Impractical Jokers – The Name Game – Greatest Hits | truTV

Impractical Jokers – The Name Game – Greatest Hits | truTV

Joe: Hi, guys. Have a seat right here.
We’ll call you in a sec. Q: Wow, this is
a diverse group. All right, buddy, you want
to call your first person? Yeah,
let’s get to it. Sal: Here we go,
here we go. Look at his face.
Look at his face. Simmy Kantstandyourbitz? Give me that. Simmy Kantstandyourbitz, either. Uh, Wandamian Crucifixplate? Wandamian Crucifixplate? Q: He’s — he’s not laughing
at anything. Denise Fat. Denise Fat. Maybe I’m
mispronouncing them. [ Laughter ] Jury Prosciutto. Jury Prosciutto. Rickyticky Bobbywobbin. Rickyticky Bobbywobbin. Dadood Frumcheers? Dadood Frumcheers? And so this is not —
these are names — they have given me
the wrong names. No, it’s mayhem up here. [ Laughter ] Avocarter Phuks? Oh, I’m mispronouncing it.
It’s Avocarter [bleep] [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Well, I mean,
I didn’t name these people. They’re just giving me
their names. And I went through every name
except this last name here. What’s the last name, buddy? [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] Q: Oh, wow. Yeah, I’ll check. David Krappenschitz. [ Laughter ] David Krappenschitz. Murr:
David Krappenschitz! No? David? David Krappenschitz? [ Laughter ] It’s got to be
the wrong list. [ Ding! ] Very good, Joseph. Joe: Oh, here we go. How you doing, guys? Just sit tight. When you hear
your name, just let me know. [ Sighs ] [ Laughs ] Stunk Beagle? [ Laughter ] No? Okay. [ Laughs ] [ Laughs ] Irish O’African? [ Laughter ] Is there a Irish O’African? [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] There it is! Got him! Got a Cowabunga Peppermill? [ Laughter ] -Cowabunga Peppermill?
-No. Oh, Indian, yes.
Simmy Kantstandyourbitz Jr. [ Laughter ] Is there a
Simmy Kantstandyourbitz Jr.? Henny Cabbagehead. Henny? [ Laughter ] Henny Cabbagehead? Terrence,
the list that you gave me, is this for everybody,
or are we just — no, because they’re
looking for a Guy Hutookatit. Guy? [ Laughter ] No, there’s no Guy Hutookatit
up here. We got, uh
[Chuckling] Sharty Waffles. [ Laughter ] Sharty Waffles? No. All right, let me just get
through these, I guess. We got, uh — [ Chuckles ] That’s another one! Secret [Chuckles]
Secret Agent Randy Beans. [ Laughter ] Are you here,
Secret Agent Randy Beans? Yeah, I guess you
wouldn’t let me know if you were
Secret Agent Randy Beans. Imafraid?
Imafraid Jumitebeeinnagang? [ Laughter ] Imafraid Jumitebeeinnagang? Sal: How’d he get
through that one? -That’s you?
-Kenneth. Kenneth,
they’re ready for you. [ Ding! ] Joe: There he is,
hard at work. [ Laughs ] His computer screen’s
not even on. [ Laughter ] Murr: You guys are all here
for the focus group? I’m just gonna go
through the names. If you’re in the group,
come on up. Joe: Here we go. [ Laughter ] Ms. Doodat? D-Doodat? Diddy Doodat. No? Uh, Ms. McNamara? Is there
a Cleavage [Laughing] McNamara? [ Laughter ] You got him. What the he– None
of these names are right. Queen Skeet? [ Laughter ] They have the wrong group, here. Hey, Terrence, none of
these people are here. Is there a Yanni Van Halen? [ Laughter ] No? Is there
a Colonel Indiana Longnuts? [ Laughter ] Does — Does anyone here
have the rank of colonel? Sir, Colonel Longnuts? This is —
None of these are right. Jabreakit — [ Laughs ] Jabreakit Jubawdit? Is there a Jabreakit here? Jabreakit Jubawdit? No?
It’s not the right group. What? I don’t get it. [ Chuckling ] Gregory Poo–
Gregory Poopsicle. Gregory? [ Laughter ] Got him again! Gregory Poopsicle?
This is… Terrence, it’s not
the right group. [ Ding! ] Joe: Sal, you know who
I heard’s coming today? Crangis McBasketball. Crangis…? Crangis McBasketball. [ Laughter ] Just have a seat, and I’ll call
you out as soon as we’re ready. Q: Sal, see that pile
of cards right in front of you? Those are your names.
Flip them and list them. Hello? Yes. Dill Funk? [ Laughter ] Minty Cherubandtug? Minty? Maybe she went to the bathroom. [ Laughter ] Mary Beth Bethbeth? [ Laughter ] We have a bunch of different
groups going on all over today, so they might have some
crossover in names. [ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] -He’s laughing.
-You’re laughing. -You’re laughing, bud.
-You’re laughing. Helena Bottom… Helena Bottom-Farter? [ Laughter ] Helena? No? Helena Bottom-Farter? [ Laughter ] Joe: All right, Sal, let’s go.
Next name, buddy. Beefy McWhatnow? Oh, my god. [ Laughter ] Beefy McWhatnow! [ Laughing ] Tammy… Tammy Bundleballs. [ Laughter ] Are you Tammy?
That’s you? No! We have the wrong group, then.
That’s all it is. Captain Melvin Seahorse? -No!
-Oh, my god. [ Laughter ] Um… ♪♪ Dr. Shrimp… [ Laughter ] [ Sighs ] Joe: What do you got? This might be
my favorite name ever. Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico? [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ] This is the name —
