I Spent the Night in a Gaming Car with My Girlfriend & It Was Actually Awesome! (BEST GAMING SETUP)

I Spent the Night in a Gaming Car with My Girlfriend & It Was Actually Awesome! (BEST GAMING SETUP)

– Hi, so if you’ve seen the tag-less video and you don’t know what a gaming car is, you’ve obviously not seen the first video over on the second channel. We’ve got a new second channel now, top link in the description below. Go check it out. What we did is we got a normal car and made it into a gaming car. That’s all I can say right now. So if you haven’t already,
go watch that video, cause that’s like part one to this video. Go check that out, then
come back to this one and then it will all make sense. – [Moon] It’s one treat
per click for Digby. – One, one what? – [Moon] One treat per
click on the new video. – Yeah, one click to the new video is one treat we’ll feed to Digby. We’re not gonna feed him
unless you go check that. We got new merch coming next week. All different colour
T-shirts, new designs. It’s gonna have this
cool label thing on it. It’s gonna look way more professional than the first season of merches. So new merch coming soon, next week, get ready for that to drop. You got some? You copped any Kill’em merch yet? – [Moon] Not buying your merch. – So what we’re gonna do is me and Moon, we’re going to spend the
night in this gaming car. – [Moon] What, me? – You’re staying in there with me. There’s enough room for two. It’s awesome, we’ve got the cinema area, we’ve got the gaming area. Take it in turns. – [Moon] Make it comfortable then. – (Laughing) You staying in? – [Moon] If it’s nice
and comfy and I can– – (laughs) Oh, this is gonna be so cool! We’re gonna be in there all night. So what we’re gonna do is me and Moon, we’re gonna go shopping, buy supplies. Cause if we’re spending all night there, we need food, drink, water. You know the deal, drinking water. – [Moon] Oh, I do love buying supplies! (Kill’em laughs) I love it. That’s the best thing from
the host of this, best thing. – Come on then, you all know the deal, you all know the deal. We’re gonna go buy all
that stuff, get in the car, spend the night. Let’s go, come on Moon, let’s go! – [Moon] I’m not going. Just sleeping over here. That’s nice, it’s nice and comfortable. Digby (laughs)! Digby! – Alright, so we’re in the shop and it’s supply hunting time. So I think we need a theme for this. Like, what, gaming theme? – [Moon] No. – Chips? – [Moon] I know the theme. – What? – [Moon] The theme is:
Moon gets what she wants cause she has to sleep in that
tiny car with you, fart bag. – You pick? – [Moon] I pick, I pick it all. – You’re picking? – [Moon] I pick it all, everything. – You’re not picking. – [Moon] I am. – No. – [Moon] Well, we’re doing
to the barbies now, come on. – You pick you said, Moon, Moon? – [Moon] Yeah, first I pick
that I want all these games. – Deal. – [Moon] Nice put there. – Stop recording and start
helping, you know what to do. – [Moon] Oh, look! They look nice, Thomas. Breakfast biscuits, no added
sugar and high in fibre. You know what high in fibre is? – No. – [Moon] That it’s good
for your bowel movement. Cause it’s important that you have a healthy everyday bowel movement. That is good. – Pooping. – [Moon] Bowel movement, Thomas. – Pooping. – [Moon] Ah, Twiglets. Can I get Twiglets? They’re nice! – Twiglets are disgusting. – [Moon] No, it’s them
twisted knobbly things. – Think you mean Nik Naks. They’re like the same
shape, but they’re nice. – [Moon] No, it was that
logo, they’re really nice. – They’re probably disgusting, Moon. – [Moon] No, it’s really
nice, its our snack. – Old people eat them. – [Moon] Is it high in fibre then? Healthy but still tasty. – They don’t go together. That’s not a thing. – [Moon] Healthy and tasty? – Yeah, it’s not a thing. – [Moon] So like funny and beautiful? (laughing) – Oh, you’re funny. – [Moon] You’re funny
too, that’s why I got you. (laughing) Something fresh? Nice and fresh from aisle? – Chocolate? – [Moon] I’ve got plums here. Ah, they’re nice and lush. Look at them, some plums. – Moon, no one eats plums! Who eats plums? – [Moon] They’re really
