KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

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100 thoughts on “KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan”

  1. This is the way i see it KSI has made it to the top and he is in his prime he has made to such a good point in his life we’re he has the resources and time to live and breath boxing so I mean this could be a good or ok fight


    33:48 Look how Logan quickly takes of the towel as one of his cornerman is wiping his nose… hmm someone doesn’t wanna look weak..

  3. Stian Fadum-Harstad

    Watching this a year later and before the rematch ksi won this, he won round 3,4,5,and 6. Now he knows how logan fights i think he will finish logan.

  4. Logan 10-9 round 1
    Logan 10-9 round 2
    jj 10-9 maybe 10-8 round 3
    jj close 10-9 round 4
    jj 10-9 round 5
    jj 10-9 maybe 10-8 round 6
    I believe if there was more rounds jj would have got a knockdown or a tko

  5. Ksi won that bro. Im a fan of Logan more as a creator but I really think Logan was knocked out pretty much just running at ksi leaning on him at the end lol

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