Justice League Apokolips War Trailer 2020 – Batman Superman Easter Eggs Breakdown

Justice League Apokolips War Trailer 2020 – Batman Superman Easter Eggs Breakdown

Justice League. We are facing an
existential threat to the planet! Our only option is to destroy Darkseid! Bow before me! A global war means everyone on the planet is at risk. You’re gullible fools! Darkseid is playing you. The humans earned their fate. I know you hate me but I wouldn’t be
here if it wasn’t necessary. I’m completely on your side now. No more planning. Just do it! We can’t quit the Justice League doesn’t
quit! Henshaw may be gone. But this was still the boldest move we’ve seen from Apokolips yet Darkseid won’t stay down
for long and we can’t play defense forever
then we agree we’re going to have to take this fight to his doorstep. Excellent! Count me in… Team! Okay, who left the front door open?! Welcome back everyone is Charlie this is
going to be my Justice League dark Apokolips war Trailer there’s a bunch
of Easter eggs and I actually think that they’re borrowing from some of the
deleted Justice League sequels the live-action Justice League sequels when
it used to be a trilogy some of this may actually seem familiar if you know about
a lot of the deleted scenes from the original Justice League movies so I’ll
explain as we go along if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get
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video I know you’re asking why is the title so complicated why didn’t they
just call it Justice League dark side war that’d be a badass title for a movie
I think the reason why they call it Justice League dark Apokolips war is
just to let you know that it’s a Justice League Justice League dark crossover
movie because of all the Constantine stuff and he’s a big main character
during the film so if you’re a big fan of that character it sounds like he’s
going to be huge during this next Darkseid war style story as you see from the
pitch you basically have some of the Justice League turning evil it sounds
like that’s an anti-life equation in dark side just emcees a bunch of the
Justice League characters particularly Batman like you see him apologizing to
Damian Wayne I know I’m the last person you want to trust and of course Damian
Wayne justice asses him through the entire trailer and here’s the crazy
thing if you guys didn’t see the slate of the title at the end of the movie
with the date and all that stuff it’s actually a rated R movie that’s right a
Justice League rated R movie if you ever thought that that would happen my guess
is is they just go super hardcore with it that’s the only reason why these
animated movies wind up being rated R they did Batman Killing Joke
as a rated R movie but that’s obviously a very very hardcore comic book story so
when you heard that they were doing Killing Joke it was easier to understand
why they might make it rated R but hearing they just a regular typical
bigger Justice League movie is rated R as a bit of a surprise nowadays because
the Joker movie blew up so big made over a billion dollars in the DC black label
seems like it’s going to be a thing in the live-action universe now DC rated R
movies don’t seem so weird digging deeper into the Easter eggs and deleted
scenes from the other Justice League movie it sounds like the pitch is
similar to the plot of the cancelled Justice League sequel when Justice
League was still planned as a trilogy of movies and I’m talking about
live-action Justice League after all that stuff happened they came out and
they explained what the other two movies were supposed to be in that plan trilogy
so the second movie was going to be there Empire Strikes Back with kind of a
downer ending with Darkseid coming to earth at the beginning of the movie
destroying everything enslaving Superman using the anti-life equation after he
killed Lois Lane just to keep Superman on Team Darkseid that was all supposed
to play in to the batman vs superman nightmare sequence that was supposed to
be a vision of the future that came to pass in the second Justice League movie
all that second movie Darkseid war stuff Superman anti-life equation was supposed
to set up the concept of the flash time-travel scene in Batman vs Superman
during Justice League 3 so in that third movie the flash was going to go back in
time with cyborgs help and Batman to warn Batman in the past to save Lois
Lane obviously we never saw any that come to pass there was this other plot
line where they had tried it before they were stuck in this time loop in the
first time that they tried to go back into the past it didn’t work which is
why all this terrible stuff happened during Justice League 2 so when we get
to Justice League 3 they try the other point in time to go back to that winds
up being successful Batman saves Lois Lane from Darkseid Superman never
succumbs to the anti-life equation and they’re able to form the full Justice
League with the help of Hal Jordan in the full Green Lantern Corps who would
have shown up earlier in the trilogy most of that stuff never got filmed that
was just the story that they wrote that they would have started shooting back in
2017 2018 after that first Justice League movie came out Kevin Smith did
this whole long story about how he saw a bunch of Jim Lee’s concept art that’s
right Jim Lee who’s now like the sole publisher of DC because of all the stuff
going on behind the scenes at DC Comics did all this stuff for the Justice
League trilogy when it was still supposed to be a trilogy while they were
making that first Justice League movie the studio canceled the trilogy plans
turned it into one movie which is the one we saw in theaters so it sounds like
the DC animated people love some of those story concepts and decided to pick
up on that and do their own version of it as a rated R movie like okay we’ll do
this Darkseid coming to earth taking over everything all hope is lost some of
the Justice League get emceed by the anti-life equation then a bunch of the
villains have to work with the heroes and come
cause to save the earth and get rid of dark side like the reign of the Superman
post-credit scene so if you haven’t watched DC animated movies in a while
there’s sort of a Justice League line of continuity with the Superman films in
the last couple of years some of the DC animated films are sort of one-off and
they stand on their own but some of them are connected and that includes the
death of Superman reign of the Superman and now this
sequel Justice League dark Apokolips war there was a reign of the Superman
post-credit scene where Lex Luthor just comes on to the Justice League’s
satellite and says hey team what’s going on we ready to defeat Darkseid we know
he’s coming obviously they’re pissed about it because this is just happening
now and he’s been their villain for a long time but a while ago in the comics
they did a story line called Justice League dark side war and during that Lex
Luthor also does work with the Justice League to try and save everyone they
take it in a bunch of really twisty ways trying to use the Lex Luthor characters
in a way that you haven’t seen him before they blame him a little bit more
like an antihero a little more complicated but he still really does not
like Superman one of the great Easter eggs you kind of noticed in the
background here too though is the Lex Luthor does not do things out of the
goodness of his heart he’s obviously using this as an opportunity to turn
public opinion in his favor he usually uses situations like this particularly
when Justice League characters go ham on everyone else and they turn against each
other so that later when the disaster is over and they win the day he can go to
the public looking like a hero see I worked with the Justice League to get
rid of Darkseid I’m so amazing now I’m such a hero elect me to public office
then he can pull a very Spider Man far from home post credits scene style twist
where he shows everyone footage of Justice League characters doing evil
things under the control of Darkseid although he doesn’t tell them about
Darkseid controlling them with the anti-life equation you do imagine a DC
version of J jonah Jameson just shaking his fist complaining about
Justice League characters trying to turn public opinion against them that’s a
very classic Lex Luthor style twist to pull and if you’re big Justice League
dark fan there’s obviously a lot of Justice League dark stuff going on
during this with Constantine going up against Darkseid trying to use his magic
against him I really like this scene here where it seems like he’s trying to
read Flash’s mind and seems like he sees a vision of flashpoint like oh wow some
stuff is happy we don’t know what’s going on the
universe has already been rebooted once but if you’re big fan of Justice League
dark it actually sounds like JJ Abrams bad robot operation is going to be
working on some kind of Justice League dark movie but I don’t know who would
direct that who they would cast in it if they would use Matt Ryan as their
live-action version of Constantine it would be really cool if they did that
crisis on Infinite Earths on the DC TV shows kind of tried to bring all of that
stuff together with the movie stuff because of the big Ezra Miller flash
crossover with TV flash probably one of the best moments from crisis on Infinite
Earths but when it comes to the live-action movies I wouldn’t hold your
breath too much about a lot of the TV characters appearing in the live-action
movies and speaking of Darkseid Tom King said that they’re almost done writing
the New Gods movie I believe they’re a couple drafts in they’ve been working on
it for a while now the movie is based on his mr. miracle run which is amazing if
you haven’t read that and you’re really big fan of the comics do check it out
Tom King has been doing some fantastic stuff in related to Jack Kirby stuff but
we’re talking about New Gods Darkseid stuff Jack Kirby over at Marvel the very
first Marvel Eternals trailer is probably going to drop in the next month or
two so of course I’ll do videos for that movie when we get it we find out what
it’s actually going to look like but everyone let me know in the comments
what do you think about them doing a rated-r Justice League animated movie it
just blows my mind that they would even try that the internet went a little
crazy this past week because of Henry Cavill Wolverine stuff here’s the video
the explaining what was going on with that what the reality is and click here
for that brand new spider-man 3 announcement Thank you so much for
watching everyone stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight!

