Josh Hart Says He Sometimes Rage-Quits When He Games | Battlestations

Josh Hart Says He Sometimes Rage-Quits When He Games | Battlestations

– [Censor:] Do you mind
if I fight somebody? – [Josh:] Nah, your world, squirrel. – [Censor:] All right,
so, I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft. How do I do the charge attack? – One. – OK, tell me when I can do this— – Oh, nah, now my man— – I’m getting third-partied, dude. – Yeah, my man third-partied
you and now— – This ain’t cool, man. I was gonna get him too. I had him. – So whatever you do, just don’t die. [Bass thumping techno beat] – Hey, guys, I’m hitting the road again. This time I’m heading to New Orleans, the home of the Pelicans, to check out Josh Hart’s battlestation. My name is Doug “Censor” Martin. I’m a professional gamer and a four-time Call of Duty champion. When I’m gaming at home, this is my battlestation, where I play. I’m excited to get to Louisiana to see what Hart’s looks like. Josh Hart is a shooting
guard for his new team, the New Orleans Pelicans. – [Commentator:] Josh
Hart gets a good look. [Crowd yelling] – [Censor:] Off the court,
he plays World of Warcraft. He’s also new to gaming on PC. I’ve been a console gamer my whole life, so I’m here in the Big Easy to get a crash course
from Hart in PC gaming and get a good look at his battlestation. What’s up, Josh? – Ho, what up, my boy? – How are you doin’, man? You good? – I’m good, man. I can’t complain. – You got a nice spot, dude. – Thank you, man. Appreciate it. I had no idea if I was supposed
to close the door or not, so I just left that shit open. – [Laughing] – I just left that shit open. – [Censor: You just moved
here two weeks ago, right? – [Josh:] Yeah. – What’s your favorite
part about this place? – The campfire. I never had a campfire before,
and I’ve always wanted one. – Oh, you got your Chelsea jersey on. You watchin’ some soccer on this Sunday? – Yeah, man. So, I’m a diehard. So, I get up; I put the whole outfit on. You gonna think, like, I’m about to go— like, I’m about to go play in the match. – Yeah, I just gotta say, man, I’ve watched you since
Villanova, since day one. I wanna know more about you. I wanna see your gaming setup, and I also wanna know how you game. – Let’s do it. This is the setup. – Wow, man. This is sick. You got your little, like, arcade
thingy here in the corner. – [Josh:] The NBA Jam. I probably played this probably twice. I don’t know what I’mma do with it, but, hey, it’s just taking
up space right here. We got the good lighting. We got the dual, dual 65 inches. – This guy has the Switch
with the blue and the red. Do any other players on the team have, like, a Switch and you
guys play together or not? – Um, Tyler Ennis did my rookie year. I played with him. Ivica Zubac, Larry Nance Jr. But I actually just got a gaming laptop, so I’mma be bringing that on the road. – You got everything you
need right in front of you. Can you just go in depth about
all of your favorite things that you got goin’ on right now? [Bass thumping] – I would love to. – Please, enlighten me. – So, console we hooked up to this monitor. So, I play Madden, FIFA,
whatever I play on that. And then this would be my PC monitor. My keyboard and mouse
are both from Roccat. So, Roccat’s a German brand. Turtle Beach actually bought ’em. So, obviously I’m a Turtle Beach guy, so. I think this keyboard
actually just came out. – I don’t know anything about it, but I like how it looks. – And that’s exactly why I got it. But, like, that just sounds so nice. And then this PC, Turtle Beach built it. They gave it to me, and I was
very happy that they did that. It runs very smoothly. – When did video games start for you? – It started when I was young, when I was a kid. Probably like, probably
like seven, seven, eight. – What was your first game that you remember playing
when you were seven? – First Game? It was, like, Super Mario, Nintendo 64. – You talkin’ about the one where he has to, like, save
Princess Peach from Bowser? – Yeah, yeah, that one, that one. – [Mario:] Ya! Yahoo! Ya! Yahoo! Yahoo! – That one’s, like, still— that’s still, like, one of my favorite games. – Pokémon too. Like, when I was playing on
my Game Boy or whatever. – Oh, Pokémon on the Game Boys, yeah. – Game Boy Advance. – But then they came out with
