Latinos Play Angry Moms Card Game

Latinos Play Angry Moms Card Game

– Oh, god. – (speaking in foreign language) (group screaming) – [Kimmy] Oh, Maya! – Who’s in trouble now? – Oh, dammit. – Welcome everyone, once
again, to the whole thing where we get litty city
and play card games. We’re going to be playing Angry Moms. – And I’m gonna win.
– Whoa. – And Maya’s apparently gonna win. – I’m only here for the tequila. – Created by Cards For All People, they created Black Card Revoked, they created multiple other card games, it’s all about bringing
all everyone together, celebrating culture, memories, while having a good time and laughing. This game is Angry Moms, where you win by throwing chanclas
at your fellow friends. We’re going to be taking it up a notch, and we’re going to be making
this the drinking version. – For adults only, kids. – For adults only, kids. Drink responsibly, y’all. There’s a deck of cards and two chanclas. Everyone gets seven cards each. As we go through the
deck and put ’em down, we want to find the matching card. Once we have the matching card, then we lose a card, which is good because the person with no cards wins. So, every time you pull
out an angry mom card, it’s gonna be a line from an angry mom, and you’re gonna yell it out. And the minute that touches the table, then it’s a free for all for
whoever grabs the chancla, and throw it at anyone they like. And if you get hit by the
chancla, that is a drink, and also five cards added to your deck. So does everyone get it, generally? (group moans)
– No, no. – We’ll learn it as we go.
– Yeah, we’ll learn that, we’ll do a trial.
– We’ll learn as we go. – Damn, Ivan! (Ivan imitates liquid pouring) – Okay.
– Wow! – [Ivan] Just two shots of tequila. – Let’s do a toast! – Let’s do a toast.
– Let’s do a cheers. – To our angry mothers! – Yay! [All] To our angry mothers! – May we break the stereotype later. – Yes.
– Later. – But now we’re enhancing
and embracing it. – So it’s either the action,
or the color has to match. We’ll start with, yeah you Ivan. – Okay.
– What color is that? – When do we get to throw a chancla? – That’s not the same color. – That’s different. – It’s the same color. – [Kimmy] Ivan! – That’s blue and this is purple. – Oh that’s true. – Wait, is it? – [Group] Yes. – [Eli] Oh, wow. – It’s extremely similar. – Alright, you guys ready? – No.
– Yes! Go! – Why are you so cryptic? – (group laughing) – And I can see your cards. – Maya’s a cheater, this is
how she wins at everything. – Maya’s cheating! – How was a cheater
when I literally just… – ‘Cause she’s already
looking for the cards. – Oh, reverse, so it’s Kimmy’s turn again. – Yeah, so you hit the reverse. Okay and now it’s going this way. – Why is, Maya? – [Maya] You’re chill, man! You guys are freaking out! – You’re making me anxious! – I’m freaking chill right now. – [Eli] Time out! I get to freeze any player for one turn. Maya. – Who! (laughter) – You’re injured! – No, you’re supposed to be my friend! – You’re injured right now,
I’m taking care of you. Another time out for Maya. – Eli.
– Another round? – I think I have mocos in my
nose right now, excuse me. Spanish lesson, mocos means boogers. – Oh I do. – Do the laundry. – I’ve done like all of
these things, by the way. – You do your homework? – Do you do your homework? – I did do my homework! I was like an A student. – Were you? – All throughout elementary school. – Wow!
– Good for you Eli. – Did you take out the garbage? – You drink when somebody
throws it at you, and everyone’s just drinking willingly! – I do cause it’s. – That’s the point of this game! – I’m gonna do something special. – Oh! – Is it, am I allowed to do this? – I don’t know.
– I think so. – I’m gonna do it!
– Uh oh. – I’m not gonna. – I don’t know about this Lauren! – What is it? What is it? What is it?
– I’m gonna do it. (all screaming) – Don’t throw it at me! – Do we both throw? – What happens now? – Who are you gonna throw it at? – Maya!
(all screaming) – You have to yell it out though. – What do you mean? (all yelling) – What do you do? (speaking in foreign language) (Kimmy yelling) – We won! – All right we did it
wrong, we did it wrong. Okay. You’re supposed to yell
out the phrase, set it down and the minute you set
