[Laguerto Redo #7] Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie) Think Fast Poster

[Laguerto Redo #7] Sonic the Hedgehog (Movie) Think Fast Poster

*Whoosh* *Whoosh* x2 *Whoosh* x3 ♫ LAGUERTO REDO ♫ Hello everyone, I´m Naxo the Laguerto and welcome to the 7th episode of Laguerto Redo Today, I´m Redoing the Sonic Movie Poster “Think Fast” I wanted to try something different that previous Redos, So I made most of the poster in Blender using a slightly modified version of the Facebook AR game model. When I found the model it wasn´t riged So I been learning how to rig, model, and edit models So I hope of being able to use this on future videos So, yeah, Now you are seeing me posing the model to match the poster Thanks to everyone that asked for it I really appreciate the comments and I try to give me the time for reading and answer them Now I´m posing the hands and here´s when I made a mistake I posed them without looking at them through the camera view So later you´ll see that it looks weird now I´m doing some ajustments to the head and legs A little thing that I fixed from the models textures Is the fact that the Puma logo doesn´t appears in the yellow shoe label Which is odd as the shoes are the Puma shoes, and the logo appears on the sole of it So I edited the textures on Photoshop and I also gave it a color correction Here I´m editing the face And now I go back to the hands to fix my mistake Some minor ajustments And back to those fingers Now I go and make the render I gave the pose some off camera fixes I used the cloning tool on photoshop to erase the old sonic and have a clean background Background cleaning is one of my favorite things to do The sad but great part is that if you do an awesome work no one will notice it A tip for If you do it Only use it in parts of the background covered or close to the main object That way If you aren´t sure of how good it looks It will just camouflage with the rest of it Now that the old Sonic isn´t visible I can start working on editing some of parts of the render I made some extra edits to the render off camera I posted a version of it on my Twitter but even with all of that I thought that it need it extra detail So I used the same techniques I used on my previous Redos to add it So, lesson learned “Don´t throw your old knowledge away just cause you know new stuff” you never know when you that old technique might come in handy So just like the previous videos I used parts from the official posters renders to give mine it´s fur Some of you might be saying, “But Naxo, you could have just used Blenders Hair simulation for the Fur” to that I might answer that I couldn´t Sadly my PC isn´t strong enough to render a hairy Sonic without making huge amounts of lag And if I left my PC rendering without using it the estimated time was over three days and this video has already taken long enough That´s why I decided to go with the “Collage” technique And speaking of time The reason I took so long to make this video was cause I been working on some other personal projects Which concidently also are related with Blender and Photoshop as I said I recently started to learn to model, rig and edit So I been using my free time working on that Here I´m editing the legs Also about time I ran out of things to say I´m writting this at like 3 a.m. So, yeah, enjoy the rest of the edit I guess. Remember stay awesome and see you next time!

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  1. 5 million subscribers with no videos

    What about the one we’re he’s flipping the ring on the building and can I have shout out plz

  2. what about the picture where sonic is with tom fighthing the guys from the bar in the prototype image? i'll send you it via twitter.

  3. What about the one sonic has run all over the city and stopt on the roof from the building thumbs up with a ring?

  4. I am sorry… I know you put LOTS of times to re-doing the original posters, I loved your previous posters but this new one is a "no" for me… In this poster, Sonic seems to have 2 right legs.

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