LA Noire’s Enigmatic Sequel

LA Noire’s Enigmatic Sequel

When you ask the average gamer what they would
think of an LA Noire sequel, their overwhelming reaction tends to be: “gosh darn heck yeah
let’s do it.” As was demonstrated in my extremely scientific
poll the other day. Most people who have played the original game
hold remarkably warm feelings towards the IP. It was one of the most groundbreaking games
of its time, regardless of how it has aged. Simply, LA Noire has cultivated a fan base
that demands a sequel; a sequel that we would all be very willing to purchase should it
arise. But despite this reality, Rockstar has remained
silent on the game and a potential sequel save for a few coded and cryptic statements
from their management teams. But what I can confidently say, is that an
LA Noire sequel makes sense, in whatever form it would take, more on that in a minute. But don’t take my word for it. AND if anyone over at Rockstar happens to
see this who could have an impact on this maybe sorta happening, maybe you could, you
know, be convinced and make the game and fulfill all my hopes and dreams and take me out to
dinner and then drive me home walk me to the door and then… Hrm… Let’s uh… Let’s just get into it. LA Noire was designed to be the first game
that made its animation quality the driving gameplay feature. Using a new and, for the time, revolutionary
facial capture system allowed the developers over at Team Bondi to achieve a level of visual
fidelity that had never been seen before 2011. [LAPD… SNEEZE] Bear in mind, this game launched on the Xbox
360 and PS3. This was running on fairly antiquated hardware
which made it all the more impressive. In fact, I remember my first experience with
the game. My uncle owned it for the 360 and had the
case sitting on the couch one day when my family went over to visit him. I was struck by the interesting cover art
and so I opened it, and the case had 3 discs! I remember being struck by the thought of
how vast the game must be to require 3 discs. And so, I asked to borrow it, and before I
knew it, I was home solving my first few murders. It’s hard to describe, but the feeling that
this game gives the player, the quality of the world building, and the life with which
the gameworld is painted all serves to create an experience unlike anything else. I had never encountered anything like this. And little 14 year old Luke was stunned at
how engrossing every twist and turn was. The game makes full use of its 3 disc length
campaign. It puts you in the shoes of an up and coming
homicide detective in the LAPD in late 1940’s Los Angeles. Everything from the cars, to the music, the
acting, dialogue, and even the patterns on the cloth that makes up the lead character’s
suit prove historically accurate and effective in establishing the world of LA Noire as that
of post-world-war-two America. All of this took an immense amount of work. Team Bondi worked for over seven years to
create LA Noire, and it almost didn’t release after a close call in 2009 when they couldn’t
get a demo build working when Rockstar executives showed up to see the game’s progress. There were a plethora of technical issues
with the game. For one, data streaming was pretty terrible
leading to extreme pop in when driving through the map. Load times were very long, and the massive
video files required for every characters facial animations proved very taxing in terms
of storage on the game’s discs. Hence, the 3 discs on the 360 port. Furthermore, the facial animations weren’t
dynamic, they were all recorded and projected onto basic meshes. This is something known in the business as
“sticky mapping,” a technique where you project a 2D texture, or in this case a video,
onto a mesh in 3D space such that it can move freely in 3D space as though it were a 3D
texture from the outset. It’s a technique used in movies and TV to
allow for you to create a 3D scene from something as simple as a single picture. Heck, I even used one such clip earlier in
this video made by Andrew Price from Blender Guru. It’s actually pretty easy, you can even
do it using free software, in 2020 that is. But in 2011 this was ground breaking and very
hard to get working, especially on antiquated hardware and consoles. However, despite this, they were able to get
it working, and they launched the game in 2011 to extraordinarily positive reviews. It sold quite well and talk of a sequel began
immediately. However, Team Bondi had screwed up pretty
massively while working on LA Noire. They were accused of pushing their employees
into “12 hour work days” and months of crunch time. They had extremely high turn over because
of these work conditions. Furthermore, there were a plethora of accusations