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    Here's my new Justice League Apokolips War Trailer and Easter Eggs video. With a bunch of deleted scenes and concepts from the live action movies. Here's The Batman Teaser Trailer video too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYCHWd_mze0&t=0s

  2. WB wants to keep putting out filth so badly these days. They have made it their number one priority and do not really care about good story telling or bringing in and keeping a younger audience. I'll be glad when they die off or are sold to someone else.

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    I just finish rewatching Superman: The Animated Series also I’m liking that it’s Rated R and surprised at the same time can’t wait to watch this!

  7. Vic_ championboy_calinastic king_hybrid athlete

    Can't wait for the film to be out,the fact that it's rated R is soooo awesome!

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  14. You know, if WB just used the storylines from the animated features for live action movies, it would be a whole lot better than what WB has done so far

  15. now that is a big disappointment.. No Big Barda and Mister Miracle (Scott Free)… it is wierd to do such a big Apokolips War event movie without them … just cut out Lex he is not needed.

  16. Did Constantine always do the arcane shield thing? I don't remember the Hellblazer comics I read. Looks a bit stolen from Doctor Strange in the MCU given how popular that became. I get he has to do something more action-y given the whole space war situation, but still. At least give it a more unique look. Please correct me if I'm wrong and Constantine has been doing that for a while now

  17. First I heard of that planned Justice League Trilogy. It sounds fantastic! WHY is DC so damned timid? That could have blown up (in a good way!) to rival the MCU. Also, if they had to do animated, why not CG, at least to the level of video games? I say "at least" when even some of the game play sequences are amazing. "All half measures, all half the time." Or something.

  18. Personally think the rated R stuff is going overboard and not necessary. It blocks out an entire market of people.

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    How superman will End Darkside

    Superman: Cough

    Darkside: you wasn't supposed to do that

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  25. 6:55 The full continuity includes Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League: War, Son of Batman, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood, Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, The Death of Superman, Constantine: City of Demons, Reign of the Supermen, Batman: Hush, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and now Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

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  28. Great that they are doing it, DC is killing it at the animation game, but the real life movies are are terrible, except for Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, and those Batman movies, but the animated films are Good.

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  30. About your comment about tv characters may not appear in the movies, when they did Flashpoint on tv and there was the part when Jay stopped Barry from going back in time to fix things. Jay who was experienced in knowing the concequences talked to Barry. They could do the same in the movie version of Flashpoint and have Grant stop Miller from doing what he tried doing on tv. Not to make it a big scene but something significant.

  31. Why are the animated DC films a million times better than the live action ones? Oh yes, Snyder had nothing to do with them 😛

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