Iconic Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial

Iconic Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Hair Tutorial

(triumphant music) – The women of Game of Thrones
have amazing hairstyles, and I get requests for their
hairstyles on a regular basis. So I thought for Halloween I
would pick out my favorite four and show you guys how to do them. Let’s get started with Margaery. Starting with already curled hair, you’re going to pick up
a small section of hair from right next to your part and begin to twist it away from your face. Gently massage the twist
for some added volume and then sweep the twist back and pin it at the crown of your head. You do want this to be fairly high up because Margaery has this
kind of very elevated, voluminous silhouette to her hairstyle. Pick up another section on that side. Twist it and pin it as well, so that you have two
twists on the first side. Now do the same thing on the second side. Create your first twist
right next to your part, pin it in place, and then do the same
thing right underneath it. Now we’re gonna grab
all the rest of the hair that’s over your ear. So leave out a couple small
pieces around the face and then on one side sweep
all of that hair back, and you’re going to pin it right below where the twists are that we just pinned. And finally you’re gonna do the same thing on the other side. Just grab all the hair
that’s left over your ear and pin it back. And that’s it for Margaery’s half updo. You can see we got a
lot volume by stacking that hair up really high and it definitely recreates one of her signature
looks and silhouettes. Now on to Cersei’s twisted half updo. Working off of a center part, go ahead and grab a section
right next to your part, leaving a few pieces out around the face. Then create a rope braid going back. We’re gonna to do this on our first side and on the other side
of the part, as well. Then take both of the rope
braids back behind your head and wrap them around each
other for a few inches. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and secure it with an elastic. Next, grab a section of hair
right below your rope braid and twist it back away from the
face just a couple of times. Then you’re gonna repeat the
same thing on the other side. Now take those twists to the back and pick up that section of
hair from the rope braid. This creates three sections
which you can now use to braid all the way down your hair. And this recreates one of
Cersei’s really popular hairstyles but it’s a little bit easier cause she originally had a
five strand braid in there and I just don’t even
have time for that, guys. So three strand braid it all the way down, and secure it with an elastic, and of course you can
loosen it up if you want to. Whether you’re doing
this as a costume or not, I encourage you to try this hairstyle because it is beautiful, it is Bohemian, and it comes together surprisingly quickly once you get the hang of it. Now let’s move on to Sansa. Pick up a section of hair from
your crown to your temples and put that into a high, high ponytail. To make her twist, I cheated a little bit. I bought two bun makers
from the Dollar Store. Cut each of them and then
bobby pin them together, and that makes the form that you can then create your twist with. To make the twist, bring
all of your hair forward from that ponytail, and drape
it over the twist maker, and then fan it out so you can cover as much of it as you possibly can. Don’t stress if you don’t get all of it cause when we twist the hair,
it’s gonna cover some more. Then you want to bobby pin
your hair to the twist maker, that way we can just roll the
hair up really, really easily. So make sure to pin as much hair as you can
to that twist maker. And now you just gotta roll this thing up like a sleeping bag or a yoga mat until you’ve got all the hair twisted around your twist maker. Now just tack it down by
pinning once in the center and once on either side of the twist maker so that it is now laying
nicely against your head. Now just use your hands to
gently slide the hair around until you have hair covering
all of the twist maker and it just looks like this magic twist that you have made on top of your head. Once you’ve done that you
can pin it a few more times, if you want to. No we’ve just gotta do some rope braids. Grab a small section of hair right next to one side of your
twist and rope braid that, and then do the same
thing on the other side, so you have two small rope braids. Now I’m gonna take one along the back to hide my hair elastic, and
I’m just pinning that as I go. And then I decided to loop
it around one more time to hide the part in my hair. These are great cause you can just kinda
use them to hide whatever. And then I took the second rope braid and I just draped it across the front where my head hit the twist
and bobby pinned as I went. Finish this off either by leaving
the rest of your hair down or by making two rope braided pigtails on either side of your head. And that’s it for Sansa’s updo. This is one legit costume hairstyle. If you can pull this off, you will definitely get
noticed for your awesome hair. Last but not least, we’ve
got Daenery’s braids. We’re going to make four braids. Start with the section
right next to your part. Leave a couple pieces out around your face and then braid that all the way down. Then create the same
braid on the other side. Remember to leave your little pieces out, as that is a very signature
part of this hairstyle. Now take the remaining hair
between your braid and your ear. Leave some pieces out, and then braid that
section all the way down, and repeat that on the other side. Now let’s pull it all together! We’re just gonna grab
those two top braids, and pull them to the back of your head. And go ahead and secure
them with an elastic, just about the middle of your head. Then wrap a small piece
of hair around the elastic and pin it in place. Now grab those final two braids, and pull them to the back
of the head, as well. Grab the tail from our first two braids, incorporate that with everything else, and secure it with an elastic. This should be pretty low,
close to the nape of your neck. Now just wrap a piece of hair
around that very last bit, pin it, and you are done. I’m not gonna lie, this hairstyle made me feel
like a real life warrior. I loved it. It’s another one of those
that I would wear everyday, not just for costume. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how these hairstyles came together, and I hope you end up wearing some, whether it’s for every
day or for Halloween. And that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to subscribe for more
hairstyles for real life, and I’ll see you in my next video! Mwaw! Bye! (triumphant music)

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  2. In these moments I wish I had long hair, instead of my pixie cut: but then I remember how difficult it is to deal with, especially when you don’t have the time for it, cause you have a child. So that quickly changes my mind lol

  3. Кристина Виноградова

    It's amazing! And you look amazing)! Thank you! P.S. You are really very beautiful girl). Good luck!

  4. Dang she can pull off any hair color and it actually suits her perfectly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😆😆😆

  5. I tried the 'easy' one (the second hairstyle)… Now my hair is so tangled.
    I'm way too untalented for those kinda things

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    Парики так заплести не проблема . А вот свои волосы так смотреться никогда не будут

  7. Omg I absolutely love your hair, very beautiful, and the way you style them, justt Gorgeous!!😍😍😍😳😳😳

  8. Ugh I’m so sad I want to wear one of these to prom but I have bangs that I’m trying to grow out and I can’t have the front hair properly 🙁

  9. My favourite look is the Sansa Stark one, but with an honourable mention to the Daenerys one for being so damn easy as well as beautiful.

  10. LOL I dont have enough hair, that one girls half braid had more hair in that one section of braid that I have on my entire head lol

  11. Joenabel Peterson

    Maybe someday I can get to try all these hairstyles. You make it look so easy and they're really pretty on you.

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