it down then you go. – Oh, boo! – Oh, see but I won though I got it. – No, no. – I said it, I said it – You gotta do it over again! (speaking in foreign language) (all yelling) – Oh, fuck! – So scary, it’s so scary. – The same people got it anyway! (laughs) – [Ivan] Okay, now what? – (speaking in foreign language), Maya! – Maya! – Oh, Ivan! – Drink and pull five cards. – Oh man. – And pull five cards. – And pull five cards. – Oh, I love this game. – How come you’re not like your cousin? (all shouting) – Oh, dude! – I didn’t even see it coming! – Eli! – Maya! – Damn, poor Maya. – Why? – No one ever says that to
me ’cause I am that cousin. – Oh Jesus. – Wow.
– Anyway. – Clean the dishes. – Maya you can’t tell me you don’t have a black card in there. – Out of the 25 cards you have. (laughing) – Hide, which says I can discard any two chore cards from my hand. Take the chicken out. Oh god, and do your homework. That’s what got my ass
whooped all the time was take the chicken out. – That’s the easiest chore. – [Kimmy] Really, that’s… – But that’s the thing you forget ’cause then it’s frozen. – That’s true. – So it’s like when your mom’s coming home and you hear the door open and the chicken’s still frozen. – Oh! – You know what, I never got asked to take the chicken out. – And it shows. – My turn? – Yes. – If one more person hits me. Imma come over there and pop you! – Oh! – She looked right at
me when she said that. – Imma pop you with my broken hand. – You’re in trouble buster! (all shouting) – It’s so far away from me! – Who’s in trouble now? – No, I knew it, I knew it! – Not me, I have so many cards. – Eli!
– No! – Do I look like boo boo the fool? (all shouting) – No! – [Maya] Oh my gosh, I’m so slow. – So I saw that coming from a mile away. (laughing) – Really? – She cheated! – You held it out like this, Kimmy! And also are reading it as you’re like putting it down. – Cheaters! – So now I know not to sit
next to Lauren next time. – Maya! – Why? – What the. – I think I’m gonna do Maya! (all shouting) – Drink it up, Maya! – Maya, Maya! – Ten cards, ten cards! – Don’t be putting the freakin chanclas over right near you, geez. – It’s your turn. – That was a good peak, Ivan. – Don’t look at me. – Okay, I’m gonna look over here. – Fix your face! (all shouting) (laughing) – We get them both! (shouting) – You played us! – I feel so powerful with this. – I literally feel like my
mom brought her chancla out. – The mighty has fallen. – And I’m literally not looking. I’m like I don’t wanna look. – You know what I want to see? Show me all of your cards right now. – You can’t do that. – Let me see. – No. – Let me see the quantity. – You’re holding them
hostage for your chancla? – Let me see the quantity of your cards. Okay. Lauren.
– What? – A ver, let’s see.
– I got cards. Look at all these cards. (Lauren laughing) – Oh Maya. – [Maya] I got her. – No! – I was about to win. – You’re breaking my heart! (all shouting) (Lauren shouting) – Throw it away. – Kimmy. – This is a compitation. – A compitation? – This is a compitation! – Did you draw five cards? – No we’re not doing that anymore you’re not paying attention. (Maya laughing) – What will I do? Will I, (gasps) put a card down? (Eli laughing) – I have to. Do your homework! (shouting) – Just two, I have to show you just two. – [Lauren] Two of your three cards. – Nobody else can look but her. – Eli looked.
– Eli! – I didn’t look, I didn’t
look, I didn’t look. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. – Walk the dog. (all shouting) – [Ivan] You’re in trouble buster! (all shouting loudly) – [Maya] So you’re out of the game. Oh man. – Fix your face. (Maya shouting) – Show two cards your one card. – Boom! I’m the winner. Thank you all so much for playing. I appreciate it. This is to our lovely mothers even with all their rage.
– Yes. – Cheers, cheers, cheers, cheers! – Salud! – Salud! – I’ll get you guys next time. – [Kimmy] Maya’s a
cheater, we all know that. – [Lauren] Maya cheated, it’s fine. – [Ivan] Nothing new. (upbeat orchestra music) – [Child] Pero like.

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  1. Whenever I forgot to take the chicken out, I just throw it in the sink and splash water on it before she comes home and act like it just thawed out slow

  2. When I would forget to take the chicken out I used to run room temp water over the chicken instead of cold to thaw it out faster but not cook it.

  3. Was my mom the only nice Mexican mom?! She like only spanked my 5 times in my ENTIRE childhood, and every single time was because I was being a little shit.

  4. I didn’t look, I didn’t look 😂😂😂😂 yeah okkkkk….Pinocchio 🤥

    && MAYA! Dang girl ! But hey when you get the power! Muhahaha 😈

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