Japan Boosts Coronavirus Containment Efforts to Keep Olympic Games | WSJ

Japan Boosts Coronavirus Containment Efforts to Keep Olympic Games | WSJ

– So behind me is a sign
pointing to the number of days until the opening
ceremony of the Olympic Games on July 24th, here in Tokyo, – [Reporter] The Japanese
government has stepped up measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Tokyo expects hundreds
of thousands of people from all across the world
when it holds the Olympics in less than five months. – The next couple of weeks are critical in keeping this virus in check and preventing any kind
of large-scale outbreaks or clusters from developing,
at say, a concert or a school where you might get
hundreds of people infected. – [Reporter] Most schools
across Japan are closed. Some Cherry Blossom
Festivals are canceled. (starting-gun bangs) Then the Tokyo Marathon went ahead with only 200 runners instead of the more than
30 thousand participants it usually draws. – Prime Minister Abe, and
everybody in his government, wants to make sure that
the virus is cleared away and not a major problem, so that the Olympics can
go ahead as scheduled. – [Reporter] The postponement
or cancellation of the Games would be a massive blow to Japan. It has spent seven years planning and 20 billion dollars on preparations. In order to keep the games going, Tokyo has to prove that it can stop the spread of the disease, especially after having been criticized for its handling of the
coronavirus outbreak on a cruise ship that
was docked at Yokohama. More than 700 people got infected aboard the Diamond Princess, and six have died so far. Tokyo said it did its best to prevent the spread of the disease. That’s not the only
criticism Japan has faced. – The number of tests being
conducted everyday in Japan is about 900 or 1000 a day, recently. Whereas, for example, in South Korea, thousands, and tens of thousands of tests are being conducted every day. – [Reporter] Abe says there
are now 4,000 test kits available every day. Minus the Diamond Princess patients, there have been about 300
cases in Japan so far. – Japan, at the moment, appears to have the virus under control, but maybe the addition of more tests will reveal that there are more
virus cases than we thought. – [Reporter] Particularly
because the virus is no longer linked to people who came from
overseas virus epicenters, such as China, Italy, or Iran. – In the last couple of weeks, it’s become clear that it’s
spreading independently in parts of Japan, especially in Hokkaido, in Northern Japan. And so, clearly, a stepped-up
response was needed. – [Reporter] The government
hopes the new measures will help avert an outbreak such as the one in
neighboring South Korea, and help set the stage
for the Olympic Games. It also needs to reassure the public that it’s taking all the needed steps to stop the virus. – There is the political, or you might say psychological benefit that Prime Minister Abe is
clearly counting on here. In the sense that he wants to show that
he’s a decisive leader, he’s not taking this lightly, that he’s doing whatever it takes to stop this virus from spreading.

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  2. Japan also had the so very bright idea to quarantine a freaking cruise ship Making the infection victims to match many large countries. FAIL there Japan! I thought they had big heads. (Idiocracy movie reference)

  3. We had a speaking engagement scheduled for March in Japan that has now been canceled. It seems like the strategy is to cancel/diminish as many public events as they can now in hopes that the biggest upcoming event (i.e. The Olympics) can still be held. Makes sense with $20 billion (0:59) invested in the games 🤯 💰!

  4. It costs 1600 dollars for a test in the US. That's why numbers are so low there. Even those with flu symptoms are being turned away.

  5. There is an active effort to NOT TEST the populace because of fears that actual numbers infected by COVID-19 would scare away the Olympics. The Japanese government is being just as obtuse as the Chinese government and can NOT be trusted, since losing face is far more important than the health and welfare of its citizens.

  6. How they handled the Diamond princess and the amount of test they do a day shows how incompetent Japan is, a big disappointment.

  7. No freakin way would I go…as an athlete nor spectator.
    Even if it didn't get cancelled, they'd probably ban countries w/outbreaks.

