Kahuna Board Game – Playthrough & Review

Kahuna Board Game – Playthrough & Review

8 thoughts on “Kahuna Board Game – Playthrough & Review”

  1. Carcassonne, Tyrants of the Underdark and Ethnos play pretty well as 2 player games.
    Excellent video, Nice to see a well done play through of this game and hear your thoughts on it.
    Have you tried The Rose King by Kosmos yet?

  2. You mention about how there are Euros that also let one person get ahead without any real catch up mechanisms, and thus that doesn't make this a bad game.

    While I agree that outright, it doesn't, I do think that by the nature of most Euros where end game scoring isn't always apparent until you start scoring, this situation is more forgiving in the Euros rather than this game.

    The fact that early to half way through round 3, you could tell Monique really didn't stand a chance of winning, it removes any real motivation to finish it out since you know how it will end. With the Euros, I feel like since you can't recognize that one player may have chance, you are compelled to keep playing as best you can.

    Additionally, I am not sure that is a great situation for a 2 player game. It really just drives home the "taking the wind out of your sails" feeling when you recognize the game is over with more gameplay still left.

    The production is really nice. And as always, I love love love your playthroughs! I think in this series, Targi might have been my favorite option. Imhotep Duel was nice too. But Targi seemed the most … Engaging and most Euro like in terms of options for scoring and different paths to take and focus on.

    Great job with this series! I enjoyed having a series with a theme. Any plans for more series like this about other themes? Perhaps based on game type specifically (deck builders or tile laying or engine builders maybe)?

  3. I like how you always take the time to explain what you're doing. It makes it easier to follow along and learn. That sets your channel apart. Keep it up.

  4. Nikola Jambrešić

    @16:05 Moni should have lost control of Kahu. Consequently, Naveen should have probably won second scoring, right? 🙂

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