healthy and high in fibre too. – What’s your obsession with fibre? – [Moon] Want some grapes? Some grape? Cheese? Or the grapes? Grapes. – Oh, gonna ruin it (laughs). – [Moon] Ah, some herring. Mmm, they’re roll mops. Do you know what that is? It’s raw fish, pickled. It’s pickled fish. It’s really nice, look at it. It don’t look very good. It’s really nice. It is really nice. Trust me. You tryin’ it? Let’s get two on in there. – No, I’m putting my foot down. Shh! Some sweets, I really want some sweets. (laughing) – [Moon] Thomas. – [Kill’em] What? – [Moon] what’s that doing in it? You put it in there. – [Kill’em] You put it in. – [Moon] Stop it, for real. It’s for once I can say whatever we want. – [Kill’em] You must’ve
put, I didn’t put them in. – [Moon] Thomas, for once,
come on, just do what I want. That’s really unhealthy. You get holes in your
teeth and everything, diabetes and whatnot. – [Kill’em] I didn’t put them in. – [Moon] You put it
in, I didn’t put it in. – [Kill’em] The camera’s still recording. – [Moon] Alright then,
so what’re we getting? – [Kill’em] Oh, Moon, I like this aisle. Come on, what are we having? – [Moon] Snickers, isn’t it? Snickers’re always good. Snickers are always
nice but how much is it? No, seven, though, not getting them. (sombre music) Come on, then. Look what I have to deal with. – Faster. (Moon sighs) – [Moon] Laziest booger. Need a drink. Is this it? Yeah, I got it. – What do I have? I hate San Pellegrino. You know I don’t like San Pellegrino. – [Moon] You don’t have fost on this. – You can’t have just liked
Coca-cola or Fanta or something? – [Moon] I’ll get you
some Fiji water then. – [Kill’em] Jesus Christ. Let’s go. I’m sick of this. – [Moon] Some tomato juice then. (Kill’em groans) Okay, here we go, it is time to get in. Come on, Moon. Moon’s getting in the drivers seat, and I’m getting in the
special gaming seat. Look at this, that is so cool! (grunts) Can’t grab handle to shut door. – [Moon] No, grab it outside
and then let go quick before it grabs you. (Kill’em grunts) That’s it. How do you open it now? I’ll open it from out– – I can’t, I’m stuck. Oh no! Oh, this is so, I forgot how good it was. It was like a couple days
ago when we filmed it. This is so awesome. – [Moon] It’s filled with light. – Back! – [Moon] Jesus Christ. – So the sun is going down. Here, we got in and it’s time to go. I mean, we’ve got all
out supplies in the boot. You can’t see it, it’s behind that chair. We’ve got all the supplies
we just bought back there. I’ve just bought some Xbox
games from there as well. Moon made me get adventure time. I have started watching it
recently, it’s pretty good, so I’m kinda looking forward to that one. No Man’s Sky, Far Cry, Crew 2. There’s already some games
installed on the Xbox as well. I’ve got the cool lights
around here as well. I can’t believe how much
detail we put into it. – [Moon] Beautiful, isn’t it? – [Kill’em] It feels good in here. – [Moon] Cough please (coughs). What have you done there Thomas? – [Kill’em] Painted it, it
thought it was really cool. – [Moon] How’d you know
what gear now to put on? That was a bit silly wasn’t it? – Ah, I didn’t think. I think, shall we start with cinema time? – [Moon] Yeah. It’s too small in here, Tommy. – There’s loads of room. – [Moon] There’s not loads
of room, it’s gonna be– – There’s plenty of room for activities. Come on. – [Moon] Did you trump? Ah, it stinks. – I haven’t. – [Moon] Thomas, it stinks. – Chill brah, let’s come
watch cinema together. – [Moon] Where? – Back here! We’ve got TV, we’ve got DVD back here. – [Moon] You alone are cramped in. – Look at all of this room for you. (items shuffling) Loads of room. (Bart speaking in German) It’s in German. – [Moon] Yeah. Brought you with me when we moved here. – You got anything else to watch? You brought all of your DVDs? – [Moon] No, I forgot them. – You for real, Moon? – [Moon] There’s quite a lot. There’s quite a lot of episodes. – In German? I don’t know what they’re saying. (speaking in German) – It’s a lot better in German.
