LEC Pop Quiz – Lightning Round

LEC Pop Quiz – Lightning Round

Can you do me and favor and
just clap once in front of your face. Oh that was like, not a very good clap.
It was a pretty pathetic clap actually. I don’t usually clap. It’s more for…
Caps does the clapping thing, like in front of the camera. We’re going to do a lightning round.
I’m going to give you a word or a term and you need to tell me the first player
from the LEC that pops into your mind when I say that. I don’t know, funny? Funny? Funny player?LaughsActually, uh, who’s really— Jankos? Actually yeah, he’s really
laughing a lot. Uh, Jankos. Jankos. Jankos. – Jankos.
– Jankos. – Jankos.
– Jankos. Jankos.LaughsOkay, wait, wait, wait.
Should I redo it? Ninety percent of the players,
when I ask “funny,” they say “Jankos.” Ohh!LaughsWho’s 1v9? – Caps.
– Caps. Caps. Who’s a 1v9 player on a bad team? Caps. – Caps.
– Caps. Uhhh… – I don’t know. Caps.
– Caps. Caps? I think I kinda missed the point
of the lightning round on this go. – Caps.
– Caps. Caps. I mean, I wanna say Jiizuke,
but he’s not even playing in LEC anymore. It counts. Okay, then Jiizuke. Skeanz. Hmmm, overrated. It can be toxic, no? Oof, do I have to do it fast?
Or can I think about it? Oh my God, I don’t wanna flame someone.
I don’t know. Carzzy. Nothing actually popped in. I was only thinking about my team and
nothing popped in. I have to put someone on blast.
Okay, I’ll say FORG1VEN. FORG1VEN. That’s so hard. Cabochard Cabochard? Uhh, Cabochard. Attila. I don’t wanna trash talk. Overrated, uh… Nemesis. I think I achieved more in one
year than his entire career. Rogue. Ooh, that’s a spicy one. I don’t want to be offensive!
You know, I want to be friendly! I don’t want to… Okay, Upset. Upset. – Upset.
– Upset. – I dunno, maybe Upset?
– Upset.LaughsOh, I’m not the first! Oh! Wait, I need to think. Who is in the LEC, He’s good,
and he’s underrated. Okay, so, it’s me. – Maybe me?
– Me? – Me.
– Uhh, me. Jactroll. Dreams. Dreams. Half the players said, “me.” Who? Oh, me! Ah, yeah okay. No, I was gonna say that
but I was like, ah, yeah yeah I don’t wanna be that, yeah. It’s so hard because there’s
a list of names that comes in but they’re not all underrated. Oh, I dunno. I know, Trick. I mean, I would have said Kobbe. But, I mean, he was underrated
for some time but then he got the appreciation,
he got recognized. So I guess Kobbe. Alphari. Alphari. Alphari. Alphari. Hmm, yeah, I mean, he doesn’t get
any credit for any team he’s on. Because he doesn’t really do anything. But he’s really good at being
a stable player. So he’s underrated for what he brings, but he’s not overrated because
he doesn’t get rated, and even if he did, he would be because I don’t feel
like he’s someone that influences the outcome of the game very well. But he’s someone that
will always be a positive contributer to the state of the game,
If that makes any sense. League of Legends
European Champions Friday 18:00 CET
Saturday 17:00 CET eu.lolesports.com

100 thoughts on “LEC Pop Quiz – Lightning Round”

  1. Full list of Answers – Funny / 1v9 / Overrated / Underrated

    Febiven: Caps / Kobbe / Nemesis / Humanoid

    Denyk: Nemesis / – / Upset / Himself

    Razork: Jankos/ Himself / – / Denyk

    Inspired: Caps / Caps / Upset / Humanoid

    Larssen: Caps / Rekkles / Gilius / Hylissang

    Vander: Jankos / Caps / Cabochard / Himself

    Milica: Jankos / Comp / Upset / Xerxe

    Skeanz: Jankos / Nemesis / Broxah / Wunder

    Jactroll: Jiizuke / Skeanz / Rookie Supports / Himself

    Expect: Perkz / Caps / – / Mickey

    Mickey: – / Caps / – / Himself

    Patrik: Jankos / Himself / Forg1ven / Crownshot

    Xerxe: Jankos / Caps / – / Kobbe

    Alphari: Himself / Jiizuke / Nemesis / Trick

    Destiny: Bwipo / Caps / Upset / Dreams

    LiMiT: – / Caps / Bwipo / Alphari

    Trick: Expect / Caps / – / Himself

    Sacre: Jankos / Alphari / Rogue / Alphari

    Abbedagge: Jankos / Perkz / Nemesis / Hylissang

    Dreams: Expect / Jankos / Splyce / Excel

    Odoamne: Bwipo / Himself / Rekkles / Trick

    Mikyx: Caps / Caps / Attila / Kobbe

    Wunder: Himself / Caps / Forg1ven / Alphari

    Jankos: Himself / Caps / Cabochard / Finn

    Hylissang: Caps / Rekkles / Cabochard / Nemesis

    Nemesis: Mikyx / Selfmade / – / Crownshot

    Bwipo: Hylissang / Rekkles / Upset / Alphari

    Humanoid: Carzzy / Himself / Carzzy / Carzzy

    Shadow: Carzzy / Caps / Jactroll / Himself

    Orome: Perkz / Caps / Upset / Nemesis

  2. this reckless fool will never even get close to what alphari did along the years,he just like to seek attention like he did with doinb ,later doinb murderd him by changing his name to worstmidlaner (after he became the best midlaner in the world).

  3. Finally I can say it out loud. Upset is overrated. Casters overrate him. Players overrate him. He himself overrates him waaay too much.

  4. Man…nemesis is like a meth addicted alcoholic homeless dude. He doesnt even speak properly.Also he is garbage and doesnt deserve to be in such a great team(my opinion).

  5. Origen is the most overrated team who are the gatekeepers in the lec to see if ur a good or a bad team.
    If ur bad they will eventually win but if ur good u will roll them over since they do nothing themselves.

  6. Nemesis the Living Legend 2:06
    Its FUNNY to see many FNC players on overrated by trash players who got beaten by them and no one gave Hyli 1v9

  7. For pro players who display insane reaction time in game they are really slow to understand what lightning round is about.

  8. Overrated OG and Alphari… i mean just a look at them they dont have good drafts they always take like 40 minutes to end and alphari gets so hyped up in this clips before them games and then he is just a passive laner.

  9. Hahahahahaha Nemesis destroyed Alphari 😂😂😂😂
    And wtf Bwipo overrated? He troll picks top lane and still stomps them… 🤔

  10. All of G2 figured at least once as "Funny", with 3 of them owning the top. If this isn't a clown squad, I don't know what it is

  11. I know Nemesis's statement was the way he jokes around but that's a pretty bold statement for someone who came into an already godlike team, vs someone who made the equal run as him at worlds (took skt to game 5) on a roster of what was at the time full "outcasts"

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