the little attachment light, so I could just be up all night when I was supposed to be sleepin’, and, like, you don’t have to
turn the actual light on. You could just plug the
little light in from the top and, like, bend it over the screen, and you can, like, play during that. So that’s when, like, Pokémon
really took off for me. – That was the exact same
for me too, actually. That was before they had the Game Boy SP when the light was built in. – Yeah, built in, built in. – And I used to love turning the light on just to see the light go on,
and I thought it was incredible. You told me everything about your setup except for your chair. Who gave you your chair? – Turtle Beach and Maxnomic
gave me the chair, so. It’s very comfortable. It’s cozy. – Do you ever take a
second when you’re gaming and just like, “Yeahhh.” – Yeah—oh. I do that. – I do that all the time. – I do that and just
chill, like, in between games. Like, match is in progress, I’m just like, “Hey, yeah, snipin’.” – Do you know about this, though? Do you know what this is? – Bro, when I tell you I know nothing— – [Censor:] You don’t know
what this is right here? – [Josh:] I know nothing. I mean, that’s something
that helps with the sound. This is what I learned: Like, PC gamers, they’re so particular with all the, like, the specs and the keyboard, how they feel and all that. I’m really basic. I guess maybe cuz I haven’t
really played PC like that. It’s really been a month. – It’s been a month since you started? – Yeah, but then I was traveling. I was doin’ all that stuff, so I bought a laptop. So I was doin’ stuff on my laptop. So, honestly, last
night was the first time I got back, like,
on to, like, this actual setup. As you can see, still getting
used to my New Orleans life. – So, how difficult is it for
you to go from console to PC? – It’s difficult just because,
you know, you gotta basically, like,
retrain your fingers to move that kinda way. Like, you’re way more accurate
with a mouse and keyboard than you are with
joysticks on a controller. I’ve been grindin’ on WoW,
tryin’ to, like, get my PC wave goin’. It takes a little while, but I like it. It’s more accurate. – I’m a PC noob, so I’ve never played PC other than RuneScape and
MapleStory when I was a kid. – Hey, we’re in the same,
we’re in the same, my brother. – [Censor:] World of Warcraft, though. I’ve never played this game either. – You know, I mean, I like sports. I like first-person shooters, CoD, ya know, Fortnite. But I, like, slowly started
really liking this game. There’s so many different
kinda players you can be. So, there’s two sides—
Hordes and the Alliance. So I’m a Horde. And, like, you’re just tryna
to quest, level up. You can PvP against people. – And this is your guy right here? – Yeah, that’s my dude. My little Orc warrior. The name of the game is if you find stuff, then you can loot ’em. So, I’m just, like, run up, and
we’re just goin’ blow for blow. – Can we do that right now? – All right. – [Censor:] I wanna see. What is that?! – That’s my little charge. – Little charge? You just
Usain Bolt’d that thing! – I’m a big charge guy. – How many hours a day do
you play World of Warcraft? – I play it a couple of hours a day. I’m nothing crazy, cuz, like,
I’ll play this and then. [Growling sound] Got a cougar. – He’s right in front of you. Slice him! [Slashing sounds] – [Mocking laughter] – All right, so now what
we’re gonna do, Josh, we’re gonna play Never Have
I Ever: Gaming Edition. – OK. So every single time
I ask you one of these, if you’ve done one of these in the past, you gotta eat some Mike
and Ikes, all right? – OK. – All right, so first one: Never have I ever used a
cheat code in a video game. [Rattling noise] – [Laughing] What game was it? – GTA. – Yeah, yo, me too. – You gotta, you gotta— – Yeah, you have to, man. – You gotta use with GTA. – Never have I ever stayed up
for more than 24 hours gaming. – Twenty-four hours consecutively? – Yes. – Oh, no, I’m good. I haven’t done that consecutively. I gotta get my sleep. – Never have I ever rage-quit
during a video game and, like, broke or threw a controller or— [Rattling noise] Can’t even finish the question. – I got, like, videos on Twitter of me, like, throwing a controller. [Gunfire sounds] [Loud bashing sound] [Clattering sounds] – I did that on LAN
