Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

We humans are unable to experience the
true nature of the universe, unfiltered. Our senses and brains can only
process a fraction of the world. So we have to use concepts and tools, to
learn about the true nature of reality Technological progress not only widened
our knowledge about the universe, it also made us aware of unsettling possibilities. In the future, it might become possible
to simulate entire universes. But if this is an option, how can we know
that it’s not already happened? What if we are not creators, but creations? Is it possible that we are not real,
and we don’t even know it? If our current understanding of physics is correct, Then, it’s impossible to simulate the whole universe,
with its trillions and trillions of things. But we don’t actually need to, anyway. We only need enough universe to fool
the inhabitants of our simulation, into thinking that they’re real. Who needs billions of galaxies? We only need the space our
subjects are allowed to explore. The vast universe could just be a flat projection, and they would have no way to know. What about small things like cells or bacteria? We don’t really need them. When you use a microscope, what you
see could be instantly created. Same with atoms the chair you’re sitting
on right now does not need to be simulated with quadrillions of atoms. We just need the outermost layer of it, it might be empty inside, until you
decide to break it open. Your body might feel like it’s filled with bubbly things,
but it might be empty, until you open it. The minimum requirement for our simulation,
is only the consciousness of our virtual humans. Our subjects just need to think the simulation is real. Okay, so are we being simulated? Well, maybe, but there are a few
conditions that need to be met. Obviously, we have no authority over this topic,
so please take everything we say with a grain of salt. Based on a modified version of the original
simulation argument by Nick Bostrom, we have five assumptions for you. If they’re true, you dear viewer are living in a simulation. Assumption one, it’s possible to simulate consciousness Nobody knows what consciousness is. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that you could generate consciousness by simulating a brain. Brains are pretty complex. If you count every interaction between
synapses as one operation, your brain runs at about ten to the power of seventeen, for one hundred million billion operations, per second. Let’s generously assume we need ten
to the power of twenty operations, to simulate one second of human consciousness. But, we don’t want to simulate just one human… We want to simulate all of human history at once,
so we can skip around. Let’s say we want to simulate two hundred billion humans, with an average life span of fifty years. One year has thirty million seconds times fifty years times two hundred billion humans times ten to the power of twenty operations. So we need a computer able to handle million,
trillion, trillion, trillion operations per second. More operations than there are stars
in the observable universe. The computer like this is just impossible. Except, maybe it isn’t. Assumption two, technological progress will not stop anytime soon. If we assume that technological progress continues
in a similar fashion as it has so far, then there might be galaxy spanning civilizations,
with unlimited computer power at some point. Beings on a technology level so advanced, that we
could barely distinguish them from god’s. A computer that can handle a million trillion, trillion, trillion operations is serious business, but there are actually concepts for computers,
which could handle this. The Matrioshka Brain, is the theoretical megastructure, made up of billions of parts orbiting a star,
feeding on its radiation. A computer of this scale, would have enough
power to simulate many thousands, if not millions of humanities, at the same time. Other technologies, like high-end future quantum computers might lower the size drastically, so it might be possible to do this with a structure the size of a large city, or even smaller. But, only if there’s still someone around
to build the computer. Assumption three, advanced civilizations don’t destroy themselves. If there is a point at which all civilizations destroyed themselves, this whole discussion ends here. Looking into space, you’d expect to universe filled,
with millions of alien civilizations, but we see nobody. the reason for this might be, Great Filters. Great Filters are barriers life has to overcome,
like nuclear war, asteroids, climate change or a black hole generator. If life is inherently self-destructive,
then there are no simulations. We explain this in more detail, in our
Fermi Paradox video. Assumption four, super advanced civilizations, want to run simulations. When we speak of posthuman civilizations,
we don’t know what we’re dealing with To think we know what beings as powerful
as gods want, is pretty arrogant. Imagine the smartest ant on earth living
next to an amusement park, It’s curious about what humans are up to,
so you try to explain. Unfortunately, the ant just doesn’t understand. The concept of rollercoasters and standing
in lines and holidays and fun, doesn’t make sense to an ant living an ant life. It’s the same with us and a posthuman being, compared to them, we are ants. Running simulations for fun or science,
might be an absurdly stupid idea to them. But, if they do want to run simulations for whatever reasons and assumptions one, two, three are true too, then the chances are not zero that you
are living inside a simulation. Assumption five, if there are a lot of simulations, you are
probably inside a simulation. if there are simulated civilizations,
It’s likely that there are a lot of them. After all, we assume that post human beings have access to practically unlimited computing power. So if they run simulations, it would be convenient
to run millions or even billions of them. If there are billions of simulated universes, there are probably trillions and trillions of simulated conscious beings. which would mean that the vast majority of all conscious beings that will ever have existed, are simulated. So, for every conscious being made of flesh,
a billion simulated ones exists. Since we have no way of knowing if we are simulated or not, in this case, the chances of you being one
of the nine hundred and ninety nine million nine hundred and ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine simulated ones, are pretty high. So, what you consider reality, might not be real at all You really might be… simulated. All of this is based on a lot of assumptions
that we can’t really test right now So many scientists disagree with
this whole thought experiment. So don’t burn your house down to test
if there will be glitches. If you are simulated, not that much changes for you you might be on a small planet speeding
through eternal nothingness, or a simulation inside a computer. your existence does not become
more or less scary and bizarre. All we can hope to do is try to live good lives,
and have a good time. And hope that if we actually are simulations
in a supercomputer, nobody trips over the power cable. Oh, oh, oh no, I think I just unplugged the simulation But what if that doesn’t matter, what if we are in one right now? What if you are simulated? Jake, over at Vsauce3 is looking into that. Click here to watch his video and
subscribe to his channel. Why are you still here? go over to Vsauce3 watch the video and subscribe, we promise, it’s worth your time…

