I Caught My Mistress Doing Things With My Stepson

I Caught My Mistress Doing Things With My Stepson

Hi dudes and ladies! My name is Mike, I am twenty-six years old. Yes, I am a little bit older than most of
you, but I am not ashamed of this at all. I’m also not ashamed of the story that I
intend to tell you. Let me introduce the main characters of this
story: of course, myself, my amazing wife Cindy, her nightmarish adult son David, and
another lady, her name is Jesse. Each of us had fallen victim to an intricate
love game – and yes, it turned out that this was our own shared weird game. I met Cindy at work. I work for a small advertising agency and
Cindy was one of our customers, we helped her with her advertising for her cookware
store. We had a lot of contact with her and, to be
honest, every time, I got a lot more pleasure from it than I should have within the limits
of a business relationship. No, I did not allow myself too much … although
I really would have liked to. Well… the matter was that Cindy was hot. Charming, thin, tall, brunette with long legs
— what else can a guy dream of? It somehow happened that after the completion
of our project, Cindy and I got to know each other better and then I found out that she
was fifteen years older than me. At first, I was a little embarrassed, but
Cindy quickly managed to convince me that it did not matter. I joyfully fell under her spell, and soon
we got married. Well, why not? Even the fact that Cindy had a seventeen-year-old
son named David did not scare me away. But for some reason, I didn’t meet him until
the wedding. And soon, I perfectly understood why. At first, I was imagining the ideal scenario
for my relationship with my stepson: a seventeen-year-old kid, who is almost an adult dude! I thought that we would become great buddies. But in fact, David was just a terrible, infantile
teenager. My wedding ceremony with Cindy was pretty
modest and the celebration did not take long. So by the evening of that day, I was at my
wife’s house. Cindy needed some time to freshen herself
up, and I decided to chat with my stepson. I patted David on the shoulder in a friendly
way and said something nice. But he abruptly threw my hand off and ran
upstairs to his room. He also called me a very bad word. By the way, he did the same thing later, a
few more times, but I did not know how could I get him to answer for his behavior. Of course, I never tried to get physical with
him, that little monster would have gladly called police in that case. Most of the time, David sat in his room in
front of his laptop and watched cartoons that I would not watch, even if I were like eight
years old. It was totally cringeworthy for me, but I
honestly still tried to build bridges between us. Yep, literally: I don’t know how many times
I built some incredible sandwiches that I believed a teenager should have liked, and
knocked on his door, thinking we could spend some time together. Usually, my stepson would just call me a bad
word and refuse to open the door. But sometimes he’d open it, take the sandwiches,
close the door, and still call me a bad word. I hated him. If he was not sitting in his hole, he was
lying on the living room floor and playing Xbox in front of the TV. And yes, if I sat next to him, he’d immediately
run away. After a little while, the concentration of
negativity from David decreased, but he still ignored me or acted like a fool around me. I thought that maybe all of this was because
he didn’t have a girlfriend? I could’ve helped him with girls – before
I got married I had a decent amount of experience with this, and David, even though he was weird
and somewhat introverted, was a pretty handsome guy. But he wasn’t interested in girls at all. David only left the house when he needed to
go to school and when he needed to buy something at the mall. In general, David was a geek, and I had nothing
in common with his lifestyle — I even hated it. To put it mildly: Hey! Get away from your gadgets, take a look at
the world around you! So Cindy, David, and I lived as a not-very-friendly,
but still happy family, and this lasted for approximately a year and a half. And everything was fine until Jesse appeared
in my life. She was a very brazen, freckled, red-headed
girl who was twenty-three. She worked as a waitress in a restaurant that
served our pretty large suburb, so all the locals knew her. And I think that Jesse had plenty of admirers,
so it was a huge compliment to me when I noticed that she was making eyes at me. And eventually, she began to flirt openly
when I went to dine at this restaurant. The only bad thing was that I usually came
to this restaurant together with my family. But Jesse was reasonable, in front of Cindy
and David, she behaved differently. For a while, I tried to control myself and
flirt with Jesse innocently … But the heart wants what the heart wants — I got carried
away with Jesse and we started secretly dating. I don’t see any point comparing her with
my wife, Cindy. I don’t know for sure why I even fell for
Jesse. One thing I am certain about is that it was
not because of the difference in the age of my women. I loved Cindy, she was my beautiful wife,
I was not going to part with her and of course, I felt guilty for betraying her. And Jesse knew perfectly well that she was