– That’s Homer’s voice? No way! That sounds nothing like Homer. – [Moon] It’s better! – Ah, I can’t watch this Moon. I can’t believe I watched like a full series of Simpsons in German. We watched a full series
Moon, of Simpsons in German. I think I’ve seen the episodes before so I kinda knew what
was gonna happen anyway. Still can’t get used to the voices, it sounds nothing like them. – [Moon] You have to get used to, I just don’t know it differently. To me the english one is weird. But I like Family Guy better in english. – So what’re we doing now then? Play some Xbox? – [Moon] Yeah, that’s
what you made it for, it’s a gaming car. – I’ve only got one controller though. – [Moon] Really? – Oh Moon, look how
good it looks at night! All the lights! – [Moon] Mm, got really strong, didn’t it? – Still can’t believe it, Moon. – [Moon] Can’t believe what? – We’re in our own gaming car. Whoa, what happened? Whoa, watch this! You put the lights to like blue, or red, or something, green, and then you turn the TV on and it changes it to white. – [Moon] Must be the same frequency in it. – I’ve started playing the
Crew 2, that’s the first one. I decided to put me a real
fancy to racing games. Oh no, no, no. It’s cause I looked away. Moon, that’s our car,
that’s what we’ve got. We’re playing Xbox in our gaming car, I still can’t (laughs) believe it. – [Moon] You’re playing, cause you’ve just brought one controller. – Yeah, I said we’ll take it
in turns, you’ll play after. – [Moon] Thomas. – What? – [Moon] Why are cats
so good at video games? – Cats? – [Moon] Yeah. – I dunno. – [Moon] Cause they always get 9 lives. – (laughing) I like that one, that’s good. – [Moon] Hey, Thomas. – No, no, not there. – [Moon] Thomas? – No, please. – [Moon] Is your Xbox 360 running? – It’s not an Xbox 360. – [Moon] Is your Xbox One running? – Yeah, it’s on. – [Moon] Better go and catch it, then. – Oh, Jesus Christ. No, you ruined it. It was a good one to start, I don’t– – [Moon] Thomas. Thomas.
– What? Did you hear about the Minecraft movie? – No, I don’t wanna know. No, no, Moon. – [Moon] It’s gonna be a blockbuster. You’re coming off now, you’re not sharing. – Yeah, you did, you had
a go on that racing one. – [Moon] Once. More like 10 minutes. Then you kept going. – Well, what do you want to do? – [Moon] Play something we both can play. – Foosball? – [Moon] Yeah. – Let’s play some foosball. I can’t keep bumming that. I can’t keep bumming foosball. (squeaks) Like a can? Out of the mini fridge? – [Moon] No, thank you. That’s the tiniest fridge I’ve ever seen. – That’s why it’s called a mini fridge. – [Moon] Wow, look, it’s really cold. – Oh, yeah. Look at that, you can
see condensation on it. – [Moon] See what? – Condensation. – [Moon] It’s constipation, Thomas. (rattling) Oh, is it? Thomas, it’s not even. (rattling) If I win one-handed. – You need to calm down. Ah, own goal (laughs)! One to me, none to you. Go, come on, Moon, no. Put camera away. – [Moon] No! – Why? – [Moon] Mine’s full, I won completely. – No, it’s first to 10, you’ve got nine. – [Moon] It’s not first to 10, Thomas. You have three, I have nine. – It’s, nine’s a weird number to end on. You have to go to 10. – [Moon] Thomas, you’ve lost. Just get over it. – A stupid foosball. – [Moon] Yeah, but first
goal, you had big laugh. – Found the english section, Moon. Don’t we? – [Moon] Mm, took a
little bit, but I got it. – Look. – You’re in big trouble, mister. – [Moon] You’re in big trouble, mister. You’re on camera, Thomas. – Just re-watching them. We’re just re-watching them. – [Moon] I need to go. – [Kill’em] What? – [Moon] Bathroom, I need to go. – Moon ate the full tub of plumbs, now she can’t stop going
to the toilet (laughs). Fibre overload (laughs). Healthy food (laughs). So I’m watching Simpsons
on my own right now. I just had to let you
know, it was just so funny. Moon, I know you’re