this is the name I have here. Paging
Dr. Puerto Rico. Together:
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico. [ Ding! ] [ Laughter ] Hi, guys. You can have a seat
over here, please. Hi, guys.
Okay. Look at
his [bleep] hair. He’s a 41-year-old man.
Look at his hair! Do you use L.A. Looks
or Dep? At least
I could use one. [ Laughter ] Touché! Q: Here we go.
Here he goes. Okay, Remo Gatto. [ Laughter ] No Remo? That’s Joe’s newborn son. Strong name. Strong name, or does he fit
right into this game? Okay. Dusty Scarole. [ Laughter ] We got him up top.
That’s promising. There’s no Dusty
up in here. High Priestess Gabagool? [ Laughter ] High Priestess Gabagool? [ Laughing ]
High Priestess Gabagool. No High Priestess Gabagool. [ Laughter ] [ Laughing ]
This game is so stupid. Aunt Tim? [ Laughter ] Aunt Tim! Damm Shawty? [ Laughter ] Damm Shawty. Damm Shawty! [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ] Sal: He laughed.
That’s a laugh. That’s a laugh. That is a laugh. That was a laugh.
He went [Chuckles] Bicurious George? [ Laughter ] Is there a George?
Is there a Bicurious? [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Dick Dump? [ Laughter ] That’s a — That’s a laugh! Yeah! Three! [ Laughing ]
A. Long Squirtz? [ Laughter ] Yes! This is the most
we’ve ever gotten him! A. Long Squirtz? [ Laughter ] Joe: Here we go, Murr. Hello. -Yes.
-Go ahead, have a seat. I will just call your names
in a minute. Is there a Don? Don Day?
Don Day? Don Day Elbaño? [ Laughter ] Don Day Elbaño?
No? Oh, I thought that
was gonna get him. No. Good, Murr. Good job, buddy. Is — [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Yeah!
You got him! Is there a
Prakash Indeep Doo-Doo? [ Laughter ] Everybody laughs. We got him! Well, how about, uh… Jacquette? Jacquette? Sparkles.
Jacquette Sparkles? Are you giving us
nicknames? What’s that? “Are you giving us
nicknames?!” ‘Cause I have
a sparkly jacket on. I just read what comes up
on the screen, and they tell me
to go to the book and see. Is your name
Jacquette Sparkles? No.
No, it’s Daniel. Okay. When they get to Daniel,
I’m sure it’ll be you. [ Laughter ] How about a Det– How — How about
a Detective Bluto Mindpretzel? [ Laughter ] Joe: Yeah! Is there
a Detective Bluto Mindpretzel? So, haven’t you noticed that all the names on your dumb list
doesn’t work? Sparkles, settle down. [ Laughter ] Is there a Chinese Name? [ Laughter ] Oh, man. Is there a mister —
Mr. Name? Chinese Name? Just spit this out. I just spit all my drink into the plant. Troy, Chinese Name is not here.
Oh, Daniel? Daniel, you’re good.
You can go in. [ Laughter ] Joe:
All right, here we go. Hey, what’s up, Buzz? Yeah, I’ll send him in.
All right. Hungary Denk? Mr. Denk? No? [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] That’s him laughing! Say it.
Try to say it. Count Ravioli? Count Ravioli? Oh, Stefan. All right. [ Laughter ] Well, I got
a Dungareese Weatherspoons. [ Joe laughs ] Hey, Buzz, just give me
the rest of the list, okay? Dusty Shidiz? [ Laughter ] Oh, no Dusty Shidiz? Who? Rachel — Rachel DaHubbahubba? [ Laughter ] [ Chuckles ] Tammy Shehole? Is there a Tammy Shehole? Moist Kite? Is there a Moist —
Moist Kite? [ Laughter ] Can’t help you. No?
Two more, Buzz? I got to get out of here.
I got an appointment tonight. Chug-Chug Pickles? [ Laughs ] Joe: Chug-Chug! Nobody has
names like that. That is such B.S. Darcy O’Queef? [ Laughter ] Are you — [ Laughs ]
-He’s done. He’s done. Buzz,
you’re killing me here. [ Ding! ] [ Laughter ] Okay.
Hi. How are you? You’re here
for the focus groups? Great. Just give me
your names real quick. One second. No, no! Never mind. They’re gonna
call up for you guys. So, have a seat
over there, okay? [ Laughs ] The whole game is
you don’t know their — Q: Right. Here it comes. Okay. Oprahs? [ Laughter ] Oprahs? No?
Not in this group? Oprahs. Next up. Please head in
when you’re ready. Uh, Mort Spandex? [ Laughter ] Mort? Joe: Mort! No? I don’t know what this list is.
This is not the list. Okay. 45 groups. Expect me to remember names of
people. I don’t remember them. Sorry. I can’t remember
a goddamn thing. Goose Boils? [ Laughter ] Goose Boils — no? Sal:
She’s suspect. Everybody else
is not paying attention. Uh, what’s your first name? Lucy. I don’t have a Lucy,
but I have a… [ Chuckles ] [ Laughs ]
Hey, that’s a laugh. How about
a Cleo Dookieslide? Cleo? You’re Lucy. Are you Cleo? This is not —
[Laughing] Hercules Balls? [ Laughter ] Sir? I’ll take that name. Mr. Balls, go on in. [ Laughter ] Yes, Mr. Balls
is coming right now. Let me find — Come on! Tristin Mays? Is Tristin Mays, star of
the TV show “MacGyver,” here? Yeah, Ms. Mays,
go ahead on in. Anybody want to be
Jergens Turdley or Oprah? Head on in. Hey, Fudgy Perks,
go in. My head is spinning. [ Laughter ] Hi.
How’s it going?

