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Jaws | Game the Game

(upbeat music) – Hello Chum, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott,
and today on the show, we’re playing Jaws. Let me introduce you to my guests. We have the incredible Aliza Pearl. – Hello! – You know her from Callisto 6. – And many other things. – A very special Shark
welcome to Jason Carl, storyteller for Vampire:
The Masquerade, LA by Night. Hi.
– Hi. (laughing) – And of course, Geek and
Sundry’s own Jason Charles Miller, host of Starter Kit,
coming soon to YouTube. – Hi.
– Hey! (chuckles) Friends, I’m very, very
excited to be a shark and try and eat all the swimmers and then destroy you. – Well, wow.
– Very friendly. – We’re ready to kill a shark. – Oh, those are fighting
words, definitely. – Yeah.
– I know, I know! – Shark’s going down.
– Mm-hmm. – Well, that’s what everybody said, but I think this movie’s
gonna turn out differently because, you know, we have an opportunity to tell our own story, right, Jason? – Well that is the essence
of gaming with friends. – Yeah!
– Narrative of the death of a shark.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – So, if you couldn’t tell, I am a shark. This is a one versus all game. I am going to try in two different acts to first eat swimmers
and then eat my friends, and if you would like to watch
the full how to play video, there is a link to that video
in the description below. If you’ve already watched the how to play, then you already know that
act one goes in three phases. First, the event phase, then the shark phase, then the crew phase. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. All right, ready for this event phase? – Yeah, let’s see it! (hands rubbing together) – Okay, so no one knows
where I am on the board, because I am mysterious. But you know what? Before we start the event phase, I have to choose my starting location. Now you three have been placed
in your starting locations based on the rule book and set up, and my space is secretly
determined at this point in time. – Secrets!
– Hmm. – I wanna know where the shark is. – Well, everyone wants to
know where the shark is. The shark’s very in demand. All right.
(Aliza chuckles) That’s why.
– You might say that. (group laughing) – In any event, that’s
what the shark thinks. Frank Silva, Harbor Master. JCM, would you please read to me where these first
swimmers should be placed. – Okay, two in the north. – (gasps) North Beach! – One in the south. – One in the south.
– And two in the west. – All righty, that’s interesting. – And then it also says
dropping the barrel at a dock or picking up barrels at a dock are free actions this round. – Ooh!
– What? – So.
– Ho-ho! – Interesting, interesting. Now, in order to get to act two, the shark, and that’s me, must eat nine swimmers and
then act two will be triggered. Now you crew, you don’t
want that to happen. What you wanna do is throw
two barrels at the shark by launching them, which is an ability only Quint can do. And if you do that, then you will trigger act two and I will have eaten less swimmers and therefore have less
shark abilities in act two. Would you guys go around and say what character you’re playing, what their possible actions could be, you don’t need to go into too much detail, and then your best impression. – I’m playing Hooper, and some of my abilities
are to move up to two spaces ’cause I have a fast boat, I can rescue one swimmer in an action, pick up any or all barrels,
give barrels to Quint, and also, my favorite, use fish finder, which means that I drop this wherever I am and I will get a response from the shark of whether she is in the section I’m in or adjacent to it. – Yeah, basically you’re Aquaman. – Mm-hmm, I’m Aquaman.
– Talk to fish. – I’m also a scientist. I don’t know, I can’t do a good– – No that was it. That was perfect.
– I’m a scientist. – Jason Carl, who are you? – Who am I? I’m Quint, the shark hunter. – What?
– It’s true. – Tell me more for people
who’ve never seen the movie. – Quint is a crusty,
New England shark hunter who comes from a long
line of shark hunters. And as a free action, even
though it doesn’t say so on the card, he hates sharks. (all laughing) – I will do one hating of shark action. – I think there’s a
glare mechanic, as well, I’m not sure.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Definitely. – But I can do other things, too. – Go on!
– I have four possible actions I can move a space in my boat, the Orca. – Ooh.
– I know. Isn’t it adorable? I can rescue a swimmer. I can pick up any or all barrels because, as we’ve established, only I can launch a barrel once a round. – Indeed.
(giggling) – All right, Brody, tell me about ya. – I’m Brody! I am the Sheriff and what is
interesting about my character is that I can only move on spaces on land. – ‘Cause you’re afraid. – Well, I think also
because I’m the Sheriff and I’m protecting the people, so. – And you’re afraid of water.
– And you’re afraid of water. – And I’m afraid.
(group chuckling) – Okay, just as long as he can admit that. – Yeah.
– It’s only an island if you look at it from the water. – So I can move one space, I can rescue a swimmer, I can pick up a barrel, I can drop a barrel at the
docks for my friends to pick up. I can use my binoculars, which if the shark is
in the same space as I, I will see the shark. – Oh my goodness!
– Mm-hmm. – I can also close a beach. – Ooh.
– I’ve got to be either at the Mayor’s Office or at the Police Station to do so, but I can close any beach I
think the shark is gonna strike. – Out of control! It actually prevents swimmers
from being placed there, and you can only do it when
there’s no swimmers present. Now it’s time for the shark phase. All right!
– Sounds ominous. – This morning, early, as the dawn dawned. Two swimmers were eaten.
(Aliza gasps) – Oo!
– Oo-hoo. – From the North Beach. (ominous music)
– Oh, poor things. – Bing bing, om! All right, that’s the shark phase. Woo! – Hmm.
– Man, that pesky shark. Am I right?
– Oh, I know. – Oh I also–
– Have you seen him? – One of my four special abilities, FYI, no I haven’t seen the shark. – Huh, oh.
– Haven’t seen him. – Really, huh? – Now the shark has eaten two swimmers, which means they’re two steps closer to flipping the board to act two. – Right.
– What would you crew like to do?
– I wanna save those people at West Beach.
– Mm-hmm. – You sure?
– And South Beach if we can. – And South Beach. I just wanna really use that
barrel ability, too, though. – Right, we’ve got that extra, we’ve got that free action
with picking up a barrel or dropping it.
– You can also save swimmers, right?
– Yes. – You can.
– Maybe you can get some barrels, swing by me, drop ’em, save swimmers? – I would, I mean that’s an idea. – Honestly, you guys
could just all go inland, go to the bar next to the shop here. They make a great–
– Are you a shark? – Long Island iced tea, what? – You sound like a shark?
– Huh? – So it’s more important
that I get a barrel to you, I would say.
– Over here? – And you’re gonna be able to rescue both of these swimmers? – Yeah, I can do all the swimmers. – Okay.
– And okay. – So I will, so move here, one. Grab barrel, two. – Can you only carry one barrel at a time? – Yes.
– Boats have unlimited barrel capacity, but the land lubber only had one barrel capacity. – Move here, three, drop barrel for free.
– Mm-hmm. – And then I actually
have one more action, so. – You could go back to? – Yeah, you know what? I will go back to the store because that way I’m primed and ready for my next move. – Hand out those barrels. – You’re camped out in your tent. – Make it rain barrels.
– The Fourth of July, like Black Friday?
– I’m setting up a tent inside the sporting goods store. – Gotcha.
– I’m camping, as if I’m outside, but I’m really not. – Shall I go next? As the scientist of the group, I just want you all to
know that I am a scientist. Okay, I think my plan is to pick up that barrel for free, right? – Right.
– Free action. I’m gonna swoop by West Beach and grab those two swimmers, so that’s one, two, three actions. Since I’m super fast, I
can go from West Beach through seven, so one, two to South Beach. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeep! – And we rendezvous there. – We can rendezvous.
– For a barrel exchange. – Give all my barrels to you. I only have one barrel. But yes, that’s my turn.
– That’s great. – And a quick dip in the sea. – Yes!
– If you want. – I didn’t get to use fish finder. Ooh.
– Next turn. – Ooh, looks like just one more crew. – Crew who is neither
scientist nor land lubber, he’s a shark hunter.
– Uh-huh. – So he’s going to hunt some sharks. – All right.
– I think what I’m gonna do is get a barrel out here. – Nice.
– Are you, by any chance, in four?
– Am I in sector four of the wide open ocean? Me, the shark? No.
(tisks) – Long shot.
– Go shark fishing! (group giggles) Was that your first action?
– That was my first action. – Oh my gosh, you
started with two barrels, didn’t you Quint?
– It’s true, but. – A shark hunter’s always prepared. – Taking a move action, that’s action number two. – Party in South Beach.
– Mm-hmm. Now, I can either pick up the barrel, or you can give it to me next turn, right? – Mm-hmm. – So we’ve gotta get that
swimmer out of the water, that’s gotta be the next priority. – Three.
– Denied, denied, denied. – It looks so tasty! – I’ll take the barrel from
you as the third action. – Wonderful.
– And then? – That’s fourth! Shoot, move, save, barrel. – Barrel.
– Mm-hmm. – Well that looks like a round to a shark. All right.
(all laughing) If you would please, it’s
time for a new Amity event. Now this is the moment
where we would grab back any beach closed, fish,
or not the beach closed, binoculars and fish finders. All right, none of that happened. So let’s even it up. I have shark fins.
– Boom, helicopter. (Becca gasps)
– That sounds promising. – Before that, let’s place our swimmers. So two in the north, two in
the east, and one in the west. – Ill fated.
– Just one west? – One west.
– One west, and two in the north. – Two north. (Becca smacking lips)
– Uh-oh. – Oh boy.
– Also, it says, Brody may immediately move
to any space on the island. – Where do you wanna be, Sheriff? – I’m kind of on the space I wanted to be. – Okay?
– But, I also wanna rescue some swimmers.
– Okay. – I would say I’ll take, I’ll go to the North Beach to prepare for hopefully rescuing the swimmers. – Smart.
– I think that’s wise. – Smart!
– See yeah, you’re pretty sharp for a land lubber. – Right.
– Okay, so (mumbles) – Not only does the shark have
impressive linguistic skills, but the shark can read and write. – The shark can also try to manipulate us by telling us things.
– That aren’t true. – No shark is that smart. – And this shark is ready to
tell you what’s happened here we just we did that and