  8. The best decision woukd be to call off the olympic games since corona virus is highly contagious.No olympic games until this virus is completely gone.

  9. Even if the Japanese government and the Olympic committee keep the 2020 games going, attendance is going to be a lot lower.

  10. Furricane Ookamikaze

    Is China, Italy & Iran doing alright?
    You said the coronaviruses are no longer linked to people who came from overseas virus epicenter!

  11. Most pandemics originate in China and it spreads from there… China is so unclean and backwards, it's just not a suitable country for the 21st century!

  12. Jayakrishna Balaji

    Japanese and Koreans are intelligent than their Asian counterparts, hope they do the best for the humanity.

  13. Allow the Games to go on but allow only the athletes and their teams-no spectators.

    These events are better on TV anyway.

  14. I’m Japanese and I want cancellation. I hope all you guys will call more for it, so the slow and stupid PM Abe will finally notice no one wants to come.

    The gvt botched containment in every possible way. Unbelievable incompetence. We never wanted Olympic anyway… No one around me tried to buy a ticket.

  15. Its too late Japanese government react to this disease imho. Their population is twice than that of s.korea but havent prepared enough facilities and test kits. Seems thier government shady and ordinary Japanese citizens along with their press dont raise voice against government or pm whatsoever. Just wondering whether they can guarantee safety from radiation in fukushima if they are this much poor.

  16. Just cancel it. Why risk everyones lives for some stupid sports event? They can do it again in 2024 if its a big deal. 2020 have it in a country that isnt at risk.

  17. If any decent country can FIGHT this epidemic, its gonna be Japan. Not USA, not China. Japan is a synonym for discipline.

  18. People coming in such gatherings during such crisis has no right to live,nor they should be taken care of after getting sick from virus


    Only a fool would believe the Olympics will go ahead in 2020.
    Change to next year or until Virus is contained….
    NOT rocket science.

  20. All the old and weak people, plus many commenters here should stay away from Tokyo whilst the strong ones go and enjoy the Olympics.

  21. Nicolaus Romanoff

    It is not only the containment of the virus in Japan that needs to be overcome but also all over the world.

  22. In history, Olympic Games have been cancelled FIVE TIMES so far (1916 – Summer, 1940 – Winter, 1940 – Summer, 1944 – Winter, and 1944 – Summer all due to the world wars). If Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 gets cancelled, that will be the SIXTH. Let's hope not.

  23. Online Shopping Jakarta

    The Japanese government is ignorant of Corona virus if they think that the Olympic shall be held as schedule.

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    If the epidemic situation intensifies and worsens, it is recommended to deploy in advance, and local medical staff is advised to conduct on-site consultation and treatment to avoid consultation and treatment in narrow and confined places to reduce infection and casualties of medical personnel. Local township offices provide outdoor space for medical staff. Actively deployed to reduce medical casualties and maintain combat effectiveness. For severe and highly infectious cases, a mobile capsule negative pressure chamber tube bed can be provided, similar to the experimental diagnosis and treatment bed type of a childcare box, allowing individual treatment of severely diagnosed patients. The device is used for static sterilization, irradiation and sterilization of high temperature and ultraviolet catalysts, and the central government will study emergency treatment. When major infections occur in the community, people throughout the country should wear masks as much as possible to reduce outings and parties.
    In the future, the government is advised to study the vaccine as soon as possible, and to conduct the research before the first transmission of infectious diseases in the community. Preparations for universal virus inspections and rapid virus screening tests can quickly grasp the biggest weapon of the epidemic, and strengthen the protection and inspection of the entire population to ensure national health, the arrival of the government and our support.

  25. I don’t see why it can’t just be postponed. Haven’t there been other times in the past where the games were postponed for a year? Idk maybe I’m misremembering, but 2020 is NOT the year to be cramming ppl from all over the world into crowded sports arenas!

