Instant Coffee vs. Pour Over Coffee Taste Test

Instant Coffee vs. Pour Over Coffee Taste Test

100 thoughts on “Instant Coffee vs. Pour Over Coffee Taste Test”

  1. 4 hours is nothing people need to look up the old statistics of how much television people used to watch per week

  2. 12:10 "This would be a good time to remind you that we have good mythical morning mugs available at myt-" "ARE THESE THE SAME?"

  3. A cool episode would be coffee method taste tests, comparing and scoring French press coffee vs percolated vs drip vs pour over vs Americana, etc.

  4. Sarah May Woodruff

    Who would of thought that instant coffee could be confusing? Pour over is a pain. Thier mugs are 11oz. so that only half a cup of instant coffee

  5. I do pour overs every morning and can tell you right now that the timing aspect is so stressful and unnecessary unless you're in some barista competition. Proper measurements, good quality beans (to anyone reading this: try a local roaster) , and the pour over method are all you need for a nice coffee ☕

    In my humble opinion

  6. Cant tell if link was concentrating hard or was offended how rhett called him LINK before starting the pour over coffee

  7. Is it just me or has Link's parents asked Rhett to Watch over their son? It seems like he is often baby sitting him more then anything else.

  8. I did say tractor when Link said to say it. I looked away after that and heard him say thank you Jake. Strange I thought he was talking to me for a second.

  9. Feel like Link has such a spring in his step today 😆 he was CRACKING ME UP! 😂 ‘talk about puttin lipstick on a pig…’

  10. I am a coffee addict and aficionado…and I loved this episode. I laughed so hard. Y'all are ridiculous and it makes my day.

  11. The average person spends 4 hours a day on their phone? Huh I'm Not Average. I still use a flip phone and don't/can't text so I might possibly be on my phone a total of 2 hours in a month. And that is an over estimation. I know I have gone 2 months without using my phone once. Now I do spend around 4 hrs or better in front of my computer so yeah it's kinda a wash.

  12. You know you’re old at heart when you start arguing with your best friend about coffee lolz. Don’t worry. I’m 21 and I’ve done it toooooo many times lolz.

  13. HAHAH I don't even get close to 4 hours on my phone. My phone is used to talk to my mom and is the only reason I have one. Also to call someone in case it's the end of the world or someone trying kidnap me something crazy like that. I use a computer to do all my communicating and interwebz searching.

  14. Link said "Poors" so many times in so many ways- I feel personally attacked but also deeply loved and I have no idea if the sun rose today.

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