then we’re gonna end up, mm-hmm, and I got one
distracted by a helicopter and no one noticed. (imitates eating) – North Beach, twice?
– Swimmers can’t get a break. – Aw.
– Should’ve gone to the east. (players groaning) – This shark has eaten four people! – Oh! – Hey guys, sorry I’m late. What I’d miss? – Oh, Becca.
– What’s up? – There was a shark here,
– Don’t. – And it ate a bunch of people. – No, oh no!
– Don’t go in the water, there’s a shark.
– Don’t go in the water. – Stay out of the water. – Okay?
– North Beach is– – I’m just gonna stay half
way standing in, no reason. All right, friends.
– Okay. – What would you like to do, and in what order would you like to do it? – This shark is taunting us.
– Hmm. – Hitting the same beach twice. – Oh no.
– So I think we need to– – Thinking more about denying, cutting off the food supply. – Exactly, exactly.
– Right. – We could close a beach? – Yeah, if the Sheriff closes a beach, that gets all the
swimmers out of the water? – No, if you close a beach, it has to be an empty beach. – Hmm.
– May I remind you, plot wise, that the Mayor really
doesn’t wanna close beaches because then no one enjoys
their Fourth of July! – For my move, or for my turn, I could take care of those. I’m the closest to the East
Beach, for the most part. Actually, I guess you guys
can get there in two, as well. But, so somebody needs to go to the East Beach and grab them, someone else needs to
go to the West Beach, grab that person.
– I wonder if it makes sense for me to go East, ’cause
I can there in one move. – That’s right. – I can rescue them.
– Three. – And I haven’t used fish finder yet. I think I should do that. – If she started in the North Beach, where is the farthest the shark could get? – Well, she ate two, so she’d only move one.
– I guess we don’t know. – Right, ooh, yes. – So she’s either in five, one, she still might be in North.
– She might be in North. – Or six.
– Five, one, or six? Should I got next? ‘Cause we can go in
different orders, right? Or no?
– Mm-hmm. – Uh-huh.
– Yeah. – Okay, I will do that first thing I said, so I’ll zoom over here two spaces from South Beach to East
Beach. Oops, scoot scoot. Save, save. So that’s two and three. – Mm-hmm, you’ve got one move left. – And on my fourth, I
will use fish finder. – Bweep.
– Sharky sharky. – Bweep.
– Where are you sharky? – Ollie ollie sharken free. – Not gonna kill you or anything. Just wanna know where you are. – Are you in the East Beach? – No!
– Oh, cool, cool, cool. Cool, cool, okay. Oh, shark?
– Hmm? – Are you adjacent to the East Beach? (Becca groans) – Ya guessed.
– Oh yes. – All right, so.
(Becca giggles) – Do we know?
– Oh my god. – Gotta be six.
– Has to be six. – Hmm?
– Because she ate, ate, and then had one place to move to either before or after eating. So either she’s still in
North or she’s in six. – Let’s put it to the test. My plan is to pilot the
Orca north around the island and drop a barrel in six. – Hey, it’s me, your
human friend, Tiffany. (all giggling) Throwing a party in the East Beach. – Well I mean, I love a good party. – Quint, stay focused.
(chuckling) Remember your life’s work. – It’s just the pressure,
the pressure of the sharken. – Yep, your life’s work is
shark hunting, so all right. – One move, there’s two moves. I’m going to launch the
barrel adjacent into six. – Interesting.
– And you have one more. Right?
– Mm-hmm. – Two, three, one more move. (Becca imitates munching) (Aliza gasps) – It’s my barrel now.
– Yes! – I wanted that barrel. (players scoff) I don’t know if you know this, but they’re full of human meat. (all laughing) He gave me a practice.
– That’s the chum. – That’s right, chum, sorry chum. – But I can only launch
a barrel once per round. – It’s true.
– Okay, well that’s a good use of your launch.
– Mm-hmm. – You have one more.
– I do have one more, and I’m gonna use both my last move and my free action to
move here and hate you. (all chuckle) – Me Tiffany or the shark? – Well, I mean–
– I don’t know where that shark–
– If we’re going to be picky about it. – All right, Brody, what you gonna do? – I am going to move to West
Beach and rescue that swimmer. – What a hero.
– One, two. – Go, Brody.
– Three, and then I’m gonna go back
to the Police Station. – Good on ya, Chief.
– Last move, I could close a beach from there. – Yes, you can, you hero you. – Too bad you didn’t this turn. You had to save a pesky little human. All right time for a new
round and a new event. Cardboard fin hoax? Tell us more.
(group chuckles) – Okay, cardboard fin hoax. Move all crew members to the beach with the most swimmers. If tied, the crew choose
which beach to go to. – First, we have to place the swimmers. – All right, so we have one in north, one in south, one in
east, and one in west. – Ah.
– Hmm. – Those are our swimmers. Move all crew members to the
beach with the most swimmers, so we can choose.
– Oh, we choose. – Because it’s all tied up with one swimmer at each beach. – Okay.
– Shark is most likely to strike at either north or east? Unless she wants to forego a tasty meal to get out of our clutches. – So the furthest she could get without eating would
be one, two, three, or? – She can go out into the deep water. – And we–
– Yeah and just hide out in the water.
– And we all have to go to the same spot? – We all have to go to the same beach. – Move all crew members to the
beach with the most swimmers. If we go to North Beach
and she skiddadles away, we could clear it and then close it. – Yeah, and then chase her down! – And chase her down.
– Like the shark she is. – Mm-hmm, and I’d be close
to grabbing a barrel, too. – Yes.
– Nice. – Yes, that’s true.
– So let’s do it. North Beach.
– Okay, North Beach. – Pilot the Orca and science boat. – And the science vessel. Oh, I’m very–
– Did the science boat ever have a name?
– Fish finder. What’s that? – Did the science boat ever have a name? – Science boat? – Science boat.
– Okay. – We’re just all gonna say it together. – Hmm.
– The Einstein, maybe? – Uh-huh.
– Dangit. – Hmm, okay. – The shark has moved. (ominous music)
And you know nothing more. – Really?
– Okay. – She’s not here. – Did the shark play a card? Are we allow to see that? – I don’t see a new one there, so okay. – No, shark didn’t play a card. – No card played, shark
has moved and that’s it. – And not eaten. – And not here.
– Barrel didn’t go off. – So not through, right. So she didn’t go through there. That’s all we really know for sure. – That’s all we really know. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – So, strategy, strategy? – She could be anywhere. – She could really be
pretty much anywhere. – Almost anywhere.
– You know maybe the shark’s just full. Maybe you didn’t think about the fact that the shark is not a moral being and isn’t malicious at all, it’s just trying to live.
– Get through the day. – It’s a cold blooded, lifeless killer. – Mm-hmm.
– I need barrels. I’ve got one.
– Okay. – But I’m gonna need to resupply. – Right by the docks, so we can just. – Yeah, I could, why
don’t I do a barrel run? If somebody can grab
at least that swimmer. – Mm-hmm.
– I could go one, grab, two, move, three, four, drop. – Great.
– So one, two, three, four. – You’re gonna do five? – I dropped the barrel in space five. – All right.
– Mm-hmm. – Should I do the rescue? Okay.
– Let’s do it. – So I’m going to rescue our dear swimmer on the North Beach, fearless
swimmer on the North Beach. – Yeah, in the inner tube no less. – I could go either to the
East Beach, do that rescue, or to West Beach. Our shark, again, can be anywhere. – Anywhere. – She could have gone, she could be hiding out here. So I gotta just make a choice, which I think will be East Beach. – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. – Maybe the shark’s in
an underwater paradise. With her shark friends,
just having a great time. – Shark has a–
– I think you– – A lot of time on her hands. – One, two, three. I believe you have one more action. – I do? Yes, okay.
– Fish finder. – I’m gonna use fish finder again! – A fish finder you say?
– Boop boop. – Do sharks sweat? I think we’re about to find out. – They do now.
– I guess so. – Shark! Was I wearing fleece?
(all laughing) – Shark, are you in East Beach? – No.
(group giggling) – All right, Shark, are
you adjacent to East Beach? – No.
– Ohh. She got the slip.
– Yeah. – All right, Quint. Final decision time. – Well, she’s not adjacent to East Beach, what’s adjacent to six?
– I should have done it here. – And eight, but we
know that she’s not here because the barrel didn’t go off. So not here, not here,
not here, and not here. Had to be in that direction.
– Okay. – Well, luckily there’s a
barrel going in that direction for me to grab.
– Could have, shark could still be in North. That would be incredibly risky, but very sneaky, because who
would believe that, right? But, if you were our shark, would you stay and hope to fake us out or would you go as far as you could? – Our shark is very, very, very smart. – Very.
– I think if the shark was gonna stay in North Beach, the shark would have gone ahead and eaten that swimmer. – But then we would know
the shark was there. But we’ll take the chance.
– Okay. – We will pilot the Orca southward to five and pick up a barrel, that’s two actions, and
now we have two barrels. So the question is, I can get the swimmer.
– Mm-hmm. – With me, as we’re gonna
leave one swimmer in the water. But then I need to launch a barrel. And I need to launch the
barrel to the best advantage. – Mm-hmm, I like the
barrels in the corner. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm. I agree, so. So but then I can get the swimmer, or launch a barrel, but not both. – Oof, oof. – I care more about where the shark is than what it eats.
(Aliza laughing) – My play it, play it the
way Quint would play it. (laughing)
– Yeah. That’s exactly right. All right.
– Great. (all laughing) – Yes? – Shark?
– Who is it? – Hi, Shark, we have a
barrel of chum for you. – This is your friendly
neighborhood shark hunter wanting to know if you
are in sector three. – No.
(chuckles) – Didn’t think so, but long shot. – Okay, all right. Time for a new round and an Amity event. Looks like, ah-ha! – It’s the Fourth of July!
– The Fourth of July! – We got there.
– Fourth of July. – Woo! – Well, shall we place some swimmers? One at every beach, north,
south, east, and west. Beaches cannot be closed this round. (girls gasping) – All right.
– Oh my. So I’ll just keep this
little beach closed sign here with the card there. – Hmm, uh-oh. – Shark time.
– Shark time. – This could be a little tricky. – And a lot of swimmers!
– Yeah, oof. – And the Fourth of July. – A lot of eating. Ooh,
I just saw a card played. Special power was played. (players groan) Oh boy.
– Here I am, stuck in South Beach with a shark! (Aliza gasps)