gonna be watching this. I’m sorry I told everyone (laughs), but it was too funny not to tell (laughs). – [Moon] Okay. Watching telly in the car. Pathetic. What are you doing? – It’s so cold. Starting to get really cold. – [Moon] We’re in a car, we
can turn heating on, you know. – You need to put engine on. – [Moon] Yeah, we can put it
on for a bit to heat it up. (Moon sighs) (engine revving) – No, oh, God. (laughing) – [Moon] I’m not even
joking, it won’t even– – Try once more. (engine revving) Oh, God. No, no, no! (laughing) Oh, no, it’s gonna be so cold all night. Why didn’t we just pay the extra bit for that other car that worked. (laughing) – [Moon] Let’s get cheap
one, it’s a bargain. Yeah, cause it don’t start. – Next time you go to toilet,
get me a hoodie, please. – [Moon] That’s cheating. Ooh, them. – Let’s try one of these
Twiglets you apparently love. Ugh, smell, smell them. – [Moon] Yeah, bit like barbecue. – Get one. – [Moon] It looks exactly
the same as knobbly stuff. – Yeah. (Moon sighs) Yeah, you don’t like it, do ya? – [Moon] What is that? It tastes burned! (crunching) Is it burned? Is that how it’s supposed to taste? – It tastes like burnt, doesn’t it? I told you it was Nik Naks that you like. – [Moon] Tastes like peppercorn. You can have one of them
sugar-free fibre biscuits. – No, thank you. Drive through’s open 24 hours. – [Moon] Yeah, but it’s
called drive through. – Yeah, we’ll drive
there and go through it. – [Moon] Yeah, the car does
not even start, Thomas. – (groans) Forgot. Moon’s gone to toilet. Seriously, that food that
she’s bought is so rubbish. It’s complete garbage. I don’t like any of
the stuff she’s bought. I’m so hungry and I’ve
gotta last this all night. I got internet on my phone. I’m gonna order takeaway to the car. I’m gonna order an Indian takeaway. There’s nothing Moon can do. She’s gone, she don’t know I’m doing it, and when it’s here, she’s
not gonna say no (laughs). Gonna order some Indian takeaway (laughs). Pompei, Pompei. Indian, yes, here we go, on the car. Vindaloo, oh, yeah,
that’s the heartiest one. Oh, tastes so good. Yeah, I’ll have that one. Some rice. That’s it, I’ve ordered the Vindaloo. I’ve got some rice, I’ve ordered
something for Moon as well. I know she’s gonna be
happy once it’s here. About an hour, though, so
it’s gonna be a long wait. Come on, hurry up. It’s here, Moon. – [Moon] What is here? (whirring) Thomas, what is here? What you doing? – Hello.
– Did you order food? – [Kill’em] Yeah (laughs). – [Takeaway Man] I like
your station waggon. – [Kill’em] Ah, cheers. We’ve got H-Bar flirting (laughs). Thank you very much. – [Moon] Are you serious? – Indian. – [Moon] You’re such an idiot, Thomas. (Kill’em laughs) Having a nice chat with
an Indian guy, aren’t ya? What did you order, Thomas? – Indian. That’s for you. And that’s mine. Oh, got two of them. Come on, let’s tuck in. – [Moon] Indian food in that tiny car. You know what happens after
you have Indian food, Thomas. – Mm. Ah, so good. How’s yours? – [Moon] I’m not having any. – Why? – [Moon] I’m having my Twiglets after. (laughing) Thomas. – What? – [Moon] Turn it down a bit, please. – I’ve already got it, I can just hear your film. I wanna just play my
Xbox but I can’t hear it. – [Moon] That DVD thing’s really loud. I need it quite loud. – You turn yours down, please. – I can’t turn mine down, I
can’t hear it anymore then. Please, Thomas, you play all the time but you won’t let me play. Let me at least watch my film. – You always watching,
we’ve watched the Simpsons literally a few hours ago. – [Moon] Yeah, but you won’t let me play, so there’s no point. – You can play. – [Moon] You got headphones? – No, did you bring yours? (TV music) – [Moon] Stop it. – [Kill’em] What, I haven’t done anything. – [Moon] You keep saying it, and you stink. – It wasn’t me, it was you. – [Moon] Thomas, you had Indian. It stinks so bad, it’s disgusting. No, it’s filthy. – You had your plum things. You had your plums. – [Moon] I’m going to the toilet to do it. You do it all in here. – (groans) It’s so squishy in here. – [Moon] I can’t get, my
