Hi everyone welcome to a new video of
Keplerians. I’m Kepler and I’ll be the one to put a voice to this video. as something special I’m going to tell you about the things that are being done
here in Keplerians. But first of all I want to thank you for all your support. We love your fan art and read all your comments. if you want to say something do
not hesitate to comment on social networks. The first news was to be expected we
have began to develop the ice cream 3. You will have new adventures scenarios
mysteries and scares. We are also are renewing our website where you can find information about our games. It will be out soon. All of you, players, have been
asking us to make an online version of our games. Every day we get a comment
that reminds us. And finally we are doing some tests to see what it would be to make such a game. You see Rod as a player, but this is not a game from Ice Scream Saga, it’s an independent game 🙂 As you can see is still at a very early
stage. But you can comment that you think below in the comment box. You can also write us more ideas that you think. We will read them all. if you liked the video click on the like
button and subscribe to the channel. Bye bye and see you soon 🙂



  1. Keplerians porfa vor no começo do jogo mostra as crianças fazerem uma reunião para salvar a lis que bota a Teresa sterveson e o kai croos e mostra
    Os pai do rod com rod criança e o rod adulto e no final as crianças salva a lis mas o rod para a Van e pega as crianças soque ele tropeça na pedra e cai e fica sem a máscara e conta a história e as crianças ajuda ele dizê que não presisa fazer isso e o rod se torna o desenvolvedor do jogos e bota o fim e mostra os craditos

  2. No modo multiplayer por favor coloque uma arma para matar o ice scream e ter mais tempo de fugir o modo multiplayer pode ser um amigo é o rod que tem que capturar você e você tem que escapar mais em um sorteio e no game levando a menina para a fábrica de sorvetes na casa do Rod e tentaremos salvar ela antes de rod dar o sorvete para ela e nas cenas do ice scream 2 coloque no ice scream 3 o rod conversando com o pai dele e novos mapas a cena de salvar a menina pode ser você abrindo a gaiola pegando ela e o rod vai atrás aí o j. Corre e a gente foge com ela e coloque uma nova música de perseguição mais bizarra e rod mais inteligente como ele vai dar o sorvete para a lis e ele pode está mais inteligente para tentar pegar a gente e no game over dar o sorvete para a lis

  3. I Think😮 You Will Add Charlie And Rod Together Works Like a Team..?🤔🤔What U Think About This?😐But Always U Make Superb ,And Very Interesting Games.Ever.😃😃😃

  4. Murat kral oyunlar Soyler

    Keplerians you are after this game what you do Games well ı think evil nun 2 or mr meat 2 but if you build my writes make evil nun multiplayer game too

  5. Vim pelo NAGHTEXTREME vocês poderiam faser um mundo aberto e tive-se mais armas e desse para jogar com mais personagens tipo dos seus outros jogos, MR MEAT, EVIL NUN 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Миша Клочко михаил

    Здарстувьти разработчики игра lce Sceam 3 очень классная я смотрел топси и он сказал что кагда выдет lce Sceam 3 я очень хочу мороженщик пожауста сделайте по быстей пожауста

  7. Hey keplerians, when you make that video game:ice scream three?

    I hope that game is good and that puzzle so hard,

    You a good game maker, keplerian

  8. Кирилл Сковенев

    ВОТ супер, как всегда есть время и настроение! и хочется плакать, Разработчики Манахини, супер видео.😁👍

  9. lorenz's Vlogs and gameplays

    Keplerians I had new ideas for your ice scream 3!

    New area

    New characters

    New item
    Ice freezer: make rod freeze for 10 second!

    New character
    Gerrie: is a recurring police character who appeared in the playground! He will keep the playground safe from any danger

    Gerrie: stop their!

    Gerrie: where you going the playground is closed!

    Gerrie: rod!

    Gerrie: I don't see any rod here!

    Gerrie: keep searching!

  10. Cool now i can play as rod sullivan Thanks Keplerians Team
    Im from phillipines 💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕
    Can you do ice scream 4 or 5 please

  11. прохождения хороров

    а вы понимаете по русски? если да то будет ли в ise scream 3 одиночная игра???

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