– Aww. – Two swimmers were eaten, no triggers were triggered.
– Okay. – And one special ability was played. – Okay.
– All right. How many swimmers left in the water? One, two, three, four. – I definitely wanna rescue
these two closest to me. – Mm-hmm?
– Because we are (laughs) three away from? – I could rescue the one
swimmer at North Beach, grab a barrel, and be ready to launch it on the next turn.
– Mm-hmm. – You can’t launch barrels. – No, be ready, I’m
sorry, to put at the dock. – Be ready to pick it up.
– Drop it. – Well, let’s try, it worked once. Let’s try it again. Let’s, assuming she didn’t
use a special power, the farthest she could
swim would be one space if she swam at all. So that would be either South Beach, we know it’s not here. We know the shark, okay so
it could be here or here. – Number seven.
– If the shark played a special power. – Could be invisible.
– Could have moved up to three spaces.
– Right. – Right? If the special power was
eat all the swimmers, the shark could be up to two or six? Or five, but not one. – Okay.
– Hmm. Should we use the fish
finder first some place? To eliminate some possibilities? – Mm-hmm.
– Yep. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Where’s the best? Let’s see, strategically
I can do fish finder. – Grab the swimmer first, I’d say. – You’re right I could–
– Get the swimmer. – Grab the swimmer.
– Remove one. (snorts)
(laughs) – Denied.
– Sorry, I’m so focused on the goal. – If you deploy the fish
finder where you are, you can get how many? You get two, east, and eight?
– Two, six. Yes.
– And six. – Mm-hmm. – So this entire quadrant? – If I of it from here, I get a little bit more because– – You get East, six, and one. – Ooh.
– Although, again, there’s also the stipulation that she could have used invisibility. – She could have.
– But it’s worth a try. ‘Cause what else are we gonna do? – Right, well no.
– Just sit here and eat fish sticks all day? – Yeah.
– They’re delicious. Tartar sauce!
– They do sound delicious. Okay, I’m gonna do that, then. – Ooh.
– I will move to two, second action, and use as
my third action fish finder. Oh, hi Sharky. Hey, I have some questions. You must be really full and sleepy, so you have to answer honestly. Are you in two?
– Nuh-uh. – Okay, okay, cool, cool, cool. Are you on East Beach or
are you adjacent to two? – Nuh-uh.
– Okay, okay. – Hmm.
– Hmm. – Oh my god, hey. Oh, I was taking a nap. – I’ll say.
– Final action of my turn, I will move two spaces to the dock so I can be ready to do
some barrel shepherding. – Right.
– Oh hey, Hooper. (players giggle) – Right.
– Well my move’s pretty boring so I’ll just do, mine’s
very clinical this round. So I’m gonna–
– But no less strategic. – Mm, mm-hmm.
– Move one, rescue two. – Mm-hmm, very important.
– Move three, pick up four. – Great.
– So I’ve got a barrel. – Fantastic.
– Well done. – And now it’s the fun. – Correct, so I think
that there’s no debate that we’ve gotta get rid
of those swimmers, right? Gotta get rid of, I mean
save them, (players laughing) I don’t mean get rid of them. – Wow.
– Feed them to the shark. – I’m as compassionate
as the nest shark hunter. (clears throat) Question is, where is the shark? Where do we launch the barrel? If indeed the shark can be detected? – Right.
– So we got all the way to, but it’s only in the space
that we’re in, right? – But yeah.
– We’ll assume that she’s visible to us. ‘Cause what else can we do?
– Right. – Otherwise, might as
well not launch a barrel. – Mm-hmm.
– That’s what she wants us to do?
– Hmm? – Ah, tricky. So that means we have detected, you’re in here, here, and here, and we don’t think the
shark could have gotten to, could the shark have gotten to six? – I think–
– Yeah, maybe. – Yep.
– To South Beach? – It could have gotten to six, could still be there.
– Mm-hmm. – So.
– This was adjacent. – Right.
– Not adjacent to six, though, is it?
– Yes. – Oh, yes it is, actually. So she’s either lying, or she’s there. – Well, that’s against the rules. No shark would ever break rules. – Hmm, I think it’s
more appropriate to say she has an ability that
allows her to deceive us. – Huh? – Yeah, so, picking up is a move, this is a move, the question
is where to drop the barrel? – Mm-hmm, and you don’t
have to be in there. – I can launch it adjacent
and save a move, right? Pick up, move one, move two. – You didn’t pick up, you rescued. – Oh, I did, I rescued.
– Rescue. – Rescued, one move. So it’s either move and
drop and save a move. – So I said I guess South Beach or eight would be the possibilities.
– Yeah. – Yeah. Go for eight. – Throwing it, ping! – You’re gonna throw it that far? That’s a long way.
– Calling all sharks. Calling all sharks.
– Oh wow. – In sector eight. – I am shaking.
– Tiffany, do you have to go somewhere? – Maybe Tiffany should go lie down. She’s feeling a little super nervous. – Attention all sharks in
the vicinity of sector eight, show yourselves.
– Wow, guys. I don’t know, I haven’t
seen any sharks here. I’m at the other dock that
I work at in sector eight. – How did you get here so fast? – I know, right? – Huh?
– Huh. – Oh, there’s no shark in sector eight. – Interesting.
– Mm-hmm. – I could go for some fish sticks, though. – Was that your final? ‘Cause you rescued, you moved, you moved, and you flung a barrel.
– I have one move left. – I don’t think so. – No, I rescued, move,
move, launch, I’m done. I’m out.
– Oh, friends. Well here is a beach closed sign. – Thank you.
– Here’s a swimmer to go back over there.
– Fun times. Swimmers having a great time. You know what? There’s not enough
swimmers in these oceans. Let’s see what we can do about that. Holiday roast, we need swimmers in north, east, and west, west.
– East. – North, thank you. Two in the west?
– Mm-hmm. – Why do these swimmers
keep going into the water? – He’s silly. The docks are under repair. Barrels cannot be dropped at or picked up from either dock this round. – Ugh.
– Unbelievable. – Well, I’ve got one. – Okay.
– For the next round. I’m hanging onto it, then. – Becca, not Tiffany,
feels obliged to mention that barrels you’ve left around, you’re allowed to pick up
– Can be picked up, right? – And replaced.
– Oh, okay. – I hate to say it, but it’s important information. – That’s true, okay.
– Okay. – Okay, shark time. – Just one more. We just need one more.
– Right. – Just one more.
– I mean, do we wanna move a barrel, though? I mean that’s really the key. – Yeah, I mean oop. She’s playing another–
– Oh, a card. – A special move.
– Okay. – We still have your
fish finder advantage. – Still have the fish finder. So the special moves were fish frenzy, which she could have done. Or feeding frenzy.
– Feeding frenzy. – Feeding frenzy.
– Could have done that to get all the South Beach. – Mm-hmm. – ‘Cause if she’s not here. Or she’s at seven? – Right. – I might have passed her right by. – Or she could have stayed
in South Beach, too. – True.
– Yeah. – Oh my! It’s been an eventful
afternoon in Amity Island because there were no triggers, there was an ability played, and two more swimmers
(players groaning) were eaten.
(water splashing) (ominous music)
– Basically have one swimmer left.
– Oh dear. – Before we get to the next round. – To the?
– One swimmer or one barrel. – One barrel, right. – We could throw a barrel and get lucky. – Gotta pick one up. – Oh, hey.
– Tiffany. – What did I miss? I’m a shark, you guys. (giggles)
– Yeah, we figured it out. – Oh!
– Yeah. – No, you didn’t.
– Yeah. – That much was obvious. – I can’t believe you just told us. – I don’t, I ate so many swimmers. (laughing)
– We know! – And I don’t feel bad about it. – Not even a little bit? – I have no moral compass whatsoever. I just eat to survive, and for fun! – Well, okay, so she could be in south, she could be in seven. She could have stayed in West Beach. – I could close a beach, too. – Yes!
– What’d you say you’d do to a beach? (players laughing) – Close that beach!
– Close that beach! – Why would you do that to a beach? You shouldn’t treat beaches like that. – I’m gonna close a beach. – Do you wanna go first and close a beach? – Yeah, I can move to
the Police Department, close a beach. She just ate people at West Beach. – Mm-hmm.
(Becca imitates chewing) – She might be close and there-ish. I can close South Beach
or I can close West Beach. Which one should I close? – Are you asking me? – No, I was asking.
(all laughing) – There’s only one swimmer left, so and neither of them
have swimmers on there now. So, take tour pick.
– Right. – So, I am going to move
to the Police Station. I’m gonna close the West Beach. – On a holiday? – Sorry, it was the shark. – No rest, no rest for you. – So that was move two, move three, I’m gonna
move to the West Beach. You know why? Because I think you’re there and I’m gonna use my binoculars and see if you’re there. – Whoa.
– So, Tiffany the Shark. – Hmm?
– Are you at the West Beach? – Well you know I was there ’cause you watched me
eat all those people. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – But I’m not there now. Jason, Carl, I mean Quint, what would you like to do? – That’s better. – We have two swimmers in the water. – Two swimmers in the water. No barrels on hand.
– No barrels. – Although we can move.
– I have one now, but I can pick one up, right? Picking one up is a free action. Is a, sorry, costs an action. So move one, pick up
one, move, and rescue. – That one’s been nicely sun roasted. – Mm-hmm, now I have one more turn to, somehow I think that is the order. – Okay. – The choices are throw a
barrel or a save a swimmer. The one thing that triggers act two is the devouring of the ninth swimmer. So, that’s likely to happen anyway, but let’s try to minimize the chances. – Good call. So you move from South Beach to eight, you picked up a barrel, you moved east, and you just saved a swimmer? – It was against my better nature, but you know.
– Okay. I will, I wanna save this swimmer and then I wanna use fish finder. Those are the only two things I wanna do in my life right now. (group laughing) So I’m gonna move, get
this little swimmer, and now the question is the best place to do the fish finder from. I’ll move out to the open waters (Becca gasps)
and do fish finder. (Becca sighs)
Oh fishy, fishy? Fishy fishy, are you in one? – You don’t sense any fish one, big, big, big. – Fishy, fishy, are you near one? – Huh? No, your fish finder doesn’t find a thing. (played grumble) Maybe there’s something
wrong with your fish finder! (Becca laughs)
– There is. – There’s something wrong with our shark. – Oh, friends. It is time for new Amity event! Ben Gardner’s boat.
– Oh. – Five swimmers.
– We did a good thing because West Beach is closed. – Oh.
– So, we flip that over to say opening soon.