legs keep falling asleep. – The chair’s quite comfy, but, the amount of time I’ve been laid on it, it’s not comfy anymore. I got an idea. – [Moon] What? – Moon, Moon, now quick. You put the camera down. You go outside a second. – [Moon] What am I doing? – You just open. (car doors slamming) (Kill’em grunts) Yeah, get in. – [Moon] Where? – Get in here with me in the boot. We could both lay down
and look up at the stars. (grunts) Oh, there’s loads of room. That’s really nice. – [Moon] Yeah. It’s a really good idea, actually. But if it will be warm. But if I just shut it, we can
still lay in it like this. – Yeah. Okay, so Moon fell asleep in the boot and I’ve just remembered we’ve
got this fog machine here. We’ve got a fog machine,
so I’m gonna do the fog and pretend that the car’s
caught fire (laughs). Wait, let’s try this. (whirring) Whoa. (coughs) Jesus, Moon! Moon! Moon, there’s a fire or something! (Moon screams) Moon, there’s a (coughs)! – [Moon] Thomas! Come on, get (coughs)! (laughs) What are you laughing at? – (laughs) It’s a fog machine (laughs). – [Moon] You’re stupid, Thomas. (laughing) I’m scared to death, I’m still shaking. That is the most stupid
thing you’ve ever done. – [Kill’em] You should’ve
seen your face (laughs)! – [Moon] No, it’s not funny. Just let all that stupid fog out. – [Kill’em] Come back in, it’s okay. – [Moon] I can’t see your face. Where are you? – [Kill’em] Come back in. – [Moon] It stinks, I can’t. Can you play something
else for me to watch? – Why, what’s wrong? – [Moon] You’ve been
on that game for like, I don’t know how long now. Always that game. – Yeah, but I bought all
them other new games, but without internet connection, it won’t let me instal any of them. I already have this on. – [Moon] Why? You buy the game, you should be able to play it. – I don’t know, it’s
stupid, I can’t play them. – [Moon] Thomas. – [Kill’em] What? – [Moon] Turn it down a bit, please. – [Kill’em] Again? I already did earlier. – [Moon] You’ll keep playing, then? You’re not coming to sleep? – [Kill’em] No. – [Moon] Then I’m going inside. – [Kill’em] Why? You can’t leave me. – [Moon] I can’t, Thomas,
I really need sleep. I can’t keep my eyes open, it’s hard. It’s hard on the floor, I got no blanket. – Can’t leave me on me own. – [Moon] You, at least you can play. I can’t even join you. I don’t have another controller. – [Kill’em] Go on then. – [Moon] I’m going to sleep. Just you keep them updated
and I’ll leave that here. You do like vlog style. (Kill’em grunts) – Just an update. It’s so cold. It keeps getting colder and colder in here as the night goes on. I’m getting tired. I’m so tired. I’m on my own since Moon left. She’s up in nice bed, and I’m (yawns), and I’m here (yawns). I’m here alone. I miss Digby. I want Digby to play with (laughs). I just keep playing the same games. I bought all these games and
I can’t play any of them, I can only play the
ones that are in there. I got Crew 1 working, the Ryan one. It’s stupid I bought them,
I can’t even play them. Finished the last can, and I’ve got all that
rubbish food left over. (groans) So tired. Just gonna keep playing, and try and play through
until it gets light. I’ll keep you updated. – [Moon] Alright. Wake him up then (laughs). Aww. Thomas!
(knocking) Fast on. Thomas! Thomas. Thomas. (beeps) Thomas. (laughs) Come on, it’s done. Come on, get some breakfast. – How long did I sleep? – [Moon] I don’t know, not for that long. Telly’s still on. – I’m still playing. – [Moon] You’re not
still playing, come on. Get out, that’s enough now. – No, still playing. – [Moon] No, come on in. Come on out, then. – I’m coming. Is that it, is challenge complete? – [Moon] Done, done. You spent the night in the car. – Does this count? – [Moon] Yeah, you obviously
slept in it (laughs). (Kill’em groans) Come on, let’s get crumpet. Crumpet! – Oh, I love crumpets. – [Moon] I know you do. (upbeat techno music)

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