against the games’ creative director Brendan McNamara stating that he was responsible for
poor management and cultivating a toxic work environment. All of this came out immediately after the
release of LA Noire, and it resulted in Rockstar management severing ties with the studio. This left Team Bondi on their own, and after
searching for a new studio to partner with, they failed to find anyone willing to buy
in. And so, Team Bondi was left with upset employees,
dysfunctional management, and a brand that was known for making a cool game but also
for mistreating their employees. And so, in August of 2011 they announced they
were looking for a buyer, and after failing to find one, they entered liquidation on October
5th of 2011. The company owed over 1.4 million to various
people and groups, with over 75% of that debt being to their own employees. According to a Kotaku report: 33 staff credited
for their work on L.A. Noire were owed a combined A$1,074,283.28 in unpaid wages or bonuses. Among those, McNamara claimed to be owed US$102,495.16. All of this to say, Team Bondi was a mismanaged
mess and frankly, it’s amazing they got anything released at all. But, despite their liquidation, the team splintered
off and started work on a new project under the veil of KMM Interactive entertainment,
a studio established by Cory Barlog, Yes, God of War Cory Barlog. They started working on a new game that was
set to be the “spiritual successor” to LA Noire. It was a game internally known as “Whore
of the Orient.” It was to use similar tech and be set in Shanghai
in 1936. They worked on it for a couple years and we
even got leaked gameplay from it that looks half decent for something very early in production. BUT, in 2016 it was confirmed that they had
abandoned the project and what was left of the LA Noire team was disbanded and broken
up. So, it doesn’t look good. Rockstar severed ties and appeared very upset
with the team, and the developers disbanded and went defunct. Surely LA Noire has been lost to history and
will never be touched again by Rockstar or anyone in their development umbrella…. BUT WAIT! What’s this? Oh, it’s a remaster? It is! And a Switch Port! Oh joy! And a VR expansion! Wonderful! It seemed like over night in 2017, Rockstar
remembered how much people loved LA Noire and they began re-releasing it with new textures,
animations, and ports. It showed they still cared for the franchise
and that they weren’t giving up on it. Furthermore, it proved that they still held
legal rights to the game and it’s IP. Something that was seriously in question after
Team Bondi’s dissolution in 2011. If ever there were a sign that Rockstar could
be playing with the idea of a sequel, this would be it. But to be honest, this is all conjecture,
there’s not much evidence either way. So allow me to wrap up with some reasons for
and against a sequel. For one, the game is still popular and the
remasters sold quite well. Interest is still high and this style of game
has its fans. Furthermore, true crime is taking off right
now and is more popular than ever. Look at the surge of true crime on YouTube,
in podcasts, and documentaries. It’s huge, and taking advantage of it with
a AAA video game just makes sense. Furthermore, the tech has evolved and is only
going to help create a more efficient and effective game of this style. However, there are reasons not to do a strict
LA Noire sequel. For one, it’s clear that LA Noire’s story
wraps up pretty cleanly. For those of you who haven’t played it,
I won’t spoil the final moment, but let’s just say, there’s little room for a part
two to Cole’s story. Because of this, another game in the same
time and place wouldn’t work well unless it were a straight remake, which could work,
but isn’t really what’s being discussed. Lastly, if they choose to do an LA Noire style
game in another time and place, such as Shanghai in 1936, it would effectively be a spiritual
successor and not a direct follow up. This isn’t inherently bad, but it isn’t
exactly the direct sequel that a lot of people want. All told, there are reasons for and against
creating a sequel to the game. While I understand and am extremely sympathetic
to the sequel argument, I think there is something to be said for LA Noire being left alone. It was a fantastic game and one of the most
immersive stories and worlds that I’ve ever explored. And so, leaving it to age like a fine wine,
untainted and corrupted seems like a fair decision. But, a sequel, spiritually or not, would be
fantastic and I think we all would welcome it with open arms. But what do you think? Let me know. Please like and subscribe to get more videos
like this, thank you for watching, I love you all more than you could possibly know,
and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace out.