– Thank you. One in South Beach, two in North Beach, nothing placed in West Beach, we just know it’s gonna open soon. But, because there’s two west here, the first one flips it to opening soon, the second gives you back
your closed beach sign. – All right.
– But no swimmers are placed in the West Beach this turn. Good for you guys. (group laughs) Ben Gardener, oh if the shark moves through a space with a boat, they may knock the boat’s
captain into the water. The captain must spend two actions to get back in the boat. (Aliza laughs)
– Wow. – Okay, I think the
writing’s on the wall here. – Well, a shark’s gonna do
what a shark’s gonna do. – Yep.
– Is that a tile? – It’s a tile. – It’s the fourth tile. – Final tile has been played. – Well great, oh mu gosh. What a fun day to be a shark because in this day, the shark who is, I’m just gonna tell ya ’cause
I’m gonna eat my last swimmer, I’ve been here. I was right under your nose.
(Aliza squeals) (Becca imitating Jaws theme music) – Ahh! – Knocked in the water,
move to North Beach, eat a swimmer, and I’m one happy shark with 10 shark abilities. – Mm-hmm.
– Oof. – Okay friends, now it’s time for act two. So we’re gonna take a
couple minutes to reset. I’ll get 10 shark abilities, you’ll get three crew gear, one a piece, but don’t worry you have a couple that your character just starts with. We’re gonna have a great time. – You know what? You may be full of nine swimmers, but you’re gonna be slow
’cause you’re very full. – Mm-hmm, and now this–
– You’re gonna swim slower. – This is the round that we can kill you. – Uh-huh.
– Tiffany. – I feel intimidated
because there’s three of you and one of me, but I feel very satisfied with the number of swimmers in my belly. Voila, we have set up for act two. So, on act one the shark says they get 10 shark abilities. Don’t even, dealt me the one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. – And that’s ’cause you–
– Tiffany is greedy. – That’s ’cause you killed
nine swimmers, right? – Well, ate, devoured. I don’t know if they’re dead or. – You ate them, though? – I did.
– Pretty sure they’re– – They’re dead.
– I am pretty sure. – Just like you’re gonna be very soon. – Aww, shucks. (Aliza giggles) Now you guys get some crew gear. You’re gonna get three pieces of crew gear that you can distribute as you like. So you’ve got a shark cage, a pistol, and some chum. The chum helps lock in
the shark’s position, the shark cage protects you
if you fall in the water, and the pistol, of course, is
used for shooting at a shark. – We divide these up between us? – You do!
– All right. – Who wants what? – Anybody have any
particularly strong feelings about the equipment? – I’ve got one pistol already.
– You want a pair of pistols? – Sure, why not? – There we go.
– Shoot. – Rootin tootin shark shooter.
– Two handed. – You have the hat for it.
– Yeah. – Shark cage and chum, they both seem kinda sciency. – I’ll do the chum. I’d like to lock in where the shark is. – I will take the shark
cage and do my best to – Not fall in the water.
– Not die. – But if you do.
– Yeah, then you’re good if you do.
– Can I just say that, you can’t read a shark’s mind. Don’t even try. They’re too mysterious. All right, now I’m
gonna flip my board over and we each have a certain
amount of hit points. You all need to get me to 18 hits. – What?
– Then I’ll die. No big deal, just 18. – Jeez.
– You each have six hit points so just stay alive, at least one of you, as the ship sinks, the Orca.
– Great. – I could also win by
completely sinking your ship. – My ship?
– Okay. – Now if you would, please place your figures onto the boat in any particular tiles you like. – Ah-ha!
– Hmm. – Okay, now I’m going to reveal an A, B, and C resurfacing options. These all have symbols that relate to the tiles on the Orca. And I’ll be in one of those spots. I’m deciding right now. Step two, shark chooses
where to come for ya. – Oh yes, let’s place, there’s A. There’s B and C, okay. So I’m going to choose
one resurface token, and I can also play one
of my shark ability cards. I got a few, so I will indeed do that. – Jut 10.
– A few. – 10.
– A few is 10. – 10.
– All right, friends. I have chosen both my resurface token and my shark ability card. Timer for the crew to prepare and I’ll shark it up. – I want to play chum, because I wanna know where this shark is. So after the shark locks
in their resurface token, I’m playing chum. The shark player must reveal one of the resurface tokens they did not choose. Where didn’t you choose to go, Tiffany? – Me?
– What part of my boat are you not eating? – What part of the boat am I not eating? Not in B.
– Oh interesting. – Hmm.
– We’ll get rid of that. – Running scared, are you? That’s where I was. – What?
– Ha ha ha. – This chum is now discarded.
– All right. – Wow, crew prepares. – Crew prepares.
– So. – You all can move two spaces. Choose your weapon by
placing it above your board and then place your target
token wherever you are shooting. – Hmm.
– If we were a cold blooded, soulless, murdering killer shark, where would we bite?
– So she has some choices to make, if she hits us at A she can damage us for three dice, but she’s only got a defense of one? – Either Becca is going to
choose damage or defense. – Yeah.
– Right. – Let’s adjust to her choice line. – Right, so this one has higher defense, and that one has higher damage? – Yeah, right.
– So, okay. – So I’m gonna guess that Tiffany is going for the bleed.
– Mm-hmm. – Yeah, me too. – All right everybody,
let’s go one at a time. Who wants to go first? – Well, I’m gonna use my ranged weapon, which is a rifle. So I don’t wanna go anywhere, I wanna stay in the space I am in and target the A water space. – Interesting. You don’t wanna come a little closer to A when you do that? – No, I do not. I do not like your shark teeth. (Becca imitates biting) – Jason Carl, aka Quint? – I think that you are
going to go for the bleed rather than defense, so
I’m going to rush over to A space where I think
you’re going to attack, I’m going to target it with a flare. – Nice.
– And wait for you here. – Got it, and–
– Come and get it. – I guess technically it’s water, it’s pedantic, I’m sorry. It’s Tiffany’s way. Okay, what are you attacking with? – I’m just gonna move one because I’m gonna fire right here. – Yes.
– So no body thinks I’m at C?
– Ugh. – Interesting, so now the shark reveals, and I am at A.
(players chuckling) – Yes!
– Ha-ha. – But to be fair, I kinda picked randomly. (group giggles) Okay.
– Allow us our illusions. – No, no, that was well thought it and I accidentally picked very well. Look at all these dice I’ll get. Okay, next up I get to
also reveal extra strength. If the shark damages a boat space, the boat space is destroyed. – Ooh. – Uh-oh.
– Whammy. Okay.
– Okay. – So now the crew gets to attack first. – All right.
– Yeah! – Well, would you like to attack first? – Sure, I roll two dice. – Pew pew.
– Ooh. – Three.
– Three hits! Now my evade is one, so that’s two hits on shark.
– Two damage. – Nicely done, Brody.
– All right. – Good shooting, Sheriff. – This pistol goes away.
– Nicely done, shark. Here’s the dice tray.
– Thank you. I have two die to roll with my rifle, plus I get an auto-success
I believe, right? – What? Oh, rifle, powerful weapon.
– Nice. – So I have an auto-hit, which cancels our your one evade. – Mm-hmm. – Yes!
– Hoo, four! – That’s not good. – Nice shooting for a
city-handed science person. – Those typewriter fingers. – They also shoot things.
– What? You got city hands? – They’re trigger fingers. – So, how does the flare? I believe it attaches, is that right? – Please read.
– While attached, at the end of each round,
the shark must roll one die and take that many wounds. – Okay, so this is just–
– So is there an attached– – Now attached to my body.
– Yeah. – We’ll just keep her handy. There, I got a flare on me. Okay, well, well, well. Now it’s the shark attack. (Aliza gasps) Okay, so I’m going to
attack either the boat or a crew member in the water. No body’s in the water. I’m gonna have to eat this boat. I just like this token. Here I am.
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, I’m coming for your boat! Just, one.
– Ooo. – Just one.
– Okay. – I didn’t damage it. – I don’t think you are. – Yeah my extra strength
didn’t really help me. – Wow.
– No. – It looks like we might stand fast crew. – Yeah, this is.
– Round one to us. – Can I just, give me just a minute. – Sure, sure. – Listen to me, we gotta do this. We gotta take down a boat. If you don’t play along, dice. I’m gonna freak out. Okay, great. So there’s a flare attached to me and it is the end of the round, so I will roll one die
and take that many wounds. – Oh.
– That’s when I roll well, got it.
– Yeah. – Eight wounds for a shark in round one. – Wow, there’s more where that came from. – But then, maybe I’ll make
some better choices next time. – Hmm, some more resurface options? – A new round. The shark is now hiding, okay. – Hmm.
– Hmm. – So.
– And no detach options I see. – Right.
(laughs) – Mm-hmm, so that flare
is still gonna stick. – Mm-hmm, it’s gonna do
damage to her at the end. – Scientifically, I have an idea of where she might go next, but I won’t say it. – The shark has chosen. – All right. – Next up, crew prepares. – No chum, so we’ve gotta cover three sections of my boat. – I’m inclined to go to A. – A, so. – And I only have a melee weapon now. – We wanna avoid damage, so you gotta be in her,
you gotta be in there. – Mm-hmm, I gotta get up in her face. – Yeah.
– But, I think she might go to C because she
has higher evade there. – Well I’ve got one more pistol, and with the ability of the pistol. I’m actually going to
target in between A and C. – Ah.
– So that if she shows up in A or in C, I can move it accordingly. – You can move the pistol.
– If she shows up in B, nothing’s gonna happen. But so I’m gonna move here.
– Great planning. – And then fire here. – Good call.
– Mm-hmm. – Fingers crossed. – I agree with our city science friend that she’s likely to surface at C, so I’m going to rush over
there with my machete, which I’m going to plant–
– Nice. – Right between her eyes, her black eyes, lifeless eyes, like a doll’s eyes. – A shark doll.
– Aw, you think I look like
a doll? (group giggles) – Here sharky, sharky, sharky. Sharky. – With the same heroic intentions, I’m gonna rush over to C, use my hammer, and target it
right at that shark’s face. – Bunch of heroes over here. – It’s you or us, and my boat. – Hmm, interesting, interesting. Okay, well now the shark reveals and this shark is partying at A. – Oh!
– Brody, it’s up to you! – All right.
– All right, Brody. – When, at what time do you move? Reveals, after the shark
reveals their resurface token? Well that’s now!
– I’m moving. I’m moving my target over to A. – Ah-ha.
– So we’ll move that. – Smart, smart, smart, smart. – Good choice.
– And I shall attack. Go attack!
