James Cameron’s Avatar iPhone/iPod touch – The story begins

James Cameron’s Avatar iPhone/iPod touch – The story begins

37 thoughts on “James Cameron’s Avatar iPhone/iPod touch – The story begins”

  1. finally lol, u gave a date december 15th wooo. nice 1 and definately a buy, hope theres no bugs like Modern combat multiplayer dnt even wrk , sort that please,

  2. Haha, yeap, me too. This game looks very interesting. I hope to buy on December 25th with my voucher, NOVA and this or Asphalt 5 or GT Racing if it's out by then.
    But the waiting is gonna be a killer haha.

  3. The game is okay,kinda similar to sparta and assasin.quite a few game elements.but u might get a bit bored after a few chapters.still, good game,worth trying

  4. wtf why are all people spamming with watch free here..blablabla…i watched the movie in cinema and it wuz awsome…The game is cool too..nice work gameloft.

  5. i examined some traits from neytiri from some other pictures. but whos that on the title of the game? because, im positive its not neytiri….

  6. Have the game on iTouch. It is a good game. pretty tough at times to figure out how to get through but finally finished the 17 chapters. In the end there is a teaser indicating a second game……still waiting…..

  7. @TimeGod12 No, he doesn't die. The game just ends and you have to start all over again. I've ended the game once and I had to start all over..

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