It’s all fun and World Cup games

It’s all fun and World Cup games

Guys it’s official BTW has World Cup fever. And with so many MLS clubs hosting watch parties throughout the tournament, we thought it would be really fun to
check a few of these out. So today, I am here in Houston I am going to catch up with Dynamo players A.J. DeLaGarza and Chris Seitz and we are going to
watch as their teammate Adolfo Machado suits up for his native Panama. How cool is that? We’re going to cheer him on. It’s going to be awesome. Let’s go. Here they come! A.J., Hello how are you? What’s going on guys? You ready for
a little World Cup viewing? I’m ready. This is exciting. Your teammate’s playing in the World
Cup. How cool is that? You can see their emotion during the national anthem. It means a lot to them. I know I’m getting the chills just
thinking about it. Alright. Should we head over to
Pitch 25? Let’s do it. Let’s go! There’s your boy! Machado in center mid. Three four. Where’s he going? Goal! Panama! The man, Brian Ching. Brian, I’ve asked these guys
already. Talking about the moment that you put on the national team jersey and what it feels like. What must be going through Machado’s
head. Actually being able to take the field When you were able to put on that
jersey, what did it feel like? Still one of the greatest soccer memories I have. It was one of those moments where you are listening to the national anthem I think we were playing Italy that day It was just a cool moment. You can hear the U.S. fans singing the national anthem. You get goosebumps. Wow, I’ve come a long way from a small island in the middle of the Pacific to the world’s biggest game. I also noticed that you have a little mini-pitch Yeah, we do have a mini-pitch. I heard there’s a challenge going on. I’m not opposed. I brought my soccer shoes. I think we can clear off some space down there for you guys. I think we should do it. Lets do it! Chris did you ever play forward before you were a keeper? Absolutely. Only way I could make my club team was by being a back-up goalkeeper I played like stopper back in the
day when they had stopper sweeper. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today. For a little World Cup viewing. Not the result we wanted for Panama and your boy Machado. But they scored a couple of goals in the
World Cup so cheers to that. That’s a wrap here in Houston. World Cup fever doesn’t stop here. Awesome time with A.J. and Chris. Next stop is San Jose to catch the
World Cup final at Avaya Stadium. We’ll see you there. This World Cup taking place in the
world’s largest country and Russia’s hospitality has helped
make it a special summer for all involved. We made it to San Jose. I am here in beautiful Avaya Stadium
a perfect location to take in the final match The fans are gathering out there
we’re going to talk to some of them. We are going to catch up with Quakes
Hall of Famer, Joe Cannon. We’re going to watch amazing soccer. Drink great beer. This is perfect. Joe! I come bearing gifts. What’s a cup final without a scarf? Cheers! Happy World Cup Final. What about a World Cup final? It
doesn’t get bigger than a World Cup Final. And you know there is a chance it
could come down to PKs. How do you mentally prepare
for that? I think the PK is actually more exciting. I think the biggest games I’ve played in. The thought comes across your mind, don’t make an ass
out of yourself. The finals everyone’s on. Every movement. Everything is over-analyzed. It’s just crazy. Let’s go meet some more people. Go France! We got a game! Croatia is going to get one. We feel it. It’s coming. There it is! What do you think of this whole scene here? I think its amazing because in my country, Croatia, when you are playing a game you are sitting on the opposite sides. Here we are all intertwined and cheering together yet you are still rooting for your own team. Oh my God. We have a 2018 World Cup winner. Viva la France! Thank you. Cheers! Cheers! What a final. France, what can you say? Viva la France. We called it. We totally called it. I’m kidding. Thank you for hosting and hanging out with me all game. Thanks for coming out. Making me feel young again at a bar. Anytime you guys are in San Jose.
We’re coming back here!

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  1. How does the mls rise in popularity. Never go exclusively to fox sports, stay the hell away from Florida except if the nasl becomes a 2nd division, keep building soccer exclusive stadiums close to downtowns (Chicago in Bridgeport is gross), keep lowering the restrictiveness of the salary cap so teams can sign more world class players

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