– But, but, I got an ability here. – Uh-oh.
– Second helping. After an attach that targets the boat, the shark may launch a second attack on the boat with two dice. They second attack may
target the same boat space, or a different one.
– Wow. – Ooh. – But you do that on your turn, right? – Yeah, now it’s your turn. – Okay. – But we’ll take away B and C because I was at A. – Let’s roll high here. Eh, two.
– Well I had an evade of one, so I will take one hit. – All right.
– You sure you don’t wanna come a little closer to the
bough of the boat there? – I’m good, I’m good thanks.
(Aliza giggling) – Okay, okay. This is a delicious
looking boat, thank you. I would like to first roll two dice to chomp away in the front
there where A is for two. Now it just damages, it does not destroy. Unfortunately, I played my
extra strength last time and no one was there to fall into a boat. – Ah!
– Here’s your targeting back. Now there’s one more thing. I’ll take a second helping. I will launch a second
attack with two dice, and the second attack is gonna target this space with you guys in it because I want you to fall in ’cause you’re tasty.
– Typical, typical, typical. – Ahh.
– It’s one. – One.
– So that doesn’t. – Third helping?
– Nothing. Nothing.
– Quite do it. – Nope.
– Dice, what did I tell you? – They don’t speak shark. – Okay well, that’s gone. – The Orca’s just too
tough for you, Tiffany. – I know, (sighs) at the end of each round I must roll one die and
take that many wounds. – Loving that flare.
– One wound. – Flare.
– I am more than halfway dead. Don’t worry.
– We’re chipping away at the shark.
– Yes. – You really are.
– Ooh! – Okay.
– Makes you wish you had been nicer to us. – I’m just a shark, I have
no moral ethics at all. (group giggles) – Once again, gonna restate, just a shark. – We’ll see.
– She wants to be clear about that. – Here we go, flipping
some resurface cards for the next round.
– Oh no. – Okay, so.
– Oh no! – She’s got two shake off
opportunities, two detaches. – So that flare is gonna
go after this, huh? – Hmm. – Oh, that flare was so good for us. – (sighs) Yep, yep.
– It did good work. – Shake off all attached weapons. Well, it served its purpose. Good flare, good flare.
– Yep. Got us to–
– It’s gonna be A or B unless she’s super tricksy and thinks she can take
it for another round and kill us, but–
– You never know what special ability she’s got either, so. – So nobody has anymore ranged weapons, you all will have to come to me, huh? – Mm-hmm.
– Well we were hoping you wouldn’t notice, but yeah. – Well.
– We weren’t gonna mention it. – Right, we’ve got so many guns. – Seems safer to say nothing.
– Yep. – Here we go, sharking it up. Crew, prepares, move two spaces, choose a weapon, place your targets. – Hmm, Brody outta bullets. What have you got? A baseball bat?
– A baseball bat. – A good old fashioned Louisville Slugger. – Mm-hmm.
– I also must say, my hammer, when I use it, the shark’s evade value is zero. – I like the sound of that. – So I think my strategy will be, I’ll go to where I think she wants to go, which will either be A or B, because she has higher evade in A. So I think I’m gonna go to A. – Great.
– And then, if she is here, I will hammer her and make her into a hammer shark. (boys groan) – Hammer head. (laughs) – Without the head part. – Will she trade a potential die of damage for defense or not? – It’s a good question.
– I don’t know. What if she chooses randomly? – We could each cover one spot, I think. – Oh, place your target if you would. – Oh, sorry, my mistake.
– Here. I said A.
– All right, I’m going to join my scientific comrade and hope that we’re right. – Okay, then I’ll go to
B to cover the other side with the baseball bat. – No one’s going to C, huh? – Nope.
– Uh-oh. Let’s hope we’re not going to sea, either. – If you’re willing to
automatically take a die of damage to eat a piece of boat, I’m impressed.
– Why thank you. Because–
– No! – I’m not. I’m at B, baby.
– Ooh. Oh, Brody.
– Hey, what’s up? – Hello.
– Okay, so A and C are going away, this is the time in which I shake off all attached weapons. I hate you stupid flare, I hate you. – Farewell, flare. – Free action to hate the flare. – We hardly (laughing) – We knew you well. – And, hard target. The shark’s evade value is three! (players groan) But crew gear cards
that affect evade values are still active, so you know. Had you come to B.
– If only, if only, if only. – Throw me the hammer! Can we do that?
– Can we do that? (all laughing) – All right.
– Here we go. – Hit me with your baseball bat. – I need to get a four here. – Come on, Brody.
– Brody, Brody, Brody. – Two.
– That’s a big fat zero. Ooh.
– Aw, man. – Pressure’s on, pressure’s on. Going for the boat.
(dice clacking) – Oh boy!
– Why is that so high? – Throw me the shark cage!
– Destroyed, yeah. I got five! Okay, so what happens is, Brody’s real in the water. In deep water, if you know what I mean. – Mm-hmm.
– And I have completely destroyed this, which only
had a maximum value of four. Goodbye, tile. – Ah, I felt that, I felt that. – Okay.
– I felt that. – That had the snacks. That part of the boat had the snacks. – I’m treading water. – Okay, so now since you’re
in the water with me, I get a little bonus! – Wait, what, what? – I love to eat humans! I don’t know if you know this about me. They’re delicious, and I’m gonna try and eat you right here. – Ah, swim, swim, Brody, swim! – One point of damage to Brody. – Ah, Brody!
– I just lost a foot. – Oh no, Brody. – Man that was hard. Okay, new round. – All right, goodbye hard target. Hello letter B.
– Lotta shark abilities there. – Now it’s gonna take you two moves to swim back onto the boat, but let’s do some new resurface cards. – Woo! – Hmm? – Okay, so.
– Man. – B is in quadrant two, A
is down below here, and C. – All right.
– What kind of abilities does a shark have?
– So A and B is shake off, but that’s kind of irrelevant now. – She doesn’t have attached weapons, so. The question is, will she
trade damage for defense? – Mm-hmm, damage for defense. – I’m a happy shark. – Okay.
– Okay. – Time for the crew to prepare. – All right.
– If you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna swim back onto the boat. – Please do.
– Seems like a good idea. – I guess I’ll go right here, which would make me, I
think that’s pretty much the only move I could make. – Mm-hmm.
– So I’ll be targeting A. – Any ideas, Quint?
– You worried about your boat? – All right, I’ll cover B. – Okay.
– All right. – Can’t get to C. – Yeah same, I can’t get to C, so it’s B or A, and I’m gonna, B or A, B or A? B or A? Okay, I’m gonna choose A. – Okay.
– Come on, Sharky, sharky. – Everyone chose their weapon? – Yep.
– Weapon chosen. – Okay, whoa. Guess what friends? I chose B!
– Ooh. – It’s you and me, Quint.
– Come on, machete! – Here we go, at last.
– Okay. So A and C, out to sea. – Wow. – Okay, let me show
you about my abilities. I have a domino effect. So if I damage or destroy a boat space, I’m gonna put two hits
on a boat space adjacent. – Ooh. – What are you gonna do? – Remember what I said about the eyes? – Beady, doll? – Lifeless, black, doll. – An automatic success. – And.
– That, (players groaning) – Oh no!
– ‘Cause I stared at you with my beady black
eyes right before you– – Oh no.
– Two blanks. – I just got too flustered.
– Okay. – So one automatic hit. – But I do have one evade.
– But you have one evade. So nothing.
– Now, I shall chomp at your boat with three dice. Oh, I got four hits, and that takes out that entire boat space, and because of domino
effect, I will also damage the bigger one in the middle here. So here we go, that’s
damage ’cause it’s adjacent. Goodbye domino effect, and uh-oh. Uh-oh sweet friend,
you’re in the water now. (Aliza moans) You’re in the water and
the boat’s looking bad. – Some how I think you might be the kind of fish to hold a grudge. (all chuckling) – All right, I’m gonna
roll one to bite ya. Two hits.
– Oh! – This shark is coming to get us. – Oh my gosh.
– I know. – It was the talking to
that I gave the dice. – Two down. Spooky.
– Mm-hmm. – My nerves, they’re frazzled. Okay.
– Yeah. – Not much of the boat left. – New round.
– So the damage pattern means that once we choose a part of the boat, unless we decide to swim. – Oh!
– We can’t get to the rest of the boat. – Resurface cards can be? – Yeah, this is interesting.
– Ah, okay. Oh, interesting. – So A and C both landed in the same spot and B landed in a spot that’s
already been destroyed. – The front end of the boat is– – Toast. – Yeah.
– It’s kind of toast, if she rolls well. So, suffice it to say, maybe we shouldn’t move there? – Surrender my boat? – Just the front end.
– What? (laughing) Is this what science teaches you? – Logically, you might
wanna just give that up. – Ah! – I say we put two people on the back and we put one person here, and then we’ve got every position covered. – Everything covered. – Yeah, that’s a good plan.
– Sure, let’s do it. – So if you surface, go here. – I’ll jump in the stern and
get my trusty machete ready. – I guess I can move, would
you like to move in the back? – I have a question, though. Where is my evade most valuable? If zero evade for the shark? – Here.
– You might wanna put me there – Because, it’s zero evade? – Yeah.
– You can do shark’s evade is zero, then it doesn’t matter. – Maybe to the higher evade place? Oh yeah, both of them have. – It doesn’t matter. – Then, okay, then we could
just stay were we are now. Maybe we should get two people on A? – Yeah, I feel like, let’s put you there because it’s more likely
that she’ll surface there and then–
– So move me to A and C. – Yeah.
– Great. – Thank you. – So we’ve got everything covered. – I think we’re working
really well as a team. – I think we are! And hopefully–
– Except for the fact that it’s eaten half my boat. – We’ll survive. – Ready for fun?
– Yep. – That’s what I call when I eat humans. You’ve prepared, you
have placed your weapons? Okay?
– Weapons. – And I shall reveal that I am in B. And my ability is making waves! If I damage or destroy a boat space, all crew members anywhere on the boat fall into the water space in their zone! (sighs)
(player groan) So that’s fun. – Seems like the kind of thing we wish we’d known about
in the first place. – Right, yeah.
– All right. – Okay, so we’re all in the water. – Crew attacks.
– Okay. So it looks like you two
are too far away to hit me. – Yeah.
– Unfortunately. – Just you and me, Jason.
– All righty. Here we go. Come on, baseball bat. – Ooh!
– Yeah! – All right, all right,
all right. I got a three. – I have an evade of two,
so I’ll just take one, which puts me to 11.
– Okay. – That first turn you
guys had was powerful. – That was pretty brutal. – Okay, so now it’s time
