Introducción al diseño de videojuegos – Curso online de Arturo Monedero

Introducción al diseño de videojuegos – Curso online de Arturo Monedero

Hi, I’m Arturo Monedero
and I’m a video game designer. I’m a founder of the video game studio,
Delirium Studios, where I’ve designed games like
“Los ríos de Alice,” a signature game
in collaboration with Vetusta Morla, or “The Delusions of Von Sottendorff,”
a fun game for Nintendo 3DS. They all started the same way,
with the GDD, the video game design document. This document is essential
to starting any project, it explains all the important aspects
of a video game, like the story, the characters,
level design and the interface. There are as many types of video games
as players, which is why it’s important
when you start a project to find what makes you different,
and be original and creative to get your audience’s attention. I’ve been able to create
very different video games, from graphic adventures
to action games and platforms. Knowing how to create a design document,
its parts and how to present it in a way
that’s attractive to all investors is essential to standing out
from the crowd. In this Domestika course,
you’ll learn to make a professional GDD for the video game industry. As a project,
you’ll create the design document for the video game you want to make. To do this, I’ll show you
how to structure a design document, and move an idea to a product sheet to organize the information
in a way that’s clean and clear. I’ll show you the genres there are
in video games, we’ll look at placing cameras, controls and how to structure a good story. To finish things up, I’ll show you
how to make a main character document, we’ll also look at creating enemies,
their weapons and we’ll also discuss designing levels. Lastly, I’ll show you what a GUI
or graphic interface is, as well as the HUD or health bar. We’ll move onto
sound documents and dialogs, how to localize in other languages and at the end we’ll discuss
video game production. After this course,
you’ll have all the tools you need to present your video game projects
to any client. This course is for anyone
who wants to take stories from their head
to the video game console screen. Design your own video games
starting with pencil and paper. Introduction to Video Game Design
A course by Arturo Monedero Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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  1. Lautaro Aristimuño

    Yo quisiera poder diseñar y programar mí propio vídeo juego pero todavía no estoy en posición de lograrlo ,un día de estos cuando consiga computadora ,estoy seguro de que me inscribiré para hacer algo que valga la pena.

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