100 thoughts on “LA Noire’s Enigmatic Sequel”

  1. Thanks to Rockstar's fantastic copyright claim policies, I am unable to monetize this video (since I, ya know, used gameplay footage from a decade old game)… All I ask is that if you enjoyed it, you consider checking me out on Patreon.

    Love you all.
    ~ Luke

  2. As for the story, why can't it be a separate thing with its own story and characters and still be called L.A. Noire? Or N.Y. Noire, or Chicago Noire, or whatever. GTA games are called GTA in spite having little to no narrative connection between each other

  3. I haven’t played L.A. Noire, So I’m not sure that this would be totally plausible, but if making a sequel might not work (and I do know the ending), maybe Rockstar could make a prequel instead like Red Dead two?

  4. Should an LA Noire sequel be under production, I think it should be a spiritual successor set in 70s Miami.

    I think it should be exploring the same idea of detective work, but now under the focus of the drug trade primarily, considering the context and all.

  5. I think if they made a sequel in the way that "Still life" was a sequel to "Post Morthem" would work pretty well here. Basically the sequel would take place years later, and would for some reason or another revisit the events of the original, might even actually put you back there as flashbacks.

  6. If they do make one, i hope the open world is not boring like it was. I had nothing interesting to do other than the cases itself.

  7. Man a game set in pre-World War 2 China would have been awesome since that was a bit of uncontested territory for a setting like that.

  8. I would love a Red Dead 2 type scenario. Something where we are in the same general world, time and place, but with related characters (Jack Kelso?), the Cole story was wrapped up well, and I think another Noir game in 40s or 50s LA could work really well with new characters

  9. I remember seeing the trailer at GameStop one day back in 2011 I was amazed and absolutely obsessed with it that I pre ordered it

  10. I feel like a spiritual successor would be the best bet, unless we got a Jack Kelso sequel set maybe in the 50s, but I think a series set in different locations and different parts of early to mid 20th century America would do very well, a different city with a different story, and with rockstars current tech they can pull off another period piece, they did very well with making RDR2 a living world during a different era, I would like to see how rockstar handles another noire cop themed game.

  11. Its so weird that you just uploaded this, I got the remaster edition for PS4 (playing it my second time since PS3) like 3 days ago because it's just that good of a game

  12. Maybe made in the Coca era of LA with Cuban influence and under cover, murder solving still in there.
    And great car design time, around the 1976 to 80's.
    Would love another game, just a couple of months back, I got the remake, and its still as good as the original, which I still have from ps3.

  13. ANY new Noir story game, gets my lunch money! It's my FAVORITE era in American history, hands down. From about 1935 up thru maybe 1955. Where the old America faded and the 'American Century' began. Before it really turned back into copper. I could totally get into something like archers 'Danger island' from this era, or 'tales of the golden monkey' style island hopping, swashbuckling adventure. Any place or time that Indiana Jones or any analog of him might fit. Or Mickey Spilane, or Dashielle Hammett.

  14. Well..dan houser is gone

    Which equals less creative risk

    Which means la noire 2

    As take two interactive wont let go of that gta online cashcow

  15. I personally was very disappointed with this game and felt it could have been way way better. That being said i still play this game from time to time and bought the VR version when that came to the PS4 and thats because even tho this game could have been better there is nothing quite like it and when you want that fix from a detective game or just some 1940s nostalgia there really isn't much else out there. If they ever made a sequel i would buy it in a heart beat. I would like there to be a lot more interaction tho.

  16. I doubt Rockstar will ever make a game that isn't GTA ever again. Too little money involved to their tiny brains lol.

  17. Mafia wrapped up the story pretty well and they made a sequel even better than the first one.
    I think they had the best approach for that kind of situation. Mostly Different time and different people but clearly the same world and a thematic continuation.

  18. Steven Andreyechen

    The should just do sequels in different cities and add the word Noire to the end, similarly to how Assassins creed is named. Also they should be more like anthologies than actual follow ups, each telling a specific story about a specific detective.

  19. Argelis Planchart

    Chicago Noire,a spiritual succesor game where you play as Elliot Ness in command of "The Untouchables" police task force fighting against Al Capone's crime empire during prohibition era in the 20's and 30's.

  20. I personally would love nothing more than to see a sequel game. I still play the original quite often and I thought when it came out it was way ahead of it's time. The gameplay is smooth and the storyline is simply awesome 👍👍👍

  21. Rockstar has their heads up gta onlines asshole so I doubt it. Dude has some nasty arm hair. Shave that shit homie good lord

  22. You seem a bit fixated on the idea that a sequel would have to connect the first. L.A Noire would be perfect as an anthology series different characters each time maybe even jump to different eras.