for me to bite a boat. I’m gonna bite a big boat real good. – You’d think you would be full after eating all those people. – One would think. I’m gonna go for this
front end of the boat because if I just get one, I’ll damage it, and if I happen to roll very well with these two dice, then I
could take it out completely. Chomp! Two hits, which just
damages, does not destroy. – Okay.
– And so? – So, basically?
– Oh my. – No, no, no. You’ve fallen in the water everybody. (players groaning) All
crew anywhere on the boat fall into the water space in their zone. Oh my gosh, Jason you are adjacent to me. Ad-Jason.
– Jason is adjacent. – Which means I get to roll one die and try and bita ya. Two hits.
– Ouch! – Oh no.
– I’ve taken three points of damage.
– Sheriff. – I am half alive.
– Is now a good time to tell you that I didn’t put
any first aid kits on my boat? – Barrels, but lots of whiskey. – Mm, and chum. – And chum.
– Whiskey and chum. – I could use more.
– I mean, what more do you really need? – You’re a great host
in a shark’s opinion. Okay. Okay, A, B, and C. Once again, we’ve got
two in the same spot. – Okay.
– It’s getting interesting. – Crew prep, so. – I really wanna gey my
hammer on this shark, so I’m gonna go to A-C, and that’s two moves to
get out of the water? Oh.
– Now technically, I should choose before you prepare. – (gasps) No! Then never mind, scratch that. I’m not gonna–
– She can’t got there anyway so I think–
– She’s gotta choose her resources, as well, right?
– And I can’t go to, yeah. – We’ve gotta get out of the water. – I was trying to jump
the shark with my move. – Ah.
(laughing) – Eh.
– Shark jokes. – No time for humor. – I have chosen a letter and a card. – I’m one chomp away. – One chomp away.
– But this is a risky game. I’m gonna stay in the water so that I can target A and C. – Hoo, hero.
– Hero or fool. – Okay. – Well history will judge, right. – I can’t stay in the water to do melee on A and C, right? – No.
– No. – Then I will get out of the water so I can get my hammer hammer time on. – It takes two moves to
get out of the water. – Oh, you can’t.
– Only target B with a melee weapon.
– Oh sorry, yes, of course. Of course.
– Right. So we, our choice is made for us. – Yeah.
– All right. – By virtue of marine geography. (group chuckles) – Science, wow!
– Well, well, well. – I’m impressed.
– Okay. – Guess what!
– But I don’t have city hands. Just wanna make that clear.
– Maybe, I’ve got–
– City fins? – These are country fins. – Country shark?
– Wow. – Country shark.
– Mm-hmm. So I didn’t think about the fact that you can’t get further away from me and I am targeting B.
– All right. – Which means I get one little die. – Okay.
– Okay. – So let’s do this.
– So that in the way. – I’ve also got a fun
thing called maul again. – What?
– After rolling for an attack, the shark may re-roll as many dice as they wish, the new results are final. I wish I’d done something different. Okay, great.
– Okay. All right, we attack. – Attack, you guys got some
good possibilities here. – This was so silly of a shark. – Mm, hammering time.
– A shark. – I like it when the shark
talks in the third person. Hammer time, one! And there’s no evade,
so you take that one. – I will, and I’ll enjoy it. – Right.
– Didn’t know it was that kind of game. Machete time!
– Ooh. – Nice, right between those black, lifeless doll’s eyes.
(dice clacking) – Aw. – Okay.
– Two hits. – Two and one automatic, so that’s two, but you have an evade. – Of two.
– Of two. – So I will take one,
it puts me to 13 damage. This shark is not doing well. – All right.
– I have to kill all of you. Or sink this whole boat. – Here you go, well done, well done. – Thank you.
– You macheted me. You hammered me, and now
I’m gonna bite your boat. I got two, and that’s the best I could do, so I will not maul again. That was a waste of a silly card. But I did–
– But you did damage. – I damaged this boat!
– Damaged. – And we’re in the water, right? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. You’ve fallen in the water with me, a friendly shark!
– Oh fun. Fun for all of us.
– Tiffany the friendly shark. – The friendliest.
– Okay, I’m about to roll for Aliza, ready?
– Oh, okay. I can’t do anything. – I hit you for two! – This whole time I was pristine, and now I got two shark bites. – You’ve been bloodied. Okay, coming at ya, Quint. – I’m gonna play my shark cage. – Nice.
– Smart. – So–
– You cannot take any wounds, so it doesn’t matter.
– Can’t take any wounds. – Yay!
– You did not take the one that I rolled. – Yay, Quint!
– All right. – Discard that cage. – Goodbye shark cage.
– All right. – Okay.
– Let that be a lesson to ya. – This boat’s looking sad. – It really is.
– Don’t wanna talk about it. – So is the shark.
– So is the shark. The shark is looking real sad. – Mm-hmm.
– Okay. – Don’t you just wish you had stayed and sold fish sticks? – Yeah, yeah I do. Tiffany very much wishes that. – Mm-hmm. You can go
back to your human life. – You don’t know that.
– It’s not too late for you. – I don’t,
– But actually, we’re gonna kill you.
– That’s not what the sea witch said. – I’m going to jump back
into the boat and target B. – I have selected my shark plans. What you doing, crew? – I am getting back up on the boat and I’m targeting B. – Running scared? Scared of a little water? – Scared of a large shark. – Oh, right. (group giggling)
Forgot about me. Sorry, that’s me, Tiffany the shark. – If we swim here, we can attack the shark if it’s adjacent. But we’re in the water with the shark. – Uh-huh?
– And we’re outta shark cages, chum, flares, toothbrushes.
– That bonus attack. – Delicious, though.
– Yes. – And we’re both one good
chomp away from being goners. – Right.
– Okay, so. – I think I’m gonna haul
myself back in the boat. – Quint’s on the boat. – I’ve gotta let her have a piece and prepare for round two. – Yummy boat. – Hmm, I think I’m gonna
swim to this space. – All right and target C? – This might be the scientist’s last act. I’m gonna target C. – I would say also, you know since this is the
first time we’ve played this, if we were gonna play
it again in the future, I would save our ranged weapons for later. ‘Cause the ranged weapons
would be amazing right now, but we used ’em all. – But we did get a really big chunk out of the shark early on.
– Yes. – Which was helpful. – Hey, lucky dice. But now it’s time for
the shark to reveal, C. Hello, welcome to the water. – This might be Hooper’s last stand. – Pretty cool, though, because you’ve got the only weapon that ignores the evasion.
– Mm-hmm. – Don’t worry, I only had one. – I am taking a second
helping of whatever happens. After an attack that targets the boat, the shark may launch a
second attack on the boat with two dice. The second attack may
target the same boat space or a different one. Now let me tell ya why I
should have played this better. If I knew you were coming
at me in the water, if you’re in the water I
could choose to attack you and now I could roll
three dice against you. – You already can, right? – Yeah, but if I don’t attack the boat, I can’t get a second helping.
– Oh. Oh, too bad for you.
– I know. – Choices, choices. – Shall we see how hardly I die now? – Okay.
– I shouldn’t say that. I might get through this.
– You could triumph. You could triumph.
– Yeah. I need just one die, with the power of scientific
hammers everywhere, I got one.
– I take it. – All right, thank you for teaching me. – My pleasure, so I’m not doing well. Strategy wise, I could kill you if I, on all three dice, you have
one, two, three, four left, three dive, I could totally
knock you out of the game. So total hits I need on
the boat are one, two, three, four, five.
– Three, four, five. – Six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12. Total hits I need on you guys are one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, is eight. (chuckling) Nine, 10, 11.
– 11. – It’s about, yeah, about the same. What are you gonna do, sharky, sharky? – I’m going boat. – All right.
– I love the taste. – Of boat?
– Of a boat. – So do I. – This shark is an omnivore. – Ooh.
– Shouldda gone for you. You’d be dead! – Yes, I would. – You know, maybe I would
have rolled differently? You know, it just depends. – Mm-hmm.
– Okay, so this part of the boat is destroyed and I will take a second helping, and I would like to,
I’m gonna roll two dice. And I’m going to try and eat the boat that Jason Carl is standing on because it’s only two dice and I wanna make you fall in the water. – That’s downright unneighborly. (all laughing) (dice clacking) (Jason Carl groaning)
– I have eaten the boat and you are in the water.
– In the water! – Now here is the thing, I’m just adjacent to Aliza. (Aliza grunts) So I’m gonna roll one die and try and bite you. – Ooh. Yes!
– Yay! – It worked. I did this and it worked. – Is that warding off evil? – Wonder science.
– Yes! (all laughing) – I’m Wonder Woman and Wakanda. – Science forever, huh?
– That’s true. Okay, so many good things. – It’s getting tense.
– One hand signal. – Yes, okay. – Next round, hard day for a shark. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm. – Harder for us, I think. – Okay, we got C in the
water next to Aliza, B in this empty water, A over in the water by
Jason Charles Miller, what’s a shark to do? – Okay.
– Made your shot. – I think I have my strategy locked in. – I’m locked in.
– Chosen? – All right.
– Okay. – Okay, so Brody are you hanging? – I’m gonna stay right there and I’m gonna take the chance that she’s gonna go for the boat. – Go ahead and place your target. – Targeting A. – I have a similar strategy to that Jason. – Okay.
– So I’m gonna get back on– – Which Jason? – That Jason.
– That one. And I’m actually gonna, I will cover C for us? – Three dice. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Or should I cover B?
– Cover B. – And you’ll cover C? I’ll cover B for us. – I think you’re right. – What are you doing, Quint? – Well I don’t think
you’re going to attack C. I think your best bet is
this smorgasbord over here. But on the off chance. – Okay, locked in. Do you have your weapons locked in? – Yep.
– Weapons locked in. – Machete, hammer, baseball bat! – Machete, hammer, baseball bat. Shark ability is coming to C. – Whoa!
– Oh yeah. – C, Quint.
– Here we go. (Becca scatting) – This could be it for either of us. ♪ Scoo boop ba doo I’m a shark-a-doo ♪ I have extra strength and
if I damage a boat space, the boat space is destroyed. Now, I am going to be
chomping an adjacent space, which is the one you guys are standing in. – Okay.
– ‘Cause I’ve eaten the other half of the boat, so that now makes that part
of the boat adjacent to me. – Okay.
– Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t even say this. Spoilers.
(group giggling) I guess it doesn’t change
what you’re gonna do. – Do go on. – We’re locked in. – Okay, Quint, you’re the