nothing more than my mistress. But she was completely satisfied with that,
at least she seemed to be. Hmm, a very free-spirited and self-confident
girl, should I say. Now when I think about it, I have no idea
how long things could have gone on like this, but it all stopped when I made one little
mistake. One day I went to the restaurant where Jesse
worked, with David. My wife Cindy was supposed to be with us,
but she had to stay late at work, so our so-called family dinner was limited to just the two
of us. David was already nineteen years old and by
this time he had become more sane, although my relationship with him remained pretty cold
and tense. We walked in and sat at our favorite table,
but David forgot to take off his jacket, so he went back to hang it up in the lobby. It was Jesse’s shift, she saw me alone,
joyfully shook her mane of red hair, and quickly came over to take my order. And she was somewhat… well, more hospitable
than a waitress should have been. I did not have time to explain to Jesse that
I had come with David today, as she hung on my neck and even tried to kiss me, so I had
to almost push her away. But it was too late! David peered out from behind a slightly offended
Jesse, frowning. Judging by David’s face, I realized that he
had JUST ENOUGH time to see something, but it seemed that he did not fully understand
what it was. Jesse immediately realized what had happened
and hugged David in the same way, like she was greeting him. In a really smart move, she decided to pretend
that she was so glad to see her regular customers. I don’t know if it was convincing, but David
didn’t say anything. And, as I understood it over time, he also
did not say anything to his mother. A little more time passed after that. And, with time, I managed to get this restaurant
incident out of my head, and everything was going smoothly with both of my girls. But suddenly, I got an unexpected phone call
from Jesse. My number-two-girl needed my experienced advice. It turned out that David had come into the
restaurant yesterday. He asked the hostess to specifically have
Jesse serve him, and while she was working, he tried very hard to start a conversation
with her. David made it very clear that he wanted to
be friends with Jesse. According to her, my stepson behaved very
nicely, but not like his usual self. Jesse noticed that, as opposed to his usual,
very introverted and not talkative demeanor, that evening David was completely different. He blossomed, he was cheerful and funny. And now Jesse was asking me what she should
do. I thought a little and decided that it would
only be better if David could hang out with her a little. Judging by his behavior, David did not know
about me and Jesse, and if they could become friends, it would be the perfect cover for
my relationship with Jesse. The opposite was also true, it didn’t even
occur to me that something might happen between David and Jesse. Dudes, I just did not see him as a competitor! However, I proved to be a somewhat lousy alpha-male
— I did not notice any changes in my pride. Meanwhile, Jesse began to spend a lot of time
with David. I felt jealous of my stepson, but of course,
I had in mind that Jesse was not my property, and she might just not have had enough time
for me as she had before. And once, I got back home from work three
hours earlier than usual. What do you think I saw there? Something that greatly wounded my pride and
me as a whole. Ouch, I hope that Cindy never finds out about
my sins and won’t experience these same feelings. I found Jesse in our house. With David. They were sitting on the floor, right on Cindy’s
favorite cozy carpet, Jesse was sitting on David’s lap, and her red mane of hair successfully
hid from me what exactly they were doing. I was so surprised at what I saw, that I did
not even know what I should do. Of course, after that, I yelled at this sweet
couple and rushed toward David while listening to the high-pitched screeches of my dear Jesse,
but my cunning stepson managed to stop me with a few exclamations. Very simple ones. David said to me: “I will tell everything
to mom.” And this childish-sounding threat completely
disarmed me. I could not let Cindy know everything… or
even something! I looked exhaustedly toward Jesse, but she
just shrugged, smiled a little guiltily, and hurried up and got out of there. Yes, a real free and independent girl. In sum, I lost to my stepson and now had to
play according to his rules. I don’t see Jesse anymore. I also stopped dining at her restaurant, just
in case. If she was capable of such a betrayal, what
if she wanted to spoil my food just for fun in conspiracy with this Joffrey-Overgrowth-Baratheon? One thing is good — Cindy doesn’t know
a thing. And I hope it will stay that way. I thought a lot about this situation and concluded
that I really loved my wife and was very afraid of losing her. Okay, dudes and ladies, now it’s your turn
to share your crazy relationship stories with the world! And don’t forget to like this video, and subscribe
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    Okay, dudes and ladies, now it's your turn to share your crazy relationship stories with the world! And don't forget to like this video, and subscribe to this channel.

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