  23. Open world GTA game set in between the 40's and 60's. Focus on the mafia, drugs, and crime. Rockstar would totally nail the atmosphere of the game.

  24. Missed out on the first one but if a second came out I’d 100% buy, that would be a different kind of game imo solving cases and shit like how the first one was

  25. I loved this game, I hope they make some sort of sequel

    P.S. Apparently you were correct that it's pronounced "Bond-eye", because that's how the city in Australia (Bondi) is pronounced

  26. I don't think Phelps would have to have anything to do with a sequel. They could just make isolated stories in the series, like the twilight zone or something. Tells lots of stories that have nothing to do with each other. Yeah that makes them more spiritual successory but they could do it.

  27. Your uncle sounds like a cool guy. We must be the same age, think I was around 14 when it came out. I was so excited after seeing the original trailer.

  28. I have had since 2012, haven't got around to finish it yet. I'll probably buy the remaster and play it after I finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  29. I've bought this game 3 different times over the years. One of my all time faves. I desperately want a sequel

  30. But where would the micro-transactions fit? Purchasable facial expressions? A casino? Nah, the kinds won't be hooked up on this murder mystery thing, the franchise is dead.

  31. I am literally waiting for L.A NOIRE 2 one of the best games ever imagine a sequel in 60s LA with a lot of open world freedom and different varieties and side missions also taking advantage of the ps5s tech best facial animations ever pls rockstar do a sequel

  32. I really hope we get a sequel, I just played it for the first time recently and I absolutely loved it, one of my favorite games of all time, I hope we get another game, sequel, prequel

  33. MajorBoothroyd007

    I always wanted an LA Noire sequel where you play as Kelso who is trying to live a normal life following the crazy events of the first game, until he's thrown back into the investigative world when numerous conspirators in the Elysium case start turning up brutally murdered, and he's considered as one of the main suspects of the crimes due to the resentment he feels about how Phelps was treated and the end he met trying to do the right thing. Kelso would then be forced to go private and investigate the case around the cops and the living conspirators (possibly including a still alive Monroe) who want to blockade him at every juncture, which would test the limits of Kelso's endurance and resourcefulness, as well as that of the player. I imagine that all the same investigative gameplay would be there, from the Truth/Lie/Doubt system to the notebook clues, but they could even add in an exposure meter where, depending on how sloppy you are on the case, the police and/or Monroe's people would know that Kelso was actively investigating the case, which could put added obstacles in the player's way as punishment from time to time.

    Obviously the big twist in the story would be that the killer is actually Phelps, who survived his flushing in the sewers but who is horribly disfigured and full of hatred, to the point that he exacted his anger on those who hurt the people of the area and tried to end his own. It would then be Kelso's quagmire to figure out what to do, pursue Phelps though they have a history or try and understand his motivations and ultimately help protect him despite his actions.

    Granted, Phelps being alive does ruin the noir spirit of the first game, as it soils the dark ending if he just survives, but I just love the idea of him being revealed to be behind the crimes when he was the one solving them in the first game.

  34. MrTheDarkKnightFan

    An L.A. noire sequel with great parkour, Max Payne kind shooting mechanic & crime solving tactics leading to different consequences would become an instant MASTERPIECE!!!

  35. an true crime game but in la in the 70's, when all the serial killers were banging loose and doing all kinds of stuff would be interesting. like mindhunter on netflix but in a la noir style.

  36. maybe a game about a private investigator in a city like Detroit, Chicago, or New York anywhere from the 1920s to the 1960s I would love to cruse the mean streets of Chicago investigating claims of infidelity and uncovering conspiracies.

  37. I’d love to see a modern day London, massive area where an up and coming detective in Scotland Yard must start in the urban under bellies up to the prestigious. A lot of different types of tech could be used opening the game up to more interesting mysteries and conundrums. With all the different forms of crime in London it wouldn’t be difficult to form a story. Could be a mix of Hot Fuzz and Sherlock, coming back from service in Afghanistan, the police officer struggles day to day with ptsd which could play into the story, but as the cases become more difficult and you become a detective solving mind testing scenarios and puzzles this condition could decrease as of the main character may have a need for this sort of thing.