only one that can come at me. – All right, you’re going to take an automatic wound from the machete, but where are you? You’ve got one evade, two dice. This could be it. – Nope.
– Yes. – Are you ready? – I’m a shark. (dice clunks)
– Eh! Two hits.
– Two, three, total. – But I negated one!
– Aw. – So two total?
– Two total. She’s–
– Oh no! – Whoa!
– Somebody get her! – So how many do you have left, shark? – Just two.
(Aliza gasps) – Almost, so close.
– Two. – Okay.
– Okay, well. This shark likes big dice and big odds. So I’m going to bite the
place where you stand. The bey boat upon which you are standing. Now honestly, I don’t see
how just this little tip of boat is gonna survive, but whatever. (dice clacking) – I just need a two.
– Come on, boat. – I’m sure science could explain it. – Ooh.
– I got four and completely destroyed this. Had I not, it would’ve
still been destroyed because I played extra strength. Now, party’s not over friends. ‘Cause y’all in the water! – Oh yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh yeah.
– Quint, you’re standing close so I’m coming for you first. (Becca imitates eating) Two hits.
– Oh! – Still in the game,
you’re still in the game. – From Hell’s heart.
– JCM. – Mm-hmm?
– Brody, here I come for ya. (Jason Charles groans)
– Brody! Are you still alive? – I’m barely alive. – Ah, swim for it! – There’s gotta be an oxygen tank around here somewhere. – Two hits!
– Aw. – Aw!
– No, still alive. – She’s trying to take us with her. – I can’t believe we’re still alive. – Trying to take us with her! – Five bites for me to sink the boat and it takes one, two,
three, four, five bites for me to sink you guys. – Wow.
– Toss up. – I’m just a shark with options. – Tense round.
– And not that much left to live.
(players groaning) – Here we go. – This is it.
– The end is nigh. – It comes down to this. – I’m so anxious. You guys feeling this way? – Well, yeah. – It’s gonna be tough for, Quint, you’re not gonna be able to
get out of the water this time. – Nope.
– And you two are. – I’ll take my chances
and take you with me. – What’s it gonna be? – I don’t know. I don’t
know what’s on the cards. It could be anything? – If I were–
– I mean, she might have a card that
eats the whole thing in one go. – Three humans.
– All right. Aye, yie, yie, yie. – What a bizarre way to think. – I’m just thinking ahead. Some of us are gonna die. – Okay, decision’s been made.
– You’ve chosen? – What would you all like to do, crew? – Hear me out, you and I can get here. – Mm-hmm.
– And we’re safe this round and hope that his machete hit is enough. Or we can each cover each spot and hope that our hit is enough. – I think we need to try to like, I think either safety
or we all try to just– – So in that case, then C
is the best place to be. – If we all go for C, then we all have much more power to try to get her out. – Fair enough.
– I’ll go to B. – I’m biting my shark nails. – Target B, you guys go
to either way, right? – C.
– Somebody attack, somebody hit each one, right? – Yeah, I think we split it up. One attacks each one. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – I’ll go to A and stay
in the water and attack A. – Move down here and
stay and attack all this. – Yeah, I’ll stay in C and attack A and then you go to C and attack C. – Or I could stay adjacent and attack C. I’ll do that.
– Yeah. – Okay, even better. – That’s the best,
that’s probably the best. – Actually that’s great. – We’re ready for ya. – I’m in A. – Oh boy.
– See I’m a shark that just wants to live.
– A. – And my ability is domino effect. If I damage this one little part of the front of the boat
that’s still up there, then I will get to sink the other park. – Brody!
– Okay. – But I’ve only got one die. – We’re rooting for you, Brody. – Take her out.
– All right. – Two dice.
(dice clacking) – Two dice, here we go. (girls gasping)
Three! And how many does she have? – I have two evade.
– Two evade! – And I have one life to live. (players exclaiming) – You were so close. – Okay, okay.
– So close. – That was a good role, though. – I’ve got one die.
– Great roll. – Really good roll.
– All I need is one. All I need is one shot. (Becca blowing) (players guffaw) – Redo! Redo! I wasted my domino effect, I’m done for. This is just treading water at this point. I am going to bite you. (players laughing) I’m too full. I’ve eaten too much boat! – Tiff, you’re sleepy from all the eating of boats and swimmers.
– Brody, too fast. – I am alive. – Dude, I had such a good plan. I had such a good plan. – Here we go, here we go, here we go. – Had that turn gone in my favor. Okay, A is up there, B is here, C is here. (panting)
– All right. – Shark is gone, what are you gonna do? – What are we gonna do?
– Okay. What’s the shark gonna do? – The town’s still doing fine. Your guys turn. (laughing) – Okay.
– Okay, so same strategy. – Yeah.
– Yeah, just cover all the bases. – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – Don’t even have to get
out of the water, right? – If we did get out of the water, that would protect us a little bit. – Yes, that’s true.
– A little bit. – And you can get out–
– Move me to C and have me target C, and then you could do, it’s random.
– I’m gonna stay. – Pick whichever one you wanted. – I–
– Wait, wait, wait. Wait, no because you should target A or C because the chances of her coming up in B. – That’s true.
– That doesn’t make any sense. So move, just swim there or there and pick A or C. – Okay, A is that,
they’re the same I think. – They’re exactly the same.
– Exactly the same, random. – She came for Brody last time and I know she didn’t choose before, but I’m just gonna pick that. – Three, two, one, reveal! I’m in A.
– Yeah! – Oh! – Ah, you got that machete, huh? – Automatic hit.
– Yeah. – No roll required. – Isn’t that it? – That’s–
– Would be. – What if the dice come up blank? – If they, yeah. – I’m making waves, you’re
all gonna fall in the water, so roll two dice. If you get just a single hit, this shark is dead.
(dice clattering) – I hate sharks. – Oh!
– No! – But automatic, wait. Does the auto just not matter? – It’s negated back the fact that– – She has one evade.
– One evade, nothing. Zero.
(Aliza groans) – I’m a crazy shark and I’m coming for this boat. – So who else?
– Two dice. – Anybody, no? – Sorry.
– I wish I had the thing. – Okay, I wish I would’ve
rolled that last time. You’re in the water with the shark, hello. – A very weakened shark.
– Happy shark. – I think I’m gonna regret that last roll. – I’ve had a wonderful life. Okay, and I will bite, I’m gonna bite anybody
in the water with me. Jason.
– Hi. – Two hits to you, you are dead, Sir. You have no more.
– Quint! – I have killed a Quint. Okay, new turn.
– Dead in the water literally. – You know what, Quint? You fought valiantly. – Oh, Quint, we miss you so already. – Yeah, I doubt that. Avenge me!
– We will avenge you. – All right, now I’m
gonna make a couple waves and if I damage or destroy a boat space all crew members anywhere on the boat fall into the water space in their zone. That just applies to–
– Brody! – Brody, oh Brody. I should have done that
in the opposite order because now you’re adjacent
to me in the water. Oh gosh. Nothing.
– Ah! (Aliza sighs) – You had one life.
– Cannot believe I survived. – That is unlikely.
– Unbelievable. – We are very lucky.
– And unfortunate for a shark. – Do we leave his floating carcass? – I guess, yeah, you could
totally leave his floating body in the water.
– I think so, yeah. Maybe just off to the side here. – Burial at sea seems appropriate. – Not much time, not much option. – I think Quint would
have wanted it that way, burial at sea.
– To feed the rest to the shark?
– Oh yeah. For sure.
– Basically. – Yep, that’s what you think? – Yeah.
– Rather, it’s in my belly. I’m gonna put him here. – Ooh.
(group chuckling) – Legit.
– Thank you. Okay, we got new opportunities. It’s another day! All right, so there’s an A there’s a C, there’s a B, I am out of cards. – Oh!
– Ooh. – No more shark trickery. – Hmm, no more shark trickery. So if I were a shark and
I only had one option, I would probably want to sink a boat. Okay.
– I’m near B and I’m gonna go for B. Actually, I am gonna get
onto this little boat here. – Yeah.
– And target B. – Cool.
– I’m gonna do the same. (inspirational music)
– Let’s do this, Brody. In honor of Quint.
– Mm-hmm. – I am a shark and I’m in A. And I’m gonna try and
chomp this here boat, but you guys get to do nothing. – Okay.
– Right, we get to do nothing. Chomp the boat.
– I just have one little, so chomping a boat.
(dice clacking) – Ooh.
– I done sank this boat. – Oh boy.
– One piece left. – We still are on the one piece. (all laughing) Hanging, clinging for dear life to that one little piece.
– Give us our targets back. – Here’s your target. What’s your worry? – I’m worried that we’re
gonna get eaten by a shark. – Okay.
– That’s fair. – That’s a legit worry.
– No! – I’m worried I’m gonna
get killed by a human. – Wow.
– I think we all know. – This is it.
– Yeah. – This is it.
– Mm-hmm. – This is the final, this
has gotta be the final one. Everybody could roll no damage. – Yeah.
– Now you guys have to decide, okay I’ll choose first. – Mm-hmm?
– Sharks like to make smart decisions. Wise, wise sharks always
choose the best option. Okay. – I just realized that she
can attack us from wherever. – Right.
– We can only attack her where she resurfaces. – You can target one.
– One of us attacks A, one of us attacks B. – Okay.
– Yeah, mm-hmm. – I’ll take A.
– I’ll take B. – Because of the higher evade. – Right.
– Okay. – We got this.
– Here we go. – Nicely chosen. – You know I didn’t
think you’d do this whole splitting up thing, probably
should’ve gone for C and waited ya out, but– – Hey.
– I’m in, too. – I thought you’d think I’d go higher dice because that’s what I’ve
done the rest of the game. – I know, I’ve been trying
to track what you do, but you’ve been changing it up. – Okay.
♪ Oh where oh where ♪ ♪ My friend ♪
– Come at me, brah. With just one die.
– Please science. – Power of science! – Science be on my side.
– No evade, right? Because you have a hammer. Is that right? – No evade.
– No evade. – Obviously, because the logistics and the science of the hammer. – Zero evade.
– Zero evade. – So everything I roll will hit. – I think I got–
– One. – I am one. – We did it!
– Hammer to the brain. – One sledge of the hammer has done me in. (upbeat music)
Well friends, it looks like this shark is done. I think I’ve just become, chum. It’s a slant rhyme, I don’t
know if you’ve heard of him. Well, thanks so much for playing this game
with me today, friends. – Thank you so much for having us. – Thank you! This was super fun.
– Thanks. – Thanks to Ravensburger for
making this awesome game. We’ll see you guys next
time on Game the Game, bye! (upbeat music) (playful music)