once, too, in a match. And we got finessed out of the game. I threw the headset at the
monitor and MLG fined me. – Since you have. [Rattling noise] I’m gonna give you some Mike and Ikes. – I appreciate that, man. – Hey man, you know, all love. – [Censor:] You mind if I fight somebody? – Nah, your world, squirrel. – All right, so I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft. I’mma just try, so WASD? – Yup. How do I do the charge attack? – One. – I can just– – [Josh:] No, don’t do that. That’s an Alliance. – [Censor:] I can’t, I can’t get him? – Nah nah, he gonna whup your ass. – Okay, tell me when I can do this– – Oh nah, now my man– – I’m getting third partied, dude. – Yeah, my man third partied you and now– – This ain’t cool, man. I was gonna get him, too. I had him. – So whatever you do, just don’t die. [Slashing sound] [Roaring sound] See, that’s the worst part. – Who is the best gamer in the NBA? – Um, Fortnite, me,
PUBG, I think Ben Simmons is big on PUBG, WoW, probably me cuz I think I’m the only
one that really plays WoW. – 2K, Madden? – I don’t even know cuz
I don’t even play 2K. – De’Aaron said the same thing too. Most players I don’t think play 2K. – Yeah, a lot of players don’t play 2K. – Call of Duty? – CoD, I’ll probably say De’Aaron. – You’re the best Call of
Duty player in the NBA? – Not even close. – You’re claiming right now
on camera, this is official, that you are the best NBA
player that plays Call of Duty? – I believe I am the best
player in sports, to be honest. – Do you play video games
with any other athletes? – Yeah. When I played Fortnite, I had like this Twitch
stream I did on Sundays and it was called Ballers
Only, and it was fun. I played with NBA guys, I
played with soccer guys, um, football guys, I played with Karl-Anthony
Towns, Larry Nance, Reggie Jackson, Terrence Ross, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. It’s cool just because it’s a
different side of the athlete. I think that’s probably why me and Larry Nance have
such a good relationship, just cuz we play video games for hours. [Man:] Quick dubs, quick dubs. [Other man:] Quick dubs! – [Man:] Squad dubs. – I can’t tell you how many hours we probably played together,
playing video games. Now, when you’re on the court,
you know, it’s always business, but when you get off the court, ya know, you play video games, you kind of dive into their personal life, you’re able to see people
in different lights, and you’re able to have a better
chemistry with those guys, and that even transfers onto the court, so, anyone who want to get
their ass whupped, holla at me. ♪ Tell me when to go ♪ ♪ Tell me when to go ♪ ♪ Tell me when to go ♪ ♪ Tell me when to go ♪ [Smacking sound] [Laughing] I might be able to– I’m at level 28, but, I might be able to get this
level 30 Sparkleshell Tortoise. – [Censor:] Yo, he’s chasing you.
– [Josh:] He’s chasing me. – Run, run, he’s gonna get you. – He’s gonna get me. Aaaah he’s gonna kill me! [Fanfare sounds] So, this is what happens when you die. – One last thing before we go. I have a surprise for you. My crew set something up for you. – Cool, cool, let’s do it. That was just so perfectly on cue. – [Censor:] There it is. – This is dope. – We got the old school Space Invaders. We want to know if you can
beat my high score, dude. You ready to go? – [Josh:] Let’s do it. – [Censor:] Have you played
Space Invaders before? – It’s been a long time. – Okay, let’s see what you got, Josh. Oh. – [Josh:] Oh, nah, look. I literally looked up at the score. I was like, all right, what score is it? – Oh, you might, you might get this, dude. Can you knock them all out? – [Josh:] Ooo! – You got one last life, one last life. You’re getting really close, dude. – [Josh:] Oh my god. The pressure’s on, man. One. Ah, you got it. – But I got the high score! You got the new high score, though! I got the high score! – It was a pleasure, man. – Ah, thank you, man. – Thanks again, dude. All right, I’ll see you later, man. – Bye. As you walk off into the sunset. – [Censor:] Yup. – Hey, I’m Josh Hart. Thank you guys for
watching Battlestations. Make sure you guys subscribe
to the Bleacher Report channel.

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