I PLAYED Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch [PAX East 2020]

I PLAYED Animal Crossing New Horizons for Nintendo Switch [PAX East 2020]

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  1. you wont get it if you dont care about how things look. its all about making your space and loving it. there is not and end game really since you can always change things up. It also just may not be the kind of game play for you.

  2. I saw you recording the sponsor part at the expo hall entrance at the end of the day on Saturday. You were having some trouble with some lines so I didn't want to interrupt or bug you but I just wanted to say it was cool to see you in person.

  3. I'm actually glad that the local players are limited to what they can do on the main player's island. It makes me feel more comfortable about letting my 4 year old play with me

  4. I agree with the brother thing. My partner played Lets Go with me and so since we could do multiplayer, I was like "awesome a multiplayer game!" but in the end, it's just his controller was the main controller and I'm there for the ride. I understand it as like maybe a parent and a kid, like it would be perfect for that, but in terms of actually multiplayer, I hated it. Though I'm not too sure if I'd use the function in Animal Crossing since the people I know who are getting it are getting their own copy.

  5. Me and my mom played animal crossing for the GameCube almost daily for about 3 years. No joke.

    Animal Crossing, moms love it.

  6. Stephen Heyser Jr.


  7. Bob's describing my exact Nintendo experience at PAX West 2019. Missed out on warp pass and the wait for normies was nuts.

  8. This is one of those rare ones I will probably have to buy twice (one physical and one digital) so I can "check in" regularly without swapping carts. I'm going for 'all-physical' but I'll admit that digital retains that one advantage of convenience for these types of games. ^^

  9. Kinda off topic, buuut, any idea on what is the best car charger for the switch that will not break the console?

  10. I have hundreds of hours in ACNL alone. I dont want a bigger island (or a much bigger one) bc that ends up making me not play feeling like i have too much to do.

  11. Omg this game sucks ass. I've tried to hype myself up for months because everyone else is, but it just SUUUUCCCCCKKSS!!!! This is for children and girls

  12. BobbyWithAHikingHobby

    Hey Bob I am very excited for animal crossing! Do you think it would be a good idea to get the guide too? Or should I just look up everything online?
    Also do you plan on getting the amiibos to go with it?

  13. Animal Crossing makes for the worst demo experiences.
    As for Island size, the game's grid based and NH is slightly bigger than GC, which had the biggest village.
    NH is even larger than that when you consider how much of the beach is usable.

    I've never felt like I lacked space for planning my village in an AC game. NH should be plenty big.
    And if you want to extend the size of your island even more, just make it harder to transition between levels and whatnot; that'd make it feel a lot bigger.

  14. Dope deal with Verizon. I got my girl some airpods and I'll be supporting the channel AND getting merch. Everyone wins lol.

  15. Bob will like it once he finds out there’s matching furniture sets to collect and that you can expand your house that’s if he likes collecting but really it’s like your own little island that you can customize and have your friends over to check out

  16. If your mom won’t do it you can record my mom! Lol 😂 I got her to get it because she likes pocket camp so much

  17. I'm getting hype about this game, but I'm not sure if I'll like it or not. I tried New Leaf(probably 5 hours play time), but I never really "got" it. Hopefully I can dive into this one and understand the love for it.

    Therapist: It's okay Bob, paper trees aren't real.
    Nintendo: wHAT WAS THAT?!

  19. I always used to hear the hype of Animal Crossing on the DS Lite back in the day and I never got round to playing it.
    I just preordered this one so it's my first time in the series and I'm hoping I won't regret it!

  20. The Bearded Yoshi

    i was going to caz i really want some shirts or a jacket from you but you have nothing in 4x sad to see you dont have things for bigger fans

  21. Hey dude! I saw you at PAX on Friday, wanted to say hi and grab a picture but you were obviously busy. So I'll just posthumously say hi here! Hope your PAX was enjoyable! Animal Crossing was def my highlight of it.

  22. Like you, this will be my first AC experience but looking forward to finding out why this series is such a big deal.

  23. What they should have done and I hope it's in the game or in future updates is that you can find other islands and claim them which you can already find other islands but can you claim them?

  24. Dude. Nice video. Just subbed. I want to quote your video "There's NOTHING ELSE TO DO". Can we start a petition and hype train to get Nintendo to bring back soccer balls and other various sports equipment? Is that something you feel like talking about or exploring. It's the true end game content to me. After all the patterns are found, after all the bugs are caught, after all the houses are paid off… what else is there gonna be to do? Daily missions from Nook? Give me a soccer ball pls and thanks.

  25. animal crossing is one of those gradual games, you cannot get a decent scope of what that game is within one session of 3 hours.

  26. As long as the island is not smaller than New Leafs town, I should manage. I am however worried about what you guys call "small". Will have to look into more footage to get a grasp of the size. Size does matter.

  27. I can't wait to turn my island into a fascist police state with a Resetti Surveillance control center, ominous messages on the bulletin board, cameras everywhere, characters in military tactical uniforms, and beating down the residents with my butterfly net. I also can't wait to pretend to have con artist Tom Nook and Red thrown into a make-believe prison and beaten to the point that they are crippled. I really do have a New Leaf town set up this way and it is twisted.

  28. Michael Wadsworth

    The first question I asked when I got to the booths was if those shirts are ever gonna be on sale. Those things are fire.

  29. I have never played an Animal Crossing game before so I’ve pre-ordered it. I’m an older lady, probably older than your mum and I love gaming. I don’t care for hack n slash, shooter games or first person, but i still have 150 games for my switch. This game looks cute, fun and non violent so I think your mum might give it a go. It could be her first step towards being a gaming granny. Let us know 🙂

  30. I am debating if I should buy this game or not. I have never played Animal Crossing, and I don't get the appeal of it. But, I felt the same way of Stardew Valley before I got it, and I absolutely love it.

    I still don't get the appeal though.

  31. I've honestly never played an Animal Crossing game before. I'm debating trying it out for once this time, it just seems like it's the best of all Animal Crossing worlds, and everyone is so hyped about it. I just don't know if I can justify paying full price for the game when I don't know if I'll be into that style yet. I'm someone who's also never played games like Sims before.

  32. This is one of the best videos i have ever seen bro i stg everything was just entertaining,dialogue,comic,editing,and most of all animal crossing. One of my fav vids bro and i have never said that.

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