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    The shark was only trying to stay on its South Beach Diet.

  7. I totally knew Tiffany were sharks. Those prices!
    This looks like a fun one, but the second act does seem a little flat if everybody uses their consumables immediately. The removal of the ability to attack adjacent spaces (with melee) at a certain number of wounds would keep it a bit more interesting I think, by forcing the players to risk their lives in order to damage the shark and also by making those shark cards more useful as the game goes on.

  8. So if Tiffany the wereshark was heading inland after breakfast everyday, you'd think someone would have noticed the really bubbly girl in a onesie dragging a barrel behind her all across town :0

  9. I think "Jump the shark" may have a new sub entry in the Urban Dictionary 🙂 Ironically, relating to something totally adverse to the original meaning.

  10. 1: nice set
    2: good graphic additions for shark location
    3: good running explanations
    4: Becca's dice rolling was painful

  11. Collection THX1138

    Where's the electric toaster oven card. they could've thrown it into the water to electrocute the shark. game over.

  12. That was fun. You might think about playing the Jaws soundtrack when playing and on Act II, everytime Jaws hits the boat, you take a shot of whiskey

  13. When she had the chance to take the girl that played Hooper out, she should of done so. Even if missing out on her card ability. That 'No Evade' weapon is a nasty piece of work.

  14. 0/10, can't get through the video because I keep falling in love with Becca Scott every time I try to watch it. Please replace host with someone less adorable. Tyvm

  15. This is one of the best GtG that I've seen. Can't say that I'm a fan of hidden movement games, but the theme fits perfect for the category. The components look solid, and overall for a game of a big franchise and the mechanisms involved it looks decent. Dunno if it has enough replay value but may be worth for the price.

  16. Just FYI, the "science" boat was named the Aurora. Which ironically translates to science in shark latin, so…

  17. Wow. That was *tense*. And it even ended more-or-less like the end of the movie! Quin dead, the other two wounded and clinging to an almost sunk boat, and the Shark just barely finished off at the last moment. Wonderful game!

  18. Should have finished off Hooper. Less players able to attack you means you can move more freely as the shark.

  19. Sigh

    Somehow nobody’s done this yet.

    Really silly music starts

    Becca shark doo doo, doo doo doo doo (repeated for all eternity).

  20. This is gonna be great, gonna get out the champagne, the pate-de-foie-gras, Iranian Caviar, oh and don't forget the colour tv!

  21. I've played this game twice now and it's great. In one, the shark ate all 9 people (feeding frenzy to get 4 in one turn!), and in the other the shark got 5 (which is what the game sets you at if you only play act 2, so it's the most evenly matched). Both games ended with the crew winning but only by a hair each time. It really rewards strategy in both acts, and minimizes luck to where it's present but you never feel like your choices don't matter. Also everybody seems to want to play the movie in the background, which is funny.

  22. 28:00 Quint saved 2 swimmers at West Beach, then moved two spaces. Therefore, he shouldn't have been able to launch a barrel as his final move if this was the way his movement was formatted unless the Amity Event was USS Indianapolis, which it wasn't.

  23. Was that a misplay at 47:46? Seems like you should only be able to target adjacent boat spaces for the second attack, otherwise that ability is too strong

  24. It's painfully clear that none of the players have ever seen one bite of "Jaws" the movie. Mrs. Kintner is coming to slap them all. That being said… Thanks for the play though!

  25. I’m glad I saw this video. I was just playing with my son and realized we made some errors in game play. Now I’ve got it. Thank you.

  26. Every time I see Becca's play through game videos it seems she's the only one that actually gets into character. Kinda like Will from Table Top.

  27. I never thought I'd enjoy watching people play a board game but this was great. However, I gotta say, I doubt this game happened the way it did without a little doctoring lol

    That played out a little too much like the movie. Quint dying, Brody and Hooper surviving. The boat almost entirely destroyed, down to the last second 😂

    It was still fun though. I own this game and when playing it can get very one sided so it makes sense to doctor it up a bit for entertainment value.

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