave him a computer screen so he can display emotions and I found some
robot noises so he can speak and just like that Billy is bored and I’m not
sure about you guys but isn’t Billy looking kind of hey Billy guess what bro
you gotta see this hog come on really cool up there I’m sorry about that come
on I’ll show you the top it’s really cool so cool ah I’m sorry Billy come on
yeah just just a little more that’s it yeah
oh no ah that sucks hey Billy catch yo Billy my man you got
to see this come and see that that’s like that’s totally lava yeah I’m having
too much fun with oh if you want to see more Billy abuse you can check out my
second channel or my Twitter or my discord or my facebook or my insta so
since Billy was meant to be an enemy but ended up being a friend we need to make
some other enemies instead so I put together a little rocket because dodging
Rockets is always a good time with a lot of fun stop wow that was that was fun
right so basically rockets will grow on the
rocket launcher kind of like apples on trees I’m pretty sure that’s how Rockets
are made anyway wants to read it they will launch
it follow the target just like real life I haven’t actually been personally
followed by a rocket before but I imagine if I did it would follow me but
I don’t I don’t actually know cuz I haven’t you know been in a situation
where a rock is following me but you know as you know it so now that we have
a lot more obstacles enemies and others I did some more planning for the Maps
story and dialogue most of the writing I did in Google Docs but some things can
be easier with pen and paper or so I’ve heard so for the first time in my life I
picked up a pen and some paper is this this is sort of ancient technology look
at this after figuring out how to use a pen and paper I put together some ideas
and finally got to work on actually making stuff so first I made a screen
model for displaying videos in game now I only recently started modeling and
even though this is pretty much to just a cube I’m pretty proud of this screen
okay then I found another text-to-speech thing and recorded some voiceover lines
for the robots and after that I made a quick video in after-effects to put on
the screen and here it all is together hello Carlson and welcome to generic
milk company name you are my prisoner and test subject ha ha ha ha
just kidding not really anyway let’s get you started your only objective is to
get to the milk as fast as you can sounds fun right if you can secure all
the milk you will receive a fantastic price this is your companion Billy he
will help you through your journey so take good care of him
he’s pretty fragile well good luck and don’t die
ha ha ha ha just kidding unless I still haven’t really figured out how I wanted
to sign all of the maps yet but here’s a little test I did for the second map
that teaches you about sliding and pressure pads and then also pushing
Billy so that’s kind of the basic idea for these maps but before starting to
design every single map I want to finish the mechanics and polish the gameplay
otherwise I will just have to redesign all of the maps over again which is kind
of stupid and I mean I am stupid but I’m not that stupid
so first off Billy Cornwall’s sent me a DM on Twitter and showed me some really
cool concept art for the boomer so I wanted to try and model it in blender
and here is the old boomer versus the new one it still looks pretty bad
because I haven’t done any texturing but you get the general idea and it at least
it looks better than it did before also the bullets and Karlsson look
really bad and they’re just kind of blue blobs so I made a bullet model put some
on a sweet glow in there and also made some bullet explosion using unit is part
and here you can see the new shooting in action it looks much better now and
there’s no blue blobs which is you know pretty good you know what else is a blue
blob yo mom and then I made a wall that you can destroy because you know walls
are nice out there around houses and their walls and also because destruction
is always fun and I can probably make some fun maps with this where you have
to trick the missiles into exploding the walls so you can actually proceed you
know it could be kind of cool and the next thing I want to work on is
grappling because currently you need a grappling gun for grappling which just
kind of slows down a gameplay and it means you can’t even shoot while
grappling with it’s kind of boring and a couple of people suggested that I made
grapple points you can grapple while holding a gun and
someone also sent me a video of a game that I couldn’t find a name off and it
seems the developer maybe stopped working on it but I thought it was
really cool and the gameplay is extremely similar to Carlson but the
only difference is that this game actually looks good and fun and and
Carlson is not but this video really showed me that it’s probably better to
use grapple points instead of a grappling gun because it just looks much
better so I made a a lamp that I made a spinny boy did something like coding and
there we go you can now grapple on to the UH the lamps now this is epic
because you can now hold guns while grappling which is great for we’re
getting cramps and your fingers I guess because you have to hold down so many
😮 buttons right now and with all of this new stuff in place I put
together a new map to showcase everything together for this test map of
just shamelessly copied some of the areas from his game and also added some
of my own again it’s it’s just a test map to test the grappling functionality
I’m not actually going to literally copy his map and put it in the game obviously
or or MI Frick you Billy so if you want to play
this garbage game for yourself make sure to wish list it on steam right now
stoppers to get notified whenever it comes out that’s all I have for this
episode though make sure you smash subscribe for more billy videos and so
we can get 1 million subscribers so I can finally compensate for my peepee
size also follow me on the social media links are in the description down below
I post a lot of useful in citing and good stuffs totally follow me also it’s
time to answer some common questions that you 😮 send me every single day
be one with cars in commando I look like a man with a plan no I literally don’t
know how to put my socks on properly and you all expect me to plant a 😮
release date hell to the no it’s not gonna happen I don’t know how much will
Carlton cost again I’m not really a man with a plan but probably between five
and ten dollars though unreleased I’ll probably just snap a discount over there
so it’s like five dollars that’s the idea
anyway I don’t know yeah I think I think that’s it more videos coming soon also
thanks for the epic support on a channel late leads and you know it’s pretty cool
so we make sure to subscribe for more trash as always drink milk hit Billy and
eat your whip

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  2. Ηλιας Τζουβαρας

    you sure this game is only worth 5 bucks per copy though? I'm sure after you get texturing done on everything it's gonna look and feel like a really well made game.

  3. Hey maybe you can add skins to the game when you finish some parkour maps or levels maybe like after every 10 levels you get a new skin for your guns that you can trade

  4. make it so you can tell billy to satnd still, or move, so you can use him to stand on buttons, and when you get through the level, leaving him behind, there will be a pipe that will take billy too you, this will also work when billy dies

  5. I think being able to grapple freely is much better than having fixed grappling points, kinda defeats the purpose of the grappling gun being a fun mobility tool.

  6. You should add arms into the first person camera, it would make it look nice and be more immersive, and with the grappling do what they do in apex legends with path finder where his arm moves depending on where the grapple is etc.

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    Why don't u make make this game for Android (or maybe u can't😂😂😂)
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  9. Gwendolen Kucukkaya

    Hi Danny i am 12 years old and you inspired me to choose computing in School. Keep doing what you are doing.

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