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  1. Assumption 3 is not needed.

    If we assume that we are in a simulation, then we cannot argue that there may be a thing called a great filter which destroys advanced civs just because we havent seen any type 3 or 2 civ. Why would the simulation have more aliens if the simulators only want to simulate us. Maybe there isnt any filter and the reason we see no advanced civ is because we are in a sim.

    But i hope thats really not the truth.

  2. This is mostly bullshit, I'm aware of 100% of the solid physical matter because I can walk into it and bump my head. Whether my other senses can perceive the matter is not relevant as the matter still blocks my way.

  3. If you jump and walk backwards, you can accelerate to extreme speeds.

    When you go to a corner of anything, press crouch and spam the jump button you can clip through the wall and fly out of the map.

  4. How can a supercomputer fully encompass real things like the digit of PI. There is nothing that can store infinite information. soo what do you have have to say about that

  5. okay
    1. you suggest that we only need to simulate enough to fool the 'NPC' well what if all the thigs we consider detailed like atoms and billions of galaxies is actually not at all like the devlopers could live in an incomprehensibly detailed 4th dimension and an atom in the simulation is realy something so big . its like your saying if us 3D ppl made a simulation we would make it 2D and then the 2D ppl would think that they are not simulated because its not 1D.

  6. so your saying…
    God is just in creative mode?
    and ghosts are just people in spectator mode
    and god died from an admin of the server trolled and /killed him?
    my life is a lie
    so that's how ghosts steal my soul…

  7. This is one really interesting subject, but if we really are only simulacions, what if the species that simulated us are only simulacions to?? Is there an endles paradox of stimulations???? Who knows

  8. For example, if on the four walls of this finely decorated room are four full-length mirrors belonging to the four of us, then there would be five rooms. One would be actual and general, and four, similitudes and personal. Each of us would be able to change the shape, form, and colour of his personal room by means of his mirror. If we were to paint it red, it would appear red, if we were to paint it green, it would appear green. Likewise, we could give it numerous states by adjusting the mirror; we could make it ugly, or beautiful, give it different forms. But we could not easily adjust and change the outer and general room. While in reality the general and personal rooms are the same, in practice they are different. You could destroy your own room with one finger, but you could not make one stone of the other stir.
    Thus, this world is a decorated house. The life of each of us is a full-length mirror. We each of us have a world from this world, but its support, centre, and door is our life. Indeed, that personal world of ours is a page, and our life is a pen
    Risale-i Nur Collection Letters – 28
    Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