  26. already way way too late. My opinion is their numbers are 100 times higher than reported. The government is intentionally suppressing testing in order to keep the numbers low. Abe is gambling with ppls' lives

  27. Japan's total cases→
    only 364 people/100million people have got that pneumonia.
    And total deaths are only 6 people.
    We should care about flu rather than corona. lol

  28. What kind of president let other country just buy out nation's own corporation as long as the interested party has enough money to pay for it without any ristriction? So long as they have money, they can just have south korean's company when ,in fact, they dont even speak korean not to mention not knowing korean culture and have total control over south korean employee as a boss? Why is this happening despite massive flashback from the public in response to this legislation?
    What kind of president pass the legislation that allows foreigners to just take out and even own private institutions along with following employees that was initially founded or at least started in South Korea just with money?
    Why would any leader promote laws that makes it possible for chinese government if not secretive group in china to just simply purchase and run not only korean workers but also what was already created in South Korea by just paying money , eventually letting random chienese boss determine the fate of south korean workers who has been working there for more than ten years ?
    And what is up with expressing gratitude for showing south kore condolence toward North Korea exactly right after North Korea bluntly fire two banned missiles twice at that in the direction of south Korea's East coast? These are not being done in secrecy, what is more interesting is that it was done publicly even. Not fact but just a mere opinion mixed with observation, meaning some of said things can be wrong if not whole said thing or maybenot.

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    For the ongoing novel Coronavirus in China, we have supplied more than 5000 products, which have played an effective role in preventing and controlling the epidemic situation. My email is [email protected]

  30. The Tokyo Olympics should be canceled. In Japan, the coronavirus is rarely tested. It is true that the number of infected people is being concealed in order to host the Olympics.There are potentially quite a few Japanese infected with the coronavirus.We should not go to Japan.The spread of radioactivity is also spreading throughout Japan in the nuclear accident in Fukushima.It's a very dangerous country.

  31. Kiko monkey Pangilinan

    It would be so irresponsible of Japan to proceed with the olympics , there is nothing wrong with moving the olympics to next year it is actually diabolical to proceed with olympics this year given that coronavirus is becoming global pandemic hopefully the rest of the world could learn from rio and Tokyo not to vote politicians who wants to host Olympics

  32. If Japan is stubborn enough to still push through with the games despite this health crisis countries should just boycott the games-not send delegates. I mean why can’t they just push it back next year for everyone’s safety.

  33. Japan needs to diagnose more. No way their numbers are that low. They're trying to keep the Olympics going in this situation smh.

  34. Mind your own business.

    "After a weekslong delay, thousands of coronavirus test kits are headed to state and local laboratories"


  35. Why is a country who already hosted the Olympic games given another chance to do so whole many other cities and countries have not had the Opportunity?

  36. The strategy of the Japanese ruling elite when there is a problem that is “recognized” by the world is simple – make the ordinary Japanese citizens / general population suffer. Shutting down all schools, canceling public events, etc. The leaders will do everything in their power (including falsifying the number of infected, just like the Chinese have done) to make sure the show will go on. Note that there is a distinction between “recognized” and “unrecognized” problems. There is a difference here, because if a problem is still “unrecognized” by the world, their strategy changes to one of denial and obfuscation.


    this neefs to go viral!!!

  38. Effort in order to keep the olympic game. precisely what it is. not everyone is able to be tested, and they`re trying to find ways to look like they're putting in effort for the olympic games, not for its citizens and the people who live there. if they honestly have the olympics as the end goal, then really any effort they may or may not be putting in (who knows at this point, it may not be effort, but plain politics in mind) is of no meaning and things would only get worse. wish Japan would actually care more about the country and not how they`re seen or portrayed. 🙁

  39. Hmmm…even if they contain it by the Olympics date, how can they assume that any of the countries would be in a position to send athletes..? And even more stupid that the Olympic s are more important a driver for virus response than public health… Ohh we have to save the Olympics… People we can save later…

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