John McNukem – Shareware Hero

John McNukem – Shareware Hero

Hello kids! This is John McNukem A shareware hero from the eighties Now he’s enjoying the rest of his life… errr… code here in Lost Wages Unfortunately, his game didn’t sell well… that’s why our hero was put on a siding in the Matrix *hehe* But don’t worry… it won’t get boring here Because a dark, virtual force still has a score to settle with him “I smell a sound” “It’s a robber!” “Or a bot?” “Walnut stock” “Some really epic loot” “Well, if that isn’t groovy!” “John McNukem…” “…you won this time” “But that’s about to change!” “You little piece of…” [Now the German talking begins… :D]

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  1. “ich rieche ein Geräusch" sowas sieht man doch gerne mitten in der Nacht nachdem man auf einem Metal Konzert durchge*****….

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