  38. Noir in New York or Chicago would be interesting. I would love to see a game go broader and take on a Hitchcockian 'man on the run' type of story with gameplay that's similar to L.A. Noir. Expanding on Hitchcock a mystery game set in WW2 England with spies, government secrets, and the looming war would have plenty to draw from.

  39. sequel can be loosely based off of LA Noire , like the GTA franchise which is set in the same universe but has different story and characters

  40. I loved the game and want another one. Personally, I'd like to see a 40's-70's non-linear story based in New York. I want to see the grittier side if NY that we only really see in 'Once Upon A Time In America' or 'Jacobs Ladder' mixed with the glamorous side. I'd like an 'off the job' section for just living in the protagonist's day to day life (something that I thought L.A Noire was missing).

  41. When Rockstar posted that picture and it said "1948" I thought "Hm, L.A: Noire took place in '47… No way they'll reveal a sequel"… BUT IT SURE WOULD BE FECKIN' AWESOME, it's my most favourite game of all time 😀

  42. The next gta that has an online needs to have an option where you can become either a crook a cop or just a normal civilian. Wouldn’t mind waiting 20 years to get a game like that where it incorporated all of rockstars games.

  43. Tbh we could see the sequel on the next gen consoles, because la noire cane out late in the last generation that could well mean that rockstar was waiting for the ps5/xbox x to release so that the sequel could be made on better tech thus creating a bigger, better more realistic looking game and with the new gen having ray tracing it would look spectacular, thats just my opinion though.

    In terms of financial prospects for rockstar to make a sequel i assume it would make sense depending on their predicted sales and how much it would cost to make but its not like they are strapped for cash…

  44. 80’s miami detective game would be sick but there needs to be more features like having to turn people in and maybe even do paper work

  45. I think what I like most about LA Noire is the story. I’m currently replaying it for like the 5th time because I forgot some of the story and I don’t want to forget it lol. I’d honestly take an LA Noire 2 over GTA VI, RDR3, Bully 2, or any other rockstar game

  46. The idea has to be expanded and have the quirks and major "open world" flaws fixed.
    I liked it, but wasnt mesmerized by it bc the whole games strength lied in its concept and story to an extent, where the freedom only extends to the 1st run where you find if you picked the right or wrong guy…and it's open world being limited to few selected scripted "radio dispatches" that werent actually dynamic, with the world being emptier than most other open worlds at the time bc your "freedom" was limited to the amount a police officer has.
    Also no more Brandan McNamara please.

  47. Fun Fact: Team Bondi's founder Brendan McNamara was also known as the director behind The Getaway and it's sequel, Black Monday. Both those games and LA Noire had real life vehicles, each of those games have two playable protagonists and they have successors that were eventually stuck in development hell.

  48. The top 3 countries for film noir are the US, France, and Japan. We already did LA so while New York might be interesting I'm more inclined to hit Japan or France. Imagine chasing a car full of bank robbers through the streets of Paris as the attempt to escape to their safe house somewhere in the country. You could even map out a large chunk of the southern coast of France hitting Marseilles, Nice and even Monaco to add further international flair. Knowing how large open world maps can be after what we saw from RDR2, places like France and Japan intrigue me much more than a simple city like New York.

  49. Make the notebook have more clear context like Danganronpa's truth bullets, make the saves whenever you want or more frequent, make the story and characters more compelling, and you got yourself a perfect L.A Noire sequel.

  50. Been obsessed with the idea of the last couple days. That the sequel is gonna take place in 2047. 100 years in the future! A science fiction Noire.

  51. LongHoodForwardProductions

    An interesting spiritual successor to LA Noire would be neat if set in late 1920s-Early 1930s Chicago during prohibition. But have the story branch out to locations outside Chicago too. From the Mansions in the north suburbs to the the coal mines and corn fields south of Joliet, to the lakefront in Indiana.

  52. Wow, you're so young. You talk about this the way I talk about Mafia 1. When I played LA noire I had to go back and play Mafia 2 and of course Mafia 1 again

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