  9. As may be established empirically, matter is not essential so that existence may be made subject to it, and be dependent on it. Rather, matter subsists through a meaning, and that meaning is life, it is spirit.
    Also, as may be established through observation, matter is not the thing served so that everything may be ascribed to it. It is rather the servant; it renders service to the process of the perfection of a truth. And that truth is life. And the fundament of that truth is spirit.
    Also, as is self-evident, matter is not dominant so that recourse may be made to it or perfections sought from it. Rather, it is dominated; it looks to the decree of some fundament, it is in motion in the way that that decree dictates. And that fundament is life, it is spirit, it is consciousness.
    Also, as is necessary, matter is not the kernel, it is not the fundament, it is not a settled abode so that events and perfections may be affixed to it or constructed on it. Rather, it is a shell prepared to be split, rent, dissolved; it is a husk, it is froth, it is a form.
    Consider the following: a creature so minute it can only be seen with a microscope has such acute senses it can hear its friend's voice, and see its sustenance; it has extremely sensitive and sharp senses. This demonstrates that the effects of life increase and the light of the spirit intensifies in proportion to the reducing and refining of matter. It is as though the more matter is refined and the more we become distanced from our material existences, the closer we draw to the world of the spirit, the world of life, and the world of consciousness; and the more intensely the heat of the spirit and the light of life are manifested.
    Is it therefore at all possible that there should be this many distillations of life, consciousness, and spirit within this veil of materiality, and that the inner world which is beyond this veil should not be full of conscious beings and beings with spirits? Is it at all possible that the sources of these numberless distillations, flashes, and fruits of meaning, spirit, life and the truth apparent in this material existence in the Manifest World should be ascribed only to matter and the motion of matter, and be explained by it? God forbid! Absolutely not! These innumerable distillations and flashes demonstrate that this material and manifest world is but a lace veil strewn over the inner and spirit worlds.
    Risale-i Nur Collection Words – 526
    Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

  10. Why do we assume that the universe which is running our simulation uses the same physical laws that our simulation does? Maybe in the “real” universe, it is trivial to run a simulation. And why are we assuming that all of humanity is being simulated? Maybe it’s just me? Maybe you’re all just rendered when I interact with you.

  11. I have a question if we are creations why did the creators implant the idea(in us) that we could think that such beings exists who created us , I mean why would they let us think that they exist

  12. "Simulate consciousness"– which means what? Consciousness is consciousness. You can't fake it. You can't "think that you're conscious" when you're not.

    I just find it… perpetually confounding, when every single bit of media and science that ever addresses consciousness– which are few — make these glaring mistakes. I thought you were on the right track with "we don't really know what consciousness IS" — finally someone actually says it– but then followed it up by this "simulated consciousness" bit.


    You can simulate a human — you can simulate a brain– but as soon as you simulate consciousness, you have… capital-C Consciousness. And if you don't, you didn't simulate consciousness, only complexity or intelligence or behavior. Nobody's inside.

    So I guess the question is, really… can consciousness be produced artificially? Without cells?

    Point two. Why in the world, in these discussions of simulated universes, do they assume that the real universe is like this one? Why would that be? Why would it have… stars? Computers like our own? Computers like ones we imagined? Planets? If the entirity of physics can be simulated, why would it follow that it was simulated in a universe with identical physics?

  13. Saguntum-Iberian-Greek Konstantinopoli

    Hmmm interesting, we should limit some drugs to « scientists » because gosh OMG THATS THE DUMBEST VIDEO IVE EVER SEEN from Kurgzgesagt. Its not because its legal that you have to abuse it, same thing for jk rollings. By this logic he would have mentionned this topic in the video "The Egg" which he didn't

  14. Whoever controlling us, why would he let us discover this simulation thing?
    Why would he let us know the secret?
    Why we are making simulation despite being a simulated thing?

  15. But it's like saying the people being us is also a simulation inside enougher simulation its gotta end Somewere so this theory is stupid

  16. Maybe I'm god and I'm destinated to live forever, find the meaning of life and the universe and existance itself…

    Or maybe not :v

  17. If you believe in God ie the Creator logic would have it that yes we are definitely in some sort of simulation and the frame work would be our universe. I never felt like a bug or some kind of animal. Always having a sense of one's presence he's quite enlightening

  18. if we discover and travel through new Galaxy and spaces by quick light-years. AND, Acknowledging there's other Humanity on a Specify planet there would be Space War or Races between two (Theory)

  19. Surecell Laser Dental Aesthetics

    Religion: God controls everything as per His plan

    Kursgesagt: Someone is stimulating us

    Me: God exists, man. Go to hell, atheists!

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