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  1. Stop going to Comic cons, WWE.
    More popular you get, less funny you will be.
    Atleast record a few seasons before over-promoting.
    This gig works best when you are unknown.

  2. Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    Why don't you ever think of the name captain McKrakin ?? That's like the funniest fake name ever used

  3. I would absolutely love to see a Presentation PowerPoint greatest hits compilation! Can this happen please?

  4. Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki

    I'll bet the old lady in the first bit is the never married, bitter, nosy, lonely, busy body neighbor that makes other people's lives the center of her life. Glad I don't live next to her lest something bad happen to her. 😲

  5. I wish they would take name suggestions by viewers. Some I’ve thought of are handy witcarpeltunnel, shebee saggins, jimmy bejerkins, And harry dingles

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    SAL 😍 Ich schaue mir diese Videos an, nur um dich zu sehen. Grüße aus Deutschland πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

  7. I love rewatching these and realizing that a lot of these names are inside jokes based off names of some of the people that work on the show (ex: Simmy Kantstandyabitz, there’s a guy named Simmy that works on the show)

  8. "Hercules balls"
    "I'd take that name"
    "Go in Mr balls. Hello Mr balls is coming right up"


  9. They gotta plant an actor with the people waiting to come up when they call one of the names so everyones like "I cant believe thats a real person with that name!"

  10. Murr: look at your hair! You're a forty year old man and look at your hair! Do you use LA looks or Dep?
    Joe: At least I can use one!
    Murr: touche
